Your Radiation This Week No 36

Short Grass Prairie Colorado
Short Grass Prairie Colorado

(San Francisco) Dec 26, 2015 – Good Day, this is “Your Radiation This Week.” These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this week around the United States. You should compare the Rad numbers directly with the Rad numbers in with my articles listed on the VT Author’s Page here:  or below. It is also linked to my name at the top on every article.




*Listed in Counts per Minute, a Count is One Radioactive Decay Registered by the Instrument.

Short Grass Prairie Colorado
Short Grass Prairie Colorado

All Radiation Counts reported are partial Counts. Uncounted types of radiation include Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron and X-Ray radiation.  Uncounted radiation, if added, makes the actual Count higher and more dangerous.

The highest radiation reporting city is listed first, the least radioactive city reporting is listed last. Still, all reporting cities are above normal. These are the American cities that exceeded 1,000 CPM this week.

I just could not overlook Washington, DC 375 CPM, subtotal Gamma and Beta, for a High Rad reading. This is not even a low for the District. The low Gamma only reading was 0nly 79 CPM.

The benefits of living in Washington, DC are never ending and far surpass those of Normal men and women living in other cities, towns and metropolitan areas – even New York. NY City recorded a 764 CPM Radioactive High this week.

Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. [6]

1,485CPM,297 Times Normal,Miami, FL.Beta, Gamma.
1,397CPM,279.4 Times Normal,Little Rock, ARBeta, Gamma.
1,387CPM,277.4 Times Normal,Colorado Springs, CO.Beta, Gamma.
1,311 CPM,262.2 Times Normal,Lincoln, NEBeta, Gamma.
1,233 CPM,246.6 Times Normal,Omaha, NE.Beta, Gamma.
1,226CPM,245.2 Times Normal,Portland, MEBeta, Gamma.
1,222CPM,244.4 Times Normal,Spokane, WA.Beta, Gamma.
1,208CPM,241.6 Times Normal,Amarillo, TX.Like it Never Existed
1,191CPM,238.2 Times Normal,Bismark, ND.Gamma, Beta.
1,185CPM,237 Times Normal,Raleigh, NC.Beta, Gamma.
1,178CPM,235.6 Times Normal,Bakersfield, CABeta, Gamma.
1,162CPM,232.4 Times Normal,Navajo Lake, NMBeta, Gamma.
1,160CPM,232 Times Normal,Billings, MTBeta, Gamma.
1,153CPM,230.6 Times Normal,Pierre, SDBeta, Gamma.
1,140CPM,228 Times Normal,Tucson, AZBeta, Gamma.
1,133CPM,226.6 Times Normal,Idaho Falls, IDBeta, Gamma.
1,124CPM,224.8 Times Normal,El Paso, TX.Beta, Gamma.
1,122 CPM,224.4 Times Normal,Los Angeles, CA.Beta, Gamma.
1,122CPM,224.4 Times Normal,San Diego, CA.Beta, Gamma.
1,119 CPM,223.8 Times Normal,Anaheim, CA.Beta, Gamma.
1,093CPM,218.6 Times Normal,Kearney, NE.Beta, Gamma.
1,078CPM,215.6 Times Normal,Worcester, MA.Beta, Gamma.
1,060CPM,212 Times Normal,Kansas City, KSGamma, Beta.
1,052CPM,210.4 Times Normal,Louisville, KYBeta, Gamma.
1,049CPM,209.8 Times Normal,Wichita, KS.Beta, Gamma.
1,046 CPM,209.2 Times Normal,SanBernardinoCountyBeta, Gamma.
1,044 CPM,208.8 Times Normal,St George, UT.Beta, Gamma.
1,041CPM,208.2 Times Normal,Oklahoma City, OK.Beta, Gamma.
1,039 CPM,207.8 Times Normal,Yuma, AZ.Beta, Gamma.
1,036CPM,207.2 Times Normal,Laredo, TX.Beta, Gamma.
1,032CPM,206.4 Times Normal,Memphis, TNBeta, Gamma.
1,029 CPM,205.8 Times Normal,Salt Lake City, UT.Beta, Gamma.
375 CPM,75 Times Normal,Washington DC HighBeta, Gamma.
79CPM,15.8 Times Normal,Washington DC LowGamma.

Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. [6]

Highest Recorded Radioactive City in America this week

Miami, Florida wins and is the most radioactive City in the nation this week. There is no prize. Little Rock, Arkansas is close behind in the CPM race to the end.

Thirty-two (32) American cities topped 1,000 CPM this week. There were Thirty-one (31) Cities last week. There are Nine American cities between 900 and 999 CPM. Stay Alert and take all appropriate precautions. The most prevalent isotope, Cesium 137, takes a daunting 600 years to decay to infinitesimal levels and it is not even particularly long-lived radiation. The Cesium will remain for 600 years.

