Holocaust Deniers of the World, Unite – behind Ursula!


By Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ed.D.

Lillian Carter
Lillian Carter

There is a story about Miss Lillian Carter that I have always cherished.

One merry morning, Miss Lillian was sitting on her front porch in Georgia, serenely sunning herself, when a brave passerby strolled by. He paused. He saw an opportunity. He sidled closer.

He pursed his lips and asked with cheeky confidence: “Miss Lillian, may I kiss you?”

Miss Lillian said: “Hell, NO!”

See how easy it is to send a jokester packing who has the gall to trespass on your dignity?

Miss Ursula, 87, said in effect, “Hell, NO!” to Holocaustianity when she was asked three years ago in a television interview, broadcast all over Germany, to pay lip service to the globally-promoted asymmetric weapon of psychological intimidation. She wouldn’t say what she was expected to say and do what she was expected to do – namely grovel on her belly before an historical falsehood.

Miss Ursula was careful but outspoken. She didn’t speak as bluntly as Miss Lillian did, aware that in the Vaterland you can’t offend the Ruling Mandarins by challenging the Holocaust head-on.

Ursula Haverbeck
Ursula Haverbeck

In Germany, you go to prison for a dozen years if you raise your arm in a politically incorrect angle – as the brilliant attorney, Horst Mahler, did who netted himself a life sentence. Or if you didn’t say what you should have said, as happened to the famed politologist, Udo Wallendy. Or even if you stick a mustache on a snowman in your front yard, as happened to a fellow whose name I can’t recall. On fear of life and limb you don’t!

Don’t you dare ask “Did Six Million Really Die?” as my intrepid husband did some forty years ago (!) while still living in a country where questioning that dogma was legal. Revenge will dog your heels.

Four decades later, you get kidnapped, dragged through six prisons in three countries on two continents; you get charged, convicted and sentenced to maximum years – and for the rest of your life you are a “criminal of moral turpitude,” forbidden to ever set foot in America again! If you dare challenge the forbidden dogma, you are so vile, as Judge Meinerzhagen put it, while sentencing Ernst to five years that “ … even a bird will refuse to fly over your grave!” Time-tested Old-Testament hatred!

Few are the ones who have the fortitude to tell the Dreadful Few, as my Veterans Today colleague, Jonas Alexis, has called them: “To here, and not an inch beyond.” A fitting name – “the Dreadful Few.” They are plain dreadful, and they are now in the minority. They “dread” – and rightly so – that the jig is soon going to be up!


Miss Ursula, at 87 as youthful and as cultured as they come, refused to crawl on her belly. After three generations of wall-to-wall brainwashing, most people will crawl on their bellies. Not she. Not Ursula. Protected by her age and impeccable grooming and manners, she sauntered in where angels fear to tread.

She gave a lengthy interview on Panorama, a famous German television magazine, equivalent to America’s Sixty Minutes. She chose the oblique approach. Miss Ursula dreamed up a jiu jitso.  

She asked in a sweet voice: “If Six Million didn’t die in Auschwitz – as has been since sufficiently admitted and even documented by Germany’s high-level government sources – then where exactly did six million die? There must be a place. You can’t claim a murder without having a place where it happened.”

Prior to her interview on Panorama, Miss Ursula had fortified herself by means of sterling revisionist research. I will not list it here. You can check up on it yourself. The entire Panorama interview can be downloaded from the Net – in German, with English subtitles. It’s worth your time to watch it.

This Panorama interview is verily a feast for Free Speech advocates, but it’s a bit lengthy, and if you are like me, you may not like to read subtitles.

For your convenience, I have reduced a recent follow-up interview Miss Ursula gave to a British socialite, Lady Michele Renouf, a documentary producer who posts at www.telingfilms.com. It’s only five minutes, and enjoy watching Miss Ursula’s quaint, yet steely approach.

I think that many of you German expats out there, strewn hither and yon after the end of Hitler’s Third Reich, will appreciate Miss Ursula’s take. I believe you will marvel at the civic courage expressed with class and dignity in a land under the cudgel of an obnoxious German censorship monstrosity called Paragraph 130, known colloquially as “…defaming the the memory of the dead!” In simplest words, the widely believed version of Auschwitz has been legally declared to be “obvious” – Offenkundigkeit in German parlance – and heaven help you if you disagree.

