NEO – Who was Really Killing Paris and Why?

When will the public wise up to who is really behind most of these killings - to honor the dead that way?
When will the public wise up to who is really behind most of these killings – to honor the dead that way?

by Jim W. Dean,   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

– First published  …  November 20, 2015 –


Friday the 13th in Paris is over. The body count is over 130, with more of the 99 critically wounded being added to the dead from the 352 wounded.

Police have eight dead suspects with a variety of passports, which may or may not be their own. French security seems to have had no hint of what they claim were three operational teams involved in France’s worst terror tragedy.

Three more suspects were arrested in a car seen at one of the attack locations when it tried to cross back into Belgium on Saturday . A parking ticket on the car floor lead to another location where more arrests were made, a total of seven for the day. Another abandoned car was found on Friday in Paris with weapons.

This eliminates its being a formal intelligence service attack, as only rookies would have tried to cross a border in a hot car. They would have dumped it and split up to make their escapes. But these rookie mistakes by no means eliminates their being patsies. French authorities claim all but one have been identified through fingerprints, with the youngest being 15.

The EU's Donald Tusk
The EU’s Donald Tusk

EU political action has been quick, with the EU’s Donald Tusk declaring that the Schengen open border policy was on the verge of collapse.

Merkel’s Bavarian political party partner was already calling for admitting the open refugee policy was a huge mistake and to re-institute border controls. Was this part of the fallout that those behind the attack wanted? There were a number of strange things that happened that night.

The world opened their hearts out to the city of light with French flag colors lighting up major buildings and monuments all over the world, something that seemed to happen a little too quickly. Preceding that were claims of who was responsible while the bombings were still in progress, a bit too quickly, also.

At VT, we are still mourning the betrayal of the Charlie Hebdo victims, in what we clearly showed had at least one totally staged event, the shooting of the unarmed street policeman by two terrorists. We did not notice it at first in the full speed video, but later that day, we saw early evening footage of the still wet blood-stained sidewalk, despite its having been hosed off.

But there was something missing. There was zero damage to the concrete from the AK-47 round fired, which, if it went through the police officer’s head, or missed, would have blown chunks of concrete out, due to its large size and high velocity.

The puff to the right is concrete dust blown off by the blank evidence of a bullet whatsoever
The puff to the right is concrete dust blown off by the blank fired…no evidence of a bullet whatsoever

A frame by frame review of the HD phone camera footage showed the “shot” missed the head and the muzzle blast blew surface concrete dust up as expected and clearly viewed, yet there was zero debris. The “terrorist” had fired a blank. If you ever want to test this out yourself, prepare to have a disfigured face and probably be blind.

This staged shooting story was ignored by mass media and law enforcement. Not a soul called us to inquire further. Welcome to the hard cold reality of rigged investigations; and we hope this does not happen again.

ISIL, or someone claiming to be ISIL, has taken credit, and France has already increased its bombing strikes in retribution. And we see mini-Patriot Act moves already in motion, with French PM Manuel Valls calling for legislation to allow the French military to shoot suspected terrorists in the streets.

As one world leader after another sent sympathy and solidarity to the French nation, and some already were hinting at a stronger anti-terrorist jihad against ISIL, I was not impressed. World powers don’t launch jihads against themselves, and some of them are too busy running regime change terror operations like those that have been going on in Syria for 5 years.

I don’t remember seeing the world pour its heart out for the Syrian people, when they have had more of these Friday the 13th slaughters than any of us can count. We did not see the colors of Syria’s flag instantly shown on all the world’s landmark locations, as we saw with Paris. The disconnect between the two situations could not be more complete.

VT sources in Damascus...Nana and friends - a critical part of our work
VT sources in Damascus…Nana and friends – a critical part of our work

We all know that the US, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have been conducting a terror war on various denominations of civilian society in Syria. VT has published, directly through Syrian Intelligence, the photos and IDs of uniformed officers captured in Syria. But what human rights groups or statesmen have called for sanctions against any of them, much less military action?

