The Real Islamic Threat to America and Europe – Updated


by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor,  with Southfront Video

With the Arab Spring and the New Cold War, the current neocon fantasies that have taken residence in Washington circles, the Pentagon and public restrooms where American policy is formulated, the utter stupidity of the “players” who think they run America has become apparent.  

We aren’t talking about Congress, maybe McCain and Graham because of their partnership with organized crime, but few others. Even Biden missed this, but the Southfront video this week, warning of Turkey and the new Ottoman Empire, is totally on the money.

Google Earth is a tool we are using frequently and have broken many stories with it
Google Earth is a tool we are using frequently and have broken many stories with it

[ Editor’s Note:  Dear readers, the video below we decided to show you as an example of some of the behind the scenes work at VT, a typical brainstorming session where we are working a story through Goggle Earth.

It is easier to get a better handle on the text material when you have a map with road networks in front of you to zoom in and out on, and even click on photos to see what the countryside looks like.

We stumbled across an interesting find while doing this and decide to do a test record to see how the quality was. Take the video screen up to full as the map details are easier to follow. Scroll back if you miss something and need to repeat.

We know these battlefield issues are hard to get a good handle on without having a good feel of the map positions, and geography. Southfront made an independent breakthrough with their presentation and we will try to add an extra layer to that when we can with a typical Jim and Gordie background session.

We often are looking for missing parts of a story or how we might be getting scammed, and we do these Skype screenshares to bounce ideas off each other. Today we found a big clue…that a large part of the Iraqi Kurd oil being smuggled to Turkey with the huge number of trucks involved that the Russian drones reported last week is going right through ISIL controlled Mosul. Riddle me thatJim W. Dean ]

Netanyahu saw it, that’s why he is cozying up to VT, Russia and China.  He underestimated Erdogan, not Erdogan’s grasp or his intelligence but his insanity, which exceeds even Netanyahu’s.


Take this for granted, the United States is run by people no sane child would have played with, no parent would allow their children to be around, the kind of people who, when they leave a psychiatrists office, there are eyes rolling and head shaking.

Let me be clear about one thing, religious people are all deeply flawed, not just the evangelical types who want to burn down the world, not just Wahhabist/Salafists, their “brothers in arms” along with Talmudic Jews…not just them.

Let’s face it, there are ten times as many atheists in the West as are admitted to but for a third of the planet, believing in science and rationality can get you stoned to death.  We call that Islam.  Among the bright spots, Syria, Turkey (as it was, not as we fear it is becoming) and few others are the least bit free.

Battle of Tours
Battle of Tours

Let’s talk “Turkey” a bit. Before the rise of Islam, let’s say round 700, across Africa, into Spain, stopped in France (Battle of Tours/Pontiers 732ce), right to the gates of Vienna, the Eastern Roman Empire, Christian since 315ce, was the most powerful force in the West.

It was centered around Turkey and had a vast and powerful infrastructure.  Please remember that the entire Middle East was Christian at a time when Rome was smoking ruins with a few thousand ghoulish inhabitants.

The great Christian cities of the world weren’t Rome and Paris, they were Cairo, Damascus, Constantinople, Aleppo and Alexandria and, to a much lesser extent, Jerusalem.  Islam inherited an area with centralized and hierarchical monotheistic religious traditions, well established bureaucracy and extensive technology.

When Europe was in ruins, the East was still a functioning Roman Empire.  One might also note that Christianity entered Europe, not through Rome but from Ireland, then through Scotland, where the first Abbeys there spread onto the continent, even into Italy and Rome itself, the real roots of Western Christianity were unrelated to Rome in any way.

They had no beginnings there, none in Italy, none in France, a very different world that what most are taught.

The Austro-Hungarians used Prague as a capitol into the 1700s, leaving Vienna behind its original Roman walls.  As the Seljuc’s conquered Anatolia, and a combination of Saracens and Crusaders took the remains of the Eastern Roman Empire down, with the Fall of Constantinople (1453ce), what was Islam became “Ottoman Turk”.

It became a corrupt centralized bureaucracy run by Jews thrown out of Spain and invited in, but also defended by elite Janisaries, Christian boys kidnapped from the Balkans who made up the Sultan’s guard, the best fighters of the empire.

Registration of boys for the devşirme. Ottoman miniature painting from the Süleymanname, 1558.
Registration of boys for the devşirme. Ottoman miniature painting from the Süleymanname, 1558.

And with this all, came fear and hatred, wars with Britain and France, the Ottomans aligning with Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the first war and the Empire disintegrating, reborn as modern Turkey.  Ottoman traditions are far from extremist or radical, quite the opposite.

Today, the weakness of Western Europe is obvious, moral decay, xenophobia, perhaps justified, and the increasing reality that the European Union is far from either the original concept of the Common Market or even Napoleon’s united Europe.

The EU is a puppet state of the central banks who have grasped onto the concept of NATO as the visible military hand while surrogate forces, ISIS, Boko Harum and others, the Ukraine for instance, and her tired and pitiful armed forces, instigate needed global disorder.

The wildcard here is Turkey, seeing how lame the banksters and black nobility are in their schemes. Our thanks to Southfront. Once again independent media, funded by readers, beats the phony mainstream media to the punch.


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  1. What do Clyde Winters, Barry Fell, Alexander Von Wuthenau, and Ivan Van Sertima have in common?
    Islamophobes will lose their sleep by reading this .
    Mrs. Aria, said it very correct: The children of Disneyland debating how bad Islam is. Oj, oj, Mike and his Disneyland friends became experts on Islam, it sounds so comic. The most powerful weapon is not the most advanced ones, the most dangerous weapon is deception. Without any doubt the prime leading idealogy of the west has been deception since many centuries. The elite and their policy masters have PhD in deception and how to lie. And now you Disneyland generation try to fool us or yourselves??. I wonder what will do these Islam haters when they face the evidence of Muslim presence in Americas some 500-650 yrs before Columbus ?? It will be a nightmare to find out that Columbus himself wrote about Mosques across Americas and that they encountered Islamic culture and traditions, schools and knowledge. what u will do about it???? Does stones with the Islamic petroglyphes older then 500 yrs can lie?? One of the reason of total mass killing of Native people was to wipe out any Islamic trace in the new world. The above writes have evidence for this hidden historical fact.

