Trump: Israel-did-9/11 protestor is a Trump guy



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, with Martin Hill

Does Donald Trump know that Israel did 9/11? And is he planning to do something about it?

That is a plausible interpretation of Monday’s incident in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where my friend and regular radio guest Martin Hill – who had scored front-row seats at the Trump rally – staged some political guerrilla theater.

I can’t resist pointing out that this is exactly what I was calling for in my article:

Hey Trump! ISRAELIS cheered 9/11 attacks, not Muslims! Everywhere Trump goes, we need to interrupt his speeches with this information

Martin writes:

About 20 minutes into Trump’s speech, a group of media came right down to the stage to photograph him. They were positioned between me and Trump, one foot in front of me. I didn’t know how long Trump’s speech was going to last, so I thought I should just go for it before I miss the chance. I had driven over 700 miles to get there and stood in the rain for more than 5 hours. I was not going to screw this up.

When he took a break between sentences I shouted “five Jews were arrested on 9/11 in New Jersey Trump, not Muslims.”

In an ideal world, I would have preferred to say “Why do you keep claming that Muslims were cheering on 9/11, when the only people who were actually arrested for cheering and celebarering on 9/11 were five Jewish Israelis? They were arrested, sent to federal prison, deported back to Israel and later sued John Ashcroft. They LOST their case, it was thrown out of court. This is all in police, fbi and federal court records. Stop lying about Muslims. Are you repeating this lie to “protect Israel,” as you promised to do in your first campaign ad?”

But this situation is not appropriate for that. This is a game of sylables. every single syllable is precious. You do not know how many you are going to get. You must be very loud, quick, brief, and direct. It is not the time for speeches.

As soon as I began shouting, Trump had continued into a new sentence, so he was talking at the same time. I then shouted “HEY – HEY. LISTEN TO ME TRUMP!” At that point, believe it or not, he actually stopped speaking to let me talk.
I shouted it again, very clear: “FIVE JEWS ARRESTED ON 9/11 IN NEW JERSEY, NOT MUSLIMS,” as Trump looked right at me.

I also told him the Israel did 9/11, and I called him a Zionist. Because he is one. Any one who denies that is an idiot. The record speaks for itself. He’s said so in his own words, countless times.

Some in the crowd began to boo, others tried unsuccessfully to start a weak chant of “USA! USA!”

Trump told them to calm down, relax and sit down. He actually said  “No, he’s on our side.” I was on his side. I found that very fascinating that Trump would tell the crowd that I was on his side.

Here is the news video.

Go to minute 20. Transcript:

“He’s actually a Trump guy, he’s just, got a lot of energy. Okay. Shhh.

(Trump then puts index finger to mouth, making symbol to sshhh!)

“Okay, sit down. Come on. Relax. Relax. He’s on our side. Who would know it, but he’s on our side. I think.” [End 20:46.]

If pointing out that Zionists not Muslims did 9/11 makes you “a Trump guy” and puts you on Trump’s side…well,  maybe I have misunderestimated Trump. It might be worth voting for him just on the 5% chance that if elected he’ll put PNAC and company on trial for treason.


  1. Trump, nobody’s fool, recognizes at this point that the non-stop and tellingly left-to-right and faux independent assault on him in the kosher MSM speaks for itself. The sheer viciousness of the personal attacks won’t be lost on him, either, and he no doubt recognizes as a Christian that neocon-promoted Islamophobia is almost trivial in America compared with the tribe’s far more venomous and scurrilous attacks on Christianity and their enmity toward Christians in general. Imagine the Christian fools in America who still believe the cuckserving Republican establishment represents them while ignoring the money and order taking from Christian-hating Jewish billionaires.

  2. @DaveE– “I thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving the Chosen Ones high blood pressure and aggravating their ulcers.”
    Yes, that he is doing.