It took three years, but as expected, that hideous Commie Paragraph caught up at long last with Miss Ursula. There was understandable reluctance to try to put that friendly but principled octogenarian behind bars– but still, it finally happened.


Elderly German Lady sentenced to 10 months in prison for doubting Auschwitz extermination claims

by Michael Hoffman


Hamburg District Court, Nov. 11, 2015 — 87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck has been sentenced to imprisonment in Germany for doubting that people were “exterminated” by “gassing” in the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz.

The defendant, in good spirits, reiterated her doubts in the courtroom. She arrived without a lawyer, and defended herself. Some fifty of her supporters crowded the courtroom and the hall outside.

She was accused of giving an interview to the German magazine Panorama in which she stated that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp but a labor camp. The mass murder of Jews had not taken place, she said.

Haverbeck, former chairwoman of the now-banned freethought association, “Collegium Humanum,” told the judge, “Here, I stand.”

Charlotte Knobloch
Charlotte Knobloch

Turning to the prosecutor she asked, “How do you as a lawyer prove the accusation that Auschwitz was an extermination camp?” Her request for a revisionist historian to give evidence that at Auschwitz no one had been gassed, was rejected by Judge Jönsson who stated: “It is futile to argue with people who do not accept the facts.”

The German government prosecutor maintained that the defendant’s “fanatical delusion” had not abated and that, despite her advanced age, Ursula Haverbeck must be sentenced to 10 months in prison without parole. The judge agreed and the sentence was imposed.

In 2009, Haverbeck was fined thousands of dollars in the District Court of Bad Oeynhausen, for having given offense to Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of Jews.


An Australian, Nigel Jackson, a Melbourne poet and man of letters, took Germany to task for that legal monstrosity in a recent editorial follow-up: Germany’s Misuse of the Law

The Case of Ursula Haverbeck

Michael Hoffman has just issued an important statement on this case: ‘Elderly German Lady sentenced to 10 months in prison for doubting Auschwitz extermination claims.’ (…)

It appears that in an interview with the German magazine Panorama she had stated that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp but a labour camp. The mass murder of Jews, she said, had not taken place. (…)

During proceedings she asked the prosecutor: ‘How do you as a lawyer prove the accusation that Auschwitz was an extermination camp?’ The prosecutor mentioned that her ‘fanatical delusion’ had not abated. (In 2009 she was fined in the District Court of Bad Oeynhausen for having offended Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of Jews.)

Her request for a revisionist historian to give evidence that at Auschwitz no one had been gassed was rejected by Judge Jonsson, who stated: ‘It is futile to argue with people who do not accept the facts.’



The sentencing of this woman can justly be described as a crime against humanity. Why is this?

There are two possibilities: either she is right (or largely right) or she is wrong (or largely wrong). Let us assume that the latter is true. We then have a pitiful spectacle of an elderly person stubbornly and irrationally clinging to a mistaken view of historical events.

Shakespeare’s King Lear is the archetypal work of art examining the ramifications of such a situation. As we watch Lear rave in misery on the heath, we feel compassion for him; but that does not stop us knowing that his disaster has been mainly self-inflicted as a result of his stubborn holding of illusions earlier in the action. None of us, however, would want to punish him for the awful threats he issues during his agon.

If Ms Haverbeck is wrong (and a formidable battery of opinion, including learned opinion, around the world maintains that she is), then what damage can her statements really do to anyone? As we say, rather rudely, in Australia: ‘You can’t fart against thunder.’

If such is the situation, why on earth was she ever brought to trial? Why were her remarks not just passed over (‘Poor thing! Off her head, of course!’). Why did the prosecutor maintain that her age should not prevent her from being sentenced?

In this scenario, we plainly have an example of inhumane treatment being meted out to a too-elderly victim.



But what if she is right, or largely right? I happen to believe that she is just that, but, of course, I’m a human being and we are all prone to error. Moreover, the topic of ‘the Holocaust’ is a vast one and not easily to be assessed by the ordinary man in the street, lacking relevant specialised knowledge and not knowing the German language.

What if Ms Haverbeck is right? Then she is a martyr to the truth and the Hamburg Court proceedings were a disgrace to the German legal profession and to Germany.