    • Dr. Barry Fell, a noted New Zealand archaeologist and linguist of Harvard University showed detailed existing evidence in his work, “Saga America” that Muslims were not only in the Americas before Columbus arrived, but very active there as well. The language of the Pima people in the South West and the Algonquian language had many words in their vocabulary that were Arabic in origin, and Islamic petroglyphs were found in places such as California.

      In the Inyo county of the State of California, according to Fell, there is another petroglyph that states, “Yasus bin Maria” which means in Arabic, “Jesus, son of Mary”. This is not a Christian phrase; in fact, the phrase is to be found in the verses and ayahs of the Holy Quran. This glyph, as Fell believes, is centuries older than the US. In the Western states of the US he found texts, diagrams and charts engraved on rocks that were used for schooling that dated back to 700-800 C.E. The schooling was in subjects such as mathematics, history, geography, astronomy and sea navigation. The language of instruction was Kufic Arabic, from North Africa.

    • The German art historian, Alexander Von Wuthenau, also provides evidence that Islamic peoples were in America, in the time between 300 and 900 C.E. This was at least half a millennium before Columbus was born! Carved heads, that were described as “Moorish-looking” were dated between 300 and 900 C.E. and another group of heads dated between 900 and 1500 C.E. An artifact found in the earlier group was photographed, and when later examined was found to resemble an old man in a Fez, like the Egyptians.

      Ivan Van Sertima is widely renowned for his work, “They Came Before Columbus” which showed that there was definitely contact between the ancient and early African people with the Native Americans. This and another of his works, “African Presence in Early America” both prove that there were African Muslim settlements in the Americas, before the expedition of Columbus was even conceived. His research has shown that Arab Muslim trade was active in America and one can only imagine that the marvellous culture that the Native Americans had that shared so much with Islamic teachings was of great attraction to the Muslims that came so far across the sea.

  2. What do Clyde Winters, Barry Fell, Alexander Von Wuthenau, and Ivan Van Sertima have in common?
    Islamophobes will lose their sleep by reading this …..
    Mrs. Aria, said it very correct: The children of Disneyland debating how bad Islam is. Oj, oj, Mike and his Disneyland friends became experts on Islam, it sounds so comic. The most powerful weapon is not the most advanced ones, the most dangerous weapon is deception. Without any doubt the prime leading idealogy of the west has been deception since many centuries. The elite and their policy masters have PhD in deception and how to lie. And now you Disneyland generation try to fool us or yourselves??. I wonder what will do these Islam haters when they face the evidence of Muslim presence in Americas some 500-650 yrs before Columbus ?? It will be a nightmare to find out that Columbus himself wrote about Mosques across Americas and that they encountered Islamic culture and traditions, schools and knowledge ….what u will do about it???? Does stones with the Islamic petroglyphes older then 500 yrs can lie?? One of the reason of total mass killing of Native people was to wipe out any Islamic trace in the new world. The above writes have evidence for this hidden historical fact.

  3. Serenity and Alois,
    Both of you offer profound insight.
    We are in a dangerous time, perhaps the most dangerous time humanity has ever witnessed. In the ancient times, the forgotten times, people’s greatest struggle was with the heedless in their ranks. The heedless were capable of endless damage, note the actions of Evnissyen in the Mabinogian, for example. Today the heedless have firm control over the direction of humanity. It is they who pin lots of decorations on their uniforms for getting others to fight and die. It is they who defraud millions from their homes and wealth. They run the cartels and the political circus. They have taken the truth Alois outlines, and prevent the solution that Serenity is thirsty for. Those who feel this will not, cannot steer the broken bus of modern life back on the road.
    This point in time is the dark time, and it is quite possible that the heedless will win the extinction they lust after. It is incumbent right now for all who hold their spark of truth to not abandon it, no matter how bad it gets. Both of you, I am most certain, will do just that!
    Thank you.

  4. Serenity has produced 2 comments suggesting that it is somehow possible to overlook the damage inflicted by the suicidal abrahamic creeds.
    In a world with a more open rule set, it is possible, but in a world shaped by the severely limited abrahamic rule set, I’m not so sure.
    The penchant in the modern mind is for fiction, and no fiction is more pernicious than the religious one. Fiction, when properly employed, can reveal great truths, but only when those who craft the fiction are aware of these higher facets of being in the first place.
    There is but a disappointing awareness present in the creeds of old Abe.
    This wouldn’t be the worst thing, if the abrahamic track record was something better than the pathological suicidal mania it has proven itself to be.

    • Mike, I have learned so much from you here on VT that I cannot begin to thank you! I especially love “The Song of the Pearl” you recommended to me. I also know that your heart cares a great deal about humanity. We probably agree on more than we disagree but have differing approaches for the solutions needed in healing our world. You are best at stating the problems while as a holistic RN, my entire life has been focused on healing others. As one naturally drawn to mysticism in early childhood, my love for people is in my soul. Somehow we must go beyond the tragedy of toxic religions & create solutions & new paradigms for peace.

      Wishing peace to ALL in the New Year…

    • To be clear: We must not overlook the tragedies & damages of “suicidal” toxic religious beliefs, but, rather, offer a more enlightened path to those waking up in consciousness who seeks answers. It is an evolving process, & many of us are lighting the way through education as well as in co-creating new paradigms.

