Breaking: Turkey Sets Up ISIS Airbase Outside Mosul


Images Show Turkey Covertly Constructing Airbase in Northern Iraq

TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkey is building an airbase in Northern Iraq without the knowledge of the central government in Baghdad, images show.  Turkey will be bringing in newly supplied NATO air defense systems to defend against counter-attacks launched by the Baghdad government.
The base will not only supply air cover for ISIS operations against the Syrian and Iraqi government but provide logistics support for ISIS fighters as well.

Images taken by field sources in Iraq display construction of an illegal airbase named ‘Bamerne’ by the Turkish army in Northern Iraq.





The airbase is being built at the geographical coordinates of 37°05′52″N and 43°15′58″E which corresponds to a region in Dahuk, Northern Iraq.

Also numerous reports suggested that on Friday Turkey sent approximately 130-150 soldiers to Northern Iraq. Turkish forces, deployed near the city of Mosul, are allegedly tasked with training Peshmerga, which has been involved in the fight against the ISIL.

But Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi warned on Sunday that Baghdad might use all the available options, including an address to the UN Security Council, if Turkey fails to withdraw its troops from Northern Iraq within 48 hours,.

“Iraq has the right to use all available options, including resorting to the UN Security Council in the absence of the withdrawal of these forces within 48 hours,” Abadi said in a statement following the National Security Council meeting.

According to the prime minister, the deployment of hundreds of Turkish servicemen on the Iraqi territory without the consent and knowledge of the Iraqi authorities is a violation of sovereignty and a breach of the principles of good neighborliness.


  1. RT reports that according to an Iraqi MP, the US will soon send 10,000 combat troops to Iraq to bolster another 90,000 being sent by the Gulf states, So, here’s a guess: the US will be the main user of this illegal airbase in Iraq. Of course, Iraq can always appeal to the UN…sarcasm.

  2. I don’t think Russia was prepared to take on ISIS in Iraq, but since their expanding their air base in Syria for 100 long range bombers it would make sense to say that ISIS in Iraq is doomed. Since Iran has been a presence in Iraq for over 70 years they have a good source of intel and an even better liaison between themselves and the Iraqi government. That secret airbase in the middle of the desert may be flying a few extra flags soon. I like the nostalgic Arabic tone of the entry way and outside exterior. It looks very friendly.

  3. I just realized one reason why the evil ones allowed Iran to sell all that oil. It sets up the war. It lowers the price of oil. It will collapse certain entities. It certainly implies collusion of all the players. Ahhh well a disappointment.
    Fulford is interesting this week. Also on The Tube he has letter in support of Shrimpton and detailed expose on the three eleven.

  4. Okay…this doesn’t make sense. So I input those coordinates into Google Maps…and get the same Google earth photo as the article.

    But this “airport” has 5 star reviews 😉 If nothing else, it tells me it’s not new…in fact there’s a photo…complete with tanks dating to 2014.

    Obviously airports don’t just spring up overnight…how long does it take to build what we see in the picture?

    So Turkey has secretly been building an airport for over a year and no one knew about it until today?

    Look, I get it, Turkey is bad…well at least the Turkish government…but really? An airport? Please don’t withhold or twist info like we’re accustomed to from MSM…give us ALL the facts.


    • Forgot to say that when this info first appeared I was able to zoom in closer to clearly see the tanks etc. Google seem to have reduced the zoom capability since it became published.

    • I think it is safe to say the base is being expanded way beyond the need for a training mission. We are seeing the NATO “air base response” to Russia’s…minus any invitation from Iraq. It will be interesting how the UN handles this over challenge to the charter. But with the IMF just changing its long standing rules to let Ukraine off the hook on defaulting on the $3 billion loan due on the 20th…we see the open position now that “the rules don’t apply to us” when we feel they are not in our interests”. If there is not reaction from domestic citizens, or a world outcry, the so called “New World Order” will no longer be behind the curtain in any way.

  5. Doubtless, the UN will ignore the Iraqi request. This will turn into a US/NATO backed Turkish occupation of Northern Iraq. Meanwhile the US is building an airbase at Tal al-Hajar in Syria, which means the US is getting ready to occupy at least one region of northern Syria. So it all works together. Russia has not reacted. It’s probably too late to turn the tide. Syria and Iraq are being dismembered.

  6. Can I respectfully correct this.

    Sorry guys it is not a new airfield at all. Construction started a while back, possibly 2011. If you look at it on Google Earth it is pretty developed. It is a very strange design and there may be work going on atm.

    It even has an IATA code iraq/bamerny-564

    • Found out a bit more, it has been seriously military for much longer than I thought. When called Sirsenk Forward Support Base (its now renamed Bamerny) it was the primary coalition fixed-wing airstrip during Operation Provide Comfort 1991 to 96. As I said work may be underway and its current condition is unknown.

  7. The US see’s that their original plan is over, they will not get Assad out of Syria and Iraq is slowly turning against the US. Now they plan to make the best of it by letting Turkey have their empire by having the US and its axis of evil will now divide up Syria and Iraq and they can build the pipeline from Qatar to Europe. First Iraq, they will get the Kurds with their oil join Turkey so they can get their oil out without Iraqi approval and keep the money instead of it going through Baghdad first. Turkey will take care of ISIS in Iraq and annex the Sunni’s Anbar area into their empire and that will leave the Shia part only. That is why the US doesn’t now want Iraq to go into Anbar now because if the Shia cuts Anbar into then the US plan will be foiled for the pipeline. The US will then hold a phony election observed by the Gulf Countries and the Sunni’s will join the new Ottoman Empire.

  8. Another sign Turkey is being played and headed for destruction. This is almost too easy or could they really be that damn dumb?


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