Turks, Kurds, Seymour Hersh and the Lies they Tell

Turkish base near ISIS held Mosul

…by  Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

I have five minutes to write this before heading out to a Christmas party with really good food I am probably not allowed to eat.  As Jim Dean pointed out today, the Turks are continuing to bring in more troops, a fullscale invasion of Northern Iraq.

As a bit of background, the Turks have been involved in large scale oil theft, oil and everything else, since 2012.  Seymour Hersh was right when he pointed out that there never has been a “moderate terrorist” military force.  What nobody points out is that the 4000 Turkish troops now moving into Iraq have mostly been taken out of Syria, not Turkey.

 Turk’s have been headquartered in Raqqah for the past year at brigade strength with tanks, helicopters and heavy artillery, now being kicked in the pants by Russian bombing.

Two thousand more Turkish troops have just crossed into Syria in Northern Latakia, where the Russian SU24 was downed.  The Syrian Army there is being joined by 1500 Iraqi volunteers, who are fighting the FSA/al Qaeda units, commanded by Saudi and Qatari officers and now major Turkish military forces in civilian garb but with most of their heavy equipment, “hiding in plain sight” as it were.

The US is actively pulling all regular forces as far away as possible, thinning out Incirlik Air Force Base and preparing to exfiltrate Special Forces advisors.  On the other hand, the CIA has brought in even more teams, to supplement the Israeli force operating outside Aleppo, estimated to be 200 plus men, company strength.

Russia is currently preparing a 60,000 man force they say they can bring online in Syria in less than 3 weeks, ready to move as soon as Turkey does something overt enough for EU media to notice.  In order to “sucker” Turkey, Russia is continuing to carpet bomb units crossing into Syria from Turkey, destroy supply columns and continues, aided by the Syria Air Force, to hit the now much smaller oil convoys working their way into Turkey.

The Turkish incursion into Iraq is there to protect Mosul, Turkey and Israel’s base of operations inside Iraq, which will come under pressure when and if Ramadi finally falls.

Kurdish Pergmersha and YPG forces, who have long worked with ISIS to keep the supply of oil flowing, are maintaining a “phony war” in the north, always taking new areas, always attacking with lines never moving.

The Kurds are engaged with something more deceitful than a “Sitzkrieg” as we saw prior to May 1940 in Europe.  Kurds control the highways ISIS uses for moving oil into Turkey and will, if necessary, fight alongside ISIS and Turkey against Shiite/Iranian backed Iraqi forces who have been the primary backing for the Iraqi Army.

The majority of the Kurdish people are unaware of their covert “semi-autonomous” policy, keeping ISIS alive and well in order to bleed oil revenue away from Baghdad and to offset Shiite power in Iraq.

To this extent, they are joined at the hip with not only ISIS but the West as well, who will keep arms flowing into Kurdistan, not to defeat ISIS but to protect ISIS, the real goal of the EU and NATO.


From DESI (machine translated from Arabic)

In a dangerous precedent and after careful monitoring of the Regional Office Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said / Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information Office said in an interview on Syrian television that the Saudi delegation headed by former brigadier general close to the ruling office in SAK has visited Israel to attend a conference at Tel Aviv University the day before, the third of December 2015 afternoon.

He held Conferences entitled “Jews Weavers and the Arabic language”, where there were discussions with the competent authorities and the leaders of the Mossad, Defense and State at a meeting on the sidelines until ten o’clock in the evening in matters concerning the Middle East region and assessed the geographical situation as a result of Russia’s entry into the conflict directly. This led to re-calculations of the political and military support to the parties to those groups (ISIS and Al-Nusra Front). The delegation discussed the following points:

  1. Gulf security and Unity
  2. Arabic-Israeli relations development
  3. create an Arab force to protect Arabic States
  4. Kurdistan State to stop Iranian dominance in Iraq
  5. Turkish-Israel military operations inside Syria to base Al-Nusra front and ISIS
  6. Working to change the political system in Iran
  7. Yemen peace process and Israel’s entry to Yemen and Djibouti pace
  8. Trade between the Horn of Africa and the Gulf through the Yemeni coast

Asked about the role of Islamic Arabic League past Syrian Ambassador Abu-Said revealed that these organizations operate with foreign agendas unrelated to the central issue is a false witness and support help infrastructure and influential Islamic Mali.

He noted that UN organizations are more serious and see the events accurately and they research and cooperate with them on current issues in order to maintain international and humanitarian laws that govern non-infringing and take initiatives in this area and are working with the European Organization for security and information.