    • In addition, I very much agree with F. William Engdahl in his recent article “As the East Creates, the West Tries to Destroy”. To quote him, “The world is moving away from wars, from an, if-you-will, patriarchal psychoses of control-a matrix of fear, shame, guilt, rage, hate. What is beginning to merge is what we in the West have egotistically termed the East, is construction, building new great projects to uplift a sector of mankind ignored for more than a thousand years. This transformative positive motion is what, if anything, will save humankind from the mass death & destruction some in the West so devoutly wish for us.”

      Mr. Engdahl also says that it will take some time for the endless wars to subside & end. That is where We The People of Earth can make a difference…

  5. Mike Kay – “You need to explain how an ideology ostensibly dedicated to human potential creates anti-intellectual gender specific cultures where religious adherence is equated with a mindset that moves so easily into violence and conflict.”

    This is backwards. Islam has been corrupted when mixed with pre-existing tribal customs, e.g. veteranstoday dot com/2013/08/07/afghanistan-the-shadow-of-evil/

    • We will try this comment once more…
      WB, your statement is unintelligible, because Islam arose in a tribal setting. Hopefully you can clarify how a tribal religion gets contaminated by tribal settings.

    • Mike Kay – Really quite simple. If it is a teaching of the Prophet Muhammad in the Quran it is legitimate Islam, and if not it is a tribal or cultural corruption.

    • WB,
      That is not an explanation. Islam arose as a tribal creed, from strong matrirchal origins, which it completely and hysterically rejected. It was never a creed of anything beyond the tribal scope.
      Today, Islam confuses culture with law and religion in a rigid form. This is exactly what one would expect from a primitive tribal creed focused on the conditions of tribal conflict; revenge, war, and conformity to a rule set to supposedly gain the favor of their God.
      There is nothing to even suggest a greater scope, so I fully disagree with your claim.

  6. Here in the comments below is a great example of how wars come to be. The hate-mongering & ad hominin attacks as well as sheer intellectual arrogance speak volumes. Apparently, the Golden Rule no longer applies. As egos clash over who’s right, the world needs higher minds & real intelligence brought to the table for solutions rather than repetitive diatribes.

    ALL religions have dark pasts & many will not survive if they continue to focus mostly on controlling rather than serving their people. As humans evolve into a higher conscious awareness, they will no longer tolerate dictators or criminal governments or cabals. “Divide & Conquer” tactics keeps humanity from breaking free. Dr. Preston James continues to enlighten us & warns us repeatedly that We The People CAN make a difference. However, it is up to each of us to choose wisely…

  7. Cyrus,
    Do you understand the context of your quotes?
    It is patently obvious that you do not, so let me help you. The context is WAR and conflict. It is obvious as well that you cherry pick discourse for what suits your well cultivated self chosen status of superior victimhood. As an adherent of the deranged abrahamic redeemer complex, this is expected from you, thus your blindness toward the stone age primitive you have become.
    Muslims destroy the world’s heritage wherever they invade, be it Buddhist in Asia, or Greek in Syria. You whine about everyone else, while ignoring that it is your young men who are boots on the ground for the largest terrorist army of modern times.
    Your demand for worship for what your ancestors looted from the civilisation your forefathers murdered will not be met here. Proof that the Muslim fluorescence was due to a parasitic devouring of a better world is found through fanatical ant-intellectual anti-human potential violence and terrorism that plagues Muslim society today.
    Abrahamic conditioning has proven itself to be maddeningly destructive across the world. What has Islam brought to the world? A stolen fluorescence, another deranged holy victim, a ruin of previous achievement by your betters.

  8. May I quote one more Mr.Mike??

    Robert Briffault in the “Making of Humanity”
    “It was under the influence of the arabs and Moorish revival of culture and not in the 15th century, that a real renaissance took place. Spain, not Italy, was the cradle of the rebirth of Europe. After steadily sinking lower and lower into barbarism, it had reached the darkest depths of ignorance and degradation when cities of the Saracenic world, Baghdad, Cairo, Cordova, and Toledo, were growing centers of civilization and intellectual activity. It was there that the new life arose which was to grow into new phase of human evolution. From the time when the influence of their culture made itself felt, began the stirring of new life.
    “It was under their successors at Oxford School (that is, successors to the Muslims of Spain) that Roger Bacon learned Arabic and Arabic Sciences. Neither Roger Bacon nor later namesake has any title to be credited with having introduced the experimental method. Roger Bacon was no more than one of apostles of Muslim Science and Method to Christian Europe

  9. Another quote from men of understanding, and not from people like Mike Kay

    George Sarton’s Tribute to Muslim Scientists in the “Introduction to the History of Science,” I

    “It will suffice here to evoke a few glorious names WITHOUT contemporary equivalents in the West: Jabir ibn Haiyan, al-Kindi, al-Khwarizmi, al-Fargani, al-Razi, Thabit ibn Qurra, al-Battani, Hunain ibn Ishaq, al-Farabi, Ibrahim ibn Sinan, al-Masudi, al-Tabari, Abul Wafa, ‘Ali ibn Abbas, Abul Qasim, Ibn al-Jazzar, al-Biruni, Ibn Sina, Ibn Yunus, al-Kashi, Ibn al-Haitham, ‘Ali Ibn ‘Isa al-Ghazali, al-zarqab, Omar Khayyam. A magnificent array of names which it would not be difficult to extend. If anyone tells you that the Middle Ages were scientifically sterile, just quote these men to him, all of whom flourished within a short period, 750 to 1100 A.D.”

  10. John William Draper in the “Intellectual Development of Europe”

    To all Islamophobs in the comment section :
    Quran gives a good advice: ” If u do not know about some thing ask the men of understanding”. So I quote one of the such men for u guys.

    “I have to deplore the systematic manner in which the literature of Europe has continued to put out of sight our obligations to the Muslims. Surely they cannot be much longer hidden. Injustice founded on religious rancour and national conceit cannot be perpetuated forever. The Muslims has left his intellectual impress on Europe. They have indelibly written it on the heavens as any one may see who reads the names of the stars on a common celestial globe.”

