The Globalist Plan to take-down the whole World


by  Preston James


The true Globalist NWO Cabal’s secret Agenda. Order Ab Chaos which just happens to be the secret motto of High Freemasonry. It’s an agenda to deploy chaos, terror, tyranny, war, destruction, mass death and great human suffering and misery all over the World to destroy the Old World Order in order to make room for the New World Order. The New World Order is a new Globalist regime which is based on 24/7 total surveillance, an all powerful secret police and its own army. It’s agenda is to engulf the whole World in its system of complete destruction and thus create their New World Order from the ashes. This process is characterized in the Greek mythology about the Phoenix Bird from ancient Egypt, perhaps dating back to ancient Babylonia.

The core Globalist leaders (you can count on two hands) have been rolling out an occult inter-generational age-old plan to take complete control over the whole World.

They are using a secret, well disguised ancient Babylonian occult “Black Arts” based Agenda to covertly attack the whole World in a well organized effort to take it down step by step, nation by nation, people by people.

If the World ever learns who they are and their secret Agenda to generate Worldwide Chaos and destruction to bring down every nation of the World, step by step, they will be finished.

The Agenda of these Globalists is to establish a NWO System as a tyranny run by them.

To attain this they know that they must completely destroy the Old World Order in order to then be able to bring in a New World Order in its place and this will be their Globalist New World Order.

And these “most evil criminals in history” fully realize that in order to take over the whole World they will eventually need to establish their own centralized massive military forces and secret police power.

Most normal folks would define such crimes against humanity as raw tyranny and psychopathy beyond imagination.

And that is exactly what the system is that these Globalists are trying to engender, Worldwide Tyranny and their own 24/7 surveillance system coordinated together to produce what is best described as a virtual boot in the face of all humanity 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no end ever.

Georgia Guidestones. Some insiders claim that the Globalist NWO Cabal is required by God Almighty, Creator of All, to clearly state their intentions in order to inform the World of what they plan to do and in this way obtain implied consent of the masses.

The Globalists’ operating methods are based on careful, systematic efforts to create Chaos in every existing nation and society in order to break down the old natural order.

In this way these Globalists then destroy the existing Natural Order of any society and nation they target for destruction. Once destroyed they install their Black-Magick Occult control matrix in place and create a slave proxy-state for their new Globalist system.

Certainly we now know for certain that the recent massive refugee influx of Islamics from the Mideast into European nations was orchestrated by this Globalist NWO Cabal. George Soros even admitted that he payed for some of the travel expenses of these refugees. And you can bet that recent Gladio-style Intel False-flag attack on Paris on 11-13-15 was also engineered and staged by these Globalist NWO Cabal leaders.

What are the specifics of this incredibly evil Globalist Agenda being used to take down the whole World?:

