Breaking: Did US and Saudis use AWACS to help target SU-24?

Does Turkey have the US and NATO over a barrel now because it can rat them out for being involved?

Does Turkey have the US and NATO over a barrel now because it can rat them out for being involved?

Bombshell: Ambush of Russian bomber was guided by US Reconnaissance

These Russian pilots were literally shot in the back

These Russian pilots were literally shot in the back

[ Editor’s Note: We have this via a South African veterans organization and Gene Khrushchev of the VT board, who is now at the Russian consulate in Cape town. The hotlink above is to the original Russian source. We have verified with our VT experts that Turkish ground radar trying set something like this up would be hit or miss.

As you will read below, the timing was a bit off, so the Turkish cameras did not have the angle needed to confirm a shoot down over Turkish territory, and a better chance of capturing the pilots, which was what we feel the real target was.

You will remember that the early report from Erdogan’s Turkman on the Syrian side was that both pilots had been killed. Because the parachutes came down so far inside Syria, we saw the video of the jihadis blasting away at the parachutes, not wanting live pilots at that point being recovered by Syrian forces to give the testimony that the survivor gave.

I have mentioned in earlier editor notes that I was surprised that Obama jumped in so quickly to back up the Turks on the shoot down, when the first statement would have been more suitable for the Joint Chief of Staff or Ash Carter. Someone felt that putting the president out there quickly would send a signal that "no competing statements” were to be put out by other US sources.

I have written in the past that the Western coalition would be getting more and more desperate to derail the momentum of the successful counter terrorism campaign by the Syrian coalition, and that some stupid things might be done. This new material fits that scenario.

"Opps! I forgot that others could see the AWACS up and maybe intercept their communications! "

"Opps! I forgot that others could see the AWACS up and maybe intercept their communications! "

Plus, while the NATO emergency meeting did not result in any uniform agreement as to confirming a Turkish airspace violation, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg went way over the line with his supporting the Turkish claims of it right to defend its airspace.

NATO’s procedures for such an encounter involve escorting a wayward plane back over the border, not shooting it down if no declared hostilities were in motion. That was supposed to be the "deconfliction” deal that was made with Russsia.

It appears Obama and NATO decided to bluff their way through it. So Putin has countered with with releasing that he not only has more information on Erdogan’s gang looting Syrian oil and other assets, but that the US coalition gang has also known about it all along. The Pentagon thinks we are stupid enough to believe their tall tale of not bombing the tanker truck because they were "civilian targets”. You just can’t make this stuff up!

I was surprised to see NATO stick its neck out like that, but now we see that NATO command would have been in the loop on the bushwhack plans, and the usual procedure is to do whatever is necessary to cover up a mission gone bad. So what is the bottom line here?

If the US and the Saudi’s helped triangulate this attack, then it was an overt act of war, which included NATO as an accessory, and a violation of a number of international laws, not to mention the UN charter. All countries with satellite coverage of the battlefield know exactly what happened.

A Congressional investigation needs to be initiated right away, if for nothing else to put a stop to anymore such provocations. That investigation should include looking into other Western-coalition terrorist operations to further its aims in Syria. This would include the Israeli/NATO air exercise going on in the Negev desert within missile range of the Russian tourist plane that was taken down in the Sinai. Color me suspiciousJim W. Dean ]



A Russian military expert and columnist of the journal Arsenal of the Fatherland explains the details of the downing of the bomber and why not all went smoothly in an interview to the news agency Regnum

How did it all happen?

A U.S. Air Force Boeing E-3 Sentry AWACS plane took off on 24 November from the Preveza airbase in Greece.  A second E-3A of the Saudi Arabian air force took off from the Riyadh airbase.  Both planes were executing a common task—determining the precise location of Russian aircraft.  It is they that picked the “victim.”

The American E-3A was supposed to determine the activity of the Su-24M2’s onboard targeting radar, to determine if it was in search mode or if it had already locked on to a target and was processing launch data.  It is known that the AWACS can direct the activity of aircraft in battle, conveying information to their avionics and flight computers.

That is, to determine how defenseless was our plane?

As it turns out, yes.  As we know, the Su-24M2 was returning from its mission, and its flight computer was operating in “navigation” mode in tandem with the GLONASS [Russian G[Russian GPS system.]returning to base and was not preparing for action.

