Alex Jones, Robert Spencer, Paul Joseph Watson, and Pamella Geller Are All Zionist Whores



“Don’t look at the screen behind me. It’s a secret.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Listen to this. Since the so-called war on terror has started, “casualties have increased by 4,500 percent”![1] There is more:

“Between 2007 and 2011, almost half the world’s terror attacks took place in Iraq and Afghanistan—two countries under active occupation by the United States.”[2]

The big questions are simple: Who is causing all these casualties? Who are the real culprits? Muslims? Hezbollah? Assad? Iran? North Korea? Japan?

Well, according to the prevailing vision, the United States and its allies (Israel and Saudi Arabia) have virtually nothing to do with this. They are the good guys fighting terrorism and spreading democracy and freedom.

That thesis is a bold lie from start to finish and has lost its moral and political ground when evidence after evidence showed that Israel, the United States, Turkey, and ISIS have been going to the same night club and cocktail parties and exchanging ideologies for years.

But why aren’t other so-called alternative media deconstructing this lie and telling their viewers the whole truth? Why aren’t people like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson seriously looking at those issues?

Why do those useful idiots continue to look at the Syrian refugee crisis as the real problem when those same useful idiots are not willing to examine the people who caused the so-called crisis in the first place?

Why aren’t Zionist whores like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer looking at this situation objectively? Why is Spencer in particular playing into the hands of his oppressors?

"Whoring for Zionism pays well. Yahoo!"
“Geller and I are whoring for Zionism. Boy, that job pays well. Yahoo!”

Spencer, who styles himself a “leading scholar of Islam,”[3] is one of the most dishonest and weirdest Zionist writers I have ever encountered since I started doing research on these issues. His recent Zionist propaganda, The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, contains a torrent of factual errors that will probably fill Grand Canyon two miles deep. I can only address one here and provide a refutation of Spencer’s overarching perversion of history and truth.

Spencer begins his book by saying that that ISIS is “embarking upon a reign of terror unmatched in recent memory—rivaling the atrocities of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.”[4]

First of all, I am really confused here. Haven’t we been told ad nauseam that the Holocaust was unique?

Jewish scholar Jacob Neusner declared that “the Holocaust…was unique, without parallel in human history.”[5] Daniel Goldhagen made similar claims in his dishonest book Hitler’s Willing Executioners.[6] French Jewish historian Pierre Vidal-Naquet espoused similar views.[7]

Many Jewish writers indirectly advocate this form of doctrine in one way or another. For thought-police Deborah Lipstadt, downplaying the “uniqueness” of the Holocaust is to be a Holocaust denier.[8]

German historian Ernst Nolte made the mistake of comparing the Holocaust to other crimes that have committed in history, such as Stalin’s extermination of the Russian people, the Armenian genocide, and Pol Pot’s crimes against humanity. For this, Lipstadt labeled him a Holocaust denier. Historian Joachim Fest defended Nolte on historical and rational grounds, and received the same treatment.[9]

So, should we call Robert Spencer a Holocaust denier? Where is Deborah Lipstadt when you need her?

Second, is Robert Spencer willing to trade whatever honesty he had for public ridicule? Is he willing to sell his intellectual soul by comparing Stalin’s war of extermination to ISIS’ terrorist crimes?

Obviously Spencer has chosen to dump the scholarly literature and has gone to the Zionist slaughter house. In other words, he has been committing historical and intellectual suicide because he has been programmed by essentially Talmudic categories, which is to say that he has to abandon the truth whenever it doesn’t fit his ideological weltanschauung.