  1. Generate wars and conflicts all over the World to generate chaos, mass death and unimaginable human suffering as a continuing blood sacrifice to Lucifer (this is a derivative of ancient Baal worship). This keeps the masses divided and conquered and provides increased power and wealth for the *Secret Globalist NWO Cabal. If the World’s leaders are willing to unmercifully generate mass death and human suffering, they believe they will not be rewarded by Lucifer with increased power, wealth and status.
  2. Take control of the creation of money and lend it out to the users at pernicious usury. This will provide all the money the Cabal needs to do whatever they want by buying and bribing.
  3. Buy, bribe and take ownership of every politician, elected and appointed official of any importance. Deploy a sophisticated tier system of organized pedophile honey traps and other human compromise means to take control over the recruiting process for new members of the Crime Cabal. This provides all the loyal, fully committed puppets needed to make progress with the Cabal’s NWO Agenda.
  4. Set up a comprehensive multi-level secret Luciferian matrix used to induce and promote selected individuals who are willing to do anti-human debased acts in exchange for extreme rewards of fame, money and power in return for their willingness to give up their souls. This provides a cadre of deeply committed sold-out top controllers who can be later disposed of when no longer needed. With abject secrecy their whole system becomes exposed and crumbles.
  5. Take complete control of all of the information and knowledge that can be acquired by the average man. This means to consolidate and establish control over the educational systems and the Major Mass Media. This provides a means to mind-kontrol the masses and keep them under control and behaving as desired by dispensing and diffusing Big Government Lies, False-narratives and Globalist NWO Propaganda. If the masses cannot find out how they are being “globalized” and by whom, they cannot rise up and counter that effectively.
  6. Take control over Health care and also deploy sophisticated eugenics and soft-kill methods, thus creating a base to build up BIG Pharma and keep the masses weak, sick, demented, and dumbed-down. This makes them much easier to enslave, control and profit off of, and reduces the numbers of those who can rebel.
  7. Maintain abject public secrecy about the core Occult leaders of the Crime Cabal and its Globalist Agenda. This means to enter the top circles of power of the Globalist System of secret Luciferianism, one must have the ability to be completely two-faced, that is, the ability to be incredibly evil while putting on an innocent and caring public face. Those who talk must be threatened with certain assassination disguised as a suicide and examples must be made periodically.
  8. Set up a perverted legal system to provoke, “dirty-up” and punish the masses. Make drugs illegal and then smuggle them in to destabilize and create chaos and to provide huge funds for black ops. Pass tyrannical unConstitutional tax and other laws which can be used to oppress and also “dirty up” the populace. In this way the masses can be dirtied up and their self-respect and group identity can be destroyed helping to prevent any organized dissonance and rebellion in significant numbers.
  9. Assassinate top populist leaders who have the ability and may actualize the means to significantly challenge the Globalist NWO Agenda in any significant fashion. Crafty or hidden means can be used or public displays and examples can be made. This will stifle the emergence of any major Populism that could pose a threat to the Globalist NWO Agenda.
  10. Disarm the masses so that only the chosen enforcers of the Globalist NWO Cabal have control over armed agents and the masses can never defend themselves against these agents or ever rise up and stage any significant armed conflict.
  11. Set up complex, sophisticated, sleight of hand methods to asset strip the workers and keep them busy struggling to earn a living and survive. This includes infiltrating, hijacking or neutralizing the labor unions. If the masses are thus weakened and struggling for survival it is impossible for them to organize and rise up against the Globalist NWO Cabal.
  12. Create massive chaos and conflict in all political groups that arise. Use secret agents to infiltrate and manipulate these groups and bring them into chaos and conflict over peripheral issues. This keeps them divided so that they cannot ever join together and rise up and block the efforts of the Globalist NWO Cabal or ever address the most important issues related to the Globalist NWO Agenda.
  13. If the masses ever start organizing or rising up and addressing the vital issues related to the Globalist NWO Agenda, then deploy pre-planned major societal crisis or a series of them to distract the masses and activate fear and survival drives which can be harnessed to manipulate them away from the true cause which is the Globalist NWO Agenda. Engender as much conflict and division as possible in the various groups that rise up and attempt to organize in order to take control of their agendas and make sure they go no where.
  14. Take and maintain control over all new technologies and control their application, allowing it only to be used to control and manipulate the masses. Selectively deploy it just enough to satiate the masses and thus prevent discord reaching critical levels. When possible create covert multiple uses that can include convenience also accompanied by basic surveillance, tracking and targeted psychotronics.
  15. Deploy agents and special interest groups in other nations to stimulate useless conflicts, and if necessary provoke wars between them in order to keep them weakened and easier to control.
  16. Institute a complete covert roll-out of neo-Bolshevism disguised as Political Correctness, Diversity, Equality and  lavishly fund special interest groups related to such in order to keep the society divided and in constant conflict and in order to suppress any seriously arising broad based populism. Incorporate these into the laws to give them forced acceptance over time.
Lucifer, the Fallen One, earthly god of chaos, death, tyranny, torture, human and child sacrifice, murder, mass-murder, and suffering beyond imagination. Also called Baphomet, the secret god of High Freemasonry. Characterized by one hand in the heavens and one hand upon Earth. His goal, to make “what is below” on Earth the same as “what is above” in his kingdom of evil. Also known as the Prince of the Power of the Air. The Globalist NWO Cabal views Lucifer as their god and claims he rewards and empowers them for their willing service to create mass chaos, death and unimaginable human evil and suffering all over the World.

These core Globalists view mankind as merely useless eaters unworthy to live, their personal serfs and slaves, and believe that they are the only ones worthy of life and power because they have been anointed and selected by Lucifer to be his chosen ones.

The Globalists have now recorded their long term plan in stone at the Georgia Guidestones which specifies the implementation of a new Ten Commandments for the World and a drastic World population reduction of 90%.

Some researchers have claimed that it was Ted Turner himself who ran the Georgia Guidestone project and arranged for its construction and maintenance.

All the various subplots going on politically in the World are chaff. The real problem is this core group of Globalists who have harnessed control over all the basic institutions of America and almost every other society and are using them to generate massive chaos to destroy the natural World Order so that they can shove their Globalist NWO System into place. ,

The Russian Federation under President Putin’s leadership seems to be a major exception to this apparent Worldwide Globalist control matrix.

Some fear Russia is just playing an assigned dialectical role and not really against the NWO System that these Globalists are trying to shove in place. Now is the time for Putin and the Russian Federation to clearly show it true hand if it is legitimate in its fight against the Globalists by doing a big public Intel dump.

We know now for certain that the Russian Federation has all the satellite and human resource based Intel that conclusively shows that Israel did the 9-11-101 attack on America with the help of the US Administration and American-Israeli “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors, Traitors in the JCS, Pentagon, NORAD, and FAA.

But the Russians also have a lot more extremely damning Intel on the staged and engineered terror and wars using the Pentagon and the CIA as major Cutouts of  of the NWO Globalists.

Now is the time to bring this important “smoking gun” Intel forth to the whole World. This alone may completely dis-empower the Globalist NWO Cabal.

The quickest way to show its true colors is for Putin and the Russian Federation to release all the Intel they have on 9-11-01 immediately. And to also release all their Intel on the formation of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh/Al Qaeda and the Gladio-style False-flag attack in Paris on 11-13-15 as well as the true causes of the recent mass refugee influx into Europe from the Mideast.

