Slaying the National Security Beast


by  Preston James



Although several VT Directors may have Top Secret Black, Deep-Black and/or Beyond-Black Secret Space War and even MJ status, the information in this article was not provided by any of them.  


Naturally most Americans want their nation safe from outside attack and expect their elected representatives who are supposed to run their government to do that on their behalf.

When these elected representatives not only fail in that responsibility but allow themselves to be secretly seduced by a foreign invader, the beast-child of the City of London Khazarian Mafia, the World’s biggest most powerful Crime Syndicate which they serve as their master, you know that all Americans face a serious challenge.

The Select few that are in the very top positions of Majestic have abridged Congress, all US Rule of Law, international laws, been able to continue committing massive war crimes and crimes against humanity. They do this because they care only about themselves and the attainment of their Globalist NWO Agenda. To accomplish these ends, their actions are actually criminal and unConstitutional, and they constantly invoke the BIG Lie that this is all necessary to protect “National Security”.

But actually they don’t give a damn about real US Nationals Security, but only the attainment of their Globalist NWO Agenda. It is also important for them to maintain their own security and a lifestyle of riches and power. This is all done at the expense of the American taxpayers they are supposed to be protecting.

Their so-called “need to protect American National Security” is the biggest lie and fraud ever perpetrated on any civilization. It breeds and continues to produce an endless stream of mass-death and incredible human suffering. It also requires the continual sacrifice of American Soldiers used as mere cannon-fodder for their massive profits. And it asset strips all hard-earned earnings, acquired wealth and any accrued savings from the rest of us Americans.

They have circumvented everything in the American Constitution, and right now there is no one powerful enough to bring them to justice for all their massive, anti-human behaviors and greatest crime spree in history.

These Select Few claim to be watching over our real national security, but there is no one to monitor them and correct them for their criminal and unConstitutional acts. There are no checks and balances on the Select few, who basically set all the Top Policies of the visible USG and also the invisible Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

They claim they must have ultimate power to terminate with extreme prejudice anyone they wish in order to fully to protect National Security, but the truth is that they are running a more advanced, better funded form of Murder Inc.

Currently, there are no existing checks and balances of these Top Few who order murders of whistleblowers and dissidents like it was ordering a meal at their favorite lavish restaurant.

We now know for certain that for many years now these Khazarian infiltrators and hijackers of the America have claimed to be a special race chosen by God. But they act as if they were remnants or a reappearance of the old Neanderthal race and also are known to be secret Baal worshipers, believing they are Baal’s chosen ones put in power to take over and run the world. These patterns can allegedly be traced back to ancient Babylonia. Delusions of racial superiority always leads to abuse of others and the placing of themselves first over the nation and the common man they are supposed to serve.

These Neanderthal-type behavioral traits may appear due to a genetic preload for an apparent inability to behave in civilized ways or to become adequately socialized. These traits include: a predisposition to engage in lying, murder, mass-murder; piracy, narcotics trafficking, human sex trafficking, organ harvesting, and slavery; staged False-flag terror and manipulated wars for profit; money-making scams and thievery of a scale never attained by any other group in history; and always accompanied by classic Two-faced behaviors mixed with some of the greatest “strike first and destroy any future possible threat” type mass paranoia one will ever find in any group in history.

Khazarians have eventually been booted from every nation due to their leaders alleged Neanderthal social patterns which appear inhuman and criminal every where they infiltrate and seize power, which seems to be an art form for them, a special ability. This is probably due to their ability to be two-faced, that  is to present a caring outward social concern for others, while inside they are ravenous sociopaths of the worst order imaginable. They are always eventually found out and dealt with due to their anti-social behaviors which are eventually noticed and rejected by their new host which they parasitize.

Strangely enough when confronted openly with full military force of near parity, top Khazarian leaders have a history of taking their money and assets and fleeing, leaving the people they pretend are their own whom they have used and conned to take the heat and corrections.

These Khazarian leaders tend to want to engage in sneak attacks of those they desire to conquer or destroy but have no courage to ever take on a serious enemy on the battlefield. This was true when the Persians and the Russians invaded Khazaria in about 1012 after five hundred years of stern warning to stop their institutional road warrior type crimes against neighbors such as thievery, identity theft and murder of travelers and their families.

