UK Guardian Fabricates Doctors Without Borders Hospital Bombing

Newspapers that published hoaxes like this used to be crucified...

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Today’s Guardian published one of the most blatant propaganda pieces we have seen in the past few weeks and, based on the deluge of insanity the press has been carrying of late, this is a broad but well considered statement.  We are talking about today’s supposed “barrel bombing,” and it is always “barrel bombs,” nobody uses planes or real bombs anymore, always at the heart of anti-Damascus propaganda.  What makes today’s story noteworthy is that we are finally forced to deal with an NGO that has long been one of the most powerful fronts, according to our sources, for worldwide organized crime.

We are talking about Doctor’s Without Borders, where local doctors from the US and around the world help the poor and disadvantaged.  None of those decent and often heroic volunteers is aware of the darker side.

We have long been asking ourselves, why is there an MSF or “Doctors Without Borders” makeshift hospital at every ISIS command center?  This isn’t a coincidence or simply altruistic “human shield” activity, it is something far darker with ties to the intelligence agencies and complicit governments that are ISIS.  We are talking about Turkey and Saudi Arabia which means we are really talking about Israel.

Following MSF in Iraq and Syria, nearly every American, Russian or Syrian air attack on an ISIS headquarters has managed to destroy some kind of clinic or hospital in stories that are always laundered through the same outlets, Reuters being foremost.

The Guardian in their “front page expose” fails to give any source and uses an old stock photo furnished by the Syrian Army.  Their source,the unnamed human rights group is actually the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, a single individual, long debunked as a CIA front, a man who lives over a noodle shop in Coventry who simply makes it all up.

The story was written by a “stringer” named Kareem Shaheen.  I follow Shaheens restaurant reviews in Beirut and the occasional obituary.  His best article so far was Lebanon’s university students over-caffeinated: study .  There is little doubt that writing about coffee guarantees you the perfect step up to front page feature writer for an unsourced hoax story on one of the world’s major newspapers.

Consider the Guardian “busted.”

The details given are also fabricated as is the hospital itself.  With ISIS kidnapping any Westerner they get their hands on, beheading them with regularity, there are absolutely NO western run hospitals, no “MSF” or “Doctors Without Borders” hospitals in ISIS held Syria.  What we do have is MSF operating as a propaganda front working with the media centers of ISIS and al Nusra which are, in turn, managed by all former employees of the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz and Times of Israel.

They in turn work directly with Reuters, AP and CNN.  It was their falsified stories of Syrian Army use of Sarin gas that nearly pushed the world to the brink of war in 2013.  Doctor’s Without Borders was responsible for the majority of the reports that, when investigated disappeared in the mist as it were.  This is when President Obama and Secretary Kerry declared a “stand down” and our sources tell us began looking at “MSF” differently.

What is true, however, is that an “MSF” hospital in Kundus, Afghanistan, where such things do exist under the watchful eye of the Taliban, a group that is far more social and does far less “beheading,” was bombed out of existence by the US.  The American response has been a shameful coverup and the “suspension” of some of those involved, at the lowest levels of course.

What we are also told by our extensive military sources is that there will be no investigation and that the US looks on MSF as a “front.”  While TV doctors continually talk about serving with “Doctors Without Borders,” the organization itself, according to sources, has a shadowy underbelly which allows those involved in covert arms, human and narcotics trafficking to move like veritable “princes” where even the CIA fears to tread.

Who else could operate with ISIS?  Oh, we do have an answer for that, Israeli intelligence can as noted of late when Colonel (said to be recently promoted to Brigadier General) Elon Shahak of the IDF Golani Brigade was taken prisoner by Iraqi military commanding an ISIS unit.  Colonel or should be call him “General” Shahak is awaiting the result of financial negotiations for his release between Tel Aviv, Baghdad (and Tehran.)

There has been a bit of a covert war between not only the US but other nations as well who cite “Doctors Without Borders” as a propaganda organization as much as a medical one, an organization with strong ties to Israeli intelligence services, one that gives out as much propaganda as it does aspirin.

Visiting their site today, they reference Syrian “barrel bomb” attacks supported by photos, one of a sprained ankle and other of a person with a cut on his head.  What they don’t have is photos of bombed buildings.

Recent charges of 15 Syrian hospital bombings have shown that none of the listed facilities exist now, existed before bombing or ever existed.  Simply put, ISIS and the other terror groups get their medical care in Israel and Turkey and even receive air evacuation when they need it, the same planes that deliver their ammunition.

The Guardian, one of the last remaining newspapers with an actual writing staff of other than college interns and failed bloggers, still runs hoax articles like this, paid black propaganda fed them by their handlers at MI6.

