US Presidential Election 2016


by Katherine Frisk

White_House_3c16016u-1024x515I have made a managerial decision. 

I will NOT be covering the US presidential elections in 2016 in any way, shape or form. 

It is my opinion the American people have no say in who their next President will be, and that the decision has already been made for them.

The most Americans can hope for is the choice of two people who have already been chosen and will be working for the same corporations, Wall Street bankers and investment houses that have always controlled the country, irrespective of the voting American public, their opinions or their needs.


The Senate, the Congress and the White House are now representatives of the Corporate Fascist State and serve their best interests, not the Nation of these united states of America nor the people of these united states of America. The White House in my estimation has faded to black, is duplicitous and schizophrenic.

I have come to the conclusion that all presidents of the USA since the death of JFK have been chosen and elected by the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the investors in companies like BlackRock, Blackstone, the Carlyle Group, the Vanguard Group, to name a few, and the Military Industrial complex, plus the main banks, such as J.P.Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, as well as AIPAC. Most if not all are members of the Bohemian Club.

The Federal Reserve Bank is only the tip of the iceberg.

What they cannot manipulate through mindless and continuous propaganda through the media, they will rig with voting machines in order to get their desired outcome.

American elections have become a dog and pony show where the American voters get to vote on who the next representative of the Vampire Squid will be, pretending to be a leader of a Nation when in fact he or she is a representative of Big business, Big Banking, Big Pharma, the Military Industrial complex etc. and has nothing to do with representing the American people, the country of America or their best interests at all.

In other words, the President of the USA is not a representative and a spokesperson for the people of America, but is a spokesperson for Big money. Bought and paid for.

I would much rather focus on the nefarious and upcoming TPP and TTIP agreements, whereby not only Americans, but all nations who agree to and sign into these agreements will lose their sovereignty, their right to self-determination and their Constitution and Bill of rights.

Wage laws, health regulations, environmental laws and due process through a just and equitable legal system will become meaningless. Monopolistic and hegemonic corporate colonialism with be the order of the day, along with censorship laws in any and all media outlets, including the Internet.


Many of the main players in this criminal and diabolical system that has been gaining momentum over the last 100 years, have in turn hidden their true assets which amount to trillions, not billions, in offshore Trust Funds and “Philanthropist” so-called “charity” organizations wherein they hide their true wealth.

They have not only stolen the wealth of the people of America, but they have stolen the wealth of almost every other country on this planet. Up to and including the vast profits that they have made through every single war, civil war, revolution and colour revolution, in most cases instigated by themselves through operations like Gladio, covert agents and NGO structures.

Their objective in all cases no matter if such wars may last 10 or even 20 years, has been to benefit financially from playing both ends against the middle by funding both sides, until both the people of those countries have become completely demoralized and their infrastructure destroyed after which they have gone in and picked up the spoils as so-called promoters of freedom and democracy, when it fact the end result has been a corporate fascist takeover of the resources of those countries and the populations have been reduced to working for slave wages with no benefits.

This game in the last 100 years has been a case of wash, rise, dry, repeat.

Many of the individuals involved never were, are not and never will be mentioned on the Fortune 500. And most if not all of them never have, do not and never will pay taxes. As far as they are concerned, tax is for the “little people.”

Should you wish to follow the Presidential Elections in 2016 in order to find out which trained, bought and paid for puppet actor or actress will occupy the White House next, I suggest that you restrict yourself to Murdoch Media outlets, CNN, Fox and the many other news outlets around the world who do a copy and paste from CIA-controlled Reuters.

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and author of Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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  1. Jalen, at one stage I watched so many videos my head spun. 2011-2013. I was on a major learning curve. So chances are I did watch it. I look at the situation today and I can quite understand how the French got to the point where they chopped all their dang heads off! Today you are sitting with Americans who do not want to give up their guns. I used tho think they were all a bit wacky, but now I agree with them. I don’t think there is any other population on the planet as armed as the average American is! I also think that right now the focus should be on stopping the TPP and the TTIP. I look around the net and there really is not enough exposure and calls to stop it. If Aaron Swartz was still around I bet things would be different. He would be totally up in arms about the clauses concerning the Internet. Michael Hastings would also be all over it like a hot rash. To my mind stopping this is far more important than any presidential election, because as things stand it does not matter who is in office. They will come and they will go. But if the TPP and the TTIP are allowed to go through it is going to be near impossible to ever reverse the situation. Information about the past is all well and good, JFK, 9/11 etc, but it is the present and the future that urgently needs to be paid attention to.