She was entitled to the following behaviours in court:

  1. the prosecutor should have explained clearly and succinctly why he and the law believed that Auschwitz was an extermination camp;
  2. The judge should have allowed her to call one or more revisionist historians to defend her position. Given the vast amount of revisionist scholarship on this topic now able to be studied, the judge had no right to claim that ‘the facts’ have been finally established. It is inappropriate and unethical for any court or any government to claim omniscience on such a complicated and clearly disputed historical and scientific controversy.

The prosecutor’s refusal to justify his position means that his claim that the defendant was suffering from a ‘fanatical delusion’ falls to the ground.

If Ms Haverbeck is innocent, then a much worse crime against humanity has been committed. The very dignity of mankind has been unwarrantably assailed and the ideals of Western European culture, especially the importance of intellectual freedom, wickedly scorned. Claims that her behaviour has ‘given offence’ will look like subterfuge designed to protect an endangered interest group.

But is there such a group? Yes, there is. It is an open secret that there is and that the interest group’s power in many nations of the world is great indeed.

Shame, Germany, shame! Or, rather, shame on the German government and its legal profession!


Postscript: Of course Miss Ursula announced she will appeal. Stay tuned!


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{p}Ingrid Rimland is an award-winning ethnic novelist and documentary producer. Currently she works on a wide-screen feature movie (Category: Contemporary Political Drama) called THE EXPATS.{/p} {p}Born to Russian-German Mennonites in the Ukraine, she experienced World War II as a small child. Multilingual and gifted linguistically, she brings a unique perspective to the Patriot struggle, having lived under four dictators in her young years – Stalin, Hitler, Peron of Argentina, and Stroessner of Paraguay.{/p} {p}Ingrid is proudly married to one of the world’s most politically incorrect human rights activist, Ernst Zundel, kidnapped by America’s Zionist-beholden government goons on American soil in 2003 for having spoken Truth to Power about the so-called “Holocaust”. She has earned a doctorate in Education from the University of the Pacific and been a U.S. citizen since 1973.{/p}
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  1. Support for Judaism´s version of „the holocaust“ is explained by the statements of B. Netanyahu, that 9-11 was good for “Israel”, as the event shuffled opinion to the support of “Israel”. The following link provides additional, clarifying information_ https://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/netanyahu-isis-is-good-for-israel/
    Previous articles published by veteranstoday.com clarify that while “Black Budget” items in the annual U.S. NDAA and Saudi oil sheiks fund ISIS-ISIL, the MOSSAD and army elements of “Israel” command ISIS-ISIL. The dictator of the European Union since 15 June 2015, German chancellor Merkel and DOJ chief, jewish Heiko Maas enable ISIS-ISIL. By enticing Arab “freeloaders”, labled as asylum seekers, out of their homelands into NATO states of the E.U., via offers of housing and income, the Merkel-Maas team supports terrorism. The Merkel-Maas team permits ISIS-ISIL sleepers into the E.U., who conduct the steadily increasing acts of terrorism that are reported in daily newspapers. That is, when such items are not suppressed by the manipulated news media, they are distorted so as to cover up the Merkel-Maas-supported terrorism.

  2. Actually the three philosophies are barely distinguishable, and the social systems which they support are not distinguishable at all. Everywhere there is the same pyramidal structure, the same worship of a semi-divine leader, the same economy existing by and for continuous warfare. It follows that the three super-states not only cannot conquer one another, but would gain no advantage by doing so. On the contrary, so long as they remain in conflict they prop one another up, like three sheaves of corn.”
    ~ “1984,” George Orwell

    In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you believe the Bolsheviks were “Jewish;” “by their fruit you will recognize them.” The only reason the Soviet Union received billions in US and UK military aid through the Lend-Lease Act and acted as an Orwellian frenemy to the West for decades is because it was cut from the same ideological cloth.

  3. Are you out of your mind? Indocrinated by the Lügenpresse? You’re jumping to conclusions like Hitler. These “Jews” weren’t much talmudic (their ancestors maybe), although some probably were (Western agents). Lenin was hardly “Jewish”, Stalin certainly wasn’t. The Soviet Union and Communist China were/are the monstrous, Western Calvinistic/Wahhabi/satanic talmudic Jewish mafia’s biggest (and only) enemy, you damn fool.