Until President Putin releases all this Intel to the Russian Mass Media and to the Alternative Media on the Internet, we must reserve judgment as to his true motives despite how promising they now appear.

Russian fighter_rockersThere is no doubt at all that Putin and the Russian Federation have completely checkmated the Globalists in Syria.

In doing so they have also exposed the Cutouts and Puppet states that have been responsible for creating, supporting, training and financing ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Nusra and Al Qaeda (AL CIA Duh) and the like.

And we now know who these puppet states are: Israel, America, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey and some other peripheral players.


Now is the time for this esteemed Leader of the Russian Federation to step forward and inform the World about the Globalist NWO Cabal and its agenda. By making a massive Intel dump of the Russian Federation’s massive satellite and human resource gathered Intel he can stop these Globalist NWO Cabal leaders cold in their tracks. Does this man have the courage to step forth and save the World from the evil Globalist NWO Cabal of several of history’s most evil men that ever lived? We know that he has the Intel and the facts the World desperately needs to know. And just releasing the old Soviet files on Senator John McCain’s interrogation at the Hanoi Hilton would immediately gut the PNACers and NeoCons of their illegitimate power.

Certainly it’s a the fact that the Russian Federation, China and so many other nations are now working hard to build a rigid firewall against the US Petro Dollar and set up their own direct trading systems without using the US Petro Dollar. This gives us hope that Putin and the Russian Federation are dead set at odds against these Globalists who are spreading chaos, terror, war and death all over the Mideast.

Some insiders are quite optimistic and believe that the World is now turning against the Globalist NWO Cabal. One such man is Benjamin Fulford, the former Editor of Forbes in Japan and a man with some known deep Intel connections. I hope he is correct.

Now is the perfect time for President Putin and the Russian Federation to stage a massive Intel drop and establish bonifides for the Russian Federation once and for all.


*What exactly is this secret Globalist NWO Cabal? When Gordon Duff, Chairman of Veterans Today, delivered the Keynote Address at the International Conference on Combatting Terrorism and Religious Extremism in Damascus Syria on December 30, 2014, he pointed out (for the first time anyone has done so publicly) that all such Terrorism is actually due to an organized crime problem perpetrated by the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate.

Veterans Today Financial Editor and Veterans Today Talk show host Mike Harris (“Short End of the Stick” 5-7 PM CST, Tuesday and Wednesday) later went on to publicly identify this group (for the first time anyone has ever done so) as the Khazarian Mafia, and has referred to it as the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate.

We know now for certain that this group of criminals is being run by a core group of Globalists who intend to generate massive chaos all over the World in order to destroy the Old Order and put in place their NWO Globalist System with its own army in order to control the whole World by the use of a system of Worldwide surveillance and tyranny, best described as a boot in your face 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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  1. So what do you make of this VT?: IS VLADIMIR PUTIN A GLOBALIST OR A “TRAITOR TO THE GLOBALISTS”? Putin is a globalist tool through-and-through. Did you notice what Putin did after 9/11? Let’s cut the crap: Vladimir Putin is helping usher in the globalist New World Order offers a detailed look at how Putin supported the globalists’ 9/11 agenda and how he has promoted the globalists’ UN as the solution to the problems the globalists are creating (they are deliberately creating problems so they can offer the UN as the solution to them). So there you have it. The globalists are using the United States to do all the dirty work in restructuring the world for the UN-centered NWO, and they are laying all the blame for the damage on the US nation-state, not themselves or their UN. At the same time, they are building up the BRICS as heroes who will save the world from the “rampaging American unipower” by bringing about a STRONGER UN which “will truly unite the forces of the international community and can really react to events in various countries.” –

  2. MR. James, PHD. A most insightful article. A question if I may through this small powerpoint on the United Nations. Then linking to “O”s comment that I will have more flexibility after I am re-elected.

    Question: while I applaud Putin’s exposure of “O” please explain the continued ignoring of the United Nations complicity in initiating the Agenda21 program, setting up the economic destruction of Libya, ( they have own currency ) now Syria ( own currency ) because one cannot institute a controlled economy and peoples without bankrupting the country?

    At Your Service
    Lt. Robert Powell

  3. Excellent article Mr James.
    One point however. In my view President Putin is and will be the best judge of what to do and when to do it.
    Thus far he has demonstrated an unerring sense of timing and delivery. He seems to me to be a man in the class of someone like Bismark. Another man who was head & shoulders above his international peers. When one considers the forces of misinformation arrayed against him in the form of the Washington regime and its corporate media cartel, he has has move very carefully.

  4. I think Putin knows exactly when he’ll have to release his intel to the whole world… I guess it’s not yet quite the time for it. I guess some more things have to happen first before it will the the right time.

  5. By letting those Georgia NWO stones stand, we are allowing their “plan” and giving the implied consent that they need to implement it. Why is it still standing? Do the 90% want to sit back and be destroyed by them?

    Knocking it down will send them a message!
    All it will take is a few big trucks with a lot of torque…. whose down?

  6. Who is Putin?

    Who is the people of America? What are they if even they even are a “they”?

