Turks Fuming as Russians Obliterate Their WMD Convoy to ISIS

Turkish WMD convoy crosses into Syria
A Turkish convoy, which according to some reports was transporting weapons to terrorist organizations, has been hit by apparent airstrikes in northwestern Syria.

Footage released online by the Istanbul-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) shows plumes of smoke from the burning trucks and people running about in panic. At least 20 trucks were engulfed in flames.

Murdered Detroit born Serena Shim was investigating IHH for smuggling Sarin gas when she was killed by Turkish intelligence officers on October 19, 2014 (ed)

The mission, however, wasn’t sponsored or organized by the IHH, the group said. No organization has as yet confirmed that the convoy belonged to them.

Turkish WMD convoy crosses into Syria
Turkish WMD convoy crosses into Syria

“Our teams helped to extinguish the fire… The trucks do not belong to us and there is no information on who bombed them,” Mustafa Özbek, an official from İHH, told Reuters.

At least seven people were killed and 10 injured in the incident, according to the Turkish Anadolu agency. The trucks were reportedly heading to the town of Azaz in northwestern Syria.

Since the news emerged, media has been furiously speculating about who was behind the attack, what the trucks were transporting, what the convoy’s humanitarian mission was, or maybe it was carrying a more sinister load. One of the aid workers who survived the incident said the trucks had been deliberately targeted, Reuters reported.

The nature of the ‘humanitarian aid’ is also in question. Turkish media and the IHH say the trucks were transporting humanitarian aid to refugees in Azaz. However, the Turkish Cumhuriyet newspaper cited sources close to the Syrian government saying the convoy was delivering weapons to terrorist organizations.

The Hawar news agency reported that Turkey repeatedly sent convoys with arms to the Al-Nusra Front and other terrorist organizations under the guise of humanitarian aid. Reports on Twitter went further – they identified the arms as allegedly “Docka machine guns” and “small arms with ammunitions.”

In the wake of the recent downing of a Russian Air Force bomber over Syria by Turkish fighter jets, some reports suggested the Russians were “avenging” the pilot’s death. Many media outlets thought it was the work of Vladimir Putin.

Anadolu cited ‘Syrian opposition sources,’ who claimed that Russian jets attacked the convoy.

Other sources suggested the airstrikes were carried out by Syrians, without specifying whether it was members of the Syrian Army loyal to President Bashar Assad, or one of the various Syrian rebel groups.

Neither Turkish, nor Russian authorities have yet commented on the incident. However, before the Azaz incident Tayyip Erdogan commented on an event that took place in 2013, when a Turkish security service convoy was stopped on the way to the Bayırbucak region in northwestern Syria. The Turkish president said: “If there were any weapons, then what? And if there weren’t, what would change?”

A Turkish prosecutor asked a court to imprison the editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet newspaper pending trial for espionage and treason. In May, the outlet published photos of weapons it said were then transferred to Syria by Turkey’s intelligence agency.

© IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

Besides the editor, Can Dündar, the prosecution said it is seeking the same pre-trial restrictions for Cumhuriyet’s representative in Ankara, Erdem Gül.

Dündar arrived at an Istanbul court on Thursday, saying that he and his colleague “came here to defend journalism.”

“We came here to defend the right of the public to obtain the news and their right to know if their government is feeding them lies. We came here to show and to prove that governments cannot engage in illegal activity and defend this,” Dündar was cited by Today’s Zaman.

The articles, published on Cumhuriyet’s front page in May, claimed that Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) is smuggling weapons in trucks into Syria and was caught doing so twice in 2014. The trucks were allegedly stopped and searched by police, with photos and videos of their contents obtained by Cumhuriyet.

According to the paper, the trucks were carrying six steel containers, with 1,000 artillery shells, 50,000 machine gun rounds, 30,000 heavy machine gun rounds and 1,000 mortar shells. The arms were reportedly delivered to extremist groups fighting against the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad, whom Ankara wants ousted from power.

The Turkish authorities denied the allegations, saying that the trucks were carrying aid to Syrian ethnic Turkmen tribespeople and labeled their interception an act of “treason” and “espionage.”


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  1. Sarin gas is destroyed by fire and if the explosions of the weapons and ammo was enough it would destroy it. But if it wasn’t then there would be traces of it around. The only two ways to know is to send in a team with the equipment and protective suits to check or if the fire wasn’t big or hot enough then the US media will say Russia and Syria dropped poison gas there when people start dying in the area.

  2. Turkey is a main transit point along the Clinton/Benghazi/Ukraine Drugs and arms pipeline which begins in Afghanistan. Instead of fighting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, armaments are now being shifted to Syria by Clinton Nazi Zionists. Erdogan is now in the news instead of Poroshenko.

    • Here is a SWAG (scientific wild-assed guess). Some of the weapons & armaments being shipped through Turkey most likely come from porky-the-pig-shenko’s terrorist tyranny in thug-filled kiev. The chocolate pig is a momentary conduit for outlaw transfers of illegal weapons. porky knows that zionist-west banksters and Genocide Industrialists will keep weapons flowing into the nation that was formerly Ukraine. zionist monsters like being able to attack on multiple war fronts at the same time and rapid succession. Syria today, Yemen tomorrow, Ukraine next, . . .
      Humankind has to take the war to zionist monsters and their filthy proxies, including izraHell. Don’t play only defense. Attack enemies of Humankind lots more. This includes the remaining REAL Americans rising up and executing traitors in the zionist-owned criminal godvernment.

  3. Let’s see, now. Turkey killed one Russian pilot, the other escaped. Russia hit a convoy and killed seven Turks. Then Takfiris, or whoever, killed a Russian “contract Marine” and blew up a Russian rescue helicopter. Russian bombers then covered the area with high order detonations, killing an unknown number of Takfiris. Seems to me the score is in favor of the Russians. When I heard of the convoy and the bombing of the Takfiris, I was immediately filled with glee. Now, if we could just get Obama and Kerry and Hillary to tour the area on a “fact finding mission”,……………..

  4. To AreWeProgrammed:

    To suggest people sit back and ignore everything going on around them just promotes the Status Quo while the Zionist zealots pursue their agenda with impunity. Your suggestion is asinine.

  5. @ Beydety

    A.W.P. does not state what you accuse him of stating.

    Obviously A.W.P. is not a fanboy of X nor Y and is proposing that WE take our lives back in our own hands instead of being cannon fodder for X and Y, nor out of A nor or B reasons.

    Putin and Medvedev walk constantly into traps and are thus undeniably incapable of dealing with the agressors and should thus not escalate the problem, but instead find another way.


  6. These Turkish supported terrorists must eat bullets and spit out lead if we’re to believe these munitions are humanitarian aid.

  7. President Putin is not the aggressor.
    Going by your stupid comments, I would never bother with your pathetic site you keep trying to promote.

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