  4. The effort to sanctify the holocaust always comes with claims of evidential veracity. Upon close examination, however, such claims quickly loose their authority.
    For the holocaust believers, theirs is an emotional fixation immune to any injection of fact, or contrary, or even lack of evidence. The wild claims of alleged survivors cannot be substantiated, in fact, extant evidence shows alleged survivor testimony fraught with bombastic exaggeration and outright lying on an epic scale.
    According to Jewish researchers at the Nuremberg trials, Nazi Germany was document rich, yet no documents supporting a holocaust existed. Of course lack of evidence will not stop articles of belief, or those who love to overlook the patterns of fabulated history, to slide into a prepackaged niche of such.
    It should be disturbing to anyone, that the mere questioning of an evidence free belief is all that’s required to face the wrath of the state. Holocaust believers should be especially alarmed at this, since their chosen horror ostensibly occurred under auspices of an intolerant state.

  5. The Bolsheviks that set up the Soviet Union were also (Talmudic) “Jews.” The Western Allies then got into a fake Orwellian war with the Soviets that lasted for decades. What are you talking about?

  6. Do German citizens posting online (like youtube comments for instance) get monitored to see if they agree with her, or while expressing their own free thoughts and opinions? So the wall coming down did nothing to really unify the country, maybe it’s worse than the 1945-90 era since it was “infiltrated”…

    According to some,(Douglas Reed, Anthony Sutton for instance) the plan started in the late 50’s to leave the USSR,(90% of Soviet Union Government was run by the Eastern Jews since they invented and imposed Communism alongside Zionism, then many leaving/migrating to Israel) Who else was allowed to leave the USSR? Very few-and it took decades for the migration to be completed- We know who financed Lennin/Trotsky-the first thing they did was ransack the country, take millions to Swiss banks, kill as many Russians as possible, and make slaves and street sweepers out of whoever was left-
    And Germany (between the wars) was financed by Wall Street, excruciating profits were made not only from the reparation payments, but US corporations before the war numbered in the hundreds, and those factories (US/German) were spared from the massive bombings
    Complex, deceptive in so many ways. Anthony Sutton’s books shed the light, like GE bringing electricity to the Soviet Union(at handsome profits too)

  7. Very neat article. The abuse of Mrs. Ursula Wetzel reminds of the jewish rat court conducted in Munich against John Demjanjuk of Cleveland, 2009-2012. Extradicted from Cleveland to Munich in 2009 and charged with being “Ivan the Terrible”, Demjanjuk was alleged to have gassed thousands in the slave-labor stalag in Sobibor, Poland. Demjanjuk´s congressman, Traficant of Ohio, presented evidence that Demjanjuk was not Ivan the Terrible, which the Israeli supreme court found creditable in 1993 and released Demjanjuk. Newsprint indicated that two 90+yr-old survivors of Sobibor identified Demjanjuk in the 2011 Munich trial. It is logical to think that 69 years later, 90+-year-old, alleged witnesses would not recognize the man even if they had actually seen him in 1943. Such witness nonsense reflects the tenor of the trial of Mrs. Ursula Haverbeck Wetzel. German articles indicated that picture-evidence displays the various slave-labor camps, while no WWII photos display gas chambers. Nor, could German officials provide supportive evidence of gas chambers. While millions share the accurate view of Mrs. Ursula Haverbeck Wetzel, some Germans have the courage to openly support her, in spite of the suppressive Jewish legal system in Germany, that incarcerates challengers of the Holocaust concept.

  8. Hitler knew nothing about Jews before he came to Vienna (although most did, it was widely known). He, at first, even defended these pathological liars, and criminals, who worship savagery/psychopathy (talmud). He really learned about them in Vienna, though, also thanks to the Roman Catholic Dr. Karl Lueger (M**n K**pf, volume one, end of part II)

  9. Merry Christmas, Brave Ingrid, and to your husband, too.

    Just a side note, Ernst’s first trial was where one of my all time favorite Holowhoppers occurred, where Arnold Friedman claimed he could tell whether Polish or Hungarian Jews were being burned that day by the color of the smoke! He said this under oath, no less.

    That’s right up there with Moshe Peer’s sad tale, wherein little Moshe was gassed 6 different times, and every single time everyone around him croaked, but little Moshe was left unharmed.

    The newspapers in Canada printed this fable, lest they become “holocaust deniers” by failing to believe something that a “survivor” told them.

