Russia Destroys 500 ISIS-Turkey Oil Tanker Trucks

Oil tanker fleet heading to Iraq in broad daylight under watchful eye of American satellites
Oil tanker fleet heading to Iraq in broad daylight under watchful eye of American satellites
Oil tanker fleet heading to Iraq in broad daylight under watchful eye of American satellites


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  1. Speaking about BP and the evil ones,
    Tony Hayward was reported President or similar CEO like title of Glencore earlier this year. Their assets seemed to be stripped lately and value down this year. Glencore is a major player in the Stock Market. What a coincidence.

  2. These super-parasites inflate and devalue our money to rob We, Their Victims, of the fruits of our labors, plus they (via proxy military/terrorists) steal other peoples’/nations’ resources.

    zionists’ proxy military mercenaries, ISIS, steals control of oil to ship it for refining by whom? GHOULS’ refineries. ISIS gets -for FREE- military hardware from the zionist-owned US and/or via izraHell. So, who gets the cash from selling refined petro products? Could it be oil GHOULS?
    See the circle?
    Stolen oil to ISIS.
    Refined (ISIS) oil product monies to zionist oil GHOULS.
    Some GHOULS’ money buys criminal-godvernment political hacks (i.e., totally corrupt, bought-and-owned “politicians”).
    War machines & weapons to ISIS (via black ops transfers).
    Repeat the cycle indefinitely.

    Oil and genocide industry zionists prosper. As do their bought-and-owned political hacks (TRAITORS) and proxy military ~~ ISIS mercenaries.

  3. BP deliberately killed the Gulf of Mexico. zionist oil-imperialist terrorism. Genocide the aquatic food chain with corexit poison to “clean up” their Deepwater Horizon attack carnage. And, spray corexit all over coastal regions around the Gulf to toxify the Deep South. Also, kill Earth’s warm-water pump, the “Gulf Stream”.

    GHOULS ~Globalist Hegemony of Oligarchic Utopianists and Licentious Satanic Supremacists~ own BP.
    These monsters are inhumans and inhumane, unconscionable, psychopathic sociopaths. They must all die with their equally Pure Evil genocidal partners, the rockefeller syndicate, moguls tied to exxon-mobile.

    Justifiable comeuppance would be for the GHOULS to perish in their annual board meetings. Counter-terror attack in their boardrooms and/or resorts. The downside is many of the worst don’t attend but send lackeys. Evaders need hunted down in their lairs and dens of iniquity.

    Meanwhile, boycotting the scumballs’ cash cows is Just, valiant and fine. However, with little effect because these mafia-like “legit bidnussmen” diversified. They’re central banksters that manufacture -in a few keystrokes- all the cash they and their cronies crave.

  4. Is the US one of the foundations of ISIS? Is Turkey and Saudi Arabia the other foundations? ISIS cannot be fighting the entire world alone.

  5. not “what if”, Roger.
    Don’t you smell the foul stink of zionist hoof? Whether it was a ‘bomb’, or air-to-air,
    genocidal zionist scum had their proxies (dogs of war) snuff out all those lives

  6. While I admire President Putin’s verbal restraint, I much prefer Donald Trump’s truthful ‘in your face’ candor. In the end, the 800lb. ‘shake yer booty’ from Riyadh must be confronted head-on.

  7. “a decision has been made to let Russian planes fly sorties to search for tanker trucks carrying petroleum products belonging to terrorists in areas controlled by the organization calling itself the Islamic State (outlawed in Russia),” Translation because we know what’s good for us we will not try to attack the Russians when they destroy our ISIS assets. We hope that Congress will then see our crucial need for more “boots on the ground” and that we can still escalate this into World War III as planned.

    • errrr, you do realize that the person stating that, Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov, is a Colonel-General in the Russian armed forces, right?

  8. Time for the Europeans to extricate the Zionist infiltrators from their governments and the EU. What an indictment of so-called Western democracies that Vlad Putin is now the most respected leader of both hemispheres. The Day of the Jackal is over. Hide, Jackal, hide!

  9. President Putin, we are so happy for you, because you finally put the shameful World Leaders in their places. What is even interesting, it did not take you to long!

    Mr. Putin, now you are the GO-TO-LEADER. How wonderful you must feel!

     The fuel tank trucks look brand new, they must have been bought just for IS.

     Israel was stealing oil from Northern Iraq, now the trucks go to Golan Heights

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