Hey Trump! ISRAELIS cheered 9/11 attacks, not Muslims

Watch the interview at Press TV
Watch the interview at Press TV
Watch the interview at Press TV

US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent accusation against Muslims, saying that they cheered for the September 11, 2001 attacks, is a “mangled” version of what really took place on that day, American scholar and Veterans Today Editor Kevin Barrett says.

The Republican presidential frontrunner said on Saturday that not only Arab Muslims in New Jersey cheered the 9/11 attacks, but Muslims across the world celebrated the fall of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

“Donald Trump is conveying interesting versions of urban legends and some actual facts about what followed the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001,” Barrett told Press TV on Sunday.

“Israeli intelligence agents were caught wildly celebrating the airplane crashes and then the explosive destructions of the Twin Towers,” Barrett said, adding that the agents were working in coordination with people already placed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s terror watch list.

“These dancing Israelis were cheering wildly, flicking cigarette lighters in front of the burning and then exploding Twin Towers and they were then arrested, they were found with thousands of dollars in cash stuffed in their socks,” he added.

After failing lie detector tests, Barrett said, the agents flew back to Israel, where they appeared on TV and boasted that they were sent to New York to “document the event.”

“That is an official admission from Israeli intelligence agents that they had foreknowledge of the destruction of the World Trade Center,” Barrett added. “So Trump mangled this story.”

“Well, that set off a chain of controversy in the American media because there were no Muslims who were celebrating anything in New Jersey,” the analyst stated.

Netanyahu also cheered 9/11 attacks

Elsewhere in his remarks, Barrett said that even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was among those who were heartened by the attacks.

“His first reaction was he said ‘it is very good!’ but none of this will ever be reported in the Western Zionist-controlled mainstream media,” he added.

Professor Barrett dismissed allegations by Western media that people in Palestine were cheering the attacks, accusing them of passing off older videos as evidence.

“In one case a Zionist news crew managed to convince some Palestinian children to cheer and seem to be celebrating in return for candy,” he noted.

Although Osama bin Laden repeatedly denied any connection to the attacks, Israel and the US designed them and tried to convince the world that al-Qaeda was behind the vicious act, Barrett said.

“So once again Donald Trump’s words are pointing towards a true story but in both cases the story is pointing towards the real authors of the massacre of September 11, 2001, and that is the Israeli Zionists,” the scholar concluded.

Trump has come under fire for proposing a plan to establish IDs and a database to track American Muslims.

In the past five days, the real-estate mogul’s support has fallen by 12 points. The decline in his popularity among Republicans is the biggest since he leapt to the top of the field in July, according to the poll released on Friday.

However, Trump is not backing down from his controversial claim that Muslims cheered as the Twin Towers fell on 9/11.

He has told NBC News that he has “the world’s greatest memory” and everybody knows about this, insisting that his claims were valid and flaunted the support he said he received on his Twitter page.

Trump also demanded apologies from those people who dared to doubt his recollection of the 9/11 attacks. “I want an apology,” he tweeted. “Many people have tweeted that I am right.”


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  1. Yes, the post-1979 rise of Islamic Iran as an anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist alternative model worried the NWO and contributed to their increasing use of Islamophobic propaganda. But none of it – not even the false flags at the WTC in 1993, the African embassy and Cole bombiings, etc. – really succeeded in mobilizing the West for war on Islam for Israel. So they had to orchestrate “the big event,” 9/11, as the PR “introduce a new brand” spectacle.

  2. Actually, there were some idiot, so-called Muslims like me, who cheered.
    I didn’t cheer though, I just chuckled and thought they had it coming. Later on, when I saw the events unfold on CNN, I felt nauseated and shocked.

  3. You forget, Amelius, that there was a legitimate strategic concern for the labor camps: The “Jewish” Bolsheviks had already handed Russia and the rest of the Soviet Union over to the NWO, and allowing potential subversives to freely move about wartime Germany might not have been prudent. If the NSDAP was built as controlled opposition, the banksters would have propped them up for as long as possible, like they did for the Soviets or Al-Qaeda. Real opponents get real wars.

  4. I don’t know all who cheered and who showed remorse for the Twin Towers coming down but I did see on TV that Putin was the first leader to call us and send his condolences and the Palestinian did cheer of the Towers coming down.

  5. I think when you’re referring to “costing the taxpayers billions” you are referring to the TARP program of 2008. Trump’s businesses did not “benefit” or partake of this program. There was no public bailout of his businesses. This is a misrepresentation arising from the MSM and certain of his political opponents. In fact, Trump was an outspoken critic of TARP and the use of public funds to assist institutional banks and financial institutions, and certain businesses (including GM). During downturns in the economy, most particularly those that heavily impacted real estate, certain Trump businesses filed for federal bankruptcy protection. This is not unusual for businesses and individuals involved in operations the scale of which Trump is involved. In the proceedings some casino properties were restructured. Certain real estate assets were foreclosed. In no event was there use of public money resulting in “billions on bailouts.”

  6. While many abuse the process, federal bankruptcy protection is not a “legal way for avoiding debts.” Many businesses and individuals honorably avail themselves of the practice every day. In the example you cite, the Packard dealer filed bankruptcy as a means of using the courts in the best possible way; to pay the creditors in full. Certainly that is not always the case. If you are at all interested if Trump “fleeced” the system, bankruptcy proceedings are a matter of public record and all filings are available to you through PACER. What I can say is that in proceedings such as those Trump was involved in, all creditors, secured and unsecured, would be well represented by counsel, so being the possibility of being “fleeced” would be something that would be heavily scrutinized by the creditors, legal counsel, the US attorney assigned to the case and the judge.