Copy of Turkish Intelligence document offering support for ISIL - VT has the original
Copy of Turkish Intelligence document offering support for ISIL – VT has the original

France’s umbrella organization for Jewish groups, CRIF, wrote on Twitter, “We must fight it without mercy without relenting in order to vanquish it [jihadist fanaticism]”. I would have to ask these folks if that would include the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia, and would the French aircraft carrier go to the Persian Gulf to launch these attacks? And will CRIF attack Israel for its support for ISIL, al-Nusra, and yes… Israeli troops in the Golan and south Damascus area?

The US does not get a pass, either. We had an ex-head of the Defense Intelligence Agency testify before Congress that when ex-Republican Guard officers were providing the early professional leadership for ISIL with Gulf State money to disrupt Iraq and Eastern Syria, no one seemed concerned about the long term consequences.

NEO has reported Jeffery Silverman’s work on US contractors providing logistics for Chechen terrorist training in the Pankisi Gorge and the CIA funneling them into Syria. Gordon Duff has mapped out how 2500 TOWS vanished from US stockpiles, only to find their way onto the Syrian battlefield along with those the Saudis were supplying.

Jeffery Silveman, after one of his several beatings due to his reporting in Georgia
Jeffery Silveman, after one of his several beatings due to his reporting in Georgia

I can understand the hypocrisy on the part of the extremist perpetrators and their cheerleading squads, but why are so many of the self-proclaimed anti-terrorist hypocrites not booed off the public stage wherever they appear, when we know they are handing out free passes to themselves for terrorists that they like, the ones attacking Syria and then Iraq… because it gets assistance from Iran?

France’s Hollande, whose approval numbers have been about the lowest in the world, will use this tragedy to climb out of the political hole he has been in. But is France safe with the man that took a pass on blanks being used on one of the Charlie Hebdo attacks?

We already see some strange reports in the current attacks. It appears the three suicide bombers at the stadium were the unluckiest in history, as they all blew themselves up with only one victim. Or, were the suicide vests they were give radio controlled to go off when their handler chose, so dead men can tell no tales?

French authorities used strange language in describing the dead suspects as all having been wearing suicide vests, but did not confirm if all had blown themselves up without the police killing any of them. At the theater tragedy, we have a radio presenter witness, Pierre Janaszak describing how the gunmen took 20 hostages and heard one of them tell their captives that “it was Hollande’s fault for intervening in Syria.”

While everyone was running for their lives to get out we have Mr. Janaszak remaining close by to overhear a conversation that gave a public motive, but on his word only, as we assume the 20 hostages are dead now, hostages that he had time to count. That story would send any interrogator’s bells and whistles going off. And then there have been reports of the all too familiar “terrorist drills” that were planned for that day, including one at the hotel where the German football team was staying. We have a video of an emergency team participant.

France will be on lockdown for the next week while authorities hopefully try to learn if this was a one shot deal. They are praying that more attacks do not take place, as suicide bombers don’t really care how much security you have on the street, as they are not planning to survive.

Vienna - Many thought this day might never come
Vienna – Many thought this day might never come

Meanwhile, back at the second Vienna meeting on Syria on Saturday, we hear of progress being made by some of the terrorist supporters attending that a moderate opposition ceasefire might be possible by year’s end, and from Mr. Kerry that we will have an interim government in 6 months, and elections a year later.

I certainly don’t think Assad has agreed to step down, and why should he? The Syrian Army is still going to remain engaged fighting ISIL and al-Nusra, with attendees of the Vienna meeting supporting them, so who is going to be commander-in-chief of the Syrian armed forces?

Both the Russians and Iranians have repeatedly said it is for the Syrian people to determine their political settlement, not the attendees of these Vienna meetings. John Kerry pretends he agrees with this and then wants Assad out, because the 5% Syrian opposition crowd claims no peace is possible with Assad, when they ARE talking about peace with Assad.

Putin spelled his position out quite clearly… that the Russian campaign would continue as long as Syria needed support in its fight against terrorism. That folks, was an open ended commitment. A man in Putin’s position does not give such a statement to a “government that will be announced later”.

Does anyone think the Syrian military is going to take orders from some foreign committee-selected interim head of state? I sure as hell don’t think so, not after 250,000 dead, over a million wounded, and 11 million refugees.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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  1. The raised limbs is a rigormortis thing, which has a time clock on it…comes and goes over a number of hours, as Iearned when an elderly roommate killed himself by drinking drano, after he could not figure out why the 9mm would not work…which was because he had not chambered a round. He was a retired physics professor, and you can’t make stuff like this up.

