Russians Wipe Out US Protected ISIS -Erdogan Oil Depot


Su-24m bomber

Russian Jets in Syria Strike 449 Terrorist Targets in Three Days

The Russian Aerospace Forces have conducted more than 130 sorties over the past three days and hit 449 terrorist targets in eight Syria’s provinces, the Russian Defense Ministry said Thursday.

 “On November 23-26, Russian Aerospace Forces’ aircraft have conducted 134 sorties, hitting 449 targets in the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

Russian military jets destroyed an ISIL ammunition depot and groups of al-Nusra Front terrorists in Syria, Konashenkov said.

“Outside the town of Al-Qaryatein, in the province of Homs, a Russian Su-24M bomber destroyed a grounded ammo depot. A pinpoint strike by an OFAB-250-270 air bomb explosives detonated, and the depot was totally destroyed.”

He underscored that outside the town of Zaitan in the province of Idlib a squadron of Su-25 ground attack jets carried out airstrikes against groups of al-Nusra Front militants.

“The direct hits of Russian air bombs destroyed one tank, two armored vehicles, and three mortar-carrying vehicles. The enemy sustained serious losses in personnel,” he added.

The Russian aviation continued to carry out airstrikes against oil refining facilities of the Islamic State (ISIL) terrorist group in Syria, spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry told journalists.

“On November 24, a Russian Su-34 bomber conducted an airstrike against a motorcade of oil-loading trucks and oil refining and storage facilities near the oil fields in northern and eastern Syria, in the province of Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa,” he said.

According to the Defense Ministry, armed groups of militants blocked near Tel-Bissa and ar-Rastan continue to sustain losses, due to the airstrikes.

He noted that on the directions of Mkhin and Al-Quaryatein the militants stepped back by four-six kilometers.

“Today, we’re once again demonstrating, with the use of objective video monitoring data, the results of the combat operations of our aviation against terrorist positions,” the spokesperson said.

Extremists continue to suffer major losses due to Russia’s airstrikes, Konashenkov said.


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  1. Beydtey
    I think you’re right.
    Putin has his diplomacy absolutely perfect, at every step.
    Us westerners don’t get much on msm, about this, or anything that can be construed as news. We hear a lot of our Gov’t. running its mouth, (propaganda) about how “we’re (US) is gonna’ get ISIS, and blah….Like it’s Obummers idea.
    I will say, the pace Putin’s setting here, has sure as Hell got his detractors rattled. I remember all the old stuff coming out of USSR, back when we had news, and this is nothing like anything I’ve seen/heard before. His communication is flawless, and I’m sure, in turn the wailing, and the gnashing of teeth will be heard. At Putins convenience.

  2. Putin certainly does need to spell out who the real enemy is ( our common enemy ). It’s easy, the same people who created the USSR, ran the gulags, and tortured and killed millions of Russians are the same people who tortured and murdered the Germans fm 1945-49. He probably first needs to seize Russia’s central bank which I’ve heard is privately owned. We need a miracle to save Europe at this point. But Putin can do a little more than what he has. The Yuan has reserve currency status now ( so you can use it to buy oil? ) American’s are exhausted fm fighting Israel’s enemies in needless wars. Bernie, Trump and Rand are the only candidates that don’t sound like GW Bush on acid ( Marco Rubio ).

  3. Putin in having refrained from taking out ISIS main source of income was obviously taking geopolitical (NATO) interests mind.

    For the same reason Putin refrained from mentioning the sponsors of ISIS in his latest UN speech, but only to the benefit of the evil.

    The people of the world need things spelled out for them, they who only watch massmedia or less, many only read the headlines and the shortest of articles.

    Putin (as well as China, the whole Axis of Resistance, etc.) needs to communicate himself better.

    • President Putin would have to be the most astute President since Kennedy. Mr Putin and his FM, Mr Lavrov, have done a remarkable job in their diplomacy. You have to remember, even though they know most of everything, they’re nothing like the Westerners, their information is released in measured statements. Besides, even if they were to give out explosive information like you want them to, do you really think Westerners will hear of it? It’s guaranteed not a single word would be reported, as we’ve seen countless times with anything about what Russia has to say.

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