Latest Breaking: Turkish or American F16s Down Russian Fighter Over Syria


Putin:  “We will never tolerate crimes like this!”


This is what we have thus far as of 22:29 London time:

Russia is putting a nuclear armed guided missile cruiser off the Turkish/Syrian coast which will be able to cover the entire region with air defense against all aircraft including ballistic and cruise type missiles.  Russia has announced it will use this capability against any threat against Russian forces.  We take this to include any Turkish or other “coalition” planes that approach Russian or Syrian forces that appear to be planning an attack.

Russia further announced that all flights of ground attack aircraft will be accompanied by air superiority fighter aircraft which are now being transferred in from Russia.

As for the helicopter or helicopters “shot down” by whomever, one helicopter was damaged, landed in al Nusra territory with one onboard killed and was later destroyed by US backed forces who claim to have used a TOW missile, hitting the abandoned craft on the ground.

Thus far we know one pilot to be killed.


Official sources inside Syria indicate that one pilot was captured alive and is being held.  The group featured in the video below are part of the new US backed “rebel” force, a mercenary group led by Turkish intelligence officers.  The Pentagon has issue a denial of involvement in the downing of the Russian plane over Syria but has been unable to provide any proof to back up their statement.

Map supplied by al Jazeera shows plane downed over Syria
Map supplied by al Jazeera shows plane downed over Syria


Al Jazeera is reporting, not only are both pilots dead, executed by US backed “moderate terrorists,” but that Turkey also downed a Russian rescue helicopter as well.

VT is staying in contact directly with government sources in both Russia and Syria during this crisis.

Reuters Says Pilots Murdered by Turks Inside Syria

According to Reuters, the two Russian pilots descended by parachute after the Su-24 jet was downed, both were shot dead by Turkmen forces, citing a deputy commander of a Turkmen brigade in Syria.  Reuters, in the region, works closely with ISIS and al Nusra groups and, in combination with the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, regularly fabricates stories of atrocities by Russian or Syrian government forces.
This is the Turkish version as submitted to al Jazeera.  All map and border references were added later:
Senator Graham Calls for Shooting Down Russian Planes

Follow LIVE UPDATES on Russian warplane shot down at Syria-Turkey border

Both of the pilots were dead on retrieval. Our comrades opened fire into the air and they died in the air,” Alpaslan Celik, a deputy commander of a Syrian Turkmen brigade and Colonel in Turkish intelligence.

He was speaking near the Syrian village of Yamadi, according to Reuters. Celik held what he said was a piece of a pilot’s parachute.

A graphic video posted earlier on social media purported to show a Russian pilot lying on the ground surrounded by a group of men praising Allah.

The men reportedly regretted they hadn’t burned him on the spot.

The video was sent by a rebel group operating in the northwestern area of Syria, where groups including the Free Syrian Army are active but Islamic State has no known presence.

Jahed Ahmad, a representative of the 10th Brigade in the Coast, the rebel group that attacked the pilots, told AP that at least one of the Russian pilots was dead upon landing.

A Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down by Turkish fighter jets near the Turkish-Syrian border on Tuesday.

READ MORE: Lavrov cancels Turkey visit over downing of Russian military jet

Turkish or perhaps American F 16s shot down a Russian SU 24 over Syria stating it had gotten “too close” to their border. Initial reports say one pilot is dead, one captured by al Nusra terrorists inside Syria.  The plane was hit 1 kilometer inside Syria at an altitude of 6000 meters and crashed 4 kilometers inside Syria.

Turkey’s move today is a clear sign of the weakened condition of the Obama administration and their inability to control rogue military factions in both the Pentagon and NATO.

President Putin personally confirms the attack was over Syrian territory.

Erdogan’s insane actions were done in consultation, according to sources, with Senator John McCain, unsuccessful presidential candidate and current head of the Senate Armed Forces Committee. McCain is said to have made assurances to Turkey that NATO commander, General Phillip Breedlove, would “personally” extend the protection of American strategic nuclear forces over Turkey if a direct confrontation with Russia ensued.