  10. Well, numbers tell an interesting tale. With Europe’s death rate conservatively estimated at 12 per thousand, when we extrapolate the eleven million Jews living in Europe and the USSR (the figure from the Wannsee Conference), we arrive at a total of 1.584 million Jews expected to die of natural causes during the twelve years of the Third Reich.

    Double this figure for the epidemic disease, starvation, and “collateral damage” caused by the all-out war that Britain and France declared against Germany. Add in the 1.5 million mostly Jewish commissars and guerrilla fighters killed in Russia by the Einsatzgruppen to protect the Wehrmacht’s rear during Germany’s preemptive strike against Stalin’s massing invasion forces. Now you have the approximate number of Jewish deaths claimed by Raoul Hilberg, the most respected holocaust historian. To his credit, Hilberg refuses to allow his work to be politicized by Jewish extremists, but his methodology is lax. He often counts the same people two or three times over in arriving at his grand death total, which is 900,000 short of the magic six million number in any case.

    “Death” camps can then be relegated to the same category as human soap, human skin lampshades, shrunken human heads – just another anti-German fabrication of the Soviet propaganda machine.

  11. “enforcing the lie” ….through their “Just-Us” system they write in “laws” to keep that layer between us and their cover of lies…. our very dear Miss Ursula was pointing to the lynchpin with a tenacity they could ill afford… she soars way above them

  12. Holocaustianity is itself nothing more than an organized expression of dark emotions and childish beliefs, which are instituted as control and repression measures.
    The impetus behind Holocaustianity is abundantly clear to anyone who bothers to discover similar patterns repeated throughout the command and control complex of self-styled “leaders”. It is about assigning guilt, about enslaving the efforts of people everywhere, and of course about naked profiteering and power mongering.
    What are the facts of holocaustianity? Where is the evidence for the repression, the looting of the blood and treasure of an entire people? We wait in vain for any genuine evidence to manifest, for any verifiable fact to emerge. Instead we are told we are to get in with the rest of the herd, and just believe, because hosts of soulless profiteers demand that we do so.
    What does it mean for an entire society to happily regard hearsay as fact? Does it mean, could it mean a moral bankruptcy so corrosive that holocaustianity is but a gateway drug to further sacrifices of all that truly matters to being human? And if this is so, if the embrace of falsehoods as truth do indeed steal away our vital essence, what then does this mean for a world wide leadership determined to force everyone to accept this condition?
    Holocaustianity is far more more than the vicious parasitism of a small group desperately holding onto their lies to maintain their ill gotten privilege, it is a cult of self destruction.

  13. re.. She was entitled to the following behaviours in court: 2) The judge should have allowed her to call one or more revisionist historians to defend her position.

    It has already been attempted in court. The holocaust defenders end up suffering a humiliating defeat, not to mention a lot of embarrassing facts tend to come under the spotligh, which some would rather was kept hidden.. as happened in Canada during the Eighties.

    Since then they’ve wised up.. under no circumstances allow the holocaust to be debated in a court, esp with a media circus outside.

    • Errr, I think Ingrid is aware of what happened in the 1980’s in Canada, Eddie. You might want to look a little closer at Ingrid’s last name.

  14. Never has the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” more apt than comparing the photos of Ursula Haverbeck and Charlotte Knobloch. If Zollywood were to make this a movie, it would reverse their images to sell their lie.

  15. 3,3 million “Holy Cause” victims were given reparations.

    Not counting the nuclear capable Dolphin subs or anything else taken from the German people.

  16. The nazis (at least the elites) were occult (Talmudic) practitioners and zionists.

    * britishempire.co.uk/maproom/palestine/travelpalestine.htm

    * worldcat.org/title/nazi-fahrt-nach-palastina-reisebericht/oclc/234201684

    Since the nazis were zionists they were going to transfer all the “jews” (including Talmudists and seculars) to Palestine when they had won the war – according to their spiritual conviction.

    Examples of what the Talmud teaches:

    Kethuboth 11b. ” If an adult jew man has sexual intercourse with a little girl it is nothing to worry about, because if the girl is less than three years old, it is as if sticking a finger in the eye – eyes fill with tears, for and again. Likewise, virginity comes back to a little girl under three (3) years. ”

    Aboda sara 37a. “A Jew can desecrate a non-jew girl when she was aged 3 years and one day.”