    Did the American Government kill millions? They did. The first where the Indians for their land. Then they went for the Mexicans in Texas and beyond and so what? Are we as a people responsible for that now?

    That is a great question and if we are responsible should we not make reconciliation and then restitution where appropriate?

    Only a question…of course…

    In America many are fractured and friends are now enemies and Neighbors hate each other and how do we reconcile?

    Of course watching as a Christian my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ suffering abuse is heart breaking however, how does one apply force to a situation where lies are often told?

    Who is the author of lies? Of course the answer to that is centuries ole…



  7. You are absolutely correct!

    It would be foolhardy to bring 911 into the equation until the background has been set up. To do that there needs to be a world wide shift away from support of Israel to a condemnation of Israel. Without that it would be premature whilst there is media manipulation, aimed at the greater percentage of sheeple. The U.S. could be the target of retaliation resulting in the death of a lot of innocent Americans, incorrectly blamed as the perpetrators.

    It will happen one day but it is too early. Interestingly, Israel has been “Hoisted on it’s own petard” by creating ISIS and making it such a horror scenario. Their plan has backfired. The first serious mistake they have made, no doubt under growing pressure. Expect more to come. Russia and now other world leaders are using the anger toward ISIS as a legitimate action against the creators and sponsors of ISIS. I wish there was a hilltop I could go to, to watch the carnage that will ensue. The Obama administration is playing an Israeli style duplicitous game, seemingly supporting Israel and it’s sponsors, whilst quietly undermining it. This is in conjunction with the pact arrived at with Putin. Putin gets the credit but who cares? Syria and Assad have been given a lifeline. Israel has been given a huge setback. Iran is about to inflict more pain. Checkmate.

  8. Thanks a lot Mr.James…..Primo ongoing works,the more these articles by Preston can be delivered to the peoples of the world,the faster we can completely liberate ourselves,through enlightening manuscripts written by lighwarriors and lightworkers…..
    President Putin has already delivered much to the world,soon the palestinians will be free by the looks of it…..President Putin is a lightwarrior,these types deal in more of the dirty end of affairs here on the earths surface,and tend to often reside on the border between two worlds…..
    President Putin is working closely with some of the Pleiadiuns of the LightForces…..because the light is the true might…..namaste all fine members of the family light…..

  9. The euphemism used for the world-wide criminal enterprise otherwise known as ‘organized Jewry’ is “Globalism”. The Zio perpetrators as “Globalists”. I wish the author would speak plainly here. We are in a life and death struggle with the worst sort of evil and we can’t afford to pull punches. The commanding force behind every act of terrorism since (and before) the founding of Israel is organized Jewry. The events in Paris are the result of organized Jewry, the downing of the Russian airliner by an Israeli missile was the result of organized Jewry. How many IDF Generals/Mossad need to be captured red handed commanding ISIS in the field of battle before it dawns on people that ISIS is a Jewish led fake organization? How many IDF Generals are in Ukraine right now plotting war against Russia? Why does Putin protect this evil by not naming them, by not exposing them? Why does Putin still claim 9-11 was done by “Islamic terrorists’? Wake up!

    • Nope you do not have it right here. The word “Jew” never appeared until 700 AD and was a phony construct by the Zionists which are the core Luciferians that worship Baal and their family bloodlines go all the way back to ancient Babylon. Sadly the so-called race of Jews is an artificial construct created by the Zios as the World’s biggest application of the black arts of Mind-kontrol to capture a group and use staged persecution and special favors for doing their dirty work without understanding what they are doing.

      97.5% of all claiming to be Jews living in Israel have no Hebrew Blood and are therefore not Semites at all, while 80%+ of Palestinians do carry ancient Hebrew Blood, are Semites and have a legal right to their own land which is now being stolen by these squatters which are actually Khazarian bloodlines with no Hebrew blood.

      The top Zios use the Babylonian Talmud, the Zohar and the Kabballah which are pure Satanism and have nothing to do with the Torah (Hebrew text for the Old Testament of the Bible). Some researchers believe that the top Zios carry Kenite Blood, the line of Cain and other believe they are bloodline derivatives of the Nephilim or “fallen ones”. Yes, the top Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens have been Traitors and participants in the 9-11-01 attack on America and must be exposed and brought to justice.

    • It’s like Putin said, if the dog bites you go after the owner of the dog, which in this case is the top leadership of the Khazarian Mafia. That is the best way to stop this. Then bring all the Cutouts and lower level participants who do the dirty work of the KM for money, status and power to justice.

      Some researchers believe that the Globalist NWO Cabal is specifically targeting America right now and what is happening in Europe at their direction is now coming to America albeit perhaps in a different form of deployed chaos and resulting destruction. The mode of delivery could be a pre-engineered collapse of the US Petro Dollar and the large Wall Street banks. This could have immediate drastic effects of the average American and reduce America to a third world poverty and starvation infested nation quite rapidly.

      Perhaps it’s time for the Congress to declare war on the Globalist NWO Cabal and sick the Pentagon on them in mass. If things get bad enough in America it may come to that as the only viable option to stop this mad Goobalist rush to NWO oblivion and mass death and destruction of the civilized World.