McCain assured Erdogan, according to sources, that the Pentagon was ready to move against Obama and that Russia, knowing this, would back down.  What Erdogan fails to grasp, however, is that McCain, rumored to be increasingly mentally unstable, represents a groups of “End Times” religious extremists which include Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and all but two of the huge field of Republican presidential candidates to whom nuclear apocalypse has long been a goal.

Moreover, the 3 recent “events,” the Sinai “crash,” the attack on the Crimea power grid and the downing of the SU24 are pure provocation.  Ostensibly, this is an American move, we believe, to convince the Saudi’s and Gulf States that America is not abandoning the Middle East and is ready to play “brinksmanship” with Russia as it had done at the height of the Cold War.  It is also based on an American assessment of Putin himself, that he is a pragmatist and will back down.

The strong political divisions within the US, a weakened State Department and a deeply divided Department of Defense, along with a congress controlled by special interests, has allowed Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and Ukraine to “go rogue” against Russia.  Only Israel’s Netanyahu has kept, just possibly, the option of backing out of the secret American “cabal” that is targeting Putin.

One might also note that the recent Russian naval exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean and the concurrent closing of commercial air space over the region was in response to a recognized threat of a USS Liberty type attack on a Russian vessel.  Such an attack may well have been in the offing.  Today’s event, placed in context, has to be taken as a planned provocation.

There is no way of proving Americans planes weren’t involved in this incident.  This is the second such incident in recent days, with a Russian airliner over Egypt shot down in all probability by a NATO fighter only miles from the Israeli border during “exercises.”

Putting accuses Turkey of being “an accomplice to terrorists.”

“Instead of contacting us immediately Turkey addressed their  NATO partners  — as if it was us who downed their plane, not vice versa. Do they want to put NATO at the service of ISIL? “

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the attack took place over Syria.  From Sputnik News:

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin called the downing of an Su-24 fighter jet in Syria a stab in the back at a meeting with the King of Jordan Abdullah II in Sochi.

The Russian Su-24 military aircraft that crashed in Syria earlier in the day was downed by an air-to-air missile from a Turkish plane, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said Monday.

The attack on Russia’s Su-24 jet is a “stab in the back”, the president said.

Vladimir Putin stressed that Russian pilots were in no way a threat to Turkey. “This is an obvious fact.”

Russia’s president stated that the Su-24 incident in Syria steps over the boundary in the conventional war against terrorism.

“This event goes beyond the fight against terrorism. Of course, our servicemen are engaged in a heroic struggle against terrorism, not sparing themselves or their own lives. But today’s loss is related to a stab in the back, carried out against us by accomplices of terrorists. I cannot otherwise describe what happened today,” Putin said at a meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

According to the Russian leader, the aircraft was around a kilometer (0.6 miles) from Turkey when it was hit.

“Our aircraft was shot down over Syrian territory by an air-to-air missile from a Turkish F-16. It fell on Syrian territory, four kilometers from the border with Turkey. When attacked in the air, it was flying at an altitude of 6,000 meters, one kilometer away from Turkish territory,” Putin said.

Abdullah II expressed his condolences and stressed the need to join forces in the fight against the Islamic State.

Russia and Jordan must join efforts in the fight against terrorism, Vladimir Putin said, adding that military and special forces are already working in that direction.

Earlier Tuesday reports came in that the Russian Su-24 jet crashed in Syria. It was most likely downed by a ground missile, according to the Russian Defense Ministry’s statement.