A little bit of history here. By 1937, two years before World War II, Stalin had already starved and executed as many as ten million peasants.[10] This period in history—from 1929-1937—is known as the Red Holocaust.[11]

By 1938, a total of 9.7 million perished, and from 1939 until 1953, another 9 million lost their lives.[12] From 1937-1939, Stalin executed 50,000 clergymen alone.[13] Stalin’s terrorism began as early as 1918, when

“he ordered the execution of all suspected counter-revolutionaries. Stalin burned villages in the countryside to intimidate the peasants and discourage bandit raids on food supplies a decade before he became Red tsar.”[14]

Even after World War II, Stalin did not stop terrorizing the peasants.[15] Minority groups such as the Greeks, Germans, Turks, Orthodox Christians, Lithuanians, and Vlasovites also fell prey to Stalin’s ethnic cleansing.[16] Can those crimes be even remotely compared to what ISIS is doing in the Middle East?

Spencer, like other Zionist whores, can never bring himself to the fact that the Israeli regime, the United States, Turkey, and ISIS are one big family. Throughout his book, he cites the Independent and the Telegraph to buttress his point.

But will Spencer address articles by the Daily Mail and the International Business Times which independently link Israel to al-Qaeda and ISIS?[17] Will he address Seymour M. Hersh’s recent bombshell in the London Review of Books?[18] Will he discuss former C.I.A. officer Philip Giraldi’s claim that Israel and the United States are accomplices in spreading ISIS?[19]

Will Spencer be man enough to address the fact that the Syrian rebels have and perhaps still are being treated in Israeli hospitals?[20] Doesn’t he know that Israel supported the Syrian rebels from the beginning?[21] Doesn’t he know that there is basically no big different between the Syrian rebels and al-Qaeda or ISIS?[22]

Doesn’t Spencer know that the so-called Syrian rebels, as USA Today itself put it in 2013, “pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda”?[23] Doesn’t he know that “Hamas,” according to Avner Cohen (a Jewish scholar and Israeli official who has written prolifically on Israel’s nuclear bomb[24]), “is Israel’s creation”?[25] Doesn’t Spencer know that Israel has been a terrorist state from its inception?[26]

Readers should know that Spencer will never address those issues historically and objectively precisely because that would be the death knell of his essentially Talmudic pursuit. This is one reason why Jewish Neocon and thought-police David Horowitz, whose parents were members of the Communist Party USA during the Great Depression, has given Spencer great accolades. It was Horowitz who declared in his memoir that:

“For nearly two hundred years, Jews have played a disproportionate role as leaders of the modern revolutionary movements in Europe and the West…By carrying the revolution to its conclusion, socialists would usher in a millennium and fulfill the messianic prophecies of the pre-Enlightenment religions that modern ideas had discredited.

“Through this revolution, the lost unity of mankind would be restored, social harmony would be reestablished, paradise regained. It would be a tikkun olam, a repair of the world.”[27]

Horowitz ended up carrying this revolutionary banner during the Iraq war. He said of the invasion:

“[T]his is a war whose aims and purposes make it very hard to understand how anyone who is a supporter of human rights, or who believes in freedom, could be against it. In four years, George Bush has liberated nearly 50 million people in two Islamic countries.

“He has stopped the filling of mass graves and closed down the torture chambers of an oppressive regime. He has encouraged the Iraqis and the people of Afghanistan to begin a political process that give them rights they have not enjoyed in 5,000 years…”[28]

According to this premise, sending a six-trillion dollar bill to the American people is liberation.[29] Destroying virtually an entire country is a virtue.[30] Damaging the brains of at least 360,000 U.S. veterans is a great thing.[31] As former U.S. Colonel and noted historian Andrew Bacevich writes:

“Apart from a handful of deluded neoconservatives, no one believes that the United States accomplished its objectives in Iraq, unless the main objective was to commit mayhem, apply a tourniquet to staunch the bleeding, and then declare the patient stable while hastily leaving the scene of the crime.”[32]

"I was publicly critical of the university president’s paid trip to Israel…I am presently struggling to generate the funds to pay the costs of court-transcripts for the appeal that has been filed."
“I was publicly critical of the university president’s paid trip to Israel…I am presently struggling to generate the funds to pay the costs of court-transcripts for the appeal that has been filed.”