Please take the time to post this on social media sites around the world.  The Guardian isn’t simply lying, they are openly participating in terrorism by providing cover for those, such as Turkey’s brutal dictator, Erdogan, who have looted Syria and Iraq and pushed hundreds of thousands of refugees into Europe.

The Guardian is part and parcel to all of this.

Syria: MSF hospital in Homs destroyed in barrel bombing

Strikes are latest in apparent pattern of escalating attacks on medical facilities in civil war, say human rights organisations

Syrian government forces patrol in Homs
Syrian government forces patrol in Homs. Bombing on Saturday on a hospital in Zafarana killed seven people including a young girl, MSF have said in a statement. 

A hospital operated by Médecins Sans Frontières in Homs has been partially destroyed in a “double-tap” barrel bombing, a signature tactic of the Syrian government’s air force, the charity has said.

The strikes on Saturday on the hospital in Zafarana, a besieged town in northern Homs, killed seven people including a young girl, MSF said in a statement, and prompted an influx of wounded into nearby field hospitals, some of whom died on the way.

Catch more of this embarrassing propaganda at: The Guardian

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17 Responses to "UK Guardian Fabricates Doctors Without Borders Hospital Bombing"

  1. paul becke  February 14, 2016 at 6:32 am

    It reminds me of the take-over of CNN from Ted Turner. I bet he was given an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    Sounds like the Guardian and their new owners, CIA* or minions thereof, are a kind of Praetorian Guard, reversing the customary position enjoyed by hit-men, of being in the greatest danger from their employers – in the case of the Guardian, I mean ‘the public’, whom they are betraying, rather than the management.

    The process of defiling its progressive stance on most issues began a while back. They stopped permitting readers to post on themes of their own choosing – perhaps implying that it was just for the present, but quite apologetic, as it didn’t go down well.

    It was about that time, I think, that one of their senior management was lauding the Baroness Lady Cardboard and all her works – the woman who reintroduced mass homelessness, so enthusiastically taken up again by Bullingdon Dave.

    The PG don’t accept my posts now, and I feel rather good about it. They share that distinction with some very right-wing organs.

  2. Petar Petrović  December 2, 2015 at 6:53 am

    I am not sure that ” None of those decent and often heroic volunteers is aware of the darker side.”

    Look back at ex-Yugoslavia conflict, especially MSF Bernard Kouchners role in “Organ trafficking” by Kosovo jihadists….

  3. Rynall Brannock  December 2, 2015 at 3:55 am

    The Guardian newspaper take on geo-engineering earlier this year had reduced their professionalism to farce in my opinion.

    The first ever Israeli planes to land on Russian soil back in 1989 did so after one of their humanitarian organizations in New York sent a non-medical employee to hand-pick a handful of injured earthquake victims in Azerbaijan. They arrived back from Israel where they were treated by the best Israeli professionals to great fanfare and two or three planeloads of Jewish grandees who arrived from the US to mark the event. Meanwhile, the Red Cross wondered why the money spent to cater to the few wasn’t spent on the ground where it could have helped hundreds and even thousands of victims. Never let a good opportunity go to waste.

  4. Monty!  December 1, 2015 at 6:47 pm

    The Guardian of UK??? No surprises there for me ever since their brilliant editor of many years, Mr Rusbringer (?) stepped down for no apparent reasons but spending time with family.
    I had been an avid Guardian reader of many years but had noticed around 2012 of a slight tilt in it’s coverages. Had always wondered how come the editor (a man of high principles) allowed some of the intelligence service propagande to be placed on it, as compared to The Telegraph or The Times which had lost a lot of credibility amongst the respectable papers.
    After the resigning of the editor, ever since, the paper has carried Most Of The Intelligence Agency placements for the masses playing on it’s liberal stands.
    Pity on a once great newspaper that’s still Not Owned by the MMS but apparently, stunted through their Holding Trust Board (or whatever the Guardian Trust directors are known.)

  5. Worker Bee  December 1, 2015 at 6:13 pm

    Is the “barrel bomb” propaganda a deliberate insult to our intelligence?

    No surprise that Hasbarapedia has a list of a couple of hundred imaginary barrel bomb attacks by the Syrian Army.

  6. John Kirby  December 1, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    What’s SOHR?

    • UncleMike Davis  December 1, 2015 at 12:55 pm

      A CIA front; Syrian Human Rights Observatory

  7. rockwool  December 1, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    Here’s a complimentary story about MSF:

    In the autumn of 2008 there was a gigantic earthquake in Pakistan, and not only MSF went there but the Cubans who have sent over 1 million doctors and medical staff abroad in throughout the years. They do it because of practicing SOLIDARITY towards their fellow humans is a key part of the identity for any revolutionary. And we are what we do.

