NEO – Russia will now eliminate all air threats to its forces in Syria

One stupid plane shoot down allowed Russian to game changing numbers of top like fighters and air defense missiles into Syria
One stupid plane shoot down allowed Russian to game changing numbers of top like fighters and air defense missiles into Syria
One stupid plane shoot down allowed Russia to move game changing numbers of top fighters and air defense missiles into Syria

by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

The seven golden domes of St. Petersbug
The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

[ Update:  I knew NEO would get a flood of material on this crazy Turkish shoot down stunt, but I had to jump into the fray due to its historical significance, as it could be a major turning point in the war. This could be Erdogan’s last gasp of credibility on the world stage.

The Russians have destroyed over 1000 oil tanker trucks, and news has broken that Erdogan’s son has recently bought a $35-million oil tanker for one of the front companies the Erdogan family is using to loot Syria and Turkey.

And last, Turkey’s anchor for maintaining a credible “safe zone” in Syria was the area in north Latakia, as having his 2000-Turkmen brigade plus Turkish Special ops troops, allowed Erdogan to put pressure on Assad’ s home region, and also be in a good position to attack the western flank of a major Syrian thrust to recapture northern Syria.

The move backfired on him as you will read below… a military strategist he definitely is not. But we see America’s hidden hand in this provocation, which reduces any moral cover it has left for being an honest broker for peace in Syria. Is Obama burned out? Is this all just horrible staff work, or a rogue Pentagon playing him?

Or did Obama commit America to a secret deal with Erdogan in order to get the use of the Turkish bases, that under no circumstances would they (including the Gulf States) give up physical control of northern Syria for the oil and gas pipeline they want there? We are closer to finding out for sure… JD ]


– First published  …   November 27,  2015

The US-coalition provocations against the Syrian-Russian counter-terrorism advances have been successful only in continuing the high Syrian civilian innocent body count category by dragging the war out, but have put nothing but torpedoes into its own sinking international credibility.

We had expected to see terrorist attacks on the soft targets to be mixed in with military strikes as cover. Israel invaded Damascus’ airspace to strike a storage facility, the Hezbollah neighborhood suicide bombings followed, and then the main event which took the Sinai tourist plane down with all killed.

Russia did not take its eye off the ball in Syria, but “doubled down” by deploying its strategic bomber with big bomb payloads hammering ISIL, and both plane launched cruise missiles and more from its Mediterranean ships. ISIL began fleeing Raqqa.

Washington continued its steady flow of ridiculous press conferences, where statements like “Russia is destabilizing Syria and making a resolution more difficult” nonsense. At VT, we just shook our heads in amazement at how long the US is remaining in denial over its failed Syrian regime change disaster.

Some idiots pressed a button for the Paris terror attacks going ahead, thinking that could somehow be blamed on Russia because of its success in destroying ISIL in Sryia. That blew up in their faces, with France sending its carrier to launch ISIL air strikes alongside the Russia fleet which Putin ordered to work closely with the French.

And then came the destruction of the ISIL oil tanker fleet which the West had somehow not been able to locate for over a year, despite the huge round trip convoys delivering Syrian oil to jihadi-controlled refineries in Iraq; one more torpedo into the myth of the Western anti-terror campaign.

We suspected the tanker-crushing move would make the people who had been marketing ISIL’s oil, the Kurds and Turkey, unhappy enough to be provoked into a blunder themselves. We did not have to wait long, with the militarily-senseless shooting down of the Russian SU-24 bomber by the Turkish F-16s.

Everybody in the military and Intel command would know Turkey would never do such a provocation without clearing it with the US and NATO, as they would be dragged into it anyway. Turkey’s claim of viewing the SU-24 as “unidentified” is a clear admission of its guilt.

[ Editor’s Note: Obama was way too quick on grabbing the microphone to support Turkey when what happened was still it the initial confusion state. He could easily waited a day for “a clearer picture”, but he did not…JD ]

SU-24 cockpit
SU-24 cockpit

Turkey fumbled the ball immediately, with initial reports that they knew nothing about a shoot down. Did they expect us to believe that their radar was not working, nor the US-coalition drones or spy satellites that monitor the Syria-Iraqi battlefield 24/7?

That was followed by the Turkish ambassador claiming the planes were of unknown origin who crossed into Turkey after ten warnings over five minutes.

Obama followed that flub with a short press conference where he mumbled that “Turkey had a right to defend its airspace”, when we all know the Russian planes have plenty of ISIL targets to hunt in Syria.

