Turkey and ISIS Got Caught With Their Pants Down—Again!

"Hey Erdogan. I said that you 'lick the Americans in a certain place.' How was it?"
“Hey Erdogan. I told my staff that you ‘lick the Americans in a certain place.’ How was it? Healthy stuff?”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


It must have been a bad month for the New World Order because its agents keep getting caught with their pants down. We can safely say that NWO agents had a horrible holiday when they saw that people are really rising up and challenging the prevailing and diabolical narrative. Putin continues to make great progress by destroying ISIS in southern Damascus.[1] Over the past few days, “Russian Warplanes Hit 1,093 Terrorist Targets.”[2]

That is not all. Turkey continues to get caught sleeping with ISIS. On Christmas Eve, RT reported:

“Turkish officers on the Syrian border have communicated with Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, Turkey’s Cumhuriyet daily reported, citing an investigation by the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s office which allegedly eavesdropped on their phone calls.

“The wiretapping reportedly took place last year as part of an investigation into six missing Turkish citizens, the Cumhuriyet reported. The relatives of those missing believed they might have joined the ranks of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants.

“An investigation was launched into as many as 27 suspects, some of them in Syria, the report revealed. The Chief Prosecutor’s office reportedly received permission to wiretap the phones of 19 people who were thought to have put the six missing persons in touch with Islamic State. The investigation reportedly revealed that those who wanted to join IS ranks received some form of “ideological training…

“Those [who joined ISIS] from Ankara often used [the] Elbeyli district [of Kilis] as a throughway by traveling via Gaziantep and Kilis to the village of Able, which is subordinated to Syria’s Al-Bab district,” the report said, as cited by newspaper Today’s Zaman.”[3]

That is not all. Just a few days ago, RT decided to be bad to the bone. In an article entitled “Ankara must come clean & address mounting evidence of links with ISIS,” it cited Iraqi MP and a former national security adviser by the name of Mowaffak al Rubaie saying:

“Ankara is ‘smuggling Iraqi oil and Syrian oil through the borders and selling it on the black marker in Turkey… Turkish authorities need to do a lot more than what they are doing now to come clean from the accusations that they are siding, or at least that they are turning a blind eye to the movement of these terrorists from Turkey to Syria and Iraq and vise versa…

“A newly-leaked report on illegal oil sales by Islamic State, which was ordered to be compiled by Norway, revealed that most of the IS-smuggled oil has been destined for Turkey, where it is sold off at low prices.”[4]

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan can no longer ignore all the evidence against his terrorist state. And certainly Vladimir Putin knows that Erdoğan has deliberately been duped by the New World Order. He has recently said:

“If anyone in the Turkish leadership decided to lick the Americans in a certain place—I don’t know if they acted correctly or not—I don’t know whether the Americans need that.”[5]

“What Putin left out was the real ending of that Russian expression: ‘lick someone’s ass.’ But every Russian in the room knew what he meant.”[6]

So, Benjamin Netanyahu was called “a chickenshit,” and now it is Erdoğan’s turn to take it real deep.

Putting all this aside, the central question the inquiring mind should ask is this: Can NWO agents really look at themselves in the mirror and say that they are in the business of fighting terrorism?

The simple answer is that they cannot. As Gordon Duff has recently put it:

“we can say ‘inexorable proof’ that the US and Israel are commanding ISIS operations in Iraq. Those who have been ordered to participate in this are not happy about it…”

If you plan on getting around this claim, then you will have to explain the unexplained. You will have to ask NWO agents why the U.S. has been defending Turkey for the past three months or so—even though Russia has presented concrete evidence that Erdoğan and his family got caught sleeping with ISIS. What is even more interesting is that we have new evidence showing that Turkey continues its covert activity on the Turkish-Iraqi border.[7]

The moral of the story is that Turkey, Israel, the United States, and ISIS are birds of the same feather. They want to destroy true democracy and freedom in places like Syria by destroying the political order. The Syrian people continue to say yes to Assad and no to the Neoconservative ideology.[8]

As we have pointed out, 2015 has been a terrible year for the New World Order because its agents thought that they could have gotten rid of Assad by now. Well, Assad flourishes. He is doing so well that he visited a church in Damascus before Christmas to say hello.

I have said in a previous article that Putin is ending 2015 with a bang. Assad is doing the same thing. This is an indication that the New World Order continues to lose political and moral ground. Unless its agents abide by the political order and practical reason, we will continue to expose their diabolical plan to the world. VT has played a major role in deconstructing the New World Order, and we will continue to do so in the coming year.

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  1. Thanks Jonas Alexis and Gordon Duff for another insightful article! Following on to “Worker Bee”, the oligarchy at home deserves attention, only which home ?
    Playing both sides of the fence always ends up with a barb wound in the upper leg or-ass. It is interesting to me that the fraudulent landgrant of 1948, “Israel”, uses the USmilitary as proxy, while the “Secret Team” uses NATO, and NATO does a conundrum with comrade minister Merkel of Germany. Since the June 2015 G7 at Castle Ulmau in Bavaria and Merkel´s “private audience” with the alias, BHObama, she has dictated to the rather stupid-behaving EU nation presidents what they are to do. They are to take-in the indigenous of Syria-and other Arabs- making it easier for the israeli-U.S.-Saudi army, ISIL, to destroy the infrastructure of Syria, remove duly elected ASSAD and extend the illegal genocide by Israel into Syrian territory. Removing israeli-US Secret Team influence from the ME and Western World would stifle many “non-wars”. Arabs deserve their homelands, not the EU or the USA !

  2. Was it in early January 2015 or was it 2014 when Ziobama went out and said:

    “THIS IS THE YEAR”, and repeated himself, “THIS IS THE YEAR”.

    Semiotics is the language of signs and symbols, and buzzwords one might add.

    Another year (or even two) has gone without the anglo-zionists getting their precious WWIII.

    REJOICE PEOPLE FOR WE MIGHT MAKE IT, if only the NWO antithesis wakes up from their secular slumber.

  3. “Well, Assad flourishes.”

    It seems the NWO is having to turn to South America now to find DAESH recruits – seems fighting against state-of-the-art Russian aerospace forces and ground weaponry supplied to the SAA is not as much fun as being better equipped, supplied, and having Israel, Turkey, and the US provide air superiority. Have to be pretty economically desperate to sign up against those odds, and if that badly off, why not fight against your own oligarchy at home instead?

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