Twilight of the Idols: How Celebrities Kill the Paris Debacle

“Ladies and gentlemen, not all lives are precious. Some are more worthy than others. Paris is your case study. Remember that.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


You’ve got to love celebrities. They crack you up sometimes. They are able to live in both the rational and irrational worlds at the same time and in the same respect. The first lesson you learn in philosophy or any serious subject such as math is that contradictory statements prove that something is wrong.

Celebrities seem to believe that they are living in a different dimension, where irrationality becomes logical and contradictory statements are reasonable. This never ceases to amaze me.

The Paris debacle once again proves to be a complete disaster for celebrities who pretentiously say that they cherish all life. More recently, celebrities have gone to great length condemning whatever they think happened in Paris. The list of those celebrities is almost endless:

Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson, Donald Trump, LeBron James, Jake T. Austin, Guillermo del Toro, Kourtney Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Victoria Justice, Rowan Blanchard, John Isner, Christina Milian, Rachel Zoe, Back Street Boys, Mark Hamill, Kevin Jonas, Shannen Doherty, Zachari Levi, Sophia Bush, Amanda Seales, Lelia Broussard, Chris Pratt, Dr. Phil, Blink 182, Carole King, Amy Schumer, Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Watson, Rashida Jones, Chris Rock, Katy Perry, etc.[1]

Listen to Bono here, as he explains the situation:

“This is the first direct hit on music that we’ve had in this so-called war on terror or whatever it’s called. It’s very upsetting. These are our people. This could be me at a show. You at a show, in that venue. It’s a very recognizable situation for you and for me, and the coldblooded aspect of this slaughter is deeply disturbing and that’s what I can’t get out of my head.”[2]

Do you smell money in the statement? Sounds like the incident is blocking Bono from amassing millions of dollars, and now he is saying something about “this so-called war on terror…” Bono, as far as I can tell, was completely silent about the Israeli annihilation of Gaza last year. Excusez-moi, but it seems that Bono still hasn’t found what he’s looking for:

If you think that Bono has some serious answers to the world’s problems, then he will disappoint you with the following statement:

“We’re very clear, and it’s very clear in our music that we don’t have any answers. But that the questions are at least worth asking. ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.’ How much clearer can you make it?”[3]

And then this:

“One young punk came up to me and said, ‘We can’t even afford strings, man. You’ve got fu$king airplanes.’ I said, ‘We wrote ‘I Will Follow’ on two strings. If you can’t get two strings together, fu$k off!’”[4]

Great idea for fans right? If they cannot get two strings together, then they can all go “fu$k” themselves. Perhaps Bono’s fans should think twice about plunking down their money, which they have accumulated through sweat and hard labor, and buying his albums.

And then you have Madonna, the queen of hypocrisy in the entertainment world. She is certainly a complete joke. Listen to the news:

Madonna was unable to hold back tears during her first concert of the Rebel Heart Tour following Friday’s terror attacks in Paris, France. While performing in Sweden on Saturday, the 57-year-old singer shared a moving message to the packed Tele 2 Arena in Stockholm, asking them to observe a moment of silence for the victims of the heartbreaking attacks.”

These are her words:

“It’s been very hard for me to get through this show up to this point and not forget about what happened last night. I need to take this moment to acknowledge the tragedy, the tragic killings, assassinations and the senseless endings of precious life that occurred last night in Paris.

“It’s been really hard, actually, to get through the show, because in many ways, I feel torn. Like, why am I up here dancing and having fun when people are crying over the loss of their loved ones.

“However, that is exactly what these people want to do. They want to shut us up. They want to silence us. And we won’t let them. We will never let them, because there is power in unity, and I do believe that as much chaos and pain and senseless violence and terrorism that occurs around this world, not just in Paris, as much as that that does occur, there is more goodness in this world. We are here to prove it.”

Who does this woman really think she is kidding? A thinking person or her naïve and immature fans? “Audience members clapped and cheered in support of Madonna’s statements, clearly moved by her words.”

As we have pointed out in the previous articles, literal sluts and whores like Madonna said nothing about the Russian passenger jet, which happened not last year or six weeks ago but on the last day of October. Thousands upon thousands of Palestinian children die every single day due to perpetual wars in the Middle East, and now this woman is lecturing us about so-called “democracy” and “freedom” and “precious life”?

Madonna (real name Veronica Louise Ciccone), a college drop-out, is an intelligent woman and does have the background to do a little academic investigation. We should invite her to go to her local public library and check out some of those studies written by Jewish historians and scholars:

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe

Righteous Victims, by Benny Morris

Method and Madness: The Hidden Story of Israel’s Assault on Gaza, by Norman Finkelstein

Gaza in Crisis, by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappe

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt

The Punishment of Gaza, by Gideon Levy

If she is too “busy” to do a little reading, perhaps she may take a look at this. It has been reported that more than seven thousand civilians have lost their lives in Iraq in 2013 alone.[5] Here is the number of civilians who got exterminated in Iraq since 2008:

2008:  6,787

2009:  3,056

2010:  2,953

2011:  2,771

2012:  3,238

2013: 7,157[6]

So, if Madonna and other puppets want to talk about deaths in Paris and ignore those figures, then perhaps it is time to tell them to shut up.

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  1. His religious leader was Emperor Haile Selassi, King of Judah. Thus claiming that the tribe of Judah was not extinct and he his descendant and ruler. Haile Selassi was also very close with the British court, staying there several times.

  2. I totally agree with your comment written in regards to the Russian Sinai Terrorist attack, and how there has been absolutely no sympathy expressed by these celebrities in regards to the innocent lives lost in the attack. This Paris attack, as horrible as it may be, is not the only ‘attack on humanity’ that is happening in this present day, it is disgusting to see how the media is replaying this coverage as if it were all that matters, when clearly there is a much larger problem than France and the victims.

  3. I’m sure Alexis is familiar with E. Michael Jones, author of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History. His video series begins with this part 1 of 5 on youtube: watch?v=KNWPYQjXSYA

  4. Very interesting and thought provoking piece, Mr. Alexis. One could speculate that, in the example cited above, the actions of the performer and of the audience, and of the associated interplay between them, is an example of what Freud would call “fetishistic disavowal”. The horror of the attack therein becomes a perverse stage prop performer and audience can outwardly be horrified and repulsed by, but also, find pleasure in. Hence, the declaration ““It’s been really hard, actually, to get through the show, because in many ways, I feel torn. Like, why am I up here dancing and having fun when people are crying over the loss of their loved ones . . . ” Then the rationalization with ““However, that is exactly what these people want to do. They want to shut us up. They want to silence us. And we won’t let them.” The stage is now set and performer and audience are now invested i what they may satisfy themselves is a brave act of defiance, rather than in feeling guilty over “dancing and having fun when people are crying over the loss of their loved ones”. Another good piece, Mr. Alexis.

  5. Well, Madonna is an admitted Kabbalist. Most of the pop acts of today are all Illuminati mind controlled ho’s. They don’t even try to hide it. They’re staging rituals on live TV for Christ’s sake… Well, not for Christ’s sake, but some imaginary devils sake. Bono? He’s always been a self absorbed tool who just refuses to go away. Suffice to say, most of today’s crappy pop acts have all signed on to be Illuminati slaves because they’re not gonna get the big contracts unless they “play the game”. Miley wants silicone devil horns implanted for crying out loud. The majority of them are closet satanist’s now… just watch a music video if you can stand it. They’re all replete with occult imagery and childish subliminal programming aimed at corrupting the youth and the gullible.

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