    John William Draper in the “Intellectual Development of Europe”

  11. To Mike Kay:
    1. First I will tell u that ur comments often are disorganized, unrelated and without any real substance. Many time contradicting each other.
    2.At least since 500 years West is living in state of total deception and Eurocentric illusion and forcing an eugenic arrogance which brought a militaristic barbarism upon the planet unseen in the human history. If we take Americas as tree continent + Australia, 4 continents were cleansed of their native inhabitans + doznes of other places.
    3. The west is sinking to a state of degradation, nihilism, arrogance and moralless egoism.
    4. The entire West + its satelite stooges are under control of a tiny psychopathic elite and u guys wanna teaching other about freedom and what is right or wrong??
    5.Why then a samll nation like Syria, or Iran can resist and a resurgent Russia is waking up and u guys can not do anything??The reason is that u lost the power of soul and wisdom. It is karmaic laws, it is the pain of soul of millions if not billion who were slaughtered in the planet.
    6.Now, u dare to teach me, if Islam is right or wrong, or if Islam is Scientific or not. U just fool ur self. It is ego which hinder to grasp and see, it is open mind which see not eyes. Leave the muslims alone.

    • You know what Cyruss, I’m sick of hearing this nonsense from Muslims like you. You’re always blaming everything on all other Cultures and religions while deliberately leaving out the horrendous things Muslims did to every country the conquered. When Muslims took over countries, people had no choice, either become Muslim or live as second class citizens in their own lands whilst pay the Jizya Tax, or die. A lot of the inventions and scientific advances credited to Islam are exaggerated. Conquered people who became Muslims changed their names to Islamic ones for obvious reasons.
      Lets not forget, they too slaughtered a mass of people, just like other cultures and religions.
      Yes, the West is taking advantage of Muslims and slaughtering them now, but who’s fault is that?

      Reading those nonsensical and comical lies in your comments about Islam here, remind’s me why I became an Ex-Muslim in my teens.

  12. There seems to be some deliberate disinformation regarding the world Islam took by the sword. The Mediterranean was long dominated by a succession of powerful civilizations, but the one which concerns us is the Greek. This also includes the Byzantine, which lost its Roman identity and became Greek early on. Rome always was a spiritual and intellectual pupil of the Greek anyway.
    When Islam fought its way into empire, it found itself amongst the result of centuries of material, spiritual, and intellectual development-some of which was readily accepted by the conquerors, some of which was summarily destroyed. The historic record cites both acts occurring more or less simultaneously. The result was an erasure, an annihilation, of Greek civilization.
    This is all clearly documented.

    • Thus, the objection that Islam couldn’t have assimilated some aspects of Greek civ., while also destroying that civ. are merely misunderstandings.
      Thus, also, the claim that Greek intellectual culture had nothing to do with the Islamic advances in math, science, alchemy does not fit the historic record.
      Islam is the third manifestation of the abrahamic creeds, and as such, borrows from both predecessors, yet we are to believe there was no borrowing from the great civilization they overrode and ruined?
      The giant strides made in geometry, in arithmetic, created Hagla Sophia, and hundreds of previous great works. The pattern is clear, and for a short time, before full consolidation could occur, Islam bettered itself.

    • However, all was not good in paradise.
      The libraries of Alexandria-yes, there were more than one-once again fell victim to barbarians with torches. Twice before, the defenseless bastions of the world’s knowledge had suffered, under Caesar making good an escape, and by fellow abrahamic ideologues, those Christians.
      However, for once the Jews were left out of it.
      It was the Roman who removed her legs, the Christian who removed her arms, and Omar who removed her head. It’s all there in the historic record, for anyone who needs a refresher in misery.
      Thus for one who sees, the truth is far more complex than a panoply of happy conquerors setting about bringing their version of light to the world.

  13. Thanks, Gordon & Jim for the map designations which really gives a new perspective to consider.

    Regarding Islam, I have only my own direct experiences having visited the ME on several occasions & being warmly welcomed by Muslims into their homes where hospitality is considered to be of a high value in their culture. Having a brother-in-law from Iran who got his PhD at the U of Arizona has also educated me not only about the moderate Muslims but also the great beauty of Persian culture.

    Read ISLAM:A SHORT HISTORY by scholar Karen Armstrong who says, “The picture of Islam as a violent, backward & insular tradition should be laid to rest”. Islam, according to her extensive studies, is tremendously misunderstood, & much is missed by Westerners in their ignorance of its rich traditions.

    Lastly, I am most familiar with Sufism, a beautiful mystical part of Islam, having studied in London back in the ’80s as well as further studies in the US. I am also fortunate to have Muslim friends who are compassionate & loving examples of their faith.

    Wishing peace to ALL…

  14. I think I get it.
    1. The US is funding the genocidal isreali regime to meet their desire for a pure racist state. Herzt isreal. This will happen unless something huge stops it.
    2. The US is supplying Saudi Arabia with weapons and training in its Salafist/Wahhabist regime to meet their dream of mainting the status quo and expanding through Iraq, Syria, Aghganistan and someday Iran.
    3. The US is allowing the Ergegon regime to meet its dream of creating a new Turkish empire with the help of the Wahhabist/Salifist regime and the sattelite country isreal. Stolen oil is probably just the tip of the iceburg.
    4. The US is fullifiling its dream of maintaing the largest Capitalistic regime in the worlds history.
    5. Russia has other plans.

  15. Why dont you pop down to your local mosque and ask them about 9/11.. you might just realise they’re all as well informed on 9/11 as you are, and possibly more.

    As for the silence, do you mean that not being given a platform to express their views on the zionist owned media somehow means that they’re being silent??