  7. LC, how is not voting logically supposed to “flush out DC”? The military-industrial complex would just keep chugging along and the media oligopoly will remind everyone that “democracy” doesn’t work if people don’t vote.

  8. “Standing with Israel now is like Standing with Hitler during WW2.”

    Television programming must be really good if you’re lending credence to the Holohoax. The NWO wishes it could openly arrest people questioning 9/11.

  9. “Look at some of the Facebook comments regarding Muslims celebrating 9/11. “It’s true, I saw it on TV.” This, in itself, is a terrifying statement. It’s called television programming for a reason. It’s designed to program your beliefs. To those who believe TV wouldn’t, or hasn’t already lied to you, you are being naive.”

    It is true — they did see WHAT THEY WERE TOLD was a celebration of the events of 9/11.

    Please see my comment below.

  10. “…managed to collapse 3 sky scrapers into their own footprints at free fall speed…”

    WTC 1 and 2 exploded into pyroclastic material rather than collapsing (other than few uppermost floors in the initial couple of seconds, which likely was conventional demolition), which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that very powerful explosives (e.g. low-yield atomic) were detonated inside the buildings.

  11. “The only Semites in Israel are the Palestinians…”

    The Neturei Karta community in Occupied Palestine are true Semites, and were there long before the Zionists arrived. And of course, they oppose the existence of State of Israel and wish to live as a peaceful minority community under Arab rule.

  12. A note to one of the comments below from @Amelius. Donald Trump’s businesses did not benefit from the TARP bailouts of 2008. What the MSM and certain of Trump’s opponents are referring to when they speak of his business “losses” arise from certain of his casino and real estate properties that filed for bankruptcy protection. The casino operations were restructured and certain of his real estate properties were foreclosed by the lenders. Such filings are not uncommon to those in businesses such as Trump is engaged in, most particularly when they go through a number of cycles. Banks and financial institutions took write downs, but the proceedings did not result in “costing the American public billions of dollars in bailouts.” Whatever other issues we have with Mr. Trump, this is a misrepresentation that should be laid to rest. Bankruptcy is federally adjudicated in the US, and the filings are fully disclosed. Trump was actually a vocal critic of TARP bailouts for banks and other financial institutions, as well as for that given to GM.

  13. I understand your point, but Trump’s businesses did not benefit or partake of the 2008/2009 TARP bailout money. What the MSM and opponents including Carly Fiorina refer to when they consistently misrepresent his affairs are a number of bankruptcy filings of Trump’s businesses, including casinos in the late 80’s/early 90’s, including certain real estate development projects (the latest being around 2007). The casinos were restructured and certain of the real estate properties were foreclosed by the lenders. this is not uncommon with developers with dealings the scale of what Trump oversaw, particularly when the businesses go through a number of cycles. In these instances, banks took write downs, but in no instance did the filings result in “billions in bailouts” from public funds. In fact, Trump was outspoken over his criticism of TARP, and felt there should be no public bailout of Wall Street and the institutional banks (or of GM, for that matter). I’ve tried to post a form of this note a few times, so apologies if it shows up multiple times.

  14. On 911, a file tape from August, 2000, of a Palestinian celebration (a wedding, as I recall) misrepresenting it as a Palestinian celebration of the events of 911, was broadcast by one of the mainstream TV networks.

    It ran only one time, and then it disappeared down the ol’ memory hole.

  15. I understand your point, but, while I’m no fan of his, Trump’s businesses did not partake of the TARP bailouts of 2008/2009. When the MSM speaks of Trump’s “losses”, they are referring to when he filed for bankruptcy protection for certain of his casino businesses in the late 80’s/early ’90’s, and also with problems with real estate development projects he was involved in during during that period, and again at or around 2007. The casinos were restructured and some real estate projects were foreclosed. Certain of the banks that loaned money to these ventures took write downs, but it is not the case that he cost the American public “billions in bailouts to cover his bad business decisions.” In fact, Trump publicly spoke out against use of public funds by the government to bailout Wall Street and institution Banks.

  16. Trump’s businesses were not involved in the TARP bailouts of Wall Street and the institutional banks. You may be thinking of certain businesses of his in the casino industry filing for bankruptcy in the late 80’s, early 90’s, and certain of his real estate development projects at or around 2007. While I’m no fan of Mr. Trump, he did not cost “the American public billions in bailouts . . . ” Not at all. The casino businesses were restructured, some of the real estate properties were foreclosed, and certain of the banks that loaned to those businesses and properties took write downs, but there was no public bailout. Trump, in fact, publicly spoke out against use of public money used in the TARP bailouts.

  17. I always vote.

    On my imaginary ballot, for each position, the “candidate” that I always select is “None of the above.”

    Unfortunately, all of my “candidates” always lose.

    In my experience, it’s no different from voting for real. For instance, in 1968, I wrote in “Pat Paulsen” for “President.” He lost, of course.

    (As an aside, my write-in vote did not appear in the official, publicised tally.)

  18. Dr. Barrett, excellent piece with good embedded videos. In light of the report in the second video depicting Israeli espionage within the US on Brit Hume’s show on FOX, Bill O’Reilly’s rude and disrespectful attitude towards you on his subsequent show becomes even more pathetic.

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