Vladimir Putin to Erdogan: Resign Now, Buster!

"Is this Erdogan? Are you going to keep your word? If not, then rest assured that I will make you look foolish."
“Is this Erdogan? Are you going to keep your word? If not, then rest assured that I will make you look foolish. Start taking your medicine, otherwise you might have a heart attack within a few hours. I’ve already published the evidence that you have been asking for.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Erdogan is slowly but surely learning that it is hard to challenge Putin on the war in Syria. A few days ago, the Turkish terrorist got on the political stage and declared that Putin needs to present concrete evidence showing that Turkey has been importing oil from ISIS.

“If evidence of this kind is found, let those who find it present it,” he said. He added that he will immediately resign if Putin could come up with serious evidence:

“I will say something very strong here. If such a thing is proved, the nobility of our nation would require that I would not stay in office. I am asking Mr. Putin, would you stay in that office?

“I say this clearly. Let’s act patiently and not emotionally. Let’s let their chips fall as they may, then if we have our own chips, we’ll let those fall.”[1]

Erdogan continued to say: ‘You should put your documents on the table if you have any. Let’s see the documents.”[2]

Putin seemed to have responded,

“So, you want evidence, don’t you? Then you will have it, buster. You want to act patiently and not emotionally? You want to bring moral reasoning on the table? Let’s put the issue to the world, and I will show you how ridiculous you and your regime in Turkey really are.”

Turkey has previously accused Assad of buying oil from ISIS,[3] a ridiculous accusation which only worked in the imagination of Erdogan. Now Erdogan is left in the cold, looking like a bumbling idiot.[4] As Gordon Duff has put it, Erdogan is mentally instable. Duff argued elsewhere that:

“Turkey and the Islamic State’s collaboration on oil smuggling only scratches the surface of a much deeper and broader criminal partnership, one that oversees a variety of illicit activities ranging from human trafficking to financial scams with operations that stretch from Ankara to Amsterdam, experts told Sputnik.”

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If you are a skeptic and believe that VT is inaccurate here, then I would refer you again to David L Phillips’ study on this very issue. Phillips is Director of the Program on Peace-building and Rights, Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights. Phillips also served as a Senior Adviser and Foreign Affairs Expert for the U.S. Department of State. Phillips did not hesitate to document:

“According to Jordanian intelligence, Turkey trained ISIS militants for special operations…. On September 13, 2014, The New York Times reported on the Obama administration’s efforts to pressure Turkey to crack down on ISIS extensive sales network for oil.

“James Phillips, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, argues that Turkey has not fully cracked down on ISIS’s sales network because it benefits from a lower price for oil, and that there might even be Turks and government officials who benefit from the trade.

“Fehim Taştekin wrote in Radikal on September 13, 2014 about illegal pipelines transporting oil from Syria to nearby border towns in Turkey. The oil is sold for as little as 1.25 liras per liter. Taştekin indicated that many of these illegal pipelines were dismantled after operating for 3 years, once his article was published.

“According to Diken and OdaTV, David Cohen, a Justice Department official, says that there are Turkish individuals acting as middlemen to help sell ISIS’s oil through Turkey.

“On October 14, 2014, a German Parliamentarian from the Green Party accused Turkey of allowing the transportation of arms to ISIS over its territory, as well as the sale of oil.”[5]sharmine_narwani

More recently, the Syrian army themselves admitted that Turkey has been caressing ISIS.[6] Middle East geopolitical analyst Sharmine Narwani has said that “There is no conceivable way that Turkey’s Western allies were unaware of the oil trade between ISIS and Turkey.”[7]

So, shouldn’t Erdogan keep his word? Shouldn’t he step down?

Whether he does so or not, the conclusion is pretty much the same: Erdogan is a liar. If he steps down, that means he was lying to the world when he said that he didn’t have direct contact with ISIS. If he doesn’t step down, that also means that he lied to the world by saying that conclusive evidence will convince him.

Once again, Erdogan, like other NWO agents, is trapped in his own diabolical matrix. This is why Putin makes people like him look silly in the eyes of the world. Putin himself said:

“Allah knows why they [Turkey] did it [terrorist acts]. Apparently Allah decided to punish the ruling clique in Turkey by taking their sanity.”[8]

Erdogan, says Putin, is insane. He has lost his rational mind[9] and has fallen into the able hands of the New World Order, which is essentially satanic and Talmudic.

This is perhaps one reason Putin decided not to “engage in military sabre rattling with Turkey,”[10] and this is why he has kept his attention on defeating ISIS in.[11]

Erdogan has recently responded to Putin’s claim by saying that it was Putin who was sleeping with ISIS. “We have the proof in our hands. We will reveal it to the world,” he said.

Erdogan is upset because the world now knows that his family and ISIS are two sides of the same coin. “The immoral side of this issue is involving my family in the affair,” he added.

Well, it seems that Erdogan has been sleeping. How is he going to disprove serious and numerous facts provided by people like Phillips? Hmm. Let us patiently wait for his next big lie. One can predict that Putin is going to cut him to pieces again.

In fact, he is already cutting Erdogan to pieces. Just a few minutes ago,  he has said that it takes “one powerful fist” to fight terrorist states like Turkey, and many Western powers are accomplices and therefore have created “a zone of chaos.” How do we fight terrorists? Putin responds:

“No shelter to bandits, no double standards, no contacts whatsoever with any terrorist organizations, no attempts to use them for some selfish goals, no criminal, bloody business with terrorists.”

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  1. Continued…

    The coalition of Russia, the U.S., U.K., France and Iran is formidable, all acting to destroy Israels “mercenary baby” ISIS. All these hugely powerful Nations are not required in the fight against ISIS in Syria. Russia can, more than manage on her own. What this coalition does do, is to say to Israel that you no longer control the foreign policy of the West. Israel has a formidable arsenal of her own including nuclear weapons and it would be foolhardy to test if Israel would indeed trigger the Sampson option.

    The policy of continuing to clip the wings of Israel will soon lead to the withering of diaspora support and create political unrest within Israel, and thus a call for change of Government and direction. Then maybe the peace process can be reactivated on a level playing field and Israel be contained within the 67 boundaries with human rights for all its citizens.

  2. Putin is *not* making Erdogan look silly.

    Erdogan is making Erdogan look silly.

    Putin is merely giving Erdogan the stage upon which he can present his stupidity.

    Erdogan thinks: “The US State Dept will continually back up my ridiculous assertions and lies”. But, that, upon Putin’s stage, merely presents the US State Dept as silly fools too.

    • Very true, @mijj. To the characterization of stupid we can add the Pentagon, which has called the Russia assertions about Turkey, Erdogan and their criminal operations “ridiculous.”

  3. There is a game in play. If Russia sees all this from the air than they have
    targets. If Russia wanted the “living pipeline” completely destroyed it would have been early September.

  4. Russia should fly its drones once a day with live drone coverage on RT and other networks that are willing to seek decence in international relations, drones would broadcast from take-off to landing, they would of course be dispatched over terrorist controlled areas in Syria. They would fly from the Black sea, across or around (through the Dardanel channel) Turkey into Syria. That should be called Syria terrorism daily monitor. I mentioned drones because there is big chance they might be shot down over Turkey or Syria.

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