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  1. As to the “re-election” of Erdogan, it reminds me of the preparation in Texas and Florida for the U.S. 2000 presidential election, with voter fraud well underway in 1999. How many thousands of US military and indigenous Floridians did Jeb Bush remove from voter rolls? Considering the factions in Turkey, I can believe that Erdogan was recently elected, only if all Turkish gov. employees, AND all military personnel and their adult family members were required to vote for Erdogan. Perhaps US troops and employees in Turkey were also permitted to vote for Erdogan? It would not surprise me.
    If Erdogan were more than a NATO pimp, he would have cleared Russian aircraft to fly over the tip of disputed territory, that extends into Syria, in order to combat ISIS-ISIL. It is only logical to conclude that the strip of territory has been planned for use by US/NATO war-mongers, just as it was used, similar to the plan in the Pentagon on 21 Sept 2001, “- – we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran,” as reported by former NATO general Wesley Clark.
    However, that the Russian airplane was over Syria at the time of Air2Air missile impact and crashed in Syria, is clearly a violation of Syrian air space. Was the Air2Air fired from an F-16 wearing a US flag on its vertical stabilizer or from a Turkish F-16 out of Incirlik USAF(NATO) airbase?

  2. “Putin needs to lock down Syrian air space then drain the swamp and ask China to go into Afghanistan to fight the war on terror and drugs, bringing down Wall Street. ” you hit it dead on! When you have completely killed and disabled free markets, thus printing billion for yourself at will, (see last week and a half if one needs more evidence) you can fund any evil you so desire. If somehow there is the ability to disable this one can cut to the heart of the funding. You all know the WHO those actors are.

  3. Great article. HOwever I wonder if the readers or maybe Mr Duff can shed some light on the situation in Turkey? Where does the army stand? I heard they cleaned out some zionists some years ago.
    They hate the kurds I suppose is this Erdogans best card of keeping the army on his side ?
    Where does the army stand on ISIS and what about the civil society?
    Do we have a chance of the army doing like Egypt? Doubtfull I guess.

  4. As for shooting down the Russians and executing them, I hope Russia does extreme payback. Kill one of mine, I kill 1000 of yours. And I hope their air superiority renders impotent all opponents/enemy combatants; including isis et al mercenary terrorists, and mercs sent by the zionist-owned pentagram in the usssssssa (Un-free Soviet Socialist Satanic Soulless Savage-like Slave States of Amerikka).

  5. Russia’s new “air superiority” rule has to be:
    If it flies and it’s not Russian or Syrian, shoot it down.

  6. So far, Putin has characterized the shoot down of a Russian Su-24 by a Turkish F-16 air-to-air missile in very measured terms-way short of saying it was an act of war, which, of course, it was. If something like this had happened to a US fighter-bomber, there would be do doubt an act of war had been committed. Could Putin still be thinking he can game the system? Perhaps, he believes he can use the incident to split Europe? And Turkey will apologize? Maybe so! But I doubt it. Anyway, why the hesitation? Turkey must be punished! Otherwise, places like Ukraine or even Israel will think they have carte blanche to do whatever they please against Russians. One thing is clear, the pro-ISIS West is escalating things fast. Russia can’t afford to blink.

  7. Maybe Netanyahu has heeded the warnings from Shabat (aka Shin Bet) that they have no problem “terminating him with extreme prejudice” if he puts Israel in too much danger.

  8. That little boy, Hollande looks so happy in the comforting arms of Mr. O president as they pledge never ending alliance to fight whom ever it is- they claim the Paris programing that bought the two together is-. NUTO, it’s claimed is calling for calm, tis that not taking the high road. Albeit an unlit circle of no exits road save for one and their signal light is on. Why Mr. president claims something justified about all this.

  9. According to that little pamphlet some guy westernly called Sun Tzu wrote a couple years back in time, one uses all available assets in wartime in order to win the war as efficiently and fast as possible.
    Translating those old tales of spies, assassinations, double crossing your own people and other pleasentaries into current Russian minds requires only the simple fact that the game of chess is still taught to them in school.

    Without trying to teach chess, this game can be described as by playing it move by move without haste.
    The move today – the elimination of a SU-24 from the board – has been predicted by me a couple weeks ago on this website – but i got it all wrong as i suspected a Turkish F-16 to blast a British Tornado into small bits.