  16. Several points need to be addressed here;
    1) The final destruction of the libraries of Alexandria-in order to fire the baths-certainly did occur under muslim occupation.
    2) No one, not I or any other critic of the abrahamic creeds is advocating or celebrating war, terrorism, spreading suffering, murder of civilians, or any other atrocity.
    3) There is plenty of evidence, for those who choose to see it, that the Greek world was seminal in not only learning, but in articulating and spreading higher thought, Gnosis, and science throughout the greater Mediterranean area, which had a direct impact upon the fluorescence of Islam.
    4) War has always been a central tenet to all abrahamic creeds, and islam is particularly enthusiastic about it.
    5) The idea that you are so important that your god wrote pages of rules for you to blindly follow is a central tenet to all abrahamics, one which has brought the world endless misery.
    6) Whatever one might think of the islamic fluorescence, it is over, has been over, and shows absolutely no signs of ever reoccurring.
    7) The idea, thought, or error behind assuming that because someone finds your faith objectionable, they are somehow complicit in making the world a worse place evinces exactly the kind of primitive “thinking”-if one could could call it that-that abrahamics, especially islam, bring to the human condition. This is a low level polarizing of thought that encourages hostile, and even warlike responses to any objection-no matter how valid.

  17. @Mike Kay, after slaughtering 12-15 million Muslims from Afghanistan to Libya your thirst for Muslim blood is beyond vampirish.

  18. Mr.duff forgot not giving up your land, resources, oil will get you invaded, slaughtered, bombed to pieces using B-52s and missiles from zio-atheist land.

  19. @hestroy, Tell that to your amurican government that you don’t want to pay taxes at all but want free lunch and services.

  20. Like any Religion that is just an extension of the Political arm, they have all been used and abused for control purposes. The sad thing is, what is missed. At the root of all religion is God, not a tribal god or prophet but the UN-speakable. Being a westerner for no other reason I was brought up open minded but closely at earshot to a Christian understanding. It does not take a rocket scientist to see through the control mechanism of religions, but finding, seeing and understanding the golden nuggets in Christianity as with any other Religion is the Key that opens a door to what is stated in code in all Religions, God. God as the prophet Jesus, Mohamed, Krishna, etc, spoke of. This is the way out, so to speak, Eternal Life, not a concept but a Reality and those that Recognize this Know this, lol

    • C.,
      Your universalist perspective dilutes everything to a meaningless egalitarianism, while ignoring evidential difference. All religions may contain a reference to ultimate Truth, but this does not mean they will get you in the same room with It.
      Religion, esp. the abrahamic big 3, have zero traffic in the mystic tradition. In truth, they consistently oppose, lampoon, and murder mystics. How exactly does a creed that destroys access to the Ineffable claim to embody it?
      No, the big three are not about you achieving your potential, they are about something else…

  21. Mr.Duff, I do not understand about which threat u talking, but I know that anytime some one coming with an opposing argument, u attacking them. Calling me Salafist is absurd and unprofessional. It is not new, before you called me to be a person connected to Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.They are completely opposed forces. I am not even from Afghanistan.The Salafist/Wahabist dogs are creation of the west. When Press TV do not published ur articles u said Press TV is infiltrated by Zionists. U accused even Globalresearch to be Zionist. And now I am a Salafist according you because I telling that u r insulting Islam. This is ur sentence :

    “but for a third of the planet, believing in science and rationality can get you stoned to death. We call that Islam”
    Today attacking Muslims is a trend, it became a global phenomenon, it became also a opportunity to get fame and status. Western World live in a deception and 911 is the symbol of Western deception. No wonder Chinese says, u should never trust Western people.

    • @Cyruss, Brother there is no such thing as balanced person in western world all they want to believe in their own deceptions, lies, ignorance and deep hatred for Muslims. We always picked wrong friends. Chinese and Russians were always better option than them. After slaughtering 12-15 million Muslims from Afghanistan to Libya their thirst for more Muslim blood is not ending.

      At least CNN, Fox other propaganda outlets do direct propaganda but people like duff do indirect propaganda to justify more blood. Two sides of same coin. And Bashing Islam is multi-million industry. Today VT reached new low.

  22. Dear All, we do not have a volunteer so bored with life that they offer themselves to sit if front of a screen clearing comments all day. Only a few editors can do this, which they do as time allows a few times a day. Time Zones, people being not home, the holidays, all contribute to why comments might not appear for several hours which is not unusual at all. It just means no one was around to clear them. Please wait half a day before reposting a comment. Our goal here is to provide a good reader feedback forum as it can often add a great deal to the article and issues being discusses a most VT readers are big Net readers and can catch or add new material and insights. But we are not running a chat room for ongoing discussions. We have a small volunteer core editor group, some of whom word 7 days a week. We not only keep up with a wide array of world issues but are communicating with our sources several hours per day, sometimes a half day just spent in communications, or we would not know anything. This is a team effort, with our readers and commenters as part of that team and we appreciate you all for helping make VT the unique platform that we are. We have several foreign ministries now who have asked us to send all of our major breaking articles to them in real time.

  23. Cyruss: I do love being threatened and lectured on how I have to fear “insulting Islam.” Do you really want to go there?
    Your tone is pure Wahabist and Salafist.
    Wait a minute, I thought it was me that was supposed to be the expert on Islam, having studied the religion for 50 years, knowing its leaders personally and writing on its interactions and history.
    Now I find its you.

  24. Mr.Duff, as far as concern stoning. Surprisingly there is NO verse about stoning in Quran, but there is some dozens verses about stoning to death in the Bible. The Islamic issue of stoning is a corruption which was brought by Christian converts, there are issue of Hinduism also in Islam, but non of them is Quranic. Some of the very first verses of Quran is about reading and pen. Ther are some 600 verses about knowledge and natural phenomenon. When west burned alive Bruno, and tortured Galeleo the Islamic world tought about globe shaped earth in schools. Perhaps the biggest achievements of Islam and human history was the SCIENTIFIC METHODS. Experiment and Observation are the two elements of any true scientific knowledge. Even the most sworn Islamophob with an open mind will not dispute this. The primitive knowledge of Greek was speculative and they NEVER even dream about Scientific Methods. Founder of Scientific Methods such as Jaber, Avicenna, Razes, Haitam, Averos etc were inspired by the powerful verses of Quran about nature and universe. For the skeptics : Just look at sky and find out the origin of names of stars!!!!