  2. I don’t believe Jim Stone’s analysis of the Bataclan theatre fiasco is all that “imaginative” or fantastic. I think it makes a lot more sense than the official version. No one was ” stalling for time to kill more people”. They had automatic weapons. Where are the footprints of the survivors getting off that concrete floor? ( There were survivors ),…The Bataclan had moveable floors, they would never use a concrete floor, unless they didn’t want a nice floor ruined. The Israeli owners sold the place a couple of mos. ago. How convenient.

    • Bill, do be sure to ask Jim Stone about the black Choppers then have him tell you about the video capture of the cafe shot up in Paris. I’d be extremely curious as to what he’d put the broken class and dead customers down to. Instead of the usual dozens necessary to be in the loop, or on the need to know list, it must be that they’ve branched out a bit and bumped the numbers into the hundreds of dozens….one word…ASININE.


  3. I don’t understand how this is no false flag. It is state actors written all over it. How come “terrorists” got time to drag corpses to make perfect illuminati eye with blood markings and body placements? And how come that picture mysteriously never appeared in vt? Don’t tell me that it never reached vt

  4. The parents of Nohemi Gonzalez ( in Paris ) called her from Mexico and spoke with her boyfriend. They were alive and well after everything had died down. Then much later ( after being taken into custody by the French authorities ) they were on the death list. The whole official version is, once again, crap.

    • I said in an article. Pros never try to cross a border in a hot car that then know was photoed or videod during the act. They never try to cross in a group the same size that did the attack. They all exit the country separately, in different directions and different methods. Only one can be caught at a time, etc. The Dubai assassination was a textbook case of this. All the preliminary people had left the country before the killing was done. And when the killers knocked him off in the evening had all exited on different flights to different countries (pass through ones) before the body was discovered in the morning. But their faces were captured on the cameras so they had to have some plastic surgery to change their appearance and retired.

    • Oh I think the CIA, MOSSAD, MI 6 and France’s own intelligence agency were absolutely involved in the planning of the Paris attacks. They didn’t need to actually carry out the attacks as they have patsies for that, but they were definitely involved in the planning. I do not believe they called for them. That would have occurred further up in the Cabal hierarchy, but rogue operatives in the intelligence communities had to have been used to pull it off.

    • Arjan, JWD & W: NATO HQ is 7.2km from EU ISIS HQ in Molenbeek (in/near Brussels), where Paris attacks planned. Low-level perps — although mostly combat experienced — were not planners.

      ISIS boys are smart, but they were not smart enough to ‘do’ Paris. Informed speculation: Planners = NATO Gladio-type boys for Op design, Saudis for funding Wahhabi/ISIS mosques & Rothschild Israelis for logistics input???

      ISIS ‘brand’ getting pounded figuratively & literally by Russians, Persians, Shiites & others. ISIS leaders & supporters ask: “How do we recover market share?” Answer: “Let’s show that we’re still capable of big Ops *and* call in additional strikes *against ourselves* in Iraq & Syria — to motivate the ISIS base.”

      Result: Russia, U.S., France & others increase air strikes & efforts against ISIS in Iraq & Syria. McCain, Bush/NeoCons & others say: “Send U.S. troops.” All this is a global trumpet call for ISIS jihadis to go to Syria. In other words, for the moment, ISIS is getting what ISIS wants.

      The mind of an ISIS jihadi is different from ours. By design, this is a clash of ideologies — a “Clash of Civilizations”: Muslim jihadis versus Jewish jihadis & Christian jihadis etc. Unless WE Muslims & others *invent* something to replace the us-versus-them ISIS/Jewish/Christian jihadi ideologies, then we are destined to fight this war for many, many years.

  5. light of truth they appear as idiotic every time they open their mouths…. their interests in Syria are seen as circling vultures…its high time they know we know…and don’t back down

  6. Mr. Dean: Very good article. One minor quibble with what you wrote: “[A]t the second Vienna meeting…, we hear … that a moderate opposition ceasefire might be possible by year’s end, and … that we will have an interim government in 6 months, and elections a year later. I certainly don’t think Assad has agreed to step down, and why should he? [Etc.]”

