Press TV Debate: Did West need Paris false-flag attack to pressure Syria?

Watch "The Debate" at Press TV
Watch "The Debate" at Press TV
Watch “The Debate” at Press TV

Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, editor of Veterans Today from Madison, and Bob Ayers, a former US intelligence officer from Somerset, UK, to discuss the terror attacks, claimed by Daesh, that left nearly 130 people dead in Paris, France.

Barrett believes what happened in Paris seem to be “false-flag” attacks that had the backing of the West and its Middle Eastern allies, rejecting the mainstream narrative that the assaults were “purely” carried out by Daesh terrorists.

See Barrett’s article, published a few hours after first reports of the Paris attacks:

Another French false flag?

Daesh “is not what it purports to be, it’s been benefiting from massive aid from the West, primarily from US allies in the Middle East, but perhaps also to some extent from elements in the US apparatus” in the region, Barrett says, adding that numerous reports indicate Washington contributed to the rise of the extremist terror group.

He adds that Daesh is not in a position to conduct such organized terror attacks in France, adding that the incidents will have a number of “very predictable consequences,” including a call for an increase in the Western intervention in Syria.

The analyst describes the West as the “de facto” ally of Daesh, arguing that it makes no sense for the terrorist group to create such a “monstrous, extreme and over-the-top stunt” in the French capital.

Unless, of course, the plan is for the West to come in [Syria] pretending to be fighting…(Daesh), but actually to ramp up its struggle against President Assad at a time when Russians have been having great success in helping the Damascus government continue its battles against terror groups, Barrett says.

The Paris attacks have, in fact, been committed by the “real axis of evil,” Barrett stressed.

The commentator also highlights the role of Western intelligence services in creating Daesh, saying these spy agencies use propaganda to dupe “naïve” young people into joining the ranks of the terrorist outfit in Syria.

Ayers, for his turn, believes Daesh has carried out the attacks in Paris to send a warning message to the West, especially to France, that if they continue to target the terror group’s positions, it will have its own alternative ways to retaliate.

He also rejects the idea that Western media adopt a double-standard approach in covering the fatal terror attacks that kill Middle Easterners and those that happen in Europe and Western states.

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  1. > “Ayers, for his turn, believes Daesh has carried out the attacks in Paris to send a warning message to the West”

    no. if Daesh wanted to send a warning message to the people who make the decisions, then Daesh would have enacted a string of assassinations of the nearest and dearest of the people who make the actual decisions.

    Instead, the sacrifice was made to create an inclination for the public to rush for authoritarian comfort .. ie. underpin a propaganda strategy to allow cover for a direct attack on Syria.

  2. I would like to point everyone to the Bataclan alley footage making the rounds, the original is about 4 minutes long and the “pregnant” woman and man “dangling” on the ledge have no problem defying the laws of physics the whole time. Youtube for confirmation that they had to have been harnessed.

  3. Good interview on Press TV, Dr. Barrett. You ask the important question that so few others have with regard to the Paris attacks, namely “cui bono”? It’s beyond belief that any group or institution would be so misguided as to overtly launch operations the likes of which would trigger the repercussions against them such as those that will certainly ensue from the attacks last Friday in Paris. When one stops to think about it, doing so would be like signing your own death warrant. ISIL is the straw man we’re presented with to mask those who benefit from such operations. Also, an excellent point with regard to “The Terror Factory”. Anyone who is unaware of the entrapment mechanisms in place is well advised to read that book.

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