    • Oh, you would be surprised what islamophobes would dispute. Mike kay and hestroy are already disputing undeniable facts.

  25. My comments do not appear for some reason so I have to repeat it. To hear such insult on Islam was a surprise and it just confirms the typical stereotypes of west which will never change and this article will destroy the reputation of VT. Mr.Duff, your knowledge about Islam is in the same level as staff of Fox news. Actually Quran is the only known divine book encouraging learning and science. It was golden age of Islam which gave birth to the dark age of west and out of that came Renaissance. The very numbers you using is Islamic. PC works on the basis of Algorythm and Algorythm is derived from AL-Khwarismis name.The Word Chemistry is Islamic and its father was Jaber. William Osler the father of Western medicine said it was actually Ibn-Sina (many century before him) who is the real father of moden medicine. George Sarton wrote extensive about influence of Islamic knowledge in the west and how non-scientific west learned and used these knowledge. Swedish Scinetific Magazine, illustrerad vetenskap, published an article 2004, where it discussed how the Islamic science rescued the dak period of West and founded the modern scientific world. Calgary University research Group found out that many Medical and other words actually have Islamic origin. Cornea, Colon, Pancreas are not Latin, Mr.Duff.

    • You live in a fairy tail. Do you know WHAT was at those territories BEFORE they were islamized? Do you really think that it was islam that invented these words? Islamic origin… This is so funny. And you are funny.

  26. Several comments refer to the early fluorescence of Islam without crediting its source. They also defensively assert that due to the memory of this fluorescence, Islam cannot possibly be a backward medieval death cult.
    Truth is that the brief, and long gone Islamic fluorescence was entirely due to an extant Greek culture, which they devoured and destroyed. It was the Muslims who burned the last vestiges of Alexandria’s intellectual wealth, thus annihilating the last of a world’s codified knowledge.
    Primitive Islam couldn’t comprehend the Gnostic tradition, so it was shunned and isolated.
    This last mutation of the pathological redeemer complex takes the directive of divinely inspired murder and debasement into new directions, which considering the record of of Christianity and Judaism, is something indeed.
    And yes, the Celtic church was the first Christianity in Europe, doomed to become just another casualty of the Roman church. The book of Kells is the only significant document left from them…

    • Ah, the typical western supremacist cop-out of attributing everything to the greeks. The greeks did not come up with algebra, modern medicine, chemistry, etc. Some of their ideas were discussed and expanded upon but that takes nothing away from the advances made by Muslims. Also, it begs the questions of where did the greeks obtain their knowledge. Knowledge flow from civilizations. Each expands upon the previous one. So no, the greeks aren’t the “creators” of knowledge.
      Also, the fact that you claim Muslims destroyed the knowledge the greeks had gathered and yet their knowledge was based upon the greeks, is contradictory. Nice try though….

    • 321,
      Your statements are patently absurd.
      You have no clue what knowledge Greek civilization mastered, because the stores of knowledge were delivered the final coup de grace by your beloved death cult.
      In terms of cultural diffusion, this is an old theory, but c.d. does not fully explain the assimilation and paradoxical rejection of related sets of knowledge.
      The real problem you and other islamophiles have lies not only in the past, but very much in the present. You need to explain how an ideology ostensibly dedicated to human potential creates anti-intellectual gender specific cultures where religious adherence is equated with a mindset that moves so easily into violence and conflict.

    • @hestroy if that’s what you got out of it then you must have zero reading comprehension. No one here is discussing about what science is dependent upon; we’re discussing the fact that mike wants to ignore historical facts, and make contradictions to satisfy his own delusional fantasies of Muslims being backwards and destroying knowledge. FYI, science doesn’t need you to be religious BUT it also doesn’t need you to be an atheist/non-religious (something which atheists have hard time grasping). Understood?

    • @MIke your bigoted, islamophobic stance has now come out in the fore. Why am I not surprised? You people will twist and ignore every fact to degrade Muslims. Clearly you’re not interested in FACTS. I haven’t denied that the greeks didn’t accumulate knowledge. Do you not have any reading comprehension whatsoever? I haven’t denied that Muslims expanded upon greek knowledge. BUT unlike you I haven’t tried to diminish their own discoveries by attributing everything to the greeks who themselves expanded upon the known knowledge of the time. That’s how it works you dummy.
      Once again, you can’t claim that Muslim’s knowledge was based off of the greeks but then go on to state that they wanted to destroy greek knowledge. Do you not see the contradiction in this? Your first time could have been attributed to ignorance but now it’s painfully clear that you’re being intentionally dishonest. Also, if you want to talk about destroying knowledge, the west has done plenty of that.

    • No 321, there is no contradiction to Islam devouring Greek culture, and assimilating parts of it. This process can be found in many unrelated historical events.
      I’ve already addressed your yammering nonsense concerning knowledge, and what Islam did with it, and I’ve already presented the challenge for you to meet, which you are unable to do, because your beloved Islam is a war mongering death cult.

    • @Mike except you said Islam destroyed greek knowledge.. Assimilated does not equal destroy genius. Also, assimilation happens throughout history. What happened to the byzantine empire is no different than what the romans and greeks themselves did. Nor is it any different than what the west is doing today. But apparently when Muslims do it they’re part of a death cult. GTFO you hypocrite.

    • @MIke What challenge? You haven’t presented ANY challenge LMFAO! You make contradictions left and right and deny indisputable historical facts. How someone can do that is beyond me but you go ahead and continue believing your own delusional fantasies where Muslims “devoured and destroyed” greek knowledge and yet somehow they used something that was destroyed to make their own discoveries. You’re clearly psychotic.