  3. “Hey Trump! ISRAELIS cheered 9/11 attacks, not Muslims! Everywhere Trump goes, we need to interrupt his speeches with this information”.
    Several posters here made a good case for why Trump knows who did what. I see no good coming from forcing his hand. Remember, Saudis are not yet cleared of 9-11 involvement. Throughout history and still now, Muslims and Jews often work together against some enemy. And I have read enough articles and testimonies to not discount Muslim celebrations over 9-11. After all, there is hatred for American policy in the Middle East. Also I would recommend listening to Peter Lavelle’s recent Crosstalk debate entitled “Endangered Christians”. He expresses frustration at how Islam is protected from criticism with pejoratives such as “Islamophobia” even though it is acceptable to ridicule, for example he notes, Christianity.

  4. There is this invisible but hard case veil of political correctness that is whispered among western establishment not to mention ex cathedra the Israeli government’s accomplice in any misdeed. However the decent Israeli citizens and the core of the worldwide religious Jewish people are the only ones that can break the deadlock on this issue. The rest like Putin, Trump are whipped by this correctness, and those that do commit this political sin ex cathedra are equaled to demons. So actually the only ones that have a ball in hand on this argument are the decent Jews. In Israel and worldwide. And not only ball in hand but also responsibility.

    • Difficult though as they stick together that bit more than other races and of course naturally as an occupier’mob rules’ seriously big time in Israeli citizens. But yes, I tend to agree, on the whole this is the only non violent solution.
      Plus it is a broader issue, we might not live long enough to notice the human species finally kicking on.‼️

  5. Yes, we in the super power status have our “whites in shining armor” as in moody blues, glanent men who stand on principle, as in Trump and in Putin…. men that protect the meek…… there are no others that have this quality…. why would you doubt them, if only to retreat back to business as usual, we must rely on these men, if we ever have an outlet to escape our plight of servitude to the others. I truly believe these are the witnesses, that were sent to us, though wealthy as they are, they are a product of the times we live in and as in the days of Solomon, are our only best hope, for our world is so enthralled in money, that the all mighty is using money men to show us the way out of what has happened to all of us, for they are fearless of those that have destroyed us for their benefit, when they have done just the opposite to empower us and help us to our bring forth our own fruits.

    • Trump and Putin are destined to work together to defeat what Preston James calls the evil “select few”. Only a combined force of the U.S. and Russia could accomplish this. Putin is well aware of this and believe me, is praying Trump can hold out against the onslaught against him. There is not much time left; this may be our last chance.

  6. Don’t be surprised that Trump said halt all Muslims from coming here, till we figure out what the hell to do. He could have said, we should figure out what we should do before letting in any more Muslims, but he knows and knew the first words of his sentence would explode in the press…….there fore getting those that are responsible for atrocities to speak up for those they intimidate, to show face….against him and the rest of us to say go Trump…..unless you really know how to influence the deal you want to make, you have to understand human nature and how to play it, this is an art that Donald learnt very well in Military school, when he was still a young man. Please, there will be no other person in this crowded field of contenders that will be as honest a broker for the American people the Mr. Trump, for who in their right mind would the American Jews, NO I don’t want your money, just your support. ???????

  7. When it comes to NYC real estate and a building as notorious as the world trade center, and why Silverstein even bought the White Elephant to begin with, with the asbestos removal move expensive then the building was worth, must have raised eyebrows to the Trumps as to why Silverstein bought it, in the first place. When the facts came out his Insurance paid for all that it did, people like Trump, knew this was no ordinary deal when dealing with the Jews as he has in the last 40 yrs. for the price was not right, there was a catch, and 9/11 was the catch, and I’m sure the Donald, knew what just transpired.

  8. True and true but payoffs or worse can get any report changed or forged or faked…To be on the safe side we should elect the entire bush clan @ once,har har. Good work Dr. Barrett.