Seal statement noted that this alliance established by Saudi Arabia in the absence of some States and not others weight in the context of the fight against terrorism to the inability of many of these States within an Alliance announced by the Kingdom recently to have been declared for inability to complete the tasks in this framework, is a test of States ‘ positions to identify policy options and linked by economic interests.

Therefore, the Alliance does not have any weight on military and security level but more sectarian Islamic lineup many gaps and greeted a large gap in the convergence of objectives.

Alaa Hamed / Media Office December 17, 2015




المنظمة الأوروبية للأمن والمعلومات تكشف عن حضور لواء سعودي على هامش مؤتمر “تل أبيب”، تحالف الـ ٣٤ بالون اختبار والمؤامرة على المنطقة مستمرة



















أبو سعيد:التحالف الذي أعلن عنه النظام السعودي لا يحظى بأي ثقل على المستوى العسكري والأمني2015-12-17أكد أمين عام المن…

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  1. Thanks for the great article Mr. Duff. I’d like to also be sure we’re on the same page. There are 3 “regions” of Kurds, ..those in Syria, those in Turkey and those in Iraq. It is in Iraq that The KRG exists and is under Barzani. Barzani can only speak for Iraqi Kurds as a part of the autonomous region of Iraq.
    The Kurdish people in Turkey are under the Erdogen regime, the Syrian Kurds are under Assad, though fairly autonomous in northern Syria. BTW the ISIL HQ in Raqqah is in the Syrian Kurdish area. . Barzani has no authority over Syrian or Turkish citizens who are Kurdish. Im assuming the Kurds referenced above are the Iraqi KRG?

  2. I would like to see one photograph of an Israeli in Syria or Iraq. Until then I consider these allegations unfounded and no different that the forged publication “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

  3. The israelis, my friend, Don’t Come Out Nor Hide In Anything of Military Nature For Fear Of Death…

    Though the BEST way to stop israelis of any types is for 20-25 deaths together in any campaign.
    Remember, when their real Jewish ancestors were kicked out into the diaspora, God had cursed
    them till the end of time And The Sign Would Be A Massive Fear Of Death. That’s been Hezbullah’s
    biggest tool in All Three Conflicts.

    They might be very well equiped but Useless in facing real battles. Their personnel need their mama
    by their sides at all times. (Jewish mother jokes are factual being just delivered as satire.)

    Hence, the cover-up ruse used by them and their media is of picture-post pointing of guns at women
    and children whilst killing unarmed civilians.

    All their medals of honour drip with civilian blood only. Being Brave Is Alien To Them.

  4. I so want to see the meddling Israelis captured in Aleppo. I want to see them treated the same as their people have treated others. The Jew bolsheviks tortured, murdered or worked to death countless Russians in the gulags. They tortured and murdered the German people fm 1945-1949. And what they’ve done to the Palestinians has been covered here. Payback. The world needs justice and payback! Pray for Putin!

  5. If all this is true (another scoop for VT and Gordon Duff) then it’s a great opportunity for Vladimir Putin to give his enemy Erdogan the Stalingrad he promised 4 months ago. If this is not Armageddon, it’ll do until Armegaddon arrives.
    With the Russian ‘Fort’ electronic warfare covering this region like a blanket, the evil Turk will have no air cover. Neither will the evil Khazar, the evil Turkoman, the evil Chechen or the evil American. Such a disgrace to American soldiers, that their countrymen should be on the side of such evil!
    For have no doubt, this war is a divine struggle– and the living master has already suffered for Syria. He will not abandon her, and any fool who joins the attempt to subjugate Syria will find his destiny in Hell.
    Just as at the Battle of Kurukshetra three thousand years ago, where Lord Krishna told his disciple Arjuna the archer, ‘’Kill them, for they are already dead. Remember Me — and FIGHT!’’ this war will define the dark powers, who will be stained with the innocent blood of the Syrians, and haunted by their dishonour.

  6. And…and… I am sure…before the close of this historic and auspicious conclave, the delegates proceeded very appropriately to play with each other watching war snuff and kiddy porn movies….
    What a bunch of criminal losers !!

  7. Like the old last chance for gas signs, the big gambit they seek means more death and more misery but they are unabashed about who it is they are and what they wish to do. Now if they can only get a neo zio they control in the WH next year to compliment the Hanoi Singer flimsy Graham, they will have someone to hide behind and may just pull it off. But the c i agency is a problem child.

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