We had to wonder whether Obama was getting filtered information from the Pentagon, where Ash Carter has his own growing list of incredible statements trying to smear the Russian effort for what the world has been waiting for — a real counter terrorism campaign.

Gordon Duff and I had been fearing another mini-nuke attack somewhere on a major civilian target, which would be blamed on Moscow’s “interference” in Syria, anything to upset the success momentum against ISIL.

The northern Latakia battlefield had intensified in the prior few days. The strategy seemed to reveal pushing the jihadis completely out of the mountains there and away from the Turkish border which is their only supply line for ammunition and supplies.

The Russians had been flying patrols over these areas to bomb retreating enemy convoys or supply columns coming in. This required the plane to fly in circular patterns to remain over the target area, and in this case, near the Turkish border.

The Russians have obviously been recording their air combat radar plotting maps to use for any mishaps. They showed the Russian planes flying near the border, and the Turkish planes making their attack runs south, which actually took the Turks into Syria. The claim that the Russian planes had crossed the border came as no surprise later in the day.

Erdogan even reversed himself from his statements several years ago, when a Turkish plane was shot down by Syria for a short term incursion, when he said that brief incursions should not be grounds for shooting a plane down between non-hostile nations.

NATO is now in play as a threat to the West itself, a sad state of affairs
NATO is now in play as a threat to the West itself, a sad state of affairs

The emergency NATO meeting ended in some confusion, with Secretary General Stoltenberg supporting Turkey’s side of the incident in his statement, which triggered quick leaks that a number of members had strong reservations about Turkey’s story and reported serious disagreements in their meeting.

It appears that some member countries do not like being made fools of via a staged incident and cover up. By the end of the day, Stoltenberg was backing off his earlier statements.

Other capitols were vocally suspicious that the whole incident was a Turkish provocation, desperate to tag Russia with some kind of provocation to grab some headlines.

Opposition politicians in Italy charged that Turkey was directly supporting ISIL by shooting the SU-24 bomber down. Germany’s Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel described Turkey’s role as that of “an unpredictable actor”.

Modern chaos theory warfare was not just active in this Turkish shoot down provocation. The sabotaging of the main power pylons for the grid that supplied Crimea and sections of Ukraine itself was another.

Ukraine’s Nuclear power plants had to conduct emergency power-shedding operations which could have triggered an accident with their poorly maintained equipment, given Ukraine’s financial distress. Reports stated that the Right Sector would block repair crews unless given assurances that Crimea would not be hooked back up to the grid.

Chernobyl control panel as it is today
Chernobyl control panel as it is today

Washington and the EU have been silent as to who pushed the button for this new Crimean terror attack, and why now. There is just one common denominator… to attack Russia for its successful anti-terrorism campaign. We see the public in a growing list of countries becoming suspicious of their leadership’s motivations for continuing to be anti-Russian as contrived and unjustified.

None of the provocations have worked, including the plane shoot down on Tuesday. Putin’s spokesman quickly disavowed any hints of a military response.

But we did not have to wait long to get the news of Moscow breaking off military cooperation with Turkey, and deploying a missile cruiser off the Syrian-Turkish coast with the capability to shoot down any planes in the region with its long range air defense missiles.

What happens now?

Another Turkish shoot down will be handled differently
Another Turkish shoot down will be handled differently

Turkey used its last “freebie” by shooting the Russian plane down. There will be no Western coalition no-fly zone in northern Syria, for which some Senators and presidential candidate crazies were trying to get headlines advocating; at least not the kind they wanted.

Future “threats” to Russian forces will be dealt with by force, and I think world opinion will back this Russian stance. Another card was played on Tuesday, with the announcement that Moscow was going to provide fighter cover for all future bombing missions, something that did not get much attention.

What was missed is that it will take a lot of fighter planes to do that due to the number of sorties being flown daily. And therein lies the silver lining in this tragedy. Erdogan’s mistake in shooting the bomber down has waived the green flag for Putin to bring in enough fighter power for the Syrian coalition to initiate a no-fly zone on any uninvited airstrikes anywhere inside Syrian if attacks on Russian planes were continue.

Between the top line fighters and advanced missiles, Russia can put a defensive bubble over Syria. It does not want to do that, preferring to establish a real coalition to help do the work and share the cost. China, for example, has been invisible in all of this.

The West’s succession of bad strategy, lies, and tactical blunders is pushing world opinion toward the Russian example of leadership on the world stage. The EU is shifting away from the Russian sanctions with predictions that they will be over sometime in 2016.