Fresno, California stopped reporting for the time being or permanently in December 2015; it is not clear which. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime as a reminder, Fresno’s Five year Radioactive High was 2,504 CPM.




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Emergency Shutdown of Russian Reactor


Residents of St Petersburg, near Leningrad, in Russia were frightened December 18, 2015 by large quantities of radioactive steam venting from Reactor No 2 at the four reactor complex. The Director of the Nuke Plant said that a “main pipe” had broken in the turbine side of the reactor. This is unconfirmed. Very little else is known about the industrial accident other than one man was hospitalized. It is thought he was a worker at the nuke reactor.

The nuclear plant contains four aging 1,000 MW RBMK style Soviet-era reactors creating about 12,000 MW of Thermal energy or Total Heat. Only about a third is recoverable as electricity. Reactors, in general, are very inefficient sources of electricity, mostly the reactors just warm up the ocean and the air. Great for Plutonium 239 for Bombs; but real poor for electricity.

The No 2 reactor is 40 years old and temporarily shutdown due to the accident. The Unit had an expected lifespan of 30 years 40 years ago. All four reactors are similar to the destroyed No 4 reactor at Chernobyl, Ukraine.

The nuclear plant director was quoted from a press conference he had. A French newspaper and Express in the UK provided sketchy details.  Facts are slowly emerging. The “main pipe” the director spoke of in a nuclear plant could be six feet in diameter.


Baby Pulse Spikes Rad Monitors in US


Three days later, on December 21 EPA Beta and Gamma Rad Monitors registered a sharp peak in the recorded radiation readings in 17 Rad Monitors to date. The radiation Spikes lasted approximately six hours each. The affected cities were: Lincoln, NE; Omaha, NE; Des Moines, IA; Aurora, IL; Madison, WI; Champaign, IL; Chicago, IL; Grand Rapids, MI; Indianapolis, IN; Detroit, MI; Cleveland, OH; Tulsa, OK; Jefferson City, MO and Springfield, MO. The Rad Spikes all were from 250 to 450 CPM points and all sharply upward.



Yuma, Phoenix and Tucson Rad Units Go High, Are Shutdown


Yuma, Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona all saw extended absences in their Rad measurement units this week after Yuma’s nation leading High Rad last week. Seems the New Westerners turn tail and run at the first sign they need to Man Up, or Woman Up, as the case may be. Gender is meaningless here; they deserted.

All the publicly reporting Rad Monitors were Switched Off when called on to perform. Y’know, what the staff gets paid good money to do, keep the machines running. So, who ordered them to shut down? Were the machines lobotomized, too, like in Billings, Montana?

The real question is still the same question as always: Where did the Rad come from – nuke weapons or nuke reactors? Yup, there are only two possible sources for this much Rad: Exploding nuclear weapons or daily venting of nuclear reactors. This is no high school physics lab test gone bad or backyard fission event.

Take your pick; You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. There are no other big nuclear sources on this planet.

It takes about 40 days for High Rad intermingled with the Jet Stream to come around again and re-hit the States. There is so much Rad high up in the air that this always happens. Closer to home there is Sen John McCain’s Favorite reactor in Phoenix. Getting long-in-the-tooth, it is.

The world’s Nuke Weapons Labs know, of course; exactly where the Rad came from; but, they aren’t talking – not their job. The original sources are still the same, though: weapons or reactors. Take your pick. Don’t dither. The Rad excursion happened Dec 18, 2015. Somewhere another will happen today; and tomorrow, and all our tomorrows forever.

Question for you:

You can weigh in on this question yourself in Comments below. The Question is: Do you think the United States’ very high radiation numbers are from exploding nuclear weapons or from venting nuclear reactors, or some combination of both?


St. Louis and the Rad Problem


St. Louis, now and forever, will be remembered as a Manhattan Project nuclear garbage dump. It was for the most poisonous, flammable elements in the universe that just happen to also be radioactive.

What will happen to the pieces of the rocks that incinerated Hiroshima, Japan and turned former people into mere shadows on the concrete? This is not Nagasaki, which was blown away by Plutonium, manufactured in all reactors.

What is going on at the St. Louis City/Federal Nuclear garbage dump is the two have more or less run together 100 to 200 feet below the ground, thanks to the water in the floodplain. This is out by the Airport in a poor section of town in a floodplain. As garbage dumps frequently do, it caught on fire.

Now that is not very unusual, however hundreds of tons, if not thousands of tons of highly radioactive elements with unpronounceable names like Amercium, the problem of flammable rocks mixed with or next to the garbage dump is not solvable in this lifetime; or ever. There is no fix.