    Seems the Russians are better at chess than me, but this only makes for a much more interesting game because i believe that this incident today was taken into account by the Russians months ago.
    Oh no, already beaten i won’t allow myself another prediction… but reading this report on VT today i am tempted to at least talk about the next move, not the next five ones.

    That’s because the next move is pretty clear to me, it’s all in the writing above but somewhat hidden and holy shit i won’t ruin it by talking about it.
    So i guess this makes me an internet Troll, but may i come back later stating that another “stab in the back” was concluded, opening up an extremely potent attack opportunity planned months ago?

    Well, if i’m wrong on this one again i won’t bother you good folks again – for some time! 😉

  10. “…NO… there is no plot for a coup against Obama except from Zion who has controlled all Presidents since the first WTC attack.”

    I disagree with your timeline. I would change that to “since the assassination of JFK.”

    Israel’s “nuclear ambiguity” and the attack on the USS Liberty happened under LBJ.

  11. It’s typical Western (NATO/Pentagon/Lügenpresse) terrorism and treacherous lies. Claiming that Syria and their allies flew over that little Turkish peninsula inside Syria. Russians would never have done that, would never have flown over Turkey, not there (that little peninsula) either. This was just some sort of false flag (terrorism and CIA-media lies), planned well in advance, by – who else? – CIA/NATO/U$/€U, and by their faithful, terroristic, psychotic clowns; Yats, Pµssy Riot, Femen, Erdogan, al-Baghdadi, Merkel, the CIA-media (Jazeera, Reuters), Donut Dollie, Breedlove, Rita Katz, and so forth.

  12. get to the bottom of it….President Putin and President Obama both have grounds for McCain and Graham to be held and questioned and by one trusted with a healthy respect of Russia, a love of their country and expertise like no other, Gordon Duff

  13. Doubtless, the ‘Hebrew speaking element’ in the Pentagon are dreaming ‘First Strike’ about now. Russia needs to close all airspace over Syria, pound the Syria/Turkish border and among other things keep an eye on Ukraine. The US should move all those fighter aircraft out of Turkey. Incirlik is probably not a good place to be. Will Russia have Turkey for thanksgiving? Stay tuned.

  14. Graham will not allow Russia to stabilize countries by military intervention. It contradicts the US destabilizing countries by military intervention. Can it get any more clear? Russia is refusing to allow the US carte blanch to invade sovereign territories to acquire natural resources. The people of Crimea and Syria, Iran, and eventually Ukraine thank President Putin for establishing stability and peace. The people in Beirut and Yemen are on hold, for now. I hope that pilot gets a Bentley.

  15. Saudis, Qataris & Bush/NeoCons at DoD & State will covertly support Erdogan’s feckless reckless act of war. Obama & other U.S. allies should not only condemn Erdogan for this act of war & for supporting al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in Iraq & Syria – but also take strong & appropriate action.

    Erdogan is an enemy of U.S., NATO & Russia. Turkey is not an enemy. Erdogan committed geopolitical & economic suicide. Turkey would not do this without Erdogan.

    Turks can solve this problem for U.S., NATO & Russia by eliminating Erdogan — who fraudulently stole recent Turk elections.

  16. With the role of Turkey becoming ever more clear (and darker), we should begin to understand the whole Mavi Marmara saga and why it happened. Erdogan was very unpopular in the Muslim world and in the West, but he and Turkey gained a lot of sympathy with the reaction of Erdogan when he addressed Turkish parliement (tugging his jacket and saying “we’re sick of your lies”) right after the Mavi Marmara massacre.

    At the time there were also a lot of articles appearing on what a key role Turkey and their foreign minister had carved out for the country in the region, how they were an example for everyone and wouldn’t need the EU (“The EU should join Turkey” was hear and read many times).

    It was a successful campaign, and gave the nation a lot of cover for their covert activities, which now come to the surface.