Bridge over the River Kwai - the Burma Road classic
Bridge on the River Kwai – the Burma Road classic

Washington has burned bridges with a growing number of European citizens; it is not trusted, and for very valid reasons. Talk of anger over being treated as an occupied people is common now, with the EU as the main tool being used against its own people.

And back here in the US, we ask the same thing — is the system being used against us, where we have a ruling class whose poll numbers are close to single digits? Russia is teaching us all a lesson here. Don’t wait for the monster to come knock on your door. Go knock on his, and do unto him as he would do unto you, and save a lot of lives in the process.

Call the Turkish Embassy in your country, and let them know how you feel. And call the US Embassy and even the White House to drop a few words on them. Google calls are free.

When we buried Congress and the White House in phone calls to stop the US air attack on Syria, it worked… marvelously. We were deserving citizens when we did that, and a repeat performance is needed on a global scale now.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”



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  1. Glad you provided this info so I can start praying DAILY that the imbecile Turks make another wrong move thus providing food to the sea creatures which may enjoy Turkish human flesh dishes.

  2. China, for example, has been invisible in all of this

    I recall an article by Bill Gertz many years ago citing an official Chinese translation into English of a speech by their army chief of staff. I can’t find it or similar policy statements since then and maybe someone can help with this, but if my memory serves me right, the Chinese at that time felt certain they’d be at war with the US by the early 2020s and that the interim two decades would allow them to gear up militarily and, critically in their view, benefit from the debilitating effects of the accelerating, runaway moral degeneracy in America. To the last point I’d add that the moral destruction has been accomplished by our own elites and shadow government. It’s not lost on Russia or China that Obama appointed Carter’s openly gay, closest associate to Sec of the Army or that the Pentagon and WH now host celebrations of the LGBT ascendency, which they correctly interpret (witnessing the effects here) as a Trojan Horse of covert warfare on the family ultimately leading to the annihilation of their cultures.

    • This is now the top read NEO cross posting we have had on VT. My thanks to all for helping to spread the word. We have been in after-burner mode since Russia went into Syria and have doubled readership, much of it new people. It looks like 2015 is going to wrap up as our best year yet.

  3. Puting had made the open ended statement that Russian forces would stay to assist Syria as long as they were engaged in the counter terrorism effort. That left the door open in that if the West and Gulf intended to convert to the traditional form of terror truck and car bombings, political assassinations planning to keep the pressure on forever, in which case the Russian will stay forever. They have always been there, but very low key, as their main military strategy had been evolved into “let’s do business with everybody and make money so everybody is happy and we avoid these huge arms race drains.” And of course powers in the West did not think that was a good idea.

  4. James, we all know the routine near borders. I’m saying cover, as in real cover. No matter what a semi-hostile, newly found partner of peace says to your face, you fly cover as to assure no mistakes. In this case I think Putin or the air marshal had something up their sleeves. And yes, we all know ISIS doesn’t have an air force and sending up fighter jets would send the wrong message to your new partners…….still, that makes zero sense to me when real operations are conducted. Also, the fact that the 24 was locked up and even the navigator (RIO) didn’t know this, clearly tells me the air force didn’t have their back. Not one word from the ground that an F-16 was tracking them inside Syria, albeit this happened very quickly, tells me more. Doesn’t wash and Russians aren’t this careless IMHO. They have technology that can turn a corner at mach 6, toast a poptart for you, deliver it, map the ground while in flight, send back intel and hit the gap between Schwartzennegers teeth and they claim or omit they don’t posses Viet Nam era ground based electronic warning systems for their fleets? Meh….. And what happened to their jamming equipment Ala Donald Duck Black Sea demonstration? Don’t like it….

  5. Very well done Mr. Dean. You are as astute as is Gordon, as is Mike. Jim, I do have a question. If we are searching frantically for solutions here, why the silence of Amb. Wanta since June? (Jun 18 to be specific; veteranstoday com/2015/06/18/wanta-black-swan-white-hat-on-amazon-now/)

    If we are looking for someone to prevent WW3 in this day and age, why not turn to a proven “can do” guy who proved his worth between ’85 and ’90? I mean, he did author that “General Agreement on Cooperation” (1990) between the USA and the RF.

    More than that, he does have a concrete, written out plan to restore these United States. He does have as of June of this year, full possession of a warchest adding up to some 32.8 TRILLION in funding. (Not to mention the additional 2000 metric tonnes in gold bullion) What is missing here?

    Several financial experts have gone public very recently that we will with high probability see an epic market, currency, real estate, bond, and derivatives crash before years end. Are “things” working behind the scene here. It is all a matter of just a little more — patience?