The wealthy Khazarian leaders took their money and split from their people leaving them to be invaded. Ever since these Khazarian elite-deviants have harbored a deadly blood feud against Russia and Persia ever since.

This blood feud culminated in the Bolshevik Revolution in which they Khazarian elite-deviant leaders were financed by the British and Wall Street Banksters which made it possible to then mass murder about 100 million Russians.

This blood feud now continues with the current mercenary war against Syria and Iran using American CIA, Israeli, Saudi and Turkish hired and supplied mercenaries paid with revenues from stolen oil.

These Khazarian leaders were able to seize control over the City of London Banking through very crafty means and then proceeded to do the same over American monetary creation and distribution system in 1913. They were able to set up a phony illegal, unConstitutional private central bank inside America that issued only fake interest bearing debt, calling it money. This has fooled most of the American People most of the time ever since. The politicians that resisted this along the way were either bought off or marginalized. Or if judged a truly serious threat, were murdered.

The current failing attempt of the Khazarians to retake the Ukraine and re-institute their old homeland there where they came from in the first place. The top Khazarian elite deviants believe this is necessary because they think that Israel, their current extra-legal nest and home base is a failing state. And they are expecting it to be Balkanized for its Apartheid against Palestine and for being deeply involved in the attack on America on 9-11-01, which Americans are now finding out about.

“…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…,” –quotation from the section written  into the Declaration of Independence by Founding Father Thomas Jefferson which was signed on July 4, 1776 by the Continental Congress.

Obviously slaying this illegal, unConstitutional, RICO crime syndicate American National Security Beast is going to be an exceedingly difficult task due to the the incredible power and might the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) has been able to attain through extreme criminal and anti-human means.

And we now know for certain that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is not only the privately run Military Industrial Complex but is the operative arm and international enforcer of the “Select Few” who run Majestic.

The Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is the ultimate form of Fascism, the merger of a unitary complex of large international Corporations characterized by interlocked Boards) with the USG. This is different from the fascism of Nazi regime in Germany in which the Nazi government retained ultimate control.

What we now have in America is a form fascism is best described as super-fascism. This occurs when the corporate side has acquired complete control over the USG and the ability to manipulate the USG to privatize all major Defense and Intel functions. And it has also been able to militarize the American police and convert them to function as an extension of the Israeli anti-terror police and the IDF.

This extreme privatization has allowed complete deniability of the current Administration, Congress and the Judicial System from all terrorism, created wars of acquisition for massive profits, and international massive illegal narcotics trafficking.

Members of Congress are now afraid to even consider clipping the Select Few’s wings because they know they will be murdered like so many have been. These victims include: Jack Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, Senator Paul Wellstone and so many others, even their own associates like Senator John Tower who just could not sell out America as he was expected to do.

The complete control over America was secretly and craftily yielded to the Secret Shadow Government bit by bit in progressive steps by the use of Khazarian Mafia private central Banking “Money Power”. And we know now for certain that the Select Few controls Majestic which is the nexus and chief controller of the Alien ET matter and recovered and back engineered anti-gravity craft.

It is their control of the Alien ET matter along with the recovered and back-engineered alien anti-gravity craft and other ultra high technology that helps them attain such elite power.

The excuse they use to continue asserting so-called national security to protect their own positions and power is that anything less would allow these deep state secrets to be leaked to enemy nations who would use them to attack America.

We also know that the Select Few who run Majestic and the Secret Shadow Government also run the incredibly profitable private central FIAT banking that make many trillions off of their illegal, unConstitutional pernicious usury scheme. They use this vast quantity of money to buy almost every single politician through front groups and their own wealthy Cutouts they pump-up with vast fortunes made from their organized crime networks.

The Select Few target existing Organized Crime Networks in every nation and use them to infiltrate that society and hijack it from the top to bottom. When the Select Few take down any nation, they always first form alliances with the criminal underworld and provide large favors and opportunities to bring them on-board.They always do most of their work through existing organized crime networks and then co-opt them.