    Gittin 57a. “Jesus is in hell, where his punishment is that ‘cooked in heated sperm.’ ‘

    Sanhedrin105a. “Jesus ‘committed bestiality, corrupted people morally, and is relegated to hell.'”

    Sanhedrin107b. “Jesus was trying to seduce women, was excommunicated by a Rabbi, worshiped then a brick, seduced Israel and used magic.”

    You gotta love them.

    • And yet the Zionists had NSDAP Germany ground into paste within 12 years. Compare this to confirmed controlled opposition constructs like the Soviet Union, Al-Qaeda, or even “Neo-Nazi” groups like those running Ukraine, and you’ll realize that there is no comparison. As Orwell wrote, “… so long as they remain in conflict they prop one another up, like three sheaves of corn.”

    • You’re right about that Pop, and Orwell was right too for the Warfare State needs an adversary to legitimize its existence.

      On another note, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, a son to an English general, wrote a well selling book printed in 1900 called “Die Grundlagen des 19. Jahrhunderts” (The constitution of the 20th century).

      In this book he came to the conclusion that the father of Jesus was an aryan! Of course, the British were not only zionists but the House of Windsor changed name from Sachsen Coburg in the outbreak of WWI.

      The chief ideologist of the NSDAP Alfred Rosenberg was a Jew and the chief of Jewish matters Adolf Eichman was also a Jew, but non the less regarded himself to be an aryan.

      How is this possible?

      My theory is that the Aryans that invaded India 6000 years ago have the same genealogical root as the Nazi aryans as well as the Aschkenazis. There are many spiritual similarities and the New Age Order movement (the partner of the NWO) have derived much from India. The blue-green Indian gods are probably the same as the 200 Fallen Spacerats – reptoids – and hence all our “dragon” tales, which are global.

    • As it’s a common mistake [or intentional misdirection] to confuse racial/genetic and religious/ideological use of terms, I don’t know what to make of that. “Jews” do turn against the money changers’ cartel sometimes. Notice that the NSDAP did not even fake the Holohoax themselves; that was left up to the Soviets and Americans.

      What I was trying to say before was that Germany lacked the same type of propping up from the Khazarian Mafia seen in other groups. During WW2, the Soviet Union received billions of dollars worth of US military aid through the Lend-Lease Act and lasted for almost 70 years. Al-Qaeda and its spin-offs have been around for 30 years and counting. Ukraine’s “Neo-Nazis” get US aid, military “advisers,” and debt deals from the IMF. If the NSDAP were cut from the same cloth, why was it treated so differently? Why wasn’t Hitler propped up indefinitely?

    • Pop, I think the answer can be found in what you just shown.

      The Illuminati finance and otherwise prop up an Antithesis (ISIS is the best current example) for the Thesis to have an existential purpose.

      It was Hegel that came up with this analytical tool of Thesis vs. Antithesis ends in Synthesis.
      In other words, Problem is caused and followed by a Reaction, which ends in their planned Solution, and simultaneously the Solution becomes the new Problem.

      Another good explanation one said was that the Illuminati are our ancient rulers, who simultaneously also been our officers and generals, and they never do anything without first having done a “test run”.

      The occult rallying of Germans around NSDAP has today its equivalent in the New Age Order movement which grooms the future (yay saying) citizen for the post apocalyptic NWO.

    • The thing is, Rocky: Hegelian Problem groups are always propped up, especially during “war” time. How was the NSDAP propped up during WW2? The Dialect only works if the Problem is controlled opposition. Legitimate opposition does not count. Even the fact that Germany was using 3rd-gen. warfare says “anti-NWO.”

      “The new Third Generation tactics developed by the Germans in World War I were the first non-linear tactics… Culturally, not only was the German Army outward-focused, it prized initiative over obedience and it depended on self-discipline rather than imposed discipline.
      “While the [US] Marine Corps formally adopted maneuver warfare as doctrine in the 1990s, most of what the Marine Corps does remains Second Generation. The other American services remain almost wholly Second Generation, to the frustration of many junior officers.”
      ~ “The Four Generations of Modern War,” William S. Lind

      Soldiers who “prized initiative over obedience” are part of what ended the Vietnam War. NWO troops are incapable of 3rd-gen. warfare; otherwise, they gain the self-determination to reject the scam.

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