San Bernadino shooting story shot full of holes by patsies’ attorney

Watch the interview California shooting another US false flag attack: Analyst on Press TV
Watch the interview California shooting another US false flag attack: Analyst on Press TV

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

As CNN has reported, an attorney in the case has stated bluntly that the government’s account of what happened in San Bernadino “does not add up.”

One think we know for sure: The government is lying. So what really happened? Here are some obvious questions that the mainstream media is afraid to ask.

    1. Since the windows of the couple’s SUV were found rolled up and blown out, how could the couple have initiated a gun battle with police through rolled-up windows? Nobody is going to fire assault weapons through rolled-up vehicle windows. The logical inference is that the police executed these people in cold blood. There was no “shootout.”
    2. Both victims were found dead in handcuffs. Are we supposed to believe that they initiated a gun battle with police while wearing handcuffs and shooting through rolled-up windows?! It seems that the two patsies were handcuffed, set in place for execution according to a scripted plan, and summarily shot dead.
    3. If the alleged shooters really “had contact with Syrian al Qaeda-affiliated group AND al Shabaab in Somalia” why wouldn’t the authorities make every effort to capture them alive so they could be interrogated, and their alleged terror network dismantled? This same question comes up every time the authorities summarily execute terror suspects and/or witnesses – Bin Laden, Mohamed Merah, the Charlie Hebdo patsies, Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and key witness Ibragim Todashev…

4. If the couple was really part of a terrorist network, would the FBI let the media ransack the crime scene?

5. If this supposed radical Muslim Bonnie-and-Clyde acted alone, who was the third gunman reported by multiple eyewitnesses?

6. Could the five foot tall, under-125-pound woman really have handled: A tactic vest • Body armor • Smith & Wesson M&P .223 Caliber Assault rifle • Magazine re-loading clips • Hand gun • Spare pipe bomb, detonator…and then tweeted her allegiance to Islamic State exactly one minute after the shooting began? “She posted a pledge of allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Facebook while the shooting was happening, three U.S. officials familiar with the investigation told CNN.

7. Why would Inland Regional Center conduct active shooter drills “every month or so” as reported by the Los Angeles Times?

8. Is it just a coincidence that the only center for disabled people in the world that conducts active shooter drills every month (I challenge readers to find another one) happened to be the place where either (a) a huge mass shooting just happened to erupt, or (b) a drill went live?

9. And if it’s just a coincidence, were the 46 drills of 9/11 also a coincidence, Peter Power’s terror drills on 7/7/2005 yet another coincidence, the Boston Marathon bomb drills one more coincidence, the multiple-location active shooter exercises in Paris on 11/13 just another coincidence…and to accept all this “coincidence,” do you have to be a batshit-crazy coincidence theorist?

10. If this were really “radical Islamic terrorism,” why would the perpetrators target a facility for disabled people, rather than high-level individuals who are responsible for the murder of more than a million Muslims since the 9/11/2001 neocon propaganda stunt?

If we ever hear: “This just in! Radical Muslim terrorists have slaughtered Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Dov Zakheim, and the other architects of the genocidal War on Islam in General and Palestine in Particular launched by the 9/11 inside job,” I just might believe it. Until that day, we are safe in assuming that the increasingly ridiculous stories of alleged radical Islamist attacks on random civilians that no Muslim would ever want to harm – like virtually all alleged Islamic terror plots since 9/11, according to Aaronson’s detailed investigation – are part of the same Gladio B program launched by the 9/11 neocon coup d’état.

(For more information on suspected false flag events, don’t miss the False Flag Islamophobia Conference simulcast live from Paris, France next Saturday, December 12th, noon to 4 pm Eastern Time.)

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly radio show funded by listener donations at and FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS (FFWN); a audio-video show produced by Tony Hall, Allan Reese, and Kevin himself. FFWN is funded through FundRazr.

He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin; where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. Damn, those Stats under the Bolshevik Obummer are truly shocking.

    As for this false flag ? Well it is utterly cowardly and the worrying thing is once again, just how many folks are incapable of any kind of critical thinking.

    Good work as usual from Dr Barrett.

  2. This is just another False Flag operation, to get the dumb Americans (most) to allow their Govt to send in even more troops to Syria to fight so called isis (Israeli secret intelligent service) to get a foot hold.

    Also I thought that Obama was breaking the law when he called for gun control, isn’t he supposed to protect the constitution? or wasn’t it a bible he was pledging to.

    And under the fog of war, Israel shoots Palestinians and bomb Gaza,

  3. This one smells real bad. These events aren’t whimsically planned by random fanatics in their parents basements. These are created by fanatics in think tanks and board rooms by people that would like to think of themselves as social engineers. Sadly it also shows us how complicit our officials can be all the way to the POTUS. Inexcusably complicit. Addressing the nation with lies of 9-11, IS and policy positions that contrast the reality of their actions. Truth is moving faster than this wax-works political theater and pop-up terror. There is never enough evidentiary mesh to cover the holes of bullshit in these events even when theirs sold to us by our White House, media and enforcement agencies. They all have zero credibility.

  4. Let’s see now…

    Three tall, athletic white men, dressed in heavy-duty military garb, somehow managed to morph into only two people, of lesser stature, brown-skinned, dressed in normal garb, one of whom was female.