64f3785a (2)They also use their vast funds to finance, create and deploy synthetic terrorism and false-flag attacks to motivate ordinary Americans to be willing to fight the SSG’s foreign wars of acquisition.

The SSG provides numerous false-narratives, Big Lies and lots of propaganda to thus motivate the American Public through its six Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) Moguls who answer to one big international investment house which is a covert front (proprietary) for the Select Few.

We also know these Select Few are old men who are approaching death from natural causes. Death is now knocking at their doorstep.

These men have secretly run the World for many years and are hard core Luciferian sociopathic World class criminals and haters of humanity who consider most humans useless eaters. Or as Antony Peccae former CEO of Fiat was alleged to have claimed, “a sh*t factory connected to a human brain”.

The Select Few are also the top power brokers and leaders of a secret Worldwide Occult Network which uses secret High Freemasonry and other related secret satanic based societies as cover. We also know that the SSG is deeply committed to using any means at their disposal to maintain their hold on power and to attain their long planned inter-generational Globalist NWO Agenda no matter how many millions of humans must be mass-murdered along the way. Their system is one based on “the end justifies the means” to the Nth degree.

To attain this inter-generational Globalist NWO Agenda that they are deeply committed to, they deploy contractors for individual acts of purchased murder of dissidents and leakers.

They also conduct complex international geopolitical manipulations, terrorism, provoke foreign wars of acquisition for huge profits, engage in extensive narcotics traveling, and mass-murders of millions of innocent civilians. All their main funding comes from large criminal rackets which have been disguised from the public by buying off elected politicians, the judiciary and USG Officials.

6a00d83451b7a769e2019b006fbf21970c-320wiAnd we also know that the Select Few have used their immense power to build up a new American Secret Police, DHS, patterned after the East German Stasis and their major action agent the Israeli Police using brutal Israeli anti-terror techniques against innocent civilians.

To do this they needed to attack America on 9-11-01 and then to consolidate all American Intel and Law Enforcement Agencies into one large entity DHS that they could easily control through one or two major Cutouts like the man they call “son of the devil”.

DHS has been set up using key Dual Citizens, sexual inverts and perverts acting as their deniable Cutouts to harass, tyrannize, and transform America into GAZA II, the World’s largest Open air prison camp with Americans to become the “New Palestinians”.

There is not an ounce of humanity or decency in any of these top DHS controllers, they are liars, deceivers and have lost their very souls and humanity. They blatantly violate their Oaths of Office like almost every other Beltway official. And they are also traitors and enemies within our gates of America. Obviously these are all capital crimes if justice is ever delivered to them and they are convicted in a suitable court of law.

The Select Few have been able to gain control over most of the US Military and set in place procedures to gas or cluster bomb whole American cities who they deem have gotten out of control. These procedures included storage of three types of gasses which could be sprayed by helicopter or small aircraft over large inner urban areas who riot uncontrollably against the government. The first gas is an opiate-based one, designed to sedate folks for several hours.

The second gas is for more extreme situations and is BZ, a strong hallucinogen tested in Vietnam with bad results for the US Soldiers used as guinea pigs (allegedly the movie Jacob’s Ladder was about this). The third gas is VX, used as a 100% “drop dead now” kill agent. If all that failed, the secret plan was to cluster bomb the whole city, perhaps blaming on a rogue military faction that would be taken out in mass as a part of a well planned cover-up. And there is some evidence to corroborate this information, which came through high level leaks.

Admiral Thomas Moorer claimed on 60 Minutes Network TV News program that aircraft were sent into to spray VX in Operation Tailwind to murder MIAs and POWs left behind. He claimed this was done so they couldn’t talk about the secret wars in Cambodia and Laos and the massive drug dealing.

What Admiral Moorer didn’t mention is the part that the Select Few wanted to remain secret and covered up forever, Operation Whitestar. This was the use of USAF anti-gravity craft (AGCs) for landing in Laos and Cambodia at night to pick up narcotics for their international trafficking and “off the books” black-budget money. I was once told this by a US Army Officer that was told to turn his back during one of these landings, but turned his head to watch; and it was not a helicopter either, but a small, symmetrical flying saucer.