    While the MSF stayed down in the comfortable plains the Cuban doctors went up high in the mountains where the weather was gastly. The epicenter of the quake had not occured down in the plains but up in the mountains, through destroyed gravel roads, and, naturally, were people were in most need of help.

    Not only did the Cuban doctors stay up there all winter but they outnumbered the MSF doctors many times over.

    A few weeks after MSF had arrived autumn turned to winter and the MSF found it too cold and went back home.

    Revolutionaries vs. Charity Workers/Activists/Volontaries

    What would You choose for humanitys needs?

  8. David Odell  December 1, 2015 at 11:46 am

    People have a tendency to overlook the medical industry when picking the villain of the day. Menendez and others with hands in various cookie jars such as ophthalmology, and certainly the medical supply business with curious interests in places like Midland Odessa. People lose their pensions when a hospital is purposely bankrupted, but mortgages are rarely forgiven. So, medicine is funded when it makes money, and defunded when research is about expose corporate atrocity. Medicine like religion makes itself a target if it gets politically or monetarily driven. Our hospitals have become shopping malls and social experiences for the easily led , and no shortage of fear porn to support them. They are an investors banquet, complete with weapons of all sorts. Lab coat = instant respect !

  9. kevinkerrigan  December 1, 2015 at 11:14 am

    long time reader..
    the gordian knot?
    wot no caps!!

    nice mr duff.

  10. Bartered  December 1, 2015 at 10:48 am

    We are living in the Golden Age of information allocation. Studying the mechanics is as much fun as reading the articles, sometimes. Press TV, RT, World News Tommorrow, CNN, NBC, ABC…… are all using the same resources to get their news: Anyone with a title or web site that has over one million hits. Just like the Youtube advertising industry. Its good and bad because if I want to fill my gullet with a very specific flavor of a bent analysis all that is required is spelling it correctly in the search engine. Its almost formulaic.

  11. cyriak Pap  December 1, 2015 at 9:34 am

    Apparently this has to do with influencing the vote on bombing in the British Parliament , shifting the mood of the Labour MPs towards Cameron’s proposal. It is amazing how much gullibility they expect them to possess

    • CRM114  December 1, 2015 at 9:55 am

      Good point, and very likely @cyriak Pap. The hat trick would also include diverting attention from Turkey (picture Erdogan saying, “look, we’re really not the bad guys . . . it’s all concocted by the Russkies and their allies!”), and lending support to the efforts of Senators McCain and Graham, who claim that Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar will back the use of troops against ISIS, but under the condition that Assad goes (Senator McCain, in particular, makes regular and impassioned claims that Assad “barrel bombs” his “own people”). Graham went so far as to say the current king of Saudi Arabia told McCain “you can have our army . . . you just have to deal with Assad.” This latter is quite a statement given that the Saudi Army is largely mercenaries and bogged down in Yemen (they even unsuccessfully attempted to have Pakistan intervene on their behalf in Yemen). Good job by Gordon in calling out this poorly vetted Guardian farce.

  12. CRM114  December 1, 2015 at 9:21 am

    Astonishing that virtually all MSM outlets quote the SOHR with impunity, especially since it’s been called out in venues such as this. Even more astonishing is that many readers still take the assertions as fact. More and more bloggers of MSM articles admonish the media and the readers for not questioning the SOHR and other sources, yet the most you see from any publication is a vague indication that the SOHR uses a network of “activists.” So I hate to sound callous, but, more and more coming to light about the West’s dealings with ISIS via Turkey, especially with Putin pulling no punches and disclosing reconnaissance data at the G20 and, most particularly after the criminal Turkish shoot down of the SU-24 (which occurred hours before a theatrical press conference with Obama and France’s Hollande), and now there’s a global summit of world leaders on “climate change” and this comes up alleging that the Russian backed Syrians bombed a hospital.

  13. Gordon Duff, Senior Editor  December 1, 2015 at 8:46 am

    And I thought Jade Helm was going to be the hoax of the year.

  14. Howie  December 1, 2015 at 8:25 am

    A quote from the MSF website, “These are mostly makeshift facilities with no MSF staff present”.

    And to think i made quite an effort to gain support for an independent investigation into the Afghan hospital attack, when they were probably having a good laugh.

  15. Zaguero  December 1, 2015 at 7:43 am

    Mr Duff, help me figure this out, please. The story is a blatant fabrication, but it’s echoed on what appears to be an MSF website?

    Is this just the web echo effect, where a story is picked up and repeated without analysis? Or is this a matter of the MSF website being actually penetrated? The last time a story like this was puked up, MSF denied it outright within a day, IIRC.

    What on earth is going on here? Can you explain it in simple terms for us turtles? 🙂

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