This Thanksgiving, Erdogan is the turkey

Can you tell them apart?
Can you tell them apart?
Can you tell them apart?

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

I used to admire Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

I admired his efforts to end the secular fascist gulag state founded by the alcoholic pedophile freemason Attaturk, and turn Turkey into an Islamic democracy.

I admired him for breaking up the neocon-Zionist Ergenekon plot to overthrow Turkish democracy via a 9/11-style false flag.

I admired his management of the Turkish economy, which enjoyed near double-digit growth during most of his term in office.

I admired him for saying he was going to use the Turkish Navy to break the blockade of Gaza after the Israelis murdered ten people, including eight Turkish nationals, aboard the Mavi Marmara.

And I admired his “zero problems with neighbors” policy, under which Turkey maintained good relations with every legitimate country in the region – including Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Russia – and refused to help the Zionist-dominated USA destroy Iraq in 2003.

But in the wake of his insane decision to shoot down a Russian plane for a trivial, most likely nonexistent, border violation, Erdogan has finished tearing his own legacy to shreds. He may also have set the stage for the carving-up of Turkey, in accordance with Israel’s ongoing Oded Yinon plan to balkanize the Middle East.

Erdogan’s decision to join the war on Syria ended his “no problems with neighbors” policy with a vengeance. Today, there is no country on earth with more problems with its neighbors than Turkey. Russia is furious and planning revenge. Ditto Assad. Ditto Iran. Iraq too. And the Kurds are literally up in arms battling Erdogan’s ISIS proxies and setting the stage for the dismemberment of Turkey.

Meanwhile, the Turkish economy is sinking, Turkish society is fragmenting, and the Ergenekon heroin-smuggling neocon creeps and Grey Wolf weirdos are howling for blood.

How in the world did Erdogan blunder into this mess?

Apparently NATO’s high command informed Erdogan in 2011 that regime change in Syria was a done deal. They were going to do to Assad what they just did to Qaddafi. Nobody could stop them. Erdogan could either join the bandwagon and play the lead role running post-regime-change Syria, or he would be left behind.

Erdogan bit.


It was a trap. Like Saddam Hussein, who was lured into invading Kuwait by US-ordered slant drilling, loan-calling-in, and Bush’s agent April Glaspie, Erdogan was suckered into waging a disastrous war designed to destroy not only Syria, but Turkey as well.

Had Erdogan told NATO to go stuff it, as he did in 2003, Turkey would still be enjoying near-double-digit growth, and its President would be the most popular leader in Turkish history, right up there with Suleiman the Magnificent, and far ahead of scumbag Attaturk – whose legacy he could have finished shredding.

But once again, a Middle Eastern leader believed what the imperialists told him. Like Qaddafi, who thought cooperating with the West and abandoning his WMD would  be appreciated, and like Saddam Hussein, who thought that if he only waged wars the West told him to wage he would be fine, Erdogan believed NATO when they told him, in early 2011, that he would get to run Syria very very soon, just as soon as they got rid of Assad…on the condition that he join the regime change operation.

What an idiot.

Now Russia is going to declare covert war on Turkey. They are going to smash Turkey’s anti-Assad proxies, not just ISIS but all the others as well, into tiny pieces. And they are going to ratchet up support to the PKK, which is now in a position to achieve its decades-old aspirations for the dismemberment of Turkey and the establishment of an independent Kurdistan.

This Thanksgiving, Turkey’s total turkey of a president has set up Turkey to get stuffed, carved up, and devoured.


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  1. Very astute analysis Kevin! This has been my theory for quite a while too as it seems that the Odid Yinon plan keeps on moving along albeit not too quietly, but assuredly. I’d like to point out to you something that struck me as very very odd the other day when the Russian plane was shot down. There was a departure from the usual Debka File alarmism regarding these type of events. In essence, it was reported as only a mild “news brief” and not a blaring “BREAKING NEWS” headline. Hmmmm, my cynical mind said. I guess the Israelis, after the 9/11 Dancing ones, don’t want to gloat too openly of this master coup of theirs. The same goes for the Neanderthal-brained Gulf Arabs who are falling into a HUGE trap in Yemen as Mr. Aziz Khalfan just pointed out above.

  2. The turkey cartoon could have been Erdogan as a kapparot chicken taking on the sins of Netanyahu before being sadistically slaughtered.

  3. Turkey is also the former capitol of the Byzantine Orthodox Christian empire, and home of its oldest church the Hagia Sophia, which is still there, although now it is being run as a museum after being converted into a mosque by the Ottoman empire after its conquering of Constantinople, modern day Istanbul. It’s amusing to note that it is illegal to mention the name Constantinople in that area, perhaps because of the prophecy by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that Constantinople will be conquered by a Christian (Rome) and Muslim alliance. Many Muslims state this prophecy was fulfilled when Constantinople was conquered by the Ottomans in 1453, but even a bit of research into the prophecy proves this to be error, for instance it is mentioned that Constantinople will not be conquered until Israel is built up in power once again, which back then was not the case as it is today.
    Whatever one may or may not believe about prophecy, we are in interesting times indeed!

  4. Another brilliant analysis by Dr. Kevin Barrett. Cannot get this information anywhere else. And yes, Erdogen is now going to become “toast”. He is finished and so is Turkey. Natural gas and oil to be grossly reduced, no more credit. Thousands of Russian vacationers to turkey gone too. Now watch Turkey collapse within and get carved up because of a human compromised leader that the RKM mind-kontrolled and destroyed. And neither NATO or America can rescue them from this fate induced by Erdogen. Watch the Kurds extract revenge too. Payback is always a bitch.

    • Dr Preston neither NATO nor America will rescue him because this was their plan all along.
      There are other suckers along the line as we speak, those that are currently allied against Yemen and commiting war crimes there. Soon their time will come and their accusers will be none other than those that supplied the weapons.

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