2-303x320In America and much of the West we are now facing vast increases in staged False-flag terror attacks with most using professional crisis actors, fake blood, and prior-recovered amputees. Some real ones are mixed in, but the vast majority are synthetic virtual stunts and live shooter exercises dramatized to a virtual incident.

Because the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is obedient to the Select Few’s wishes, it keeps pumping out Big Government Lies, false-narratives and propaganda to mind-kontrol the public.

All this staged terror serves two main purposes: to create mass fear in the American group subconscious mind in order to motivate folks to support foreign wars of aggression for the Israeli-American Terror Machine run by the Select Few; and also to serve as an excuse and cover to seize the guns of the American law abiding citizen. The Select Few know that they will never be able to institute their Globalist NWO Agenda as long as Americans remain armed and comprise the World largest army.

All this crap about needing to use the No Fly list as a standard reason to deny any gun ownership for anyone on this list in order to prevent so-called terrorism is pure sh*t because it is all staged False-flag Gladio-style inside-job terror anyway.

Experts now claim that at least 38-40% of the folks on the “No Fly” list and every other terror watch list are there in error.

By the way, this push to take guns away from American law abiding citizens will end in failure for the Select Few who may have lost their judgement due to old age, too much money, and unchecked power. They ought to realize that Americans will never give up their guns no matter what new laws are passed or what Potus edicts are signed.

Americans will never allow their guns to be taken and any serious attempt will automatically lead to a new and full scale American Civil War with a major split in the US police, Military and Intel. This itself will produce an instant coup D’etat.

The results of any such Civil War will become devastating to the Select Few and their Cutouts and Puppet-masters. Remember the case where two self-proclaimed “puppet-masters” were dumb enough to plot Lee Wanta’s assassination on his phone recorder, not understanding that it wouldn’t disconnect from a conference call. The FBI won’t prosecute these self-proclaimed “Puppet-masters” because they are now allegedly claiming dementia. Lee Wanta is doing fine but these scumbags have been rejected by everyone who is part of the SSG. Nobody inside the Beltway wants to admit they even know them anymore and will have nothing to do with them.

If these were real terror operations obviously the terrorists would seek out the American leaders and elected officials and certainly the Select Few to assassinate when they appeared in public. The only one that mass-murders the innocent are the paid and mind-kontrolled Gladio-style operatives employed by the Mossad, the CIA, MI-6, Saudi Intel, Turkish Intel and NATO and it main controller the DVD, aka the Nazi “Left Behind Army”.

And we know that if the so-called “War on Terror” was real, all American borders would have been 100% sealed by using all means necessary including the American Military and national Guards and all foreign immigration would be completely suspended until there was no threat anymore. This alone proves it is a Big Lie and con job on the American people.

Taking away guns from honest law abiding individuals is just an excuse to advance the Select Few’s Globalist NWO Agenda which CANNOT ever be successful unless Americans and the whole World are disarmed.

If the War on Terror was real and not phony, all honest law abiding Americans including women would be encouraged to get proper training, buy and carry concealed handguns. Since the USG and the current Administration is pushing for complete disarmament, we know they are owned by the Select Few and part of the Globalist NWO criminal conspiracy and serve as its puppets.

Slaying the National Security Beast is not going to be easy but it becomes more likely every day.

Obviously, if the American People were soulless creatures of the night like the Select Few, once they were fully informed they would assassinate every single one of these monsters who walk among us as they occasionally appear in public. But we are not like them and other means will have to be used unless there is a complete Coup D’etat.

6corps-320x316The solution to this serious problem that is now directly threatening the very continued existence of America and the whole World must be resolved with a broad based societal mass awakening.

This means folks must become aware of the constant fake news of the CMMM which hypnotizes them into a mind-kontrolled stupor and spell.

Inside experts claim that when approximately 12% of the American people wake up from their SSG induced stupor, this will set off an instant grand awakening of the American masses and the whole twisted system of the Select Few will be taken down by public and private onslaughts at every level imaginable. We are probably now at 11% and this number is growing.