    Is it not a little more than a coincidence that in the same month. In fact, the same week Wanta announces his possession of his funds, the Shanghai Exchange crashes the most since 2007?

  6. Dirt, the Turks always have combat patrols on on their border when the Russians are bombing on the other side, so their being in the air close to the border the other side is routine. The Turks knew they could shoot one down anytime they wanted. After the US and Russia did their “deconfliction” deal, it was assumed that would include the US coalition partners. The Russians are telling them where they are going to bomb in advance.!!! an ambush is not hard to set up. And you see how quickly Obama popped out of the box to back it up, when Ash Carter would have given him a buffer.

  7. Good observations. I believe if anything like this happens again, it’s one S-400 for a taxiing F-16, and one Shkval for that oil tanker McCain, er Erdogan’s son bought. I’d just love to see the face of any Air Force commander after a missile hit one of his fighters while it’s still on the ground and 200+ miles away. As well, the Super Cavitator would make all the presstitutes out there have to look into that specific ship….


  8. Nothing on the recent news ie: Germany, find that very odd. Working with Russia and sending support to help in Syria….this can only mean that they are pulling away from the EU stance, NATO stance, and other lines of ideology. Surely this is a concern inside the belt way and may go far to explain the recent acts of desperation and stupidity when it comes to public statements.

    I find it impossible to believe that Obama is being honest with the American public. I believe that he’s all in favor of Russia and her efforts. What I can’t for the life of me figure out is WTF all of the White Hats within the Intel agencies and Military are waiting for. To me, this is beyond puzzling. I’m left to conclude that for some reason there are huge numbers of leadership on a ” need to know basis ” This makes me wonder as to whether there may indeed be a power structure change taking place within the ranks of the so called ” puppet masters ”


  9. Fear of Russia must be part of Putin’s reward package for helping with the consolidation going on the world over as they divide Earth into 10 regions – that’s the real agenda of the NWO that will hide behind a Judo-Christian based corporate world. Each region has to be consolidated by it’s corporate leader. The USG will be one of the last, if not the last, to artificially “fall” – the US isn’t “running” from anything. Aegis is now in the hands of Lockheed Martin, an advertiser on VT. They are probably all laughing at everyone that bought the story of “Aegis defeated by Russia” – who knows maybe even Putin bought the ploy.

    Those trying to find out what’s really going on turn to alternate news such as VT and so they’re given the news they seek – all nicely controlled by defense contractors who, according to VT articles, own the major mass media, and who by no coincidence, advertise on VT.

    Want to learn how they’re using technology, Ancient Knowledge, and a plethora of deceit to control even the truth seekers and why Putin is the new Hitler? Read the article revision at universal-rights dot com.

  10. Also there is high probability that NATO (and Israel probably) will force Turkey and “sacrifice” them in a war against Russia, NATO and its root societies have done it so many times in the past, with Napoleon, Hitler etc. British lords like to sacrifice their dogs, in this case the entire eastern border from Estonia to the Black sea and Turkey, it is all NATO, and Ukraine is of course a NATO failed state. There were many online petitions signed these days across Europe (Germany, Czech Republic etc.) demanding quick Turkish secession from NATO, or they would ask their government to do so instead.

  11. What happens now? You can bet your house on it that the same rogue elements of morally corrupt western intelligence that went for 9/11 are probably working 24/7 these days on some brutal false-flag that should prove russian Syria interference more poor than theirs, or even worse, as you mentioned some mini-nukes in Turkey or Ukraine to blame it on the Russians. I admire the e-mails and google calls pressure, there could also be some worldwide crowdfunding by We the people that would set up its own hedge fund, register and enter Wall street, betting on USA perpetually going into middle-east and other crude-and-oil wars. That would provide enough assets to fund more research and steer away from such methods of engagement, and if USA would not go to wars then such hedge fund would only prove its purpose. I’m sure that the Wall Street cannot fight against the influx of money, that is their achilles heel. Brutal force and more brutal force only create cyclical history.

  12. Bankers have caused all wars since they saddled the people with usury. They want and need a war now to cover and run from bankruptcy, lost profits, running out of countries to pilfer, destroy and “snap up” assets, aka steal for their continual wars for profit agenda. Lacking the guts to have an independent thought the ‘armegedonistas” follow a satanic death cult masked as “religion”.

  13. What I’ve heard a few days before this shoot down was that Obama was ordered to start a war in Syria with Russia. Obama is not a principal but rather a puppet – he does as he is told. Same with Erdogan, I expect. All these politicians comply with orders from their masters. They are really quite low down the food chain

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