Israeli Turns its Back on Erdogan After SU24 Fiasco

Su-24 tactical bomber of the Russian air forces over the Hmeimim air base in the Lattakia province

TEL AVIV (Sputnik) – Israel’s relations with Russia exclude the likelihood of an Israeli Air Force (IAF) jet shooting down a Russian aircraft, a senior IAF officer told local media on Thursday.

“Israel will not attack or down any Russian aircraft,” the unnamed officer told the Ynet online outlet.

Israel was among the first to establish direct lines of communication with Russia to safeguard the respective armed forces from accidental encounters and other dangerous incidents in Syrian airspace.

Russia launched anti-terrorist airstrikes in Syria at the request of the Arab republic’s leadership on September 30. Israel shares intelligence with the US-led coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Israeli defense minister said last year.

The IAF officer said it was Tel Aviv’s policy not to attack, shoot down or intercept a single Russian aircraft, including even if an Israeli radar locks in on one as a target.

“The Russians are here, they are a major player and cannot be ignored. Our approach is ‘live and let live’. Russia is not the enemy, on the contrary,” the officer stressed.

On Tuesday, a Russian Su-24 Fencer crashed in Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the plane was downed by an air-to-air missile launched by a Turkish F-16 jet over Syrian territory, falling 2.5 miles from the Turkish border. Putin described the Turkish attack as a “stab in the back” carried out by “accomplices of terrorists.”


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23 Replies to “Israeli Turns its Back on Erdogan After SU24 Fiasco

  1. Not to support Israel but when Erdogan turned to the Muslim Brotherhood as friends the once good friendship Israel and Turkey had is over. Israel does not want a war with Russia because even with Obama arm twisting the EU hates Israel. In the UN the EU ether votes against Israel or abstain do to the US arm twisting, never votes for. Israel has Hamas on the south, PLO on the east and Hezbollah on the north why would they want the Russians shoot down their main edge their Airforce. I know some say that the Israelis have a bigger Airforce in the area but Russia is not that far away to get reinforcements and they have a superior AA Missile system in the area. There only allies is the US and they found out how good the Russia ship launched missiles are now. The US will give support for them but will not fight for them and Israel knows it. Better to let Russia cross their borders now an then, then to start a war that they might loose with so many hostiles on their borders.

  2. Whenever an unnamed israeli high up is quoted, Be Certain that it’s a deception for the goyims to digest and go back to sleep. There are Atleast Ten similarities between the A321 bombing and the SU-25 downing for those who have just a basic instinctive sense of how the Khazarians have gone about these past Atleast three centuries in creating strife and destructions globally. (TV crews on the ground with professional kits to record, the immediate release of film from a remote location to studio all within two hours only, vicinity from the israeli border, radar range of zionists looking, israeli ‘silence’ on both trajedies in terms of denouncements, etc,,,)

    Somehow, nobody has been able to point fingers at tel avive even though Turkish pilots don’t have the flight times to master the skills of acute angle turns Nor under the radar sneaking from behind.

    The best pointer is always to ask oneself – “Who Benefits The Most??”

  3. What a load of B/S. Israel is up to it’s neck in the shoot down. Israel gave the Turks the launch codes for these missiles,(and because America is subservient to Israel, say nothing) just like Israel gave the launch codes to Argentinians to fire the French excocet missiles at British war ships, back in the early 80’s, just like Israel sold nukes to South Africa, some which turned up in North Korea. North Korea didn’t develop nukes, they just fired some of, that were given t them.
    The jews love war against any one, as the Zionist Bankers make more money, and everyone has an enemy.

  4. I can readily believe an IAF spokesperson who said on 26 Nov 2015 that Israel “will not” shoot down a Russian aircraft, and who further states Israeli policies regarding Russia; AFTER the Russian A321 and the Russian SU-24 were shot down. Who is so naive as to think that Israeli policies toward Russia AFTER 25 Nov 2015 are the same as prior to 25 Nov 2015?