    • @Mike kay oh and another thing. The allegation of Muslims buring down the library is unproven. Only western supremacists like you believe in it anymore due to the unreliability of the evidence. Furthermore, even if your version was true, it’s aslo true that the library was burned before as well. One of these is when Caesar set fire and the library was caught in it too. This is disputed. Another time is when Emperor Aurelian took the city to crush Queen zenobia’s rebellion. This is NOT disputed. In this case the main library was heavily damaged and a lot of its content was lost. The smaller library however apparently survived in the serapeum. Next, scholars also believe that when Emperor Theodosius I banned paganism and the serapeum, which held the library was destroyed then as well. The library was destroyed by the end of the 4th century according to scholars.
      So you see? 3 different instances and all by NON-muslims. And the one allegation against Muslims is based upon unreliable evidence and is no longer believed by scholars. This allegation is only entertained by the likes of you who already have a predisposed bias. Whoops!

    • @mike kay, Can you enlighten us what west is doing today blowing people of Muslim lands into pieces using missiles and fighter jets. At least Muslims spread knowledge to your dark world. Anyways carry on with your vampire attitude.

    • @mike kay,

      By 321:
      How someone can do that is beyond me but you go ahead and continue believing your own delusional fantasies where Muslims “devoured and destroyed” greek knowledge and yet somehow they used something that was destroyed to make their own discoveries.

      @mike kay, keep reading again and again until you are able to understand above words.

    • Here, for all to see is the flower of Islam at its best, a childish, diaper wearing denial of what they actually embody, a hostile accusatory, ant-intellectual primitive ideology that encourages outrage and stupidity, including an inability to comprehend anything more than the most basic grunting, idiotic drivel.
      This is the true success of Islam, a reduction of human capacity to the lowest common denominator.
      Friggin amazing.
      Even I am surprised at the level of demented stupidity that islam slumps to. Hey, congrads, believers. Isn’t it time for you to go dress your women in bags and dream of raping virgins? Or will that next war get in the way?
      Adios pendejos.

    • @Mike kay Bravo!! All you have done is deny indisputable historical facts, lie and contradict yourself. You have engaged in defamation, ad hominem attacks and degradation of a whole religion and its people b/c you wish to paint yourself as superior to those subhumans across the pond in order to justify more wars, tyranny and oppression against Muslims. You have taken credit away from where it’s due. All this WITHOUT attempting to disprove the facts which I have laid out (as if you even could). You are a clear case of psychopathy. Someone such as you is a danger to humanity. But wait…you don’t care about humanity do you? Fine, let’s just limit this as a danger to your western civilization. A rational being would have accepted the contributions of Muslims without taking it as a threat to their own sense of being. A rational being would know that the advances made by Muslims doesn’t take away from the advances made by the modern west. The reason people like you take it as something that is insulting and degrading to the west to have relied upon Muslims is b/c you have been brainwashed to believe that you are a superior being than everyone else and that everything that comes from the west is superior. In essence, this is fascism. And the goal is to breed ignoramuses like yourself to provide a support base for endless wars, oppression and tyranny against Muslims.

    • 321,
      Your grasp of English is either insufficient, or you miss the point entirely concerning the absorption of Greek civilization. It doesn’t help that your condescending arrogance prevents you from comprehending the distinction between fact and faith, or discerning pattern and significance.
      I have allowed your snide demeanor to anger me.
      You cannot accept that yours is based on a wiser and greater people. Nor can you accept the primitive nature of your own ideology, or the fact that any greatness you once had is behind you.
      So, it is pointless engaging any further.

    • @Mike kay My snide demeanor? That’s rich coming from you. Every single comment of yours has had a supremacist tone, including this last one. The greek civ failed. There was nothing special about the greeks! It’s only in your white supremacist, brainwashed mind that the greeks were “wiser and greater”. Civilizations have come and gone. The greeks became weak and guess what? When a civilization becomes weak, it gives way to a BETTER one. Accept it and move on. No doubt, now that the west is losing its position at the top, you’re going to be whining about the russians and chinese “destroying” western culture.
      Also, you should think about retaking some english courses yourself because clearly you don’t understand one bit of what I have been saying. You can’t prove me wrong and you contradict your own self continuously. Again, absorption/assimilation DOES NOT equal destruction. Is this really that hard for you to understand? Is your grasp of english really this pathetic?

    • Also the Islamic civilization was not based off of greeks. Another one of your delusional fantasies. The arabs had their own civilization and the people under their rule slowly adopted their culture just like they ADOPTED greek culture when the byzantine empire was in power. Just like a lot of the world has ADOPTED western culture today. You don’t seem to mind the fact that the west is replacing other cultures but you seem to have a problem when it’s Muslim culture doing the replacing. You know what that’s called? HYPOCRISY.

  27. Ding dong Maurice Strong is gone, right. This is bringing current affairs home because no one else in the msm can. Can’t say about ancient history due in part obfuscation, just a peek in a current history book say on 9-11-01 and you’ll see how it is/has been done, so hats off to you folks for caring and doing such as going to Syria. With VT’s diligent work, history can have a chance as happening in betterment, and not the way Rove stated. Biden and the rest need to wise up about the oil business and Turkey.

  28. Wow! I LOVED that vid with the map and explanations. Thanks! It was very helpful. (And after I read your holiday greetings to all VT readers I listened to the music there and was so inspired…I sent a present to Southfront.) Thanks again VT.

  29. Gordon, where are these blanket anti-Islam comments coming from? You are educated in history and know that Islam was the foundation of science, astronomy, art and literature while Europe was an illiterate back water. And your comment that Arabia was part of Turkey during the Middle Ages is simply wrong. Prior to the Turks, the Arabs and Persians were the center of Islam during the Umayyad and Abbasid period (7th through 13th centuries). Damascus, Baghdad and Cordoba were the heart of Islamic learning long before the Ottomans, and the Ottomans did not take control of the Arabian peninsula until the 16th century.

    And for all your negativity toward the Turks, you yourself say: “Ottoman traditions are far from extremist or radical, quite the opposite.”