    In what universe is such a phenomenon possible?

  5. Any false flag “shooter” is conveniently killed in a courageous shootout by our “finest.” This solves the problem of having a court case which has to be blocked from public scrutiny with a “national security” designation and then having everyone asking why. It eliminates the post trial problem of having to block the convicted from ever speaking out to anyone. It also makes verifying the shooters identities much more difficult. Basically its an implementation of the old “dead men tell no tales” adage which can also be used against outspoken first hand witnesses. It would be interesting to hear what the media could come up with about the handcuffs but they have never worried about making rational sense about anything. They can spew out the most unbelievable hogwash for hours on end and maintain a solid crisis
    grimaced mask.

  6. You can read Douglas Reed’s book online, just search. Crazy what went on from 1905 onwards. And from further reading, the truth about Russia’s “revolution”. Imagine what the Russians went through, slaughtered and made into slaves. Sounds unbelievable of course-there’s also a lot of info on Gladio operations, even a lot of it on youtube.
    Death squads in Latin America, blowing up indians with dynamite, it’s all hard to believe

  7. “…the bombing of the King David Hotel in Cairo…”

    Believe you are conflating the Zio-terrorist bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem (at the time headquarters of the British Mandate government of Palestine) and the latter Zio-terrorist Lavon Affair (Operation Susannah) of 1954.

  8. I have respect for Dr. Barrett and often compliment his pieces. I am, however, surprised at some of what is asserted in this latest post. To address question #1, which ends “Nobody is going to fire assault weapons through rolled-up vehicle windows.” This is incorrect. Whether or not someone elects to shoot through windows of a vehicle depends where the target is. If the target is behind the SUV, for instance, it makes sense for the shooter to aim through the windows. Same thing with a target in front of a vehicle (I can argue the .223/5.56 ballistics and glass deflection, if need be, but once the windows are gone its a moot point). There are accounts of shots fired from inside the vehicle out the back toward a pursuing police vehicle or vehicles (thereby through the lift gate window in the SUV’s rear). With regard to #2, “Are we supposed to believe that they initiated a gun battle with police while wearing handcuffs and shooting through rolled-up windows?!”, it is standard police procedure to handcuff suspects even if incapacitated on the ground. I heard no statement that the suspects were found in the car handcuffed. If you have a reference to something that indicates they were it would be enlightening. Otherwise, cuffed after pulled from the vehicles (whatever state they were in, including deceased). I have more with the other questions, however space limitations are pressing in.

    • With regard to question #4, I absolutely agree with Dr, Barrett. It is gross incompetence on the part of the FBI to have released the crime scene, neglect on the part of the landlord to have opened it to the press, and both invasive and extremely bad judgment for the press to have cross the threshold onto the property. I am not surprised the authorities in the government were this incompetent. The FBI need a house cleaning of its own. #6, I’m going to respectfully ask you call on Gordon Duff to weigh in on this one. I can tell you that if you spend anytime on a range you can see people of the stature you describe handling A/R style rifles with ease (the gun is designed for ease of use and has limited recoil). I’ve seen small stature people handling AK 47 style weapons The body armor and other accessories you state would not inhibit them.

  9. Sorry Mr Barrett ! They were’nt both handcuffed ! The guy undoubptedly according to the photo, but NOT the woman ! See [url=][b][color=#0000FF]Here[/color][/b][/url] !

  10. The exceedingly improbable, school-themed affiliation tying the Facebook trolls’ comments together proves nothing, of course, but defies coincidence and is more than a little suggestive, overplayed by a “Ben” we’re supposed to believe is from Kabul who’s Ben Jammin’ all right. You have to love their violent presumption that governments never lie and, therefore, the most absurd official narratives must be taken at face value, such as this couple ordering military weapons and Ninja gear unnoticed by the all-seeing eye of the surveillance state; their furthering Islam by causing irreparable harm to it; and, heartlessly leaving their new baby to the care of others, choosing targets guaranteed to stigmatize doubters as being themselves heartless and evil bastards. It doesn’t add up in my book, either.

  11. Good questions, Kevin. We all are living in a world where things just don’t add up and logic is the victim of daily abuse. I find it marvelous that life still goes on when everything is just spinning around.

  12. Until the so called terrorists take out a couple of Nuclear power plants to cause some real damage, I will not believe any of these shooter events!

  13. Great article, might add the gal immigrating would have been watched, checked out and kept a tag on, looks their American dream was more of a mirage set up by special interest groups with an agenda aptly revealed by Preston James.

  14. And the heavy metal band playing at the Paris Bataclan shooting has a You Tube video up from 2013 with a song San Bernardino Sunburn. So it’s predictive. The band used to live in Palm Dessert Ca near San Berdoo. I’ll bet they were freaked out to hear of the shooting. Less than 5 bands ever recorded songs with San Bernardino in the lyrics. Pekay22 has a link to the song video whic looks legit.

    • Video called Eagles of Death Metal-San Berdoo Sunburn uploaded 2009. So it shows how long ago they could have planned this. Peekay22 has 2 ees. Could be controlled opposition but has a sense of humor.

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