Hollande: ISIS Not Assad is Enemy of France



The Paris attacks will force France to change its Syria policy

France has long advocated Assad’s removal. The response to Friday’s events suggests that confronting Isis will now be the top priority.

This unpopular president, who has disappointed supporters and is scoffed at by opponents for failing to solve France’s economic woes, managed to incarnate and reassure a wounded nation after the Charlie Hebdo attack last January. Now, again, he appears as a determined leader facing the fears of his compatriots and promising an uncompromising response.

But in recent months there has been a growing unease in France, including from within Hollande’s own camp, with some of his core diplomatic and military choices. A growing number of voices are calling for alternatives.

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  1. So the French hero’s have pretended to retaliate against ISIS in Raqah? What did they bomb? Empty buildings? Cause as far as I know, the Russians bombed the Ammo storage, training facility and their HQ amongst other things?
    I can’t believe how stupid the sleeping people are. And don’t get started on those MSM terrorists. It’s looking like the same pretext as 911.

  2. Hmmm … Vive le France, I suppose. But wouldn’t it be a wonderful act of friendship were President Assad to offer to bomb “Terrorists” in Paris as an act of good will and solidarity.

    Crikey, come to that; We could all bomb each others countries to get rid of “Terrorists: How about that? Surely I’ll get a Nobel prize for peace.

    Bankers love compounding interest. Now they have given birth to compounding absurdity.

  3. The Wahhabis (“ISIS” and al-CIA-da) are in charge of the Persian Gulf States since this minor bunch of heretics, and desert pirates, were installed by the Western imperialists, to tyrannize the Muslims (Sunnis/Shia) of the Arabian peninsula, so that they (the West) could steal their oil . . . The remaining independent countries of the Middle East (and Africa and all) have no bigger enemy than the Western imperialists, which includes Hollande and his best friends the Wahhabis (“ISIS”), the €U, “Israel”, the U$, the banksters and gangsters . . . The Guardian is Lügenpresse = CIA/NATO media.

  4. NATO cannot allow that once again, like in storming Berlin in 1945, the Russians add a final blow to middle east militants, it remains the disturbingly sick Western mentality, first sponsor terror and then declare itself winner of war. Terror sponsoring nations should not be a part of NATO, UN or any such organisation.

  5. We had the same here. In his youth Stoltenberg(Stoltzenberg) was against NATO. Then he came out of the closet shocking Sweden by saying that the bombing of Libya was “great training for the pilots”…

    And now as we know, this madman is in charge of NATO.

    Expect stupidity…

    • Yeh, that’s a nice metamorphosis too.

      It is obvious that the NWO has planted people in various parties and positions from their youngest of age and direct them to embody a sertain character for some time, right up until they get into THE position.

      It is obvious that both Hollande and Stoltenberg were controlled oposition, after all, they are socialists.

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