    No one says Assad has agreed to step down; but Assad has agreed to new elections (in +/-2017). In addition, as per the 30-Oct-15 Vienna Communique (agreed to by all 19 participants), “This political process will be Syrian led and Syrian owned, and the Syrian people will decide the future of Syria.”

    85%+ of Syrians elected Assad in 2014 (with 73%+ voter turnout); and Assad is more popular now after inviting the Russian coalition to eliminate all terrorists. So, Assad has no fear of new elections.

    • Well, the variable was whether Assad would be in the “interim government”. Assad’s view of that was that he was always willing to share more power, and then the US looked at is as “no Assad” so only a weak leader with no major following would be there, easy to “move out of the way” when wanted. So that was a virtual surrender, which the US knew would never be agreed to, which means they really wanted it to continue until the Syrian military got tired of dying and decided to overthrow him in return for a key role themselves. Not there is no major figure to hold the country toether.

    • J: Agreed. Now McCain & Co want to send US troops ‘to fight ISIS’ – a global trumpet call for jihadis.

  7. Well done here, this piece so very well shows the hypocrisy and criminality of the string pullers to the mercenary that it should be required reading to all students, high school and university. Welcome to prof. Dean’s false flag 101 class.

  8. I remember the French Govt sent a team to blow up a Greenpeace ship in New Zealand many years ago, one crew man was killed in the explosion, could have been many more, no warning given. Only two agents caught and jailed, the others got away thru gutless zio Australia, who said they couldn’t hold the men at Norfolk Island longer than 12 hours, not long enough for NZ police to get their to arrest. They sailed away Scott free, later to be picked up by French submarine.
    The security services don’t care who gets killed, as long as it fits their agenda.

    We need more discussion on Putins claim that some members of the G20 finance isis, nothing mentioned in the MSM.

    • LC: For now, we may not yet need to get to any alleged role played by non-humans in current events. For now, too tangential for VT re Paris Attacks (IMHO).

      In addition, your linked video is certainly not the best introduction to or exegesis of the Babalon Working (which mostly did *not* involve evil Jews) and any offspring thereof. For tangents related to the Babalon Working, Marjorie Cameron, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard etc. (friends of a friend), see www dot DigitalMontauk dot com/?p=573 and homepage sublinks.

  9. Mr. JD ___

    Who? Net_any_hu

    Why? To Cover-Up, things that are going on about Israel the Evil-Empire & the Most Hated Country on Earth

  10. Another great article Mr. Dean, and for a change you and VT are not the only ones asking these questions.

    There are quite a few people, some in very high positions, who are asking when the known supporters of ISIS will be told to stop, or face the consequences. KSA and Qatar have never been shy about their support of IS/AQ. Turkey has been a little more coy, but there’s too much evidence for them to deny it. Times of Israel has carried pictures and stories about Israel’s medical aid to wounded AQ fighters, and the phrase “we don’t check IDs” leaves Israeli support for IS an open question. The US / UK have been busted in compromising positions too often to fool anyone who doesn’t want to be fooled. So Monday, Nov.23 looks like a good time to start writing and calling Congress to ask what they plan to do about those 40 nations supporting terrorists.

    There is an article at Truthseeker today, titled “Cowboys and Muslims,” which carries a picture of the Bataclan theater, post shooting. Unfortunately, it’s not a high definition picture, but it raises yet more questions about who did what to whom and when. The pic shows bodies on the floor, lots of blood trails, and people standing around in the theater balconies, but not a single policeman or EMT in sight. Strange indeed.

  11. I do not know if the information at the link given here can be vetted, but it provides one perspective that may have some merit (i.e., that this is really a satanic agenda against not only Islam, but Christianity and civility itself).

    The rabbit hole is deep in this one, and may include some Americans in the entertainment biz.

    Speaking of entertainment, here is an astonishing link from the Daily Mail:

    I asked my friend who is a professional graphic designer if the first two photos had been photoshopped and he said yes, alarmingly so. I offer it as evidence of how completely hoodwinked the public is by these events.

    By no means am I suggesting that no one was killed, as I honestly don’t know. But we can try to trace what happened to the theater as it changed hands on September 11, and we can recognize doctored photos easily enough.

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