Major CIA Operative in Syria, Zahran Allouch of Jeish Al Islam Killed by Russians


Jeish Al-Islam Deputy Top Commander Zahran Allouch Killed in Russian Airstrikes in Damascus

TEHRAN (FNA) The Russian airstrikes targeted the command center of Jeish al-Islam (Army of Islam) terrorist group in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside on Friday, killing ten of militants, including the terrorist group’s deputy top commander who was also a senior member of a coalition of the main anti-Assad militant groups in Syria.

Zahran Allouch, deputy commander and spokesman of Jeish al-Islam, was killed when the Russian fighter jets fired ten rockets at the terrorist group’s command center in Al-Marj in Eastern Ghouta.

Senior members of Ahrar Sham’s Shura (consultative) Council sent their condolences on the death of Allouch, who was known as the most formidable sworn enemy of President Assad across Southern Syria, as his elimination strikes a lethal blow at Jeish al-Islam and other militant groups in Syria.

Zahran Allouch was notorious for his vast ethnic cleansing of Shias in Syria. Allouch’s death will likely exacerbate terrorists’ military problems in Southern Syria, specially in Damascus province.

The Russian airstrike targeted Jeish al-Islam commanders’ meeting. Hamza Bayrakdar, Spokesman of Jeish al-Islam, was also killed in the airstrike in Eastern Ghouta.

Jeish al-Islam is one of the largest terrorist groups in Southern Syria and the biggest one in Eastern Ghouta.

Jeish al-Islam is a Saudi-backed Takfiri terrorist group affiliated to the Islamic Front a conglomerate of tens of terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government.


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  1. “Getting rid of this son of bitch backed by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the CIA…”

    I assume that insult is still much stronger in the Arab world than in the “western” one?

  2. Son of a bitch. Good description of this evil savage. Don’t forget ‘Alloush led Jaish al-Islam in the Rape of ‘Aadra, during which government workers were beheaded in the street, their wounded wives shackled to the Toyota bumpers and dragged around to their deaths, bakery workers were stuffed into their own ovens to roast alive, and when the Syrian Arab Army tried to enter, children were thrown from the tops of five-storey buildings.
    Then, there is the matter of the sarin gas attack on The Ghouta outside Damascus, in August 2013. Jaish al-Islam was there firing the mortars that killed hundreds, and many children were directly murdered on video by rats pretending to treat them for the CW. These kids were kidnapped along with over 300 in Latakia, brought 150 miles to confect a false flag event, to trigger NATO carpet-bombing.
    These are the animals sent by Saud, with US support. Reflect on the beasts you have sitting in the Pentagon.

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