The whole time, the E-3s were transferring detailed information about the Su-24M2 to a pair of Turkish F-16CJ’s.  This plane [the F-16C[the F-16CJ] specifically built for Turkey.  Its distinctive feature is a computer that controls a new, AN/APG-68 radar system, and which fulfills the role of a copilot-navigator.

But this information is obviously not enough to precision-strike a small target.  Was something else used?

Indeed, the interception accuracy of the F-16CJ fighters was augmented by ground-based U.S. Patriot air defense systems, which are deployed in Turkey, or more precisely, their multirole AN/MPQ-53 radars.  The Patriot can work with an E-3 or with MENTOR spy satellites, and it can’t be ruled out that the satellite assets involved the Geosat space system as well.

The flight trajectory of the F-16CJ indicates a precision interception of its target by means of triangulation:  A pair of E-3s plus the Patriot’s air defense radar plus the geostationary MENTOR spy satellites plus, possibly, the Geosat space system.

Besides which, the E-3s provided guidance as to the location of our plane in the air; they determined its route, speed, and the status of its weapons control systems; and the Patriot’s air defense radar together with the MENTOR spy satellite provided telemetry on the SU-24M2’s movement relative to the ground surface—that is, it provided a precise prediction as to where our plane would be visible relative to the mountainous terrain.

So it turns out that the Turkish fighters knew with absolutely certainty where to wait in ambush for our plane?

Of course.  A pair of F-16CJ’s flew to the [missile][missile]one and, at a distance of 4-6 kilometers, practically point blank!, launched an AIM-9X Sidewinder air-to-air missile into the rear hemisphere of our Russian bomber.  Besides which, the AN/APG-68 onboard radar of the fighter which launched the missile, was working in “target illumination” mode.  That is, it turned on at the moment of launch, and turned off as soon as the missile definitively locked on to its target.

 Did our pilots have a chance to save their plane?

No.  The Su-24M2 crew’s probability of escaping destruction was equal to zero…

…Turkey does not have its own capabilities for such a detailed and very precise operation.  And don’t forget about the second E-3, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The whole scenario was very fast-moving, lasting just seconds.

Did it really happen that smoothly?

The Turks nonetheless committed one mistake, which led to their provocation not quite working out.  The F-16CJ went out on its interception two minutes late, when the Su-24M2 had already left the disputed 68-kilometer zone in the north of Syria [this may [this may be referring to the Turk’s self-styled no-fly-zone against Assad] it required at most 1.5 minutes.  But the “kill” command to the F-16CJ had not been revoked; thus the missile launch was carried out a bit further than the intended point.

This is confirmed by the fact that the [Turkish T[Turkish TV]of the Su-24M2’s fall was planned to be filmed from both Syrian territory and Turkish territory; however, the “Syrian footage” is more detailed.  It appears that this saved our navigator.  He was able to go into the woods and wait for a rescue team.

Kind regards/Vriendelike groete,  Anton Hart


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21 Responses to "Breaking: Did US and Saudis use AWACS to help target SU-24?"

  1. Rusty Uzdenov  December 2, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    Who is that Brain in Pentagon, that is pushing for WW3?
    Is this how US is planning to solve it’s debt issue?

  2. Rusty Uzdenov  December 2, 2015 at 12:05 pm

    The only time I remember good image of my country that I have seen on western media – was time of 90-th, when Russia was “on the knees”, with totally collapsed economy, sky-high unemployment, corruption and criminal raise, governed by trader Gorby and alcoholic Yeltsin.
    As soon as mr. Putin have brought the state condition to acceptable level, living conditions inside the country have significantly improved, Army, Navy, Air-force got “off the ground” – since that time I only see negative info pumped through western media channels. The image of “Evil Empire” is back.
    The exception may be just a few German channels, and rear sources of neutral information like VT.

    I have worked with many people from US, and in majority they all are well educated, fine gentlemen and ladies, but in many cases they do not understand the difference between being a Patriot, and being a Nazi. In other words, to love your Homeland,

  3. Rusty Uzdenov  December 2, 2015 at 11:57 am

    From inside Russia I could say that the amount of propaganda on our media channels is about to be the same as on US channels. I am not watching television at all, as it does not provide you much facts rather than applying to your emotional side. Internet in Russia is the same as in the rest of the world, so we have opportunity to check the news on both sides, and “see the truth in the middle”.
    Personally I have never voted for Putin, but after the years passed, if he decides to participate the elections again – I will definitely vote for him.