  9. Trump is NOT dumb, he damn well knows Israel, Saudi’s Bush, Cheney and the Brits are all involved in 9/11. That is why he is running, to save us from this debauchery before they take this nation down to rabid dog status. I don’t know the man personally but I am in the Stone business aka stonehillady, Trump did more to redirect the course of where we get Marble, travertines, granites then any other entity when the Euro was paring close to the dollar and made getting a lot of stone that use to come from Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal prohibitively expensive for the building trade, so he went outside to Turkey and Mexico and beyond so we ALL could get stone that is reasonable priced for our trade.
    Beside that Trump is no mans fool, he works the crowd, has a stack of staff that gets the real deal of the truth but, as all of know, you have to play dumb at times, then come on swinging when they least expect it.
    That is why the establishment is so afraid of him, they know the gig is up if he gets enough clot from us that they can not rig this nomination if the majority of us push his ass through.

    • I will only say this. I am not convinced Trump is a Zionist. I don’t say that lightly. That is not to say I will vote for him or that I trust him implicitly. I feel the same way about Putin. I trust neither of them implicitly. I am watching at this point and I am watching closely. I’m not making any whole sale judgements at this point. The media campaign against Trump is coming heavy right now. That in and of itself might be telling…. and I stress the word might. He could have easily ridiculed that man and turned the crowd against him. A Zionist would have done that. Hillary would have done that in a New York minute. But Trump did not. Things are getting interesting to say the least. We shall see what we shall see in all good time.

    • I don’t know, Wanderer. At least Putin was ex-military, a trait he shares with JFK, McKinley, Garfield, and Lincoln. Legitimately opposing the Zionists requires a willingness to risk one’s own skin for the sake of the people. With Trump, I have seen no indication of this so far.

    • Pop, I’m not convinced one way or another. that is why I make no wholesale judgments. Too many rush to judgement when they don’t have all the facts. My biggest problem with Trump is the Islamophobia trip he and everybody is on. It’s racism plain and simple and it’s a scam. Politics are a scam. Red team, blue team is a scam. I did not say he has my support and vote. None of them have my support or vote. It is sad to me Americans don’t demand change. It is sad to me that we can’t have a farmer or a logger. It’s sad to me we can’t have shop worker or a secretary. How about somebody who has slogged through the day to day crap and has gotten it shoved up their arse like the rest of us? That’s who I want for President. And if I had my way political parties would be banned. There would be no party line to tow and no political body to hide behind. So, do not mistake my words for wholesale support of Trump. I am simply not 100% convinced he is a Zionist…. which is why I said we will see what we will see in all good time. Be mindful of thinking you have all the answers until the last card is played. I’m too old to play that game anymore.

    • Well, Wanderer, look at Alexander Zakharchenko. As far as I can tell, he was just a mining electrician before 2014; now, he’s the prime minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). All it took was a “civil war” in Ukraine…

      JV is correct; the rules of the NWO’s game can be changed. They won’t make it easy, though…

      “This war is for the fundamental principles of future world structure. We are opposing to those people… that ‘world elite’ which plans to establish technogenic based neo-slavery system seriously and forever. Under such world disorder, there will simply be no place for majority of people. Every ordinary fighter realizes it here. That’s what has started here; that’s what has started here in Novorussia.”
      ~ DPR militia member Gennadiy Dubovoi, 2014

  10. ” Armies of due diligence professionals…”

    These professionals are typically licensed architects and engineers in the structural and mechanical (e.g. HVAC) specialties, or certified/licensed asbestos inspectors.

    When a asbestos containing materials survey is carried out, it typically involves removing ceiling panels, checking insulation on pipes/conduits, and even making holes in walls, so it would be nearly impossible to hide something improper in the areas surveyed.

  11. I wouldn’t bet the farm on Trump acknowledging Israel’s role in 9/11, even if he becomes Prez. That is, if he values his life he won’t. His rallies are frequently interrupted by protestors these days, and he’s adopted the stategy of getting them quieted without seeming too brutal about it. Martin was evicted, after all. He wasn’t going to have a second chance to shout out and even have a dialogue on the subject.

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