Rescue Effort: One Russian Marine Killed, Abandoned Russian Helicopter Destroyed On the Ground

 MOSCOW, November 24. /TASS/. A search and rescue operation involving two Mi-8 helicopters was conducted on Tuesday to evacuate pilots who had ejected themselves from the downed Russian Su-24 bomber in Syria, chief of the main operations department of the Russian General Staff Sergey Rudskoy told journalists on Tuesday.

“One of the helicopters involved in the operation was damaged by gunfire and made an emergency landing in a neutral area,” he said. “One contracted marine was killed. The search and rescue team and the helicopter crew were evacuated and are now at the Hmeymim airbase.

The helicopter was destroyed by mortar fire from a territory controlled by terrorists, Rudskoy said.

The search and rescue operation to save the Su-24 pilots continues, he added.

According to preliminary information, one of the pilots was killed in midair by fire from the ground, he said.

“According to accurate data of objective monitoring, our plane did not cross the Turkish border,” he said. “It is confirmed by the data from Syria’s missile defense system. Moreover, the Hmeymim airfield’s radar surveillance data registered violation of the Syria airspace by the attacking Turkish jet.”

“Presumably, the plane was hit by a short-range missile with an infra-red seeker,” he said. “Objective monitoring devices registered no attempts by the Turkish plane to establish radio or visual contact with our crew. The Su-24 plane was hit by a missile over Syria’s territory. It fell down in the Syrian territory four kilometers off the border.”

A Russian Su-24 frontline bomber was shot down at 10:24 a.m. Moscow time on Tuesday while on a combat mission in Syria by a Turkish F-16 fighter jet.

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    • The aggressors, from Incirlik USAF(NATO) airbase, on outskirts of Adana, Turkey, about 125 miles west of Syria´s western border, had to have been airborne already. They awaited the SU-24 to reach the disputed area. They briefly crossed into Syrian airspace, fired the Air2Air and immediately returned to Turkish airspace. They angled in behind the SU-24 to avoid being visually recognized, and to prevent evasive maneuvers. For sure, no radio or warning of any type was given the SU-24 aviators. Are we sure that Israelis were not piloting the F-16 ?

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  2. All the hallmarks of World War are here. We’ve got the psycho NATO how-to-pick-a-fight approach, we’ve got phony peace accords and phonier stability conferences and we’ve got a hideous ideologies of Greater Turkey, Greater Israel, with militant Islamic ideology backing, as well as ever present City of London war monsters. There is also a lucrative proposal from the rich gulf monarchies that are more than glad to finance such a lengthy and brutal conflict as shown in the previous years in Syria and Yemen. All of the Russian gas pipelines are denied, whether through Ukraine, Turkey, Baltics or Irani-Syrian one. The war becomes very profitable and that is why it is more than possible. Nobody normal wants it, but remember, if it is more profitable than all other solutions it will kick-off. Such is the psychology of war. The USA-UK never respected international law in anything so why should anyone expect them to start now.

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