  17. Why do I get the uneasy feeling that someone is about to meet with an accident or, eat a bullet? Something has been in the air where Turkey is concerned for some time now, maybe this will be the tipping point. Regardless this presents an opportunity for the US to indeed distance itself from Turkey, Yeah yeah the air bases the air bases, I get it. Yet…..I’m reading where many suspect Obama isn’t actually in complete control of the Pentagon and CIA Ops….so at the end of the day how much distance is anyone’s guess.


  18. Thanks for keeping us up to date Uncle Gordie.

    I just watched the press conference on pedoTV(bbc) with Hollande and Obama.

    It seems France will be coordinating with Russia and want the Turkey/Syria border shut., And the U.S is trying to distance itself from Turkey(Obama looked like he was sucking on a lemon).

    No doubt the Boomers are running silent, And tensions are at a new high.

    The upcoming NATO conference will be heated to say the least.

    God bless you all.

    • This is a very possible scenario designed to do just that. It’s the ” why now ” that I’m most interested in learning about.


  19. Seriously guys. All respect but to mention Rand Paul along with Graham, and calling Paul an “End Times religious extremists”…is just way over the top wacko. Sorry.
    I dont understand from where you would get such a thing.

    • That is exactly what Rand is, haven’t you seen him in Israel bowing to his masters? Haven’t you heard his many interviews where he declares his undying support for Israel right on camera for all to see?
      He is worse then his father Ron the gatekeeper, who sucked up millions of dollars with of money bombs from the public and accomplished…. nothing! Though to give some credit to Ron, at least he has said on more then one occasion that he and his son hold different views.
      Rand is a classic ‘Christians United for Israel’ cultist. Sorry to say it, but it’s easy to prove with even a little research.

    • Ron Paul is perhaps the worst traitor of the entire batch of jew abominations paraded before us by their media as viable leaders and in answer to your question and at the same time validation of my first statement maybe its because of when he could have been elected by perhaps the largest electoral landslide ever in American history he chose instead to stand down and introduce America to his mealy mouth son, whom by the way adds new meaning to the term SOB…

  20. Turkey = Poland prior to ww2. I think only polish people suffered as a result. The leaders safetly bailed themselves out after the war.

    Though with modern weapon Putin should take down erdogen exclusively.

  21. Russia should now go on a immediate “aware alert” for all its bordering territories involving US controlled proxies that might (God forbid) shoot down any Turkish military or civilian jet as a false flag pretext “revenge” for shooting down military jet. Especially Eastern Ukraine.

  22. There is no way a tin-pot dictator like Erdogan has the balls to shoot down a Russian plane without a “wink and a nod” from their NATO allies.

    This cold war 2.0 could get really hot, really fast.

  23. In an earlier post in VT when the Russian operation started I wrote it was a certainly Turkey would look to down a Russian plane and create an incident. I’m not claiming any percent abilities, as it was clear from the start that this was Turkey’s intent. US complicity joined in early with the support of the MSM (reports of civilian casualties, collateral damage, bombing of hospitals), NATO’s assertions that early reports of Russian violations of Turkey’s airspace were “serious”, McCain calling for sophisticated MANPADS to be supplied to “God knows who”. I think of the irony, I live in a start where my governor requires me to register an AR, or indeed any semi-auto with a pistol grip or thumb hole stock, yet the US enables the proliferation of small arms, MANPADS and TOWS to terrorists. Putin has been smart, exposed the game for what it is, and even is siding with France (who months earlier cancelled the Mistral contract). I’m certainly sorry for the fate of the Russian airmen. Keep us informed, VT.

  24. The pilots had safely ejected from their plane, but the bruises on their heads and faces show they were later killed by the so-called MODERATE terrorists, …

    It’s crystal clear that the pilots’ bodies are not wounded and their clothes are not torn …

  25. Rothschild Kazharian mafia capo of Turkey’s son is believed to be involved in the illegal sale of stolen crude products to Western companies like BP and Exxon Mobil..This is payback for the destruction of
    over 1000 tanker trucks effectively wiping out this terrorist business venture….

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