But that alone will not be enough, we must have the help of top insiders to avoid a high casualty figure for the average American, even though they will win this battle in the final analysis, no matter what.

This mass populist response is what brought down the Soviet Union and also stopped the state murders of East Berliners and East Germans trying to cross the Iron Curtain. One day the East German Border guards just stopping shooting border-crossers, refusing to do so. Many took off their uniform shirts and simply walked away. The East Stasi headquarters was sacked and many secret files were thrown into the street. Some Stasi officers were caught and literally torn limb from limb by an angry crowd. It is this spontaneously emerging growing populism that will bring down the Select Few and their whole evil system.

Lee Wanta had entered into sensitive negotiations with Gorbachev on behalf of President Ronald Reagan and was able to successfully negotiate a mutual agreement to avoid tampering with each others borders and to work together on trade and business rather than war. This ended the Cold War and took down the Iron Curtain. Anyone who wants a more complete report on this can acquire Lee Wanta’s excellent book, Wanta! White Hat, Black Swan. So we know that help from other nations such as Russia will probably be necessary for Americans to free themselves from these Select Few parasites, the monsters that walk free among us.

The American People must sidestep the CMMM and become aware of the Globalist NWO Agenda. They must also become aware of the Select Few’s infiltration and hijacking of Majesty and their using it to solidify their positions and power as the Select Few. At some point it will be necessary for insiders in Majority and the SSG and the High Command of the US Military and Intel to refuse to accept all these illegal, unConstitutional orders.

If everyone refuses to follow these illegal, inhuman orders of the Select Few and their Cutouts, and many Americans refuse to give consent to the Select Few and their rackets, the whole system will collapse. What if American Soldiers in mass refuse these illegal, unConstitutional orders to go into these illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars of aggression?

That is what it will take and it is probably coming soon. And the recent attempts of the Select Few to use their engineered, synthetic terror to draw us into a war in Iraq in order to destroy Syria and then Iran on behalf of Israel is now their last gasp. If they cannot go door to door and get American Guns, they are doomed to complete failure and disassembling.

And of course we know that the private Fiat Federal Reserve System nears complete collapse due to the coming worldwide abandonment of the US Petro Dollar and the numerous independent trade pacts. These Trade Pacts that have arisen will no longer use the US Petro Dollar as their trade medium of exchange or as the World’s Reserve Currency.

This itself is likely to break the Select Few’s back and bring tremendous pressures for their exposure and displacement at every level. And don’t forget that the recent huge drop in crude oil prices are going to bring down the massive Oil Derivative scam which is owned by some of the biggest Wall Street Banks. As this implodes they will likely collapse financially quickly.

What the American People do not want is a complete engineered destruction of America or the complete destruction of their Military and Intel or police. What most want is a restoration of Constitutional Government with an excision of the foreign infiltrators and hijackers from the Khazarian Mafia. These are the Select Few who also infiltrated and hijacked Majesty. The Select Few then used Majesty to form an incredibly powerful and unimaginably evil super-fascist Secret Shadow Government (SSG) also known as the now privatized Military Industrial Complex. And ever since they have turned it against the rest of the World and against the American People too.

The American masses are going to eventually find out that these Select Few are the Top Policy-makers who truly call all the shots and are also the top of the Majestic Pyramid and the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). Americans will come to realize in mass that everything this Select Few does is completely illegal, unConstitutional, and is actually the greatest RICO crime spree ever committed in America. And they will then realize that the Select Few are doing all this to attain their age-old Globalist NWO Agenda.

As the American people begin to realize all this, a mass populist resistance will emerge throughout the American Society at every level and the Select Few will be removed from their perch of power one way or another.

At that time it is likely the younger 70% of Majestic will redetermine policy. They will also re-institute the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, put new Constitutional no interest bearing money in place of the private FRS Debt-note fraud. And they will will route out all the Traitors that fill Congress, the Administration, the alphabets, the US Military, and the Judiciary.

