Disinformation: Turkey sets lifting Gaza blockade as condition for resuming ties with Israel

[ Editor’s note:  I nearly laughed myself to death reading this, the result of Barzani’s trip to visit Erdogan, a deception piece in the Kurdish state controlled press.  Reminds me of the Israeli videos of the armed “attackers” on the Mavi Marmara.
In the videos, people were walking through walls, a poor CG animation that is still being peddled through the controlled media.  As for Turkey, Erdogan and Netanyahu have had their heads up each others asses for yearsGordon Duff ]


ERBIL, Kurdistan RegionTurkey will not normalize ties with Israel unless it first lifts the blockade on the Gaza Strip, said Ibrahim Kalin a spokesman for Turkish President.

Kalin added that Ankara pursues a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Turkey will continue to play its role until a two-state solution is reached, and the Palestinian people have their own state. There cannot be permanent peace in the region until the Palestinian problem is solved,” Kalin told a press conference according to Reuters.

Israeli and Turkish leaders announced last week that they have reached a framework to normalize relations five years after they cut ties over the killing of 9 Turkish nationals on Mavi Marmara.

Ankara has three conditions it wants met before normalization becomes a formal agreement: An official apology by the Israeli government for the raid, financial compensation for the dead and a complete end to the Israeli blockade on the Hamas-ruled strip which the Israelis insist is a necessary precaution to stop Hamas and/or other Palestinian militants acquiring munitions to use against them.

“Turkey – Israel relations will not normalize until Israel realizes the three conditions. We have not give up on these,” Kalin insisted.


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  1. With such intimate knowledge of each others’ nether regions will they ever find something new up there. The we aren’t pals bit but we steal oil as a team project of goodwill, is exposed now you two jerky boys.

  2. Does Turkey still think itself on the same pedastal of World Stage status as before 2011??

    Makes one wonder as to the level of psychosis these politicians develop after a few years in power. Seems that not only are they cutoff from the normal daily lives & struggles of their own citizens to meet ends but somehow they’ve started building palaces in the air and insisting to one and all that it’s a reality soon to materialise.

    After six decades and a bit more, the zionists are coming to terms of their failed project of greater israel by having second homes from where they came from knowing fully well the time is very near for the illegal entity to be erased from the “Sands Of Time”. Seems fools do make their own friends become fools and take the baton of sufferings and humiliations as a sign of greatness.

  3. A two state solution could very well be in goal of the NWO.

    Of course, what ever the NWO states aim for they officially oppose. AK Party being MB and alas one with London and D.C.

    The main spectators for this acting out is not us but those who have survived Armageddon, WWIII, and the zombies created by Israeli/NATO bio weapons.

    • …The aim of this NWO move is to later say:

      “See, we tried it ALL and nothing worked, we need a One World Government”.

    • @rockwool

      The “settler watchdog” group Peace Now says Israel’s “housing ministry was seeking to build 55,548 units in the West Bank – including two new settlements – of which more than 8,300 homes would be in E1.” The new settlements would effectively end any attempt to set up a contiguous Palestinian state, leaving nothing but disconnected bits and pieces with which to build Palestine. It may be that just such an unworkable two state solution is what the NWO wants, because it would help to quiet BDS, and other groups working for justice for Palestinians, while making endless conflict far into the future virtually certain.

      Peace Now filed a Freedom of Information request to obtain the documents their statement was based on. More info can be found today at Antiwar dot com.

    • Carnaptios-

      The ‘new settlements’ being built are nothing new, per se. It’s the continuation of what these illegal settlers have been doing since 1950s’. Be calm and watch these developments actually being lived and enjoyed by the Palestinians in a very short time, similar to what happened in Gaza.

      Evacuation of these foreign invaders and being pushed into the sea is a reality that’s soon going to be on our tellies with Occupied Palestine becoming once again a One Nation entity lived by Muslims, Christians and Jews peacefully. The Khazars would be erased from the “Sands Of Time” permanently, God Willing.

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