    • @ are we programmed

      Professor Shlomo Sand at the department of history at Telaviv University has two lectures up on Youtube that is a MUST SEE.

      One is called The Invention of the Jewish People, the other about the Notion of Jewish Identity.

      One thing he shows is that Jewishness went from a constructivist – “we are what we do” – category to an essentialist – “we are born football players” – category in the 18th century, and that it was the Khazaris that invented it.

      So “Jewishness” derived from the mothers side as opposed to being a thing you do – out of practicing JHWH’s word – is an 18th century deception.

  10. I second that.

    And the way for us to grab our lifes back is by (peacefully) creating neighbourhood democracies.

    The only legitimacy we the people have is in our neighbourhoods, so by organizing in neighbourhood democracies we delegitimize all other authorities (counties, provinces, capitols).

  11. One thing that the Koran shows is that the Abrahamic God is on 10th dimension and that He took up Shaitan to the 9th dimension (were on 3rd LxHxW).

    That is to whom the Kabbalist-Talmudis signalled with 9/11.

    9/11 means that they have outsmarted JHWH and beaten his sheep – created in his image – and because of this they “jump” from 9th to 11th dimension.

    The natural sciences claim thare are 9 dimensions (3-11).

  12. Listen to this…

    Medical doctors and pharmaca scientists call themselves EUGENICISTS.

    It’s a Greek word stemming from the word eugenikos = good, kind, heartfull.

    In this satanic up-side-down world they who poison humanity are good, kind, heartfull…

  13. Things that had to be said; facts that all to seldom are historicized and contextualized in the enemy’s spiritual beliefs, and in a short and easy to read article.

    Agree that Putin’s Russia is against the Kabbalist-Talmudi NWO and this can be attributed to their revolution which generally fostered a people of a different mind- and heart-set than us in the West – brought up in the image of our selfish Talmudic elites and their anti-human (by definition) capitalist ideology.

    But what goes for the Russian people can be noticed among people of many other revolutionary countries such as the Chinese, N.Koreans and not the least the Cubans.

    Once the leadership of those old revolutionary countries realize that the enemy of humanity shares a Kabbalist-Talmudic Luciferian/Shaitanic faith humanity has a hope.

  14. Maybe Putin doesn’t tell the truth on 911 because of cognitive dissonance. Americans who are asleep could vilify Putin rather than face the truth, do what would be accomplished? Or what if America woke up tomorrow? There would be mass confusion and riots.

    Maybe Putin doesn’t tell the truth on the Russian plane downing because he’s got something else in return. Maybe Putin got coordinates for oil convoy or maybe Putin got more freedom to bomb in Syria without retaliation. It seems to me that Putin and China are not acting in the interest of the evil ones in so many ways that the Inconsistencies with Putin must have a hidden explanation.

    • Putin not going to the UN with all his 9/11 evidence (which Dimitri Khalezov exemplified) is a mystery.

      Mystery aside, if Putin’s consequences are evil – as in prolonging the suffering of humanity – then Putin is evil.

      That’s why the NWO calls us all “pet goats”, because we all reproduce their evil to a part.

    • @ Carnaptious

      Yet Putin has confessed several times while asking out to the public “why are they [NATO/GCC] doing this [reproducing ISIS while claiming to be against them]?”.

      He did so for one in 2014 at his yearly marathon speech held in early March, and other times too. His words, not mine, alas he is clueless about a lot of things that we on VT share with eachother – the big picture as opposed to what is on the social science menu of Real Politik.

      About a week after the Airbus downing Gordon Duff finally criticized Putin for not listening to and or having bad intelligence. I’ve read NEO for about a year before VT started cooperating with them. Bar for William Engdahl the contributors there are VERY unimaginative in their analysis as well as what they put spotlight on.

      Putin is an institution – Russia – and he is not better than those he has aiding him; the total sum of government institutions and other organizations and individuals.

      If Putin is ‘waiting for Western self-professed “elites” to shoot themselves in the foot’, it means that he is prolonging the suffering of humanity and endangering us with an outbreak of WWIII. Then he is consequentially evil and not the saviour of humanity that most at VT see him as (although I would say there does not seem to be any better alternative out there at the moment).

  15. If Putin and Ji are good guys, which I think they are then bring it on.
    This evil will not stop until their goal, is reached.
    It,s time.
    The Sampson option is a bluff.
    These cowards will not dare and if they do?
    Goodnight Dick.
    There is no time left.
    If it,s going to happen, let it happen because the Zio,s will not stop until they are stopped.
    The world must be rid of this vermin!

  16. acronym ‘TICK’, Talmudic International Crime Kabal’, also, the tick is a blood-sucking parasite that kills its host.
    TICKs have completed their killing of the U.S., and need a new host, just as after the Cold War they needed a new ‘enemy’ (for profits and for crushing freedoms/dissent), so they have built up China, and this week IMF agreed to China currency as part of the international ‘basket’, replacing the U.S./Saudi petro dollar as the world’s reserve currency. As part of BRICS and the new China-based bank, non-London City countries remain tied to the System of Control.