Once the Select Few are displaced, the Deep-Black Murder Incorporated Machine will be dismantled and free energy, anti-gravity, cold plasma fusion, telomere lengthening and gene-restoration, and some remarkable cures and preventions for disease, including serious advances in nutrition will be shared with the Public.

Instead of the American People and the World feeling beat down and fighting for their day to day survival, people everywhere will be given hope and can all work together to build an exciting future for all.

There is one more important, little-known tool that can be used to slay the National Security Beast. This is the spontaneously emergent power of the American Group Mind, known by some as Psi-power, commonly known as Populism. Any Populism scares the heck out of the Select Few and that is why they spend billions every years mind-kontrolling the masses with their News Cartel, the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). There have been experiments where group imaging and group prayer to God Almighty actually altered the weather.

The most powerful Psi-power is when Americans learn to spontaneously and repeatedly, throughout the day, image the Select Few’s total fall and create images in their minds that visualize and fantasize them being brought to judgement in a suitable court of law, military, national or international. This can be any kind of imaging, but some of the most effective in experiments has been shown to be group prayer to God Almighty or group imaging spontaneously emerging among tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions all at once.

If anytime concerns or knowledge about the evil of the Select Few drifts into one’s mind and proper Psi imaging is conducted, the fall of the Select Few and their whole evil system and agenda would be sped up significantly. Want to aid in their demise? Then promote any kind of imaging possible including group-think and group prayer to God Almighty, and encourage your family and friends to do so.

Right now their system is approaching collapse as the US Petro Dollar is pushed aside as the World Reserve Currency and the Oil Markets collapse, because Putin is destroying their means to steal oil from Iraq and Syria. Stay tuned, because this is going to get interesting.


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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.
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  1. Preston, you are spot on about the tipping point. Once a certain small number of people “get it” then an avalanche of wakefulness occurs.

    Here’s some food for that banquet; atoms whirl around 24/7 without an external power source. Atoms are self-sustaining and they are perpetual. If atoms did not have free energy and perpetual motion then nothing could exist. Free energy and perpetual motion are the fundamental building blocks of the universe and there are probably tens of thousands of ways to tap into universally abundant free energy.

    With God as our guide, let’s approach one person each day and help them to begin waking up.

  2. In a shared reality action is required. I would start by driving a wedge between Merkel and Legarde. They are too cozy, and are up to something again. The wind listens, and the clouds, but people are another matter. Precision effort toward dangerous mixes of archetypes would be effective. Academia has the upper hand in the US and they are minds of stone and shriveled spirit. Gather against an easily understood issue among the academics, like how does an airplane completely disappear into the ground, and 3 buildings in one day ? Is this possible ? Can we get a go fund me to buy an old commercial plane and remotely fly it straight into soft ground ? That would be video for the ages. The men of physics should be completely together and completely one voice on that. Otherwise it is junk science. Knowledge without wisdom is useless.

  3. Dr. James thank you for your excellent writing. Telomerase Activators are already here for those awake enough to realize the AMA scam, and their own research, and can think critically. TA-65 has been out for quite a few years now, and second and third generation products are currently available as well. Product B (the inexpensive option), and Chalice (the most powerful/most effective product available) by Al Sears MD can be purchased for $50-200/month, and supposedly have been clinically tested and shown to reverse many fatal conditions, regenerate even severely damaged organs and reverse the biological age of the body dramatically…including the most severe-such as congestive heart failure/CKD. I do have a question for you though-what is your opinion on Jordan Maxwell?

  4. You guys who follow Cobra need to be careful – he is controlled opposition, according to a friend who works for the liberation forces. Take what is good but avoid the teensy weensy bit of poison that is slipped in. I avoid his website myself so am not able to offer my take on his info but my friend is very, very clued up.

    Something will happen within weeks which will change everything in our world. When it becomes publicly known, my advice is to follow what Preston James recommends – stay positive and keep visualising what you want to see on this planet. Not all will move on to the new Earth. That’s OK. Ultimately, Main Source is in charge of this Shift. I have experience of this. Just know that there is a Divine Plan and no-one trumps God in God’s Creation.

  5. Sensational writing Dr. James. One of my fears in regard to Russia is that Putin may be working for the other side following their Hegelian dialectic. His wife in a German interview says her husband was disappeared and replaced.