As YRTW readers and commentators have pointed out, this nuke fire in St. Louis could be the result of many different things or nothing at all. That is real “plausible deniability” for you; an old term fired President Nixon popularized. The real criminals are the long dead people who thought of digging a plain hole in the ground for the Uranium bomb making left overs from the Manhattan Project in the first place; and, those workers who buried it many years ago. Their atomic legacy just keeps on killing.

St Louis is certainly not alone in experiencing the reckless disregard for life and health of the powerful federal/private Manhattan Project. The same highly radioactive throw-aways from building the Bomb are used as an under-pavement for roads in Niagara Falls, New York and West Chicago, Illinois. There are no doubt more cities with such a curse from WWII days and the 1950’s.

The St. Louis dump grounds now make up a giant nuclear powered cooking pot because the Uranium brings it’s own heat with it as a free built-in Property. This stuff burns really hot – up to 10,832 D. F. A real devils brew of explosive and poisonous stuff is cooking up in St. Louis.

Worse, it is probably already on fire up to 200 feet below ground. The garbage fire is called a “smouldering fire” and is starved for oxygen. Digging it up is not a good idea since that just exposes the burning garbage fire to more oxygen.

The Uranium products don’t require oxygen to burn. Uranium products can burn without oxygen and underwater – it makes no difference to the uranium. Plus, the fine Uranium particles can catch on fire at room temperature all by themselves. No ignition sources are required. When people use the old expression “It was bound to happen,” this is one of those things.

Now – 70 years later – it is kind of a Perfect Crime. The original Perps are long dead and buried or almost dead. The Feds are using a standard cover story that emphasizes that it was an illegal dumping operation of radioactive waste. Ha! That’s preposterous! The hundreds or thousands of workers, ranging from engineers to laborers digging a huge hole out by the Airport did exactly what they were told to do by the Manhattan Project.

The Feds are just trying to escape liability by these idiotic lies. The Feds broke it; they have to pay to fix the impossible situation the folks are in now – It’s theirs! Now – Not 50 years from now.

Uranium is also chemically active. It can and does provoke the creation of explosive and poisonous gases at the St. Louis Garbage/Nuke Dump that migrate through the upper layers of dirt, garbage and Rad stuff to poison and harm people in St. Louis. That is the natural way of things when substances are exposed to Radiolysis. It is defined by the Free Dictionary as: “Radiolysis – Molecular decomposition of a substance as a result of radiation.” –

Pissin’ On The Roses has a good piece on Radiolysis. It is here:

My recommendation remains the same for healthy, able-bodied people in St. Louis – Just Leave, get out of town.

I’ll keep you advised.




A word about Amarillo, Texas. Since we all know what was there, there no need to go into all that. The Rad report from EPA and all the historical Rad records are totally gone, totally blown away. There is nothing left to report the Rad numbers now or in the past; the EPA records vanished overnight. The town is fine, omitting the obvious, as far as I know.


Special Gift from the Insane Pro-Nukers


California perennially leads the nation in population.  California also has Nine (9) Cities above the 900 CPM Level of Ionizing Radiation. Congrats, California, a real “Not In My Backyard” kind of Honor. The cities are listed here in CPM order: Bakersfield, San Diego, Anaheim, Fresno, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino County, Sacramento and San Francisco.

Analysis of Certain Isotopes after Meltdown in 1992


Hold on to your hat. In 1992 Germany calculated that in reactor meltdowns like Fukushima Daiichi the radioactive isotope Strontium 90 would aggressively poison the environment for 109.2 years and then decline slowly over the next 273 years. Of course, we will all be long dead by then. Other deadly Rad isotopes put Strontium 90’s generous life span to shame.

The German study is here for those brave enough to tackle it. Source: The IAEA: Dispersion of radionuclides and radiation exposure after leaching by groundwater of a solidified core-concrete melt by Bayer, A.; Tromm, W.; Al-Omari, I. (Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe (Germany)) from 8. International congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA8)


Isotope Count reporting


These CPM numbers do not represent the real radiation counts in your radiation weather for the week. The Rad is actually much higher (worse) than these government certified partial reports say. Use these report numbers as your Starting Point in adding up your daily, monthly and annual exposure from your Rad Weather.

Most radiation monitors report on the radioactive presence of Cesium 137 and Cesium 134 at the detector. YRTW will report on the secrets the Pros use in estimating the actual Total radiation counts. It is not a pretty picture.

The Lethality from a specific release goes up for 35 years; then the Lethality declines slightly and hangs steady for thousands of years. Regrettably, for all Normal Humans that is many generations. The end result, of course, is extinction of our species and all others on the planet. Everybody is included; no one is left out. I know of no variety of Humans immune to radiation.