  2. I agree. With all due respect to, because i enjoy your work very much! My epiphany came when i first watched the most famous Carlin bit “George Carlin – The Rothschilds Control America ” If every American Saw this simple 5 minute skit the world might change. Ive always found the timing of his death a bit fishy but another day another story . Being involved in markets my other eye opener to what really goes on is after 2008 no politician stood in the way of gigantic bonuses and now 4.5 Tirillion in QE the greatest gift of all. THAT was the turning point for me. The final nail was as i stated above watching “JFK to 9-11 Everything’s a Rich Man’s Trick”. That is when the dots got connected. I will never ever see this country the same until the day i die. I guess were Focci is coming from is when watched that i had a “duh” moment. It was quite obvious what you learn there is if Democracy was on life support before then, it flatlined forever since, Katherine as a journalist that will be the best 3.5 hours of your life if you havent already! Over 2 million views on youtube. i pray every day it becomes 20 million

  3. I remember reading some comments by Walter Cronkite years and years ago. He said the conventions prior to the JFK election was the last that was not a foregone conclusion before it even started. He had covered many of them since WWII. He also had some choice comments about “black men in the south dissapearing into police back-rooms with rubber truncheons”. No wonder the establishment was so eager to dump him.

  4. I do not believe that I am aware of all the factors. Like everyone else, the people who have the guts to write for VT and other Independent media as well as those who read and support them, I, like everyone else am learning every day. Five years ago I was decidedly “unconscious,” today thanks to web sites like VT I am a lot more “conscious.” The value of being educated and “conscious”of the realities in the world that we live in, which is supposed to be the job of a free and independent media that is truthful, honest and accurate, is that it enables people to make decisions about things that will effect their lives. In this case, being the US Presidential election, I have yet to see anyone who has stepped forward and addressed any of the real issues that need to be resolved, because anyone who has stepped forward is already bought and paid for. As of this week as I see it, the best thing Americans can do is stop the TPP and the TTIP and then work from there in order to restructure a real representative Congress, Senate and White House. I do not know how accurate or even effective this report is, but it is worth noting: Judge Calls For US Marshals and FBI To Arrest Congress and The President SO now you are “conscious” of this information. What value does it have for you?

  5. Another terrific, hard hitting expose by Katherine Frisk. A succinct truthful analysis of what all recent presidential elections since the Secret Shadow Government assassinated JFK. More of this fine work please.

    • If you haven’t already viewed the masterpiece “JFK to 9-11 Everythings a Rich Mans Trick” it will only support your very true statements 100 fold. The best spent 3.5 hours of my life. Just brilliant . Can find it in Millenium Report under title “CIA & Company: The Real Plotters Behind JFK’s Assassination” or on Youtube. Millenium One excerpt from MR. “As for the extremely brutal and public assassination of JFK, there are explicit reasons why such an execution plan was carried out in broad daylight, and especially during a highly watched presidential tour of Dallas.
      “There is a Secret Society ritual that is ‘the killing of the King.’ The national leader of the people is only a figurehead and has no real power. Power lies behind the scenes within dark secrets. Others pull the strings of the politician puppets. If an upstart, politician puppet makes waves or rocks the boat or doesn’t play ball…..that puppet gets eliminated. It is why Caesar was killed. It is why Kennedy was killed. If you disturb the real power structure, you can be targeted for removal. Such ‘assassinations’ demonstrate to the world who has the real power; it is a bloody statement of who is really in charge; and the truth is our secret rulers control from dark shadows. (There is a reason the Ace is higher than the King in a deck of cards. The Ace represents the Secret Societies that truly run the show).”

  6. Foci, I followed the 2012 elections. I did not know then. I actually believed then that you could make a difference But I learnt fast. My biggest lesson was when Rand Paul threw in his pack of cards with the Bilderberg group and Ron Paul pulled out of the race. Then I looked into these corporations and realized that no matter Republican or Democrat, follow the money and they all work for the same boss. If the TPP and the TTIP go through, that will be the death knell. Then the gloves will come off and there will be no more pretense. Any kind of representation of the people , by the people, for the people will end and be no more. This is the last election where Americans can really make a change. But I do not think that will happen. They will slip back into Republican/Democrat camps and play the old ping pong game at the end of which the USA as you know it will be no longer, neither will any country who signs the TPP and the TTIP agreements. The US Presidential election circus will distract everyone from what they really should be paying attention to. Stopping the TPP and the TTIP.

  7. Sad…no one to really vote for. Of course, the best pick is the one that annoys ( at least to a small extent ) the Synagogue of Satan.

  8. Sounds about right Ms Frisk. I would think Ms H Rodamski Clinton has already been crowned unofficially. Have to wait and see.

    Here in the UK our own Corpuppets lord it over us having achieved a whole 23% of the vote. Odd really: People only need Gods law to live by, and only need a sensibly funded administration to ‘administer’ our assets in our best interests. So how has it come to pass that we have a ruthless Mafia oppressing us and stealing our wealth to create police and armies to oppress others in order to steal their wealth too. Now the praetorians (police) use tasers and water cannon, rubber bullets and lead bullets if we dare to protest the outrageous crominality of the political and bureaucratic establishment class.

    • In England it started with Calvinistic (Dutch Protestant) betrayer “William III of Orange” from Holland, who sold the British Isles out to the Jewish (criminal banksters) mafia, at the end of the 17th century . . . Very well said, Katherine Frisk.

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