  4. STOP godvernment TREASONS  December 2, 2015 at 3:26 am

    JWD, thank you. You very logically assembled and presented the obvious Truth about the [first] premeditated shootdown. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of Americans and their more mongoloid new amerikkan offspring need to read your report to start upgrading their paradigm about the zionist-owned criminal godvernment.

    I hope & pray for the full fruition of the future Preston James forecasts in his comment in this thread.
    It will be Justice and righteous comeuppance.

  5. jalenfromrosemont  December 2, 2015 at 2:56 am

    and one more thing if i may regarding “markets”.. Keeping in mind they are completely controlled. Did the bank cabal only reveal its hand being that the 2 days prior to Paris we had the only 2 “red days” since? That the attacks seemed to just “happen” shortly after world “markets” closed for the week? That we have been vertical ever since? Call me crazy but reading the 9-11 stories posted above this also has the stench of those Airline puts before 9-11

  6. jalenfromrosemont  December 2, 2015 at 2:46 am

    Yes Caesar. Thats were i concentrate. While most look were the left hand is pointing as a retail trader im looking at the right hand. Wall Street. The completely utterly fraudulent scripted “market” in which its quite obvious to a second grader we print riches when we so feel. THIS is their funding. Just off all time record highs as WWIII is inches away? Makes sense to me right? 2K Dow Points (not that the Dow matters) totally vertical since 9am c 10/2? Makes sense to me doesnt it? Yup. 2001 was the military coupe 2008 was the financial coupe. 2001 hijak he military 2008 hijak “markets” thus funding the war machine at the expense of the 99% via ZIRP and 4.5 Trillion in QE..Im shocked that an adversary hasnt zeroed in on this? . China has been oddly quiet since isnt it with the UST they own disrupt a lot? That takes a deep understanding which i know little. Take a look at what used to be “markets” and tell me that isnt intertwined in all this ?

  7. Preston James, Ph.D  December 2, 2015 at 12:09 am

    Great article one again like so many by Managing VT Editor Jim Dean. The possible ramifications of all this could be Erdogen out, Turkey broken up and economically embargoed and devastated, part taken back by Kurds, the end of NATO and the break up of the EU, Hitlers’ alleged daughter Globalist Merkel out, and direct trade pact between Germany and Russian Federation. VW is now building a new huge factory in Russia supposedly at the invitation of the Russian Republic who loves German cars and trucks. This means the embargo against Russia by Germany must end soon. Also means the US run Administration, end of US Petro Dollar as main World’s reserve Currency, and FRS displaced and all assets seized. US Military High Command now bifurcated between KM/zios PNACers and TOP NeoCon and the sane one who are playing this out properly for now and refusing to get into a full-scale war with Russia for Israel. Additional ramifications, CIA private mercenary ISIS type “terrorist” armies disassembled and bombed into oblivion with no escape possible, Saudi Arabia falls, Israel Balkanized, all settlements returned to Palestine. Likudists driven out of power and brought to justice for massive war crime s and crimes against humanity….or the alternative a full scale WW3 that goes 100% nuclear with the use of new neutron and pulse bombs designed to kill but not destroy infrastructure (little fallout, most gone in a few months).

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  December 2, 2015 at 12:24 am

      Dr. James: Agreed. But will we get all of that in time for Christmas?

  8. Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  December 1, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    WJ & JWD: Please notice how the MSM fear, doubt & confusion PsyOps about Iran nukes, Ukraine, Syria, the Sinai A321 downing, the Paris attacks and the Su-24 downing play out together to skewer UK Labour’s Corbyn and to ramp up NATO-nation support for a ‘Big War.’

    An insidiously brilliant ‘Strategy of Tension’! Of course, thanks to our Twilight-Zone-type “free press,” almost all Americans are clueless.

  9. Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor  December 1, 2015 at 8:29 pm

    Oh…definitely the twilight zone. The Iran hoax, then the Ukraine insanity while Syria was getting the terror incubator treatment, and none of the dummies grasping what these jihadis are going to do it they are successful in the Mid East.