Spencer cannot address those issues because Horowitz will kick him out of FrontPage Magazine and call him an anti-Semite. Horowitz’s FrontPage is a Jewish propaganda machine which perpetuates wars in the Middle East, demonizes Muslims, and distracts serious Christians and ultimately all Goyim.

One can safely say that Spencer, like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, have been paid to dance like puppets. They are all Pamela Geller turned upside down. The only difference is Geller is Jewish. In her endorsement to Spencer’s Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, Geller writes,

“If sanity still prevailed in our government and media, this book would be required reading for all elected officials and journalists.”

Spencer obviously returns the favor. Geller, Spencer says,

“has shown me by example how to maintain a healthful perspective and joy in life amid constant vilification and ongoing threats of blood and death. If there is any justice and historical memory, free people of successive generations will celebrate and laud her as one of the unsung heroes of this generation, a foremost champion of freedom in this rapidly darkening age.”

What we are seeing here is that birds of the same feather flock together. As the Jewish Week itself has reported, Geller has already been recognized—but not for intellectual ability but for “frolicking in a bikini and posing in a skin-tight Superwoman outfit.”

I sympathize for decent people who have ignorantly plunked down the money to support those Zionist whores. Those whores are like medicine men delivering cheap products to their clients. It just doesn’t cost them much to put a sledge hammer on Muslims and lump them together as if they are the real perpetrators. But to scholarly and logically document the real villains who continue to inflict vengeance on much of the West will cost you much: your career and perhaps your life.

Norman Finkelstein lost his career when he challenged Alan Dershowitz. Finkelstein, to this very day, can never get a serious teaching position in the United States. Eminent climatologist and physicist Denis Rancourt, as we have already seen, lost his job at the University of Ottawa after teaching for twenty-five years!

Rancourt is not your typical scientist. He has published more than 100 articles in scientific journals and is now doing research on the causes of cancer. Yet that still was not enough for the powers that be. Rancourt recounted:

“I was publicly critical of the university president’s paid trip to Israel. I invited Palestinian speakers into my classrooms to talk about Gaza, and geopolitical analysts who were critical of Israel.

“These moves led to condemnation of me in the Zionist mainstream media, and to discipline, which was overturned. In 2008, a new university president – Allan Rock – who is a staunch and unconditional supporter of Israel and who had been Canada’s Zionist ambassador to the UN, became immediately motivated to fire me, tenure or not, and irrespective of my popular courses and my large science research funding.

“With the help of an entire team using specially-hired union-busting lawyers, after contriving for years including intensive covert surveillance of me using a hired-student spy to monitor my every spoken and written word and my every activity on campus and at other university campuses, the university finally settled on the false pretext for dismissal of alleging that I had improperly assigned high grades to all 23 students in an advanced physics course.

“They needed a ‘clean’ pretext that they hoped would be supported by public opinion and that would not bring out all of their dirt.

“When public opinion and some mainstream media sided with me instead, a high-profile Zionist columnist at the New York Times suddenly wrote not-one but two articles to discredit me, and was invited to Canada to falsely defame me, regarding my teaching, on a trend-setting Canadian TV talk show whose producers are Zionists.

“Even after I was fired, as I continued to be publicly critical of the institution, the university funded a large defamation lawsuit against me which, after almost four years, has entirely washed-out my personal savings, and over which I was ordered to pay a total of legal costs and damages in excess of one million dollars, that I can never pay.

“I am presently struggling to generate the funds to pay the costs of court-transcripts for the appeal that has been filed. My funding campaign is endorsed by the Ontario Civil Liberties Association, which also has a campaign that condemns the university’s unlimited funding of the lawsuit against me using public money.”

Alex Jones will never interview people like Rancourt. Jones in particular will say a few truthful things here and there, but when it comes to examining the deep issues and even the people who are sending the West into a hellish existence, he will back off or call them “The Left” or “Globalist