    1. When Israeli super-spies such as BenMenashe and Ostrovsky and an insider named Mordecai Vanunu reveal an Israeli nuke program that aimed nuke missiles at Russian cities in 1979, while pretending to have no nuclear program? When Judaism´s star spy Pollard stole all U.S. military secrets that were worth stealing? The Twin Towers + 1 building were demolished in order that a Jewish business man, parasiting on America, could collect 7 billion dollars insurance instead of paying out billions due to asbestos contamination? The 3,000 murdered on 9-11 plus 40,000 subsequent “Goyim” deaths from breathing radiated dust mean nothing to Israeli Judaism. “By way of deception, thou shalt do war” has broad application – – .

  5. izraHell
    = satanic inciter, manipulator, provoker and liar ~ particularly its mosSODOMite propagandists;
    = terroristic blackmailer, extorter, intimidating bully, and genocidal apartheid.

    Sure, it publicly turns its Pure Evil zionist back on, and distances itself away from its Turk dupe.

    Russia/Putin would be totally stupid to ever trust zionist scum, anywhere, anytime, for any alleged reason.

  6. Be careful about assuming everybody is stupid and simply buys into everything they read or hear, whether it is on this site or any other site.. Many of us scour many sites but in the end make up our own minds based on far more than just printed and published words. Nor is everybody fooled by the players in the game and various tools of manipulating and seeding the collective consciousness. As a matter of fact, we are all players in this game. The current “energies” do not support secrecy and deception any more. Putin is certainly no angel, but it’s also obvious he’s no longer the good little puppet he might once have been. Which side he’s really on is of no concern to me. Some of us are conscious players in the game whether you believe it or not. And preaching is quite unnecessary.

  7. I saw a video of Putin and Netanyahu officially pledging allegiance to each other. Through the interpreter Netty seemed to be really surprised as he heard words rolling out of Putins mouth, he feverishly jotting down notes as Putin said we have common interests and support each other internationally. Netty was observedly shaken, like he didn’t expect it and as if it was new information. Putin is in bed with Israel which makes this entire war effort a joke. It’s just an excuse to terrorize people and more human bloodshed. Gordon, Mike Harris, Jim Dean, I need to ask you, what’s in it for you? You praise Putin, point out the obvious terror state and dualcitizen Israelis who are destroying America, and now, AWESOME, ISRAEL IS NOT BACKING TURKEY. Is everyone gone crazy? War games are fun, ya? Are there any humanity-respecting countries left?

    1. Oh, I don’t think they’re falling for anything. There are games within games being played. If they were simply clueless and falling for all these traps being laid for them, they would react the way the Cabal expects them to. But they have not once done this and instead do the opposite and it is the Cabal and their puppets who keep ending up caught in their own traps and then have to scramble back to cover. They are taking the high ground, not because they are clueless, but because ultimately that is the only path to winning. They know who the players are. By offering them the chance to do the right thing, the opposition, which of course will choose only to deceive, ends up exposing themselves and has no choice but to retreat, hide and regroup. And through all this the Cabal continues to steadily weaken and become exposed through their own inept shortsighted ego trips. They’ve had their way for so long and are blind to the fact that that same path is no longer open. The tricksters aren’t just being out maneuvered, they’re being tricked themselves and doing all the heavy lifting in the process.

    2. They are in bed with each other, it was pledged a few years ago officially. Why, I don’t know and its a reality no one is discussing. We are all in a sick movie.

  8. After 9-11, how could anyone take the import of this article seriously? Despite all the evidence implicating Israel in the 9-11 attacks, spying and selling US military secrets to China, the USS Liberty assault, etc, the US has given Israel a free pass, carte blanche to do practically anything it wants, as long a it has a cover story. Let’s hope that Russia has learned something, being witness to Israel’s ceaseless betrayal of the US. If the unnamed Israeli cited in this article states that Israel will not attack or down a Russian plane, consider for a moment what happened in the Sinai. Russia couldn’t be this naive, could it?

    1. Well, they are all influenced by the same oligarchs.

      But you hope Putin works with a more sane version, rather than some occult, Free Masonic Satanic one…

  9. Sure. Everybody wants to hide now.

    “I cannot talk to you right now, Erdogan. I am sorry, but please go quickly”!

  10. I don’t think any of these terrorist supporters have a real grasp of just how intelligent President Putin really is. All these talkers and double speakers think they’re clever in the BS they drivel. One thing is certain, the guilty will receive a nice Xmas present and those that miss out needn’t worry, there’s will be delivered early in the new year.

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