Day One out of the reactor use a Cesium 137/134 CPM multiplier of 150 Times to get an approximation of the Total Rad. After 15 days outside the reactor the multiplier is still about 100 times the two similarly named Cesium Isotopes – Cesium 137 and Cesium 134. After 10 years have passed from that release, the Multiplier is Five Times the common published Cesium 137 report.

The Lethality is still increasing though. Yes, the Radiation is going down and the Lethality is going up at the same time for 35 years after a big release. That is a really hard to understand point about Your Rad Weather This Week. Each new major Rad release starts the Cesium countdown clock all over again, too. It gets … complicated with all the overlapping and the daily releases.

Here’s how you can calculate an estimate of your Total Rad today: Use a reported account of your Cesium 137 CPM and Multiply Times 5. Another way to say it is Cs137CPM X 5.0 = Your Total Radiation Estimate. That’s it. No magic. Just the facts as close as you can calculate it. Good Luck.

However, provided Cesium 134 is present you are experiencing a recent radioactive release and all bets are off. Why is that? Because the two Rad Isotopes decay at greatly different rates. The relatively long lived Cs 137 is half gone in 30.1 years. The shorter lived Cesium 134 is half gone in only 2.06 years. In addition, the amount of deadly Plutonium 239 is steadily increasing, even out of the reactor or exploded bomb. As a result the Multiplier changes very rapidly.

Radiation types commonly measured by radiation monitors include Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron and X-Ray radiation. Only Beta and Gamma are reported by the EPA and here on YRTW. The only thing they have in common is that they all kill you. There are also 1,944 more known individual Rad elements, only a few are ever mentioned in articles.

In short, the newer disaster’s Cesium 137/134 immediate radiation readings so conveniently echoed by official news outlets tell you right away by simple Multiplication how big the disaster really is. Think of it as the insider’s secret code. Multiply away!

How often do radioactive releases occur? The answer is: Radioactive releases occur daily in most reactors. This almost daily reactor Venting does complicate your health decisions and your estimated Rad readings. May you always have better Rad Weather; but, that’s not likely.


Isotope detectors


If you have a lot of money you can buy an Isotope detector that will tell you the name of isotopes it is tuned to detect. They are excellent tools for determining specific Rad elements. More power to you if you can afford one, or a group of you can pony up the Bucks to buy one. In this case knowledge is power. That kind of power can only be bought.

Without it, you have what the Pro-Nukers laughingly refer to in our lives as “A shortened life span.” That means the Pro-nukers are joyfully killing people these 70 years now since Hiroshima got Nuked by the United States; and, have no intention of stopping. I mean, after all, they get rich slaughtering us.

Public Domain Master-Sergeant Woods readies the Gallows at Nuremberg in 1946
Public Domain Master-Sergeant Woods readies the Gallows at Nuremberg in 1946

Jeeeez, where is Master Sergeant Woods, 3rd Army Hangman in WWII? We need him to hang these stainless steel Psychopaths and their political hirelings, all legal like.


Previous editions of YRTW


Five previous columns are at the end of each article. Each YRTW and all my previous Veterans Today columns are at

All previous YRTW columns are included on the article at the end now.

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!

Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2015. Reproduce and distribute, give full attribution to Bob Nichols and Veterans Today.

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  1. Hi Howard, good to see you again… No Howard, you are definitely not the only person in Hawai’i who knows. Just to start, your governments all know and are only pretending they don’t… it’s just standard nuclear State policy. All the people in Hawai’i who are reading these columns definitely know. Yup, you have lots of company, It’s just finding them that’s the problem. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the people running the mass spec for the military and/or UH? … You could chat about where to get the best wipe cloth suitable for mass spec use! ohhh, those would be the days! … Very good comment on the HEPA filter, Howard. I should remind everybody that HEPA is an engineering standard, not a brand name. … and it is the dust and pollen the Rad locks to it that gets caught by the HEPA. Get several for your house and work place.
    Bob Nichols

  2. Hi Bob,
    Question: Why do you rely solely on EPA rad monitors that you yourself have admitted are being deactivated and reset when levels are high? Why not build a network of public and private monitors throughout North America to track exact levels, waves and pulses as they occur, with stations that report to you regularly?

    Perhaps you underestimate your own power in this genre, you are the ONLY ONE, with the exception of and Rad Chick and ENE, who dares to address this vital issue. Could you please build a network in real time, that will inform and educate the sleeping masses?

    It’s going to be challenging, you will have to work harder, sorry. But, I think that you are in a unique position here, so what are you waiting for Bob? Please hurry, we need you now more than ever.

  3. Hi Howie,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Yup, we see Eye to Eye on this, Howie. It’s Payback Time Now.

    Bob Nichols

  4. Thank you Bob for your invaluable service.

    And i agree, we need to string up the perps from the nearest lamp post, Nuremberg style.

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