The Debate Show: Russia’s support for Washington’s Syria peace plans

"Richard Millet, my Debate Show opponent, claims Daesh has only gotten stronger since the Russians began bombing them! "
“Richard Millet, my Debate Show opponent, claims Daesh has only gotten stronger since the Russians began bombing them!  I guess he thinks that you can just make it all up. “

by Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor   …with Press TV,  Tehran

In this edition of The Debate Show below, Press TV conducts an interview with Jim W. Dean, the managing editor of the Veterans Today from Atlanta, and journalist and political commentator Richard Millett from London to discuss media reports that Russia supports US plans for the Syrian peace process.


Dear Mr. Millett, this does not look like Daesh getting stronger to me
Dear Mr. Millett, this does not look like Daesh getting stronger to me

[Editor’s Note: This British guy was a piece of work, a wind up doll for Israeli propaganda on the Syria mess. “It is all Assad’s fault, all the deaths and destruction, and everything would return to normal if he would just go away.”

When he said that the Russians coming into Syria had only made Daesh STRONGER I knew he was on somebody’s payroll. I had to mention during the show that I did not know a soul in the Intel community that would agree with his bizarre statement.

But it is always fun to debate these shills on Press TV’s The Debate as their tactics are to get as many of their talking points in as possible, as that is what they get paid for, repetition, repetition. But that is a tactic geared to your own Koolaid drinkers, not for a debate forum where people are savvy on the issues.

The air time passes quickly during these shows and input you are planning to use does not always get in. As he was puffing up the Free Syria Army as the suppressed majority of the Syrian people, I did not get in hit on the Free Syrian Council, the “opposition government in exile” so to speak.

Those folks who had been living in five star hotels in Paris and Geneva compliments of the CIA and the American taxpayers, seem to have just vanished. They might pull a few percent in an election. Western mass media was fully on  board the scam that the FSA really had grass roots support.

Mass media did cover the scandal of the FSA recruits going over to Al Nusra and ISIL, for the higher pay and more fun when you with the winners, but the totally invisible political arm of the opposition, a bigger story, got no coverage at all. We know why nowJim W. Dean ]


–  First aired  …  December 17, 2015

You can view this 24 minute Debate Show here. Press TV has removed the embed option on their video material for some reason that no one there seems to know. The embed code is just a link so they get the viewer count on it


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  1. “‘Tis but a flesh-wound….”

    What chance is there for peace when Daesh are thrilled more than ever when they’re being well and truly marmalized… ?

    A sorry state of affairs, indeed, Mr Millet. Thank you for pointing it out.

  2. Daesh must have been going through hell, before the Russians started bombing them to beggary. What a relief it must have been to see all their infrastructure built at a cost only the Saudis and Qataris could have spared, ‘taken out’ wholesale, vaporized. Imagine if the Russkis had nuked the country ! Wow ! Daesh would really have been in clover, wouldn’t they.

  3. Ohh, they have a lot more meetings than just at lodges, they control most if not all institutions in most countries of the world.

    A new example I just found:

    The head of the Russian Jewish Congress is also the president of the Institute for Israeli and Middle East Studies – i.e. in control of much of what we are programmed with regarding ME – and his name is…

    …Evgenii SATANovskii = сатановский –> сатан –> Satan, devil, demon, archfiend, archenemy

    KNOW YOUR ENEMY – and he would “come (cloaked) in white”, wouldn’t he?

    What is more “white” than the cloak of Jewishness – “JHVH’s own people”?


  4. I knew it wouldn’t be long before MOSCOW (and Beijing) were DECEIVED ONCE AGAIN by the Kabbalists.

    Through this Washington sponsored UNSC resolution 2254 they have CREATED an R2P parable OVER SYRIA.

    William Engdahl writes:

    ‘Meeting in New York on December 18, the UN Security Council, including Russia and China, unanimously adopted Resolution 2254 (2015), “Endorsing Road Map for Peace Process in Syria, Setting Timetable for Talks.” The UNSC resolution 2254 is a devilish document. It calls for an immediate ceasefire beginning January 2016, in Syria by all signatories. That ceasefire excludes Saudi and Turkey-backed DAESH, and the Al Qaeda affiliate, Al Nusra Front. At the same time, it calls for an immediate, simultaneous start of a “political transition” which means completely contradictory things for the United States, Germany, France and the UK as it does for Syria, Iran, and Russia.’


    • Engdahl continues:

      ‘The US, France and UK all made clear their interpretation of Resolution 2254 meant Assad must go. In his remarks to the document, US Secretary of State John Kerry declared “President Assad had lost the ability and credibility to unite the country.” Kerry was echoed by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius who told the Security Council on voting for 2254, there must be “safeguards that included an exit by the current President,” Bashar al Assad. UK Foreign Minister, Philip Hammond repeated the Western lie that Assad is responsible for a majority of the 250,000 deaths in the Syrian war, and that the agreed political ‘transition’ process now beginning “involve the departure of President Assad.”’

      CLUELESS PUTIN does not know his enemy.

  5. Mr Dean you have to live in an alternative reality! Washington’s peace plan for Syria ?? are you fuking kidding ?
    Russia has lead every inch of the way .That dumb Nigga in the White House has screwed up everything he has tried!

    [Dear readers. this is the last comment you will see here from Mr. Caribbeancritic. We have worked hard to have a first class comment board and don’t allow these kinds of comments. We all know he could have voiced his disagreement in a more responsible way but chose to play the “bad boy”(or girl) totally for show…Jim W.Dean, VT ]

  6. @Codoh,

    Mho, but I don’t see it that way.

    Press TV often has two analysts with opposed views/viewpoints.
    Most of the time it allows for the analyst on the right side (imo), to destroy the opponent’s points.

    In this case, Mr. Dean did perfectly that by showing to everyone who has a few brain cells properly working, that every single piece of… garbage, that the other guy was puking, was just that, garbage, propaganda & Western lies.

    Peter Lavelle on CrossTalk on RT also often invites at least one neo-con seller, or someone totally brainwashed, or with the intent of attempting to brainwash those fragile minds out there.
    In the end, Lavelle and the other guests (there are usually 3) always totally smash the moron. It’s also a way to help more people to wake up to the real world.

  7. Press tv has realy fallen big if it has to invite ‘guests’ such as him. This was no debate. The guy just sat there, sang his little song, and left. Thats all he intended to do. His whole being there was just an act. Gordon was right, press tv offers place for these kinds of people…its sad.

    • Both links have been taken down, from PressTV end as well as YouTube. Seems the cardboard cut-out wheeled on this occassion wasn’t upto speed with his training and brief. Hence, his handlers found it necessary to obliterate entirely any more people watching and making fun of Richard Millet. (atleast that’s his name till after the fiasco. Don’t know what’s it now in another channel next time.)

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