Putin: Russia Has Evidence Su-24 Shot Down to Protect Daesh Oil Deliveries



… from Spunik,  Moscow

[ Editor’s Note:  If I am reading this right, Putin is slowly tormenting Erdogan with his corruption leaks, which Erdo will deny over and over, and then Putin will lay the kibosh on him at a time of his choosing. But Putin likes to work indirectly, so whatever information Russia has might be given to third parties to use.

One I can think of off the top of my head is Syria, who needs the Intel on the oil diversion to pursue its case for reparations in the courts. Putin would look like a heel after all of this hinting not to use what information he has. But I suspect he is watching what the Turkish military is doing, as it is always less risky to let others do what you want to have done.

Either way, Putin’s best revenge is to destroy the plans of the Western scamsters and their Gulf buddies to carve up Syria, not that the plotters have killed a quarter million people, with over a million wounded and maimed, and 11 million refugees created in the process. I would say some serious consequences should be tied to a crime like that… state immunity, or no state immunity. I guess that just makes me an old meanie!Jim W. Dean ]


Methinks he doth protest too much
He doth protest too much, me thinks.

– First published  …  November 30,  2015

Discussing the matter with world leaders during the Paris climate talks, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow has evidence that the Su-24 was shot down by Turkey to protect oil deliveries of the ISIL terrorist group, also known as Daesh, and that oil from IS-controlled fields is being exported to Turkey on an industrial scale.

“We have every reason to believe that the decision to shoot down our aircraft was dictated by the desire to ensure the safety of supply routes of oil to Turkey, to the ports where they are shipped in tankers,” Putin said.

Discussing the matter with world leaders during the Paris climate talks, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that most colleagues agree there was no need to attack the Su-24 bomber, as it was not threatening Turkey.

Putin also stressed that whether or not the order to shoot down the aircraft came directly from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it was still a “huge mistake.”

“We have heard from the Turkish side that this decision was not made by the president, it was made by other people. For us, it does not matter much, the important thing is that two of our servicemen died as a result of this criminal move,” he told reporters.

In response, Erdogan denied that his country buys oil from Daesh, and called Putin’s comments “slander.”

“We buy from Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Qatar, and Nigeria. We won’t accept such slanders,” he told reporters in Paris.

He also added that he will resign from office if the allegations can be proven.

“The accusation that Turkey allegedly buys crude oil from the Islamic State is unacceptable, and to say it is amoral. You can’t just say things, you need to present evidence,” he said. “If documents exist — let’s see them. If this fact is proven, I will not stay in my position.”

Putin also said that the Syria conflict was to be a main topic of bilateral meetings during the summit, with hopes  that anti-terror cooperation with France, in particular, will “go further” than with other countries.

He said that despite the downing of the Su-24 by Ankara, Moscow will continue to strive for a broad, international coalition to combat the terrorist group, adding that he regrets the deterioration of relations between Russia and Turkey.

“I think that this is regrettable for all of us,” Putin said. “And for me personally it’s a real pity, because I myself did much to build up relations with Turkey over the course of a long period of time.”

Speaking with US President Barack Obama, Putin stressed that there is a general agreement on Syria’s future, and that new elections are necessary.

As the climate talks continue through the week, the White House has confirmed that Obama will meet with President Erdogan on Tuesday.



  1. You’re going to cite the CIA and Obama? You truly do have rocks in your head. ROFLMAO

    And the word you were looking for is “revealed” not “reviled”.

  2. Sweeter yet if Russian bombs a few of Erdogan’s son’s new oil tankers as they are getting ready to dock in Israel.

  3. If Erdogan’s claim of innocence in the trade of contraband oil is true, then all he needs to do is shut down his border, which until now he has refused to do. I think Putin will do it for him.
    Moving that much raw material across borders without major bank involvement is hard to fathom. If Turkey isn’t buying it for domestic consumption, then it’s going someWHERE?

  4. The only thing confirmed is you’re a shill with effing rocks in your head. Mosey on back to Yahoo and troll those comment sections. Hell, you’re probably Yahoo staff writer anyway. LOL

  5. The shoot down of the Russian plane is fast becoming old news. What about Turkey slowing down the passage of Russian naval vessels through the Bosphorus Strait? The rules of passage are different for times of peace and times of war, so what exactly do we have right now? It seems we are teetering on the brink and the alignments of everyone (other than the Russians who appear to be quite clear on where they stand) are so muddled it’s hard to make any sense out of anything.

    • Im having the same trouble with the time constant. An hour after the Russian SU-24 hit the ground the news was global. Minutes after that opinion pieces and half facts flash news reports lit up the internet. A week later we find that Turkey is using Turkmen on the border to insure ISIS oil is going in, and equipment from the Turkish government is going to ISIS. The funeral for the pilots hasn’t even happened yet and Russia is about to give Turkey and new one.
      Compared this to news feeds from the Iraq invasion. It took a week for the medias of the world to filter blatant lies like the incubator holocost that didnt happen.
      So what happens next week, or tommorrow. Russia starts full excursion in Turkey? Turkey declares war on Russia hoping for NATO support? NATO or the US send thousands of troops to secure Turkey/Syrian border?
      I feel like Im living in a time warp.

    • Now Sputnik News claims that it is “smooth sailing” for Russian ships in the Bosphorus. You peddle as fast as you can through the news sites and you still can’t keep up. I feel like Bartered, although I’m not sure if it is a time warp or just sensory overload.

  6. Don’t overlook the fact that it’s against the law to knowingly do business with known terrorists or terrorists organizations. The header is just the tip of the iceberg. Many hands needed to wash the Oil. All involved in illegal activities.


  7. May be you’re right about the real buyers of the oil, may be not. Actually i’ve heard about Shell buyin’ part of this oil, &, believe me, i’m not kidding. There’re more buyers than Turkey & Israel, & those buyers are not little bandits, but “high level” countrys of this planet. Go, ask Exxon & Bush family, go, have not them bussiness in Turkey? Whatever, the oil stuff is nothing, these people needs a nuclear war, that’s why whole mess of the las 2 months.

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