Notes: Todays Mass Killing, December 2, 2015



…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I am going to be on the Jeff Rense show tonite, hour 3, midnight New York Time. What we know, 14 dead, 14 wounded, those figures certain to change.  We are told assault rifles, an SUV with darkened windows and 3 suspects with body armour and ski masks.

Updates:  Two suspects are dead of 9pm New York Time.  Reports that two gunmen walked into a Christmas party and opened fire with assault rifles.  What is clear is that we will know the identity of those involved very soon, a home in Redlands, California has been identified, North Center Street near the intersection of Pine.

We are sticking with the dark SUV, gun battle with police, 2 killed and one detained unsure of if that individual was involved.


This, of course, may change as well to either more accurate information or, as our own lack of faith in institutions is driving us, it will change to protect the guilty if, indeed, this is a politically motivated event.

Thus far, based on timing, I am assuming this is a politically motivated event.

Here is what you watch for:

  • Someone is going to come forward with a solution.  First, however, we look for an announcement from a terror organization, taking credit.  This is proof, as far as we are concerned, that it is an internal move against the US by what we used to call “right wing extremists” until we began to wise up and look at all competing political wings in Washington as warring gangs.
  • The odds are that a failing GOP candidate with cash and real hopes, someone capable of rewarding Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, those who “cannot be opposed,” is knowingly responsible or has chosen to give the “go ahead” to military contractors to “stir the pot.”
  • There is one purpose here, an old one, to push the American people into giving up rights, maybe giving up guns, but I don’t see it that way.  I think the “guilty party” will be the one that comes to us with a request for “boots on the ground in Syria.”
  • That said, I look back a day or two, when Senator’s McCain and Graham made this call, 10,000 Americans on the ground in Syria.  Iraq doesn’t want Americans there, 81% according to a recent poll, of Iraqis believe the US is behind ISIS.  As we see America is still behind Erdogan and Turkey even when Russia has shown us “slam dunk” evidence of Turkey’s full complicity in terrorism…

What is our take?  This is a political move to bring about American involvement in Syria.  With “boots on the ground,” worldwide organized crime, which has so enjoyed operating the American government through the GOP and its gambling boss moneyman, will be able to finally deliver that war with Iran and maybe one with Russia as well.

Can something as simple as a shooting have these implications?  Then you must remember, this is one shooting, there have been others and we expect another one very soon.


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  1. Welcome to the brave new world of the terror state.
    I do not think, for even one second, that this event followed by a canned speech from president inconsequential, is anything more than another tired cultivation of martial law by those who know they’re wrecking
    The world, and who want to keep doing it.
    When our own political, military, and media edifices conspire to create such fantasies, and then demand that we submit to their whims, well to put it simply, Americans have lost their representation in the halls of power.
    Today the sky is being sprayed with nanoparticles, the stock market is making congress richer, and your food has a new poison added. Microwaves are bathing your DNA, and supposedly sane scientists are ripping holes in the ionosphere…
    Welcome to the terror state.

  2. Something is rotten in San Bernadino

    It sure as heck is, such as what seems like more blatantly artificial cell-phoning and interviews. Considering that the shadow government incinerated three thousand or so Americans on 911, I reserve judgment on whether live-action deaths may have happened. Yet, paraphrasing Sherlock Holmes, it is precisely the seeming randomness and senselessness of these events that ties them together for those with eyes to see as elements of a sinister agenda, in this case, to instill fear and support of gun confiscation in the real target, which is the American people. Obama let the cat out of the bag in admitting this now routine stuff doesn’t happen in other countries, despite the recent events in Paris proving only that, when the citizenry is disarmed, only intel-supplied patsies can arm themselves and suit up, funny thing, just like ISIS.

  3. I miss the days when a young go getter of a journalist would be making his or her way to the crime scene in order to interview anyone they could find. They’d have a photographer in tow and visions of a huge “scoop”. Unfortunately, anyone smart enough to know how to get to the bottom of this incident is also smart enough to know that their lives would be in extreme danger for getting “nosy”. Perhaps one day soon, the old phrase “we hang together or we hang separately” will be taken literally.

  4. Listened to a report on the radio, the reporter says “someone pulled the fire alarm, that’s something you should never do, forces you out to the shooters.” Chertoff made millions selling body scanners to airports, who gets to make the money selling active shooter alarms to the high schools? Thank God those swat teams were training nearby.

    • Also like Ann said nobody paying attention to the Turkish/ ISIS oil partnership that Russia was providing proof for the world to see.

  5. Does anyone else see an irony with a president screaming for gun control among his constituents, and, with his blessing, his government proliferating small arms, TOW missiles and who knows what else to every “God Knows Who” all over the Middle East?

  6. Five hour later this guys are still touring around the city. I laughed and turned the TV off. Two teams, and the last one has nothing to do with the shooters.

  7. Minnesota ANG operates Chinooks. Even if you were to ask they’d just tell you it was just “an exercise.” We get them every so often in NY. Sometimes in broad daylight, very often at night. We’re under somewhat of a elite commuter run and we’re used to helicopters, so often people pass it off even at night as just another group of rich folks running out to the Hamptons, but anyone with a little wherewithal can tell the difference between the sound of an AStar and that of a Blackhawk or Chinook.

  8. And the three are arrested hours later just cruising round to be found. Classic case of “you just can’t make this stuff up”.

  9. “McCain and Graham made this call, 10,000 Americans on the ground in Syria’…..serving Big Oil and Their Bankers now taking on a life of their own, blood mixed with oil, ….drawing attention to steer attention on a course to support their next move, taking more of what they consider is theirs…and prepared to grab

  10. A swat excercise ongoing at the same time.
    Close to where the “terror” attack was ongoing.
    And still they got away?

    By the way Mr Duff, your article re:- Turkeys Nukes on NEO, a real eye opener. I had no idea that the US had given these to Turkey.

    Good job.

  11. Sure they would want to such things, if only to distract from Russia’s presentation of damning evidence.

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