  10. Monty!  December 1, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    Brilliant article, Mr Dean.

    As you always state non-chalantly-

    “You Can’t Make This Up”…

    There’s a saying amongst the rural folks in Gujrat State, India..
    {You can only confront a fully clothed adversary with reasoning but if he decides to undress in public shamelessly, just stop because no matter what you do, you’ll be the loser}

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  December 1, 2015 at 11:21 pm

      Monty! When I was younger, my saying was: “When the emperor wears no clothes, say something!” Now that I’m older, I know better. However, I still help the emperor to expose himself. ;-).

  11. Keyser Soze  December 1, 2015 at 2:24 pm

    Good article Mr Dean. It would seem to be a planned operation if in fact Russia had informed of it,s operation in that area as a courtesy. How does aircraft respond to a so called incursion in 17 seconds? These aircraft knew exactly where and when the Russian fight would be located and waited. It is not possible to re-act that quickly to launch aircraft, locate, respond and shoot down in 17 seconds. How did CNN and Fox have media teams in that area so quickly to interview the “terrorists”,unless they were ready and waiting. I would think that the reasoning behind this outrageous act was a response to the Russian attacks on the oil transports, Turkey,s/Russia,s view of the Kurds, and also the test the waters to see just how the Russians would re-act. The Russians are not stupid and to provoke them in this way is the act of desperate fools.
    This act just changed the rules.
    Turkey will be the loser long term.

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  December 1, 2015 at 11:57 pm

      KS: Russian sanctions against Erdogan/Turkey will cost Turks +/-$20+ Billion. ISIS-Turk Sultan Erdogan is toast (finally); Turkey won’t get into EU (good for Turks); and Turkey’s NATO status is in jeopardy.

      Last year, Turkey violated Greek airspace 2K+ times. Since Erdogan+ downed the Su-24? Not once.

      Obama’s support for Erdogan exposes both as Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Lively discussion soon.

      Erdogan, Obama, Cameron & the Saudi d-Ruler wear no clothes. Don’t tell anybody. OK?

  12. Dan  December 1, 2015 at 1:59 pm

    The point about “someone” putting the president in front of the cameras is worthy of an in-depth article on Ash Carter, I’d say, considering his close association with and sponsorship by the Rothschilds goes back to 1976, according to Christopher Bollyn, and that his paper with Zelikow in Foreign Affairs reeks of predictive programming regarding the actual catastrophic event on 911, which was so aptly thereafter called “Ground Zero,” upon which Israel’s hegemony over ME oil, pipeline distribution, and other resources would be established, and not least, as Carter wrote, justifying the transformation of the very way Americans lead their lives–that is, from another ground zero wiping out all that went before, such as the Bill of Rights.

  13. jalenfromrosemont  December 1, 2015 at 1:11 pm

    so AWAC s possibly involved but still cant find missile proof or ATC tapes from MH17?

  14. davor  December 1, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    NATO believes that combined population of USA and EU of a total of 800 million and others pending are the nodding club of Stepford wives.

  15. rockwool  December 1, 2015 at 12:34 pm


    “The Pentagon thinks we are stupid enough to believe their tall tale…”

    Every message has an intended recipient and obviously it is not those who are informed enough.

    Those intended of Pentagon’s tall tale is the vast majority of the population who are reached by their message one way or the other.

    …as with all information warfare.

  16. CRM114  December 1, 2015 at 11:58 am

    Good post, Mr. Dean. Add to the above the US service member going on air within hours of the shoot down to state that the US Air Force “heard the whole thing”, referring to the alleged multiple “unheeded” warnings to the SU-24’s, and you have a well planned, well executed operation. You are absolutely right when saying that the President would never under ordinary circumstances make the first official statement about such an incident, anymore than that service member would go on the MSM with such a scripted bull story without clearance from the highest levels. It’s pretty clear those S-400’s are there as much to brush back the AWAC’s as they are there to deter the Turkish Air Force.

  17. NightbirD  December 1, 2015 at 11:51 am

    There’s no hope at all, i’m afraid.

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  December 2, 2015 at 12:11 am

      NightbirD: Au Contraire, Mon Ami! Thanks to JWD, VT & others, many more now see that the emperor wears no clothes. The now-exposed WW3 intent of those who downed the Sinai A321, did the Paris attacks AND downed the Su-24 is now clear to all with eyes to see… Three Events: One Perp.

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