    I have never seen anti-Islam comments like this from you before and am honestly shocked. I don’t think your many Muslim contacts in Syria, Iran and Pakistan would appreciate them either.

    We all need to unite against the occult forces seeking to destroy the world. Demonizaton of Islam is one of their ugliest tools, and Veterans Today needs to be better than this.

    I hope your Muslim colleague Kevin Barret will respond here in the comments as well.

    • @ Victor King – The Muslims I am most familiar with practice the form of Islam common to SE Asia, and they are no worse than say, Presbyterians or United Methodists.

    • I have the agree with Victor. The anti Islam slant of this piece has me confused. If it weren’t for Ibn Sina and Kharazmi, the foundations and f Western science would be shaky. Then we have literary giants such as Molavi (you know him as Rumi) and Hafez who in reality have NO rivals… Not even Shakespeare. Do not for one second equate Saudi Arabia, ISIS and most other Arab States with Islam. If you do, you have clearly been fooled and they have won…

    • Spot on victor! Frankly, I’m shocked as well, to say the least. Mr. Duff has extensive contacts in the Muslim world so how could he possibly make these kinds of infactual and borderline bigoted statements?

  30. @ LC – When a SF video stalls while the buffer loads more data (usually happens within the first 10 seconds), in my experience pulling the time slider back to 0:00 one time is enough for the shorter video’s to play fully without interuption.

  31. I read VT with great interest without taking part in comments. Some time the writer makes a bigoted / silly statement that I can’t help but respond.

    The only Country that do not allow woman to drive a car is Saudi Arabia. That is absolutely not part of Islam. As in Arabia women use to ride a horse and camel. Replace the horse and camel with car in today’s world. My sister is an senior Judge of a terrorist court in a Islamic Country and she drive her own car to work and has refused escort or body guard.

    My another sister owns 5 Islamic Schools with all the modern educational sciences and drives her own car to Schools. Her daughter is a Defense Contractor for the government and drives her own car.

    There are plenty of mistakes in the subject article as to how the Christianity expanded in the north of Mediterranean. I shall leave it for others to point out as my intention was to defend Islam. Suffice is Allah for its defense you can utter what ever nonsense you want.

    • The above response was made to writer’s response to 321 where he stated “where women can’t drive cars?”

      And “believing in science and rationality can get you stoned to death. We call that Islam.”

      It seems that the writer is brainwashed and has digested MSNM propaganda.

  32. “but for a third of the planet, believing in science and rationality can get you stoned to death. We call that Islam. ”

    Way to generalize and tell a lie…Muslims made key scientific advances in the middle ages, many of which became the base for future western advances. Even now Muslim countries provide education . If they were against science and rationality there wouldn’t be schools now would there?

    Also aethism is one of the LEAST rational ideology ever. It has no basis in science nor in logic.

    • @Gordon duff The last time I checked Saudi Arabia isn’t the only Muslim country. For an analyst you seem pretty stupid making these kinds of statements.

      @John A God that created the universe makes more sense than believing that the universe somehow came into existence by itself. Furthermore, there is no scientific basis in evolution. The biggest scam is that of evolution. “and when you’re asleep can condemn you for your dream” plz just stop making yourself look like an idiot. It’s embarrassing.

  33. The Byzantine Empire collapsed in 1453, overrun by the Ottamens. What led to that final collapse is long and complex. Persians so exhausted the Empire that the Muslims easily conquered most of it within the next 100 years. So blame those Persians, not the Jews. The Crusaders and Venetians sacked Constantinople in 1204 and further weakened it as well. The Fourth Crusade is considered to be one of the final acts in the Great Schism between the Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church, and a key turning point in the decline of the Byzantine Empire.

  34. Exceptional work by Southfront as usual for this fine News Organization. Looks like Israel has a very strong new covert enemy, Turkey who may turn be able to turn the remnants of ISIS against Israel and Saudi Arabia after the Russians destroy its top leadership which are IDF and Israeli Intel ops. This would be another example of how Israel’s many years of success blackmailing and manipulating the World’s leaders created so much hubris for the Likudists that they cannot see the forest through the trees and they will be blindsided. There is no hope for them even if they try to cozy up with Putin because all of Europe is now getting into BDS. Europeans are starting to blame Israel for starting ISIS and for their massive influx of refugees and are becoming aware that Israel started ISIS with help from the Saudis, USA, UK and NATO. However, the crafty trick done here was when Erdogen hijacked ISIS through marketing of its stolen oil. He will now try to expand ISIS into his own Ottoman expeditionary force to create a greater Turkey and a new Ottoman empire. He just never thought he would become exposed for his part in handling the stolen crude oil. Turkish Intel is no match for Russian Federation Intel and when its over, Erdogen’s regime will expand and then go down in flames, Israel will fall and be Balkanized, Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians will end and Palestinians will get their land back and will take possession of all the new Israeli settlements.

    • Sounds good dr J, hope you are right. But the twists and turns are plentiful since 09/11/01, really the main thing is Israel is pretty much done unless there is MAJOR political change.

  35. Both the corporate United States of America and the Islamic State/Daesh display the gold fringed flag of the black nobility banksters.

  36. I have posted this so many times but it never is worth to stop posting it: “22 December 2004 Prime Minister Tony Blair said, “Turkey’s membership of the European Union is fundamental to the future peace and security of Britain, Europe and the wider world,” The British leader told Parliament that Turkey was positioned in a pivotal strategic area, and that it encompassed the Middle East, the Balkans and Central Asia. Blair said it was “in all our interests” to have a “stable and democratic Turkey” and that it was imperative to “strengthen our influence and role” in those areas. Tony Blair was also insistent that the Turks had made great advances in improving its human rights record over recent times.

  37. Please, the author forgets that Arabia was the place of sience during all of the Western European middle ages.

    And rationality is serainly not anything NATO countries possess, they’re Satanic.

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