US Accused by Iraqi Commander of Aiding ISIS


Commander: Iraqi Forces' Further Advance against ISIL Blocked by US

 TEHRAN (FNA)A commander of Iraq’s volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) complained that the US meddling in the fight against the ISIL has impeded their victory over the Takfiri terrorist group and prevented them from winning back the strategic cities of Ramadi and Fallujah.
“The US meddling prevents the Iraqi army and popular forces from concluding their battles against the ISIL in Ramadi and Fallujah cities,” Commander of Imam Khamenei Battalion Haidar al-Hosseini al-Ardavi told FNA on Sunday.

He noted that the US is doing its best to prevent mop-up operations by the popular forces in Anbar province. Al-Ardavi underlined that prolonging the Anbar battle will also negatively influence the Iraqi army’s battles against the terrorists in other provinces.

In September, an Iraqi analyst said that the US is using some tribesmen in the Western province of Anbar to pressure the government in Baghdad to keep the popular forces away from the battle against terrorists in the volatile region.

Mohammad Na’na expressed regret that Washington has succeeded in persuading certain tribal leaders in Anbar to join its so-called war on the ISIL.

“Washington is pressuring the Iraqi government to exclude the popular forces from the Anbar province mop-up operations,” he told FNA.

Na’na, meantime, warned against the United States’ negative role in the war on ISIL, saying field reports show that the US ground troops have played no role in the operations that led to the liberation of Anbar.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmad Jamal announced in September that Baghdad had rejected Washington’s demand for the deployment of the US ground force to Iraq’s war against the ISIL.

“Some of the US military officials and generals of the anti-ISIL coalition forces have indirectly underlined the necessity for dispatching the US ground troops to Iraq to join the combat against the terrorist group,” Jamal said.

“But, Iraq is opposed to the presence of any ground force from the US or any other member states of the coalition in the fight against the terrorist groups, because the Iraqi people do not want to see any foreign soldiers on their soil and they do not want to experience the bitter taste of the US military presence on their land once again,” the spokesman added.

Also in September, the Iraqi popular forces known as Hashed Al-Shaabi also underlined their opposition to the US forces’ partnership in fighting against terrorists in the Western province of Anbar.

“The US will not sacrifice even one of its soldiers for Iraq and their present meddling in the government’s affairs is a plot to disintegrate Iraq,” Karim al-Nouri, a commander of the popular forces, said.

He reminded that Hashed Al-Shaabi had earned many victories against the terrorists, and said, “Therefore, the popular forces will not wait for anyone’s permission and will continue fighting against the ISIL.”


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  1. America and Israel/Saudi/Qatar/Turkey created ISIS and are openly used it to effect regime change in Syria ( as they did in Libya ) and to keep Iraq destabilized..All but the most stupid ( or mendacious-US politicians and media ) acknowledge this fact by now.

  2. Iraqis state the obvious about the wicked amerikkan imperium that’s owned by Pure Evil zionists.

  3. Disturbing news out of Iraq today. Did John (insane) McCain let the cat out of the bag, by saying that Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be sending a combined 100,000 ground force to Syria. I am hoping this is just the ramblings of a mad man and not a fact, with Cameron ignoring the people he is supposed to represent and Lindsay Graham stating that the US will be sending a 10,000 strong force of “advisers” to assist the Turkish and Saudi troops this could be the world war 3 trigger the war mongers are looking for. If Putin and Assad try and stop (attack or injure) any of these troops then Turkey and the US can invoke Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and declare war on either or both countries, if Saudi troops are attacked the US could launch a full scale deployment based on standing shoulder to shoulder with an allied country.

  4. ….and out of scripts that are even remotely believable…the US military has no choice but to disable its control … they are running behind and look towards a grab before… the convergence of the timelines

  5. The very existence of Daesh (ISIS) around has been a part of the Ode Yenon Plan of breaking up the ME to serve the zionists occupying Muslim Lands in Palestine.

    Until last year, the Iraqi politicians had their selfish motives (with personal fortunes leaping in bounds every month) in giving credence to US Govt malice.

    However, Ayatullah Seestani’s direct call to ALL IRAQIS to mobilise AndThen, his call for corrupt politicians to be brought to justice, not resign, put the heat on the MPs’ to reduce and show willingness to work for what they had taken the oath, ie, the good of All Iraqis.

    History will record this speech by an infirm elderly man (with no $$s in his pocket) as the start of the Iraqis on the street to come forward, mobilise as units of volunteer forces And start walking towards Daesh infested areas with the Iraqi Govt Leaders Unable To Stop This Turn Of Events (as it meant no longer would they benefit from the stolen oil of Iraq nor their families abroad living in luxury at the expense of the Iraqi people).

    • Up until the present, the PM of Iraq has Not Shown too much intensity in cleaning the corruption and waste as he’s also involved with his extended family in the looting.

      With Iraqis on the streets now showing their disgust openly to the politicians for the first time in the Modern History of Iraq, the doors of respect and power draining with the passing of every week, the volunteer forces have started overiding And ignoring the corrupted leaders in their orders Not To Go to go and fight directly.

      The above article mentions Tribal Leaders (being corrupted by the Americans) but in reality-
      It Is The Iraqi Politicians And Army Senior Officers Who Come Up With Ridiculous Orders That Has Enabled Daesh To Roam The Entire Northern Parts Without Any Resistence (though now with the torch on each of them, I can see massive bloodshed, once Daesh is defeated, in eliminating an entire class of deeply treasonous politicians/officers from Iraqi society).

    • No doubt the Iraqi politicans are traitors.

      Who in his right heart and mind would reward an occupant of ones country, that has murdered 1 + 1 million Iraqis (according to the Lancet IIRC), with arms purchases and by allowing their presence within their borders?

      Only traitors would.

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