    • TICK is a good acronym incorporating what scripture they follow, their illegitimacy and spreadth, with the name of their religion; Kabbalah.

  17. Interesting Article. Many of the steps outlined in the system to accomplish the NWO goal are actually stated in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” which in fact are not of ‘Zion’ but rules, regulations, and steps provided to his minions by lucifer (satan, samael, yaltmpaoth) himself. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse of John are not fictitious in the sense of representation of events but rather real entities. The picture provided is not of lucifer but rather of his pseudo prophet baal. Many mistake Armageddon to be a war that engulfs Humanity but in reality is a war that will occur after WWIII, after the massive CME from the Sun, and after the 72 gates to the Tartara are opened and the Nefelim pour our on the surface of the planet.

  18. It’s already too late for the Secret Service to do anything about the Lucifer depiction on this article about the Khazarian Mafia. The Bush Crime Family should have never chosen this evil entity for their logo, and now it’s too late to do anything about it.
    Veterans Today has already released the Lucifer depiction for all to see and read.

  19. Sunday afternoon, my daughter, a retail shop manager on rue des Francs-Bourgeois (3rd arrondissement), had to deal with a panic situation within the premise. That panic was created by a light bulb that exploded in a nearby café where a cop got scared and pulled out his gun. That sparked an incredible fear in the street that made people rush in every enclosed area they could find. She had eleven people plus a 3 month old baby in her shop, that she hastily closed down, completely panicked, faces stricken by fear. She called me up as she could not get a hold of the Police which I did. She was told to remain safely inside. It lasted an hour. Luckily no one got hurt.
    But she is now very stressed as almost everyone here is.

    So there we are with another event that reeks of false flag gladio type operation. As you all know here at VT, France has no free speech. You can go to jail for questioning the “holocaust”. That is going to be even worse now. Like many readers here, I really put a lot of faith in Putin’s actions. He is a wise man.

    The releasing of 9/11 intel documents from the Russian federation would be a huge blow to the RKM and their puppets.
    Let’s see what happens and let’s hope that the benevolent aliens are really siding with Putin.

    Thank you M.Preston James and all VT staff and contributors for existing.

    • neorev
      You daughter’s reaction is exactly what the cabal wants replicated across all of humanity. People need to stand back and observe what is happening without getting into a state of fear. It’s about understanding the true nature of the world we live in. We create this reality with our thoughts and our actions. The cabal knows this and that is why they steer our thinking to get us to create what they want us to have. We determine our future. We hold our destiny in our hands. We should not give our power to others to determine our fate. If we believe our future lies in a dystopian world where government dictates how we live, that’s where we will end up. If we collectively insist by our thoughts and our deeds that our future lies in a world of peace, we will steer this world in that direction.

  20. This is my first post on VT although I discovered this incredible website a while ago on my awakening journey.

    As a French and a Parisian, and in the wake of the latest RKM heinous acts in my city, I want to thank you all at VT, for putting your intel and input out to public knowledge. VT has now became “staple” info for me.
    Reading great articles like this one give me some hope as to what our children’s future might be.

    Paris is now under psychosis. The Zion scum has reached its goal.

  21. Although Putin has a good talk, he was also a KGB agent and is a Free Mason. And who has forgotten the atrocities in Chechnya or the flatbombings, which most likely were a russian false flag. Historically it is interesting to watch the docu Hellstorm, to learn about the horrific role the russian bolshewiks played to end that war, raping and genociding germans. It looks like he and Obama are on speaking terms again. And all of a sudden the news appears it was a bomb that downed that Russian plane, of course done by ISIS. Before i read an article that the damage as it occurred could only have been done from the outside and not from an inside bomb. But he is a great speaker and strong strategist, although the media in Russia are totally controlled and not allowed to publish what they choose. And russian journalists have died suspiciously. Quickly forgotten apparently by some. Possibly they did a deal. They will now kill imaginary ISIS and the NWO will come in effect, now with Russia sharing in the power. Or was that planned all along? You never know with these guys. Putin’s ancestry as dodgy as the one of Obama.

    • lifthrasir, the Masons were simply another group the Cabal infiltrated. The Templar’s another that were infiltrated. That is how the Cabal works and they have literally infiltrated all secret societies, institutions, agencies, etc. And the Mason’s being a Pyramid hierarchy structure means that those on the bottom aren’t privy to knowledge on the tier above them. It is my understanding that the problems and infiltration of the Masons begins in the higher degrees such as the 33 Degree. So being a Mason does not mean one is a Cabal puppet. The truth about Putin is probably somewhere in the middle. He’s no choir boy or savior and he is indeed playing a game to stay alive, but I don’t believe he is aligned with the Cabal. I believe Putin is working in tandem with other people/forces to ultimately defeat them. He’s not standing alone and he’s not making all the decisions for mother Russia behind the scenes. There are other “players” he is working in tandem with. That is my perception anyway. I guess we’ll see.

    • Prove that Putin is a freemason.

      What lodge does he belong to, what grade is he?

      If this was true then Putin would not be blind to that NATO/EU/GCC/Commonwealth elites (and others) also are worshipers of the Talmudi god Baphomet/Baal.

