Putrid Turkey

by Rand Clifford for Veterans TodayEver smelled a rotten potato? Well, how about a stomach-turning whiff of rotten NATO?The world is swirled with whiffs of NATO decay, stench even ruling the jet stream.But today, humanity got punched in the nose by Turkey (NATO) shooting down a Russian bomber.

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) seems the perfect tool for a microscopic elite obsessed with controlling the world. Total control for maximum elite profits and maximum detriment to life on Earth, they call it, “Benign Global Hegemony“, same as neocons controlling US foreign policy.

For a tiny high cabal to dictate the fate of humanity, many humanitarian issues must be bombed.

Here’s how Nobel Peace Prize winner (1973) Henry Kissinger (currently wanted in many countries for war crimes) danced around private interest obliterating public interest:

The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”

Where does that leave us, with the Constitution in terminal stages of evisceration, one sufficient false-flag terrorist attack away from martial law? Whatever it takes to protect us from “terrorists”? Perhaps what we need most is to be more aware of evidence and motives, and less susceptible to Western Zionist-controlled media. Will truth ever become less unpopular?

If we can somehow pull up our thinking straps (opposite end of boots {on the ground}), wise-up to war-monger propaganda coming at us from every conceivable media tool…might we be able to get a handle on the whowhatwhy of terrorism?

As for the who, what they are doing and why…our most recent dazzlers are Syria, Paris, and today, Turkey. Yes, today was Turkey day for humanity; funny thing, it was terrifyingly opposite of anything traditional about Thanksgiving.

Syria is obscenely graphic regarding whowhatwhy. Essentially, the who is the tool of the “Global Hegemony” cabal, NATO. The what is the hell NATO has unleashed in the Middle East, killing millions of innocent people and blasting refugees from hell all over the world.

The why? Assad resists the Empire, refuses vassal status, standing in the way of certain gas pipelines. NATO uses their terrorists (ISIS, etc….) to not only get rid of Ghaddafis and Assads, but to stoke Islamophobia.

Iran has long been slated for the next destabilization…invasion…assimilation, but….

Today, Turkey day early…evidence says:

A Turkish (NATO) F-16 fighter shot down a Russian SU-24 bomber in Syrian airspace, near the Turkish border. The Russian pilots safely ejected—but NATO mop-up crews “executed” the pilots before they landed….

Why are the elite pushing so hard for WWIII? Pushing so hard for a war with no winners?

“All wars are banker wars”, sure. But what if the leadership of Russia, China, Iran…imagine if they all had an Obama?

Perhaps humanity’s ultimate grace is what blocks so many from bloody truth. How can anyone born with love, caring and compassion—how can anyone with a conscience relate to such purity of evil as false-flag terrorism? Or, NATO?

Who can imagine having your country destabilized, invaded and mutilated?

You’d have to be there.

Rand Clifford’s novels are published by StarChief Press


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  1. The elite are losing control of humanity. That is why they are pushing so hard and desperately reckless. Many don’t see it yet, but they will eventually. The only chance the unholy have of escaping their fate is to destroy the earth and everyone on it. That will not happen and they will answer for their crimes against humanity.Their rule of millennia is coming to an end. Notice how meticulous Russia is being in recording and documenting everything they’re doing(satellite imagery etc) in terms of military strikes? They(Russia) are obviously expecting and anticipating tribunals to be held when all this finally winds down. We’re certainly a ways off from that but I do believe it happens eventually. I do not subscribe to nuclear doomsday scenario. I believe the elite are well on their way to being defeated and we will indeed witness their defeat and see them answer for what they’ve done. In my eyes the future is bright.

  2. Good piece. I learned of Mr. Clifford’s “The Timing” recently through a piece in VT. Had my hardbound copy delivered last week and am looking forward to reading it.

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