    • Putin can quickly solve that question by releasing all Russian federation Intel including satellite data on who did 9-11-01 and how and by also releasing the video and audio of John McCain’s interrogation while staying at the Hanoi Hilton.

  6. CG..I wholeheartedly agree!!! We The People have the Psi Power to make a difference in many ways, especially in using our collective ability to change the fear-mongering & “divide & conquer” strategies of the cabal. Conscious awareness of the larger picture of how the Matrix operates gives us the Freedom to counter its “mind control” strategies. We are far stronger than that & it’s time to turn the tables on them!

    I also strongly advocate focusing on other positive solutions rather than staying chronically angry, depressed or cynical which is how TPTW wants us to be. As the old ’60s cry says, “Power to the People”!!!

    Now on to “Grandes Soliciones” con mucho poder…

  7. Excellent advice, Dr Preston. We live in a holographic universe (see Michael Talbot’s book on this). We create this reality. So instead of following the cabal’s direction on what to create (eg ISIS will kill us), we should spend time visualising a peaceful, harmonious, loving world with the suppressed technologies released to all. Focus only on what we want to see and do not put any energy in what we do NOT want. Think positively and we will create a positive future. If we are in fear, if we hate, if we think we are weak and powerless, we will create a world where that will become true. That’s why the media tells us these lies. When we believe their lies, we make such lies our reality.

  8. It is more than obvious to an average observer of things that no domestic or foreign entity can threaten USA or engage against USA without the help and “go ahead” of the most fundamental USA institutions, presidency, congress and secret and security services. And this has been going on for more than 50 years now. The Bush Jr. presidency was the peaky culmination of such foreign/domestic threat collaboration. In Roman empire this level of self dominance was called “the inviolability of the tribunes”.

  9. Well done. Sounds like you believe we DO live in a Matrix.

    We Do. Controlled by the Archons and Dracos, species who arrived here, some 25,000 yrs ago. Since we live in a Matrix, nothing is unimaginable. The Dark have held our Souls captive, inside this Matrix, using super-sentient computers to aid them. The KZM are their dispensable foot-soldiers on the planet. Outside the Matrix, they are waging galactic war with the Galactic Federation. The good guys who represent God. They confirm we live in a Matrix and the quickest way is to envisage the Matrix collapsing. Envisaging their demise, as you brilliantly suggest, all day long, will weaken them considerably. 144,000 Souls, linked in a group meditation, will destroy the Matrix, in a heartbeat,
    filled with LOVE.

    Keep up the great work. Have a lovely day.

  10. Thank you for your tireless work on this subject Dr. James.

    The main points of this article cannot be repeated enough…so please keep doing so. Please keep reminding us.

    Everyone who is human is psychic or has ‘psi’ ability.

    Premonitions, intuition, hunches… We have used different names for it for years. I believe all humans are endowed with this ‘psi’ gift to see and feel “more” than is what is in our faces. Its just that most of us are just unaware of it.

    I recommend trying a little experiment for folks that don’t believe this. While in your car, waiting at the intersection for the light to change, look over to the driver or passenger in the car next to you. After a moment or two, 9 times out of 10, they will “feel” you looking at them and look over.

    People think of a person, then that person calls or texts them.

    I’m sure there are more examples. We all have this ability…

    As time passes, these abilities will continue to increase in everyone. I believe that is one reason why the powers that were are working so hard to keep us in hysteria. They wish to keep us from reaching that critical mass…they wish to prevent the inevitable. We as a populace are getting there. (There are more than a just a “few” ET groups who are actually related to us who are assisting us as well, when asked.)

    People ARE waking up. Thanks for this, and please keep it up.

  11. Great piece Dr., every time they do false flags like the Boston bombing or this San Bernardino stunt, they show their hand by not doing the things you stated above to stop these occurrences from happening. So conversely they must be viewed as complicit and enabling. Folks might find these truths as anything but self evident but we’ve got to reach the 12%, and this may be closer than we know. So many are close to this understanding because they have only now not to accept the cmmm big lies.

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