      But for years there is no sign of Putin having realized the enemies of Russia and humanity are deists, as opposed to secular like himself (and thus blinded by his own lack of faith).

    • He is probably right. Many of the worlds leaders are indeed Free Mason’s. Hell, probably all of them are in the modern age. Some are aligned with the dark and others the light. But HM made a good point that maybe Putin has grown. I think he’s(HM) right about that and at some point in his personal journey Putin realized the jig was up and the game was changing and he chose accordingly… maybe his conscience came calling and he grew up as HM suggests. Dunno and he ain’t telling just yet. As for him being a Mason, seems like that would be an easy enough fact to uncover. Doesn’t really interest me enough to uncover as I’m not overly enthusiastic of secret societies as a whole, whether they’re benevolent or not. It is secrecy that has allowed the damn cancer to grow in the first place.

    • The benevolence of esoteric societies is a front; a dress of righteousness they put on to look good; a deception.

      More importantly, if Putin and his administration had freemasons (or otherwise) within them they would not be soo DAMN clueless time and again about who their enemy is and what regementality they function after.

      Look here:

      Lavrov thinks the actions of the Kabbalists running the US are ‘trying at one and the same time to fight the tabu “Islamic state” and yet to use it against President Bashar Assad.’

      He has no idea about the Kabbalists wanting to start WWIII!

      When the Israeli colonel fighting for ISIS was captured in Iraq the other week he spilled the beans, because HE KNEW THE AXIS INTELLIGENCE SERVICES WOULD NOT BELIEVE HIM, mentioning stuff like:
      “We’re fighting a spiritual war, we want to fullfill prophecy of the Book of Revelation, the Biblical End Times, bla bla bla”.

      This is the second time the Axis gets this type of information, the first was in that Syrian SF raid where the retired US general was saved in the last minute by the Delta Force (in May or so).

      They are clueless because they are secular and caught up in the veil of the concept of Real Politik.

    • The “benevolence” of esoteric societies is a front; a dress of righteousness they put on to look good; a deception.

      More importantly, if Putin and his administration had freemasons (or otherwise) within them they would not be soo DAMN clueless time and again about who their enemy is and what regementality they function after.

      Look here:
      Lavrov thinks the actions of the Kabbalists running the US are ‘trying at one and the same time to fight the tabu “Islamic state” and yet to use it against President Bashar Assad.’

      He has no idea about the Kabbalists wanting to start WWIII!

      When the Israeli colonel fighting for ISIS was captured in Iraq the other week he spilled the beans, because HE KNEW THE AXIS INTELLIGENCE SERVICES WOULD NOT BELIEVE HIM, mentioning stuff like:
      “We’re fighting a spiritual war, we want to fullfill prophecy of the Book of Revelation, the Biblical End Times, bla bla bla”.

      This is the second time the Axis gets this type of information, the first was in that Syrian SF raid where the retired US general was saved in the last minute by the Delta Force (in May or so).

      Moscow is clueless because they are secular and only look for phenomenons within the veiled realm of Real Politik.

    • The benevolence of esoteric societies is a front; a dress of righteousness they put on to look good.

      More importantly, if Putin and his administration had freemasons (or otherwise) within them they would not be so damn clueless time and again about who their enemy is and what REGEMENTALITY they function after.


      Lavrov thinks the actions of the Kabbalists running the US are ‘trying at one and the same time to fight the tabu “Islamic state” and yet to use it against President Bashar Assad.’

      Lavrov has NO IDEA about the KABBALISTS AIM for WWIII!

      When the Israeli colonel fighting for ISIS was captured in Iraq the other week he spilled the beans, because HE KNEW THE AXIS INTELLIGENCE SERVICES WOULD NOT BELIEVE HIM, mentioning stuff like:
      “We’re fighting a spiritual war, we want to fulfill prophecy of the Book of Revelation, the Biblical End Times” etc.

      This is the second time the Axis gets this type of information, the first was in (May or so) when Syrian commando raid where the retired US general was saved in the last minute by the Delta Force.
      Moscow is CLUELESS because they are secular and caught up in the veil of the social science concept of Real Politik.

      Social science is a VERY poor type of science.

  22. I do not see Putin a some long term saviours, but he is buying time and slowing the RKM down. But hey love to be wrong just can not see it, RKM are everywhere to some extent.

  23. Excellent article as usual Dr. James. If WW3 is a goal, in your opinion is a Republican or Democrat president in 2017 more likely to give them the keys to start it?

    • Now that is the real question. So far trump is the only real wild card that could end up actually being an American-firster. I hope that he is legit.

    • @ Preston, I listened to your talk with Rense tonight and had you asked him if Trump was the real deal, he would have told you to go to the right-hand column of his site, about halfway down, to the link named “Reverse Speech Reveals Trump Speaks Only Truth! Listen…” featuring Jeff and reverse speech specialist David Oates. It’s worth a listen. ‘Reverse speech’ is touted as ‘the ultimate lie dectector’.

  24. Dr. James do you think the US largest obstacle in the RKM;s plans. If Putin is the genuine article together we can end their terror op….

  25. Unfortunately, the Russian economy is as tied in with the swift system and the Bank of International Settlements as any other economy out there, all run by the Khazarian mafia, all in control of international trade. It’s looking more and more like he is part of the dialectic, and won’t be a part of any solution.

  26. Thanks Preston. VT posted sometime ago that Putin was dealing with the Tall Whites? Does this intel still stand? Our intel is that Lord Marduk { based in Tanzania } and his sons are in the Draco alliance { Rh bloodline } so if this is the case we may see an outcome that in fact consolidates Draco plans to imprison the planet further. Your thoughts? Also VT we notice never comments on Cheney + Rummys mars base op Aries prime. Wondering why this is? You must be aware that Congress passed resolutions in fact protecting their asses up there and the various black ops going on up { slave labor, trading of human DNA etc } . Your thoughts? Thanks in advance In peace. Dr Roy Gordon

  27. Thanks Preston James. You know, I used to think you were totally wacked. lol But it was because I did not understand your language. For the most part I think we are on the same page, we just use different language. We all hope Putin will not let us down. I wonder if the man realizes how much hope people place at his door? Because there is nobody else. Anyone with half a brain and who is remotely awake knows what a desperate situation the world is now in. Mind you, I also watch Lavrov a lot. Keep an eye on him. Putin does not act alone. I have also come to realize that this system that you are talking about is really a) Very simple b) Very old. Take anything you like. It starts out with dedicated people who know what they are doing. Usually it is beneficial and healthy. These criminals, because that is all they are, infiltrate the system, corrupt it from within and take it over and slowly it becomes not beneficial and healthy, but a slave system for the benefit of the few. By the time people wake up, the system they believed in has completely changed. Works with everything.

  28. Vaccination is sacrificial. I think it is biological weapon. Just look at vaccine damaged kids. For some strange reasons they seems to be better developed (larger heads) than rest of kids. Long back I saw a documentary on gulag wherein they claimed that it was crime to have natural good looks in USSR.! Reason provided was that good looking people inspire others and thus should be in gulags. Vaccination would rather solve it in acceptable way.!

  29. Putin, I believe is indeed a good man. But here’s what some are missing. He has to walk a fine line. He is still a politician and he is not necessarily beyond their reach. He can still wind up dead and he damn well knows it. He is playing chess as he’s wont to do and he has to if he wants to stay alive and see this through. He is also angling for the best position for his country and his people. That is understandable and not unreasonable IMO. He has already stated Russia will not be a savior for the world as she was in the past. Too late for that Vlad. I think history will indeed paint him as such somewhere down the line. And I’ve heard many people claim he’s really a Cabal puppet but I’m not buying it. He’s done far too much to hurt the Cabal and I would love to have a beer with him when this all over.

    • Agree, if Putin was NWO controlled opposition they have had PLENTY of opportunities to start WWIII since 2012 or 2011.

      The ayatollah of Iran, N.Koreans and the Beijing are also kosher. The NWO has tried to start a war with them as well but got nill.

      Same goes for the Cubans and the ALBA league of L.American and Carribean nations.

  30. outlined right here is what the people need to know, a tv timeslot …. President Putin, triage and trust

  31. Excellent article as usual Dr. James. Strangely, maybe not so strange, Ben Fulford’s site keeps going down today with a message: “Domain name expired”. Then later his page returns, then disappears… It appears “someone” did not like his article this week…. Interesting times we live in.

    I really want to believe Putin, and the Russian Federation, are not part of the psycho’s from hell..and that he will disclose all the intel he has to take them down. More and more people are finally waking up, thanks to folks like you, Gordan, VT, Fulford and many, many others. Keep fighting the good fight my friend.

    • Thanks for the kind comment dena. Yes, many of us hope that President Putin is the real deal. the ball is now in his court and he does have the power to disclose what needs to be disclosed to the whole World.

    • Thank you once again for again an excellent article.
      Like most people I also really hope President Putin is the right deal. So far he has been doing it all right. But most importantly imho is the right timing. Every single action he has been taking, he does it at the perfect right timing.

      As for him to Disclose the whole truth, I guess that for doing it in the near future, he is gonna need help from the Space Brothers.
      Ironically, current PM Medvedev, a couple of years ago, when he was President of the Russian Federation, openly & publicly disclosed this ET thing that imo is behind all this (both because some “aliens” are in control of some of the top Khazarian Mafia, and because some benevolent ETs are kicking them off), but the rare westrn media mentions of the “incident” were to mock the whole thing, or simply ignore it), I suppose Medvedev may have been “instructed” (by Putin) to test the public reaction.
      He may have learned that he doesn’t (yet) have the power (no matter how silly the US leader may be, he is still considered, by a large & influencial number of people, the most powerful leader on Earth, even if in fact he is no more) to publicly announce the truth to the World. So, like the excellent chess player & martial arts expert he is, he is calmly waiting for the right timing. Or maybe “they” will do it themselves.
      9/11, all the rest, will come all in a flow, after this 1st major step.

  32. …i deeply hope you’re right about the chance ti defeat the real evil mob…, but…, i don’t know…, my heart is running like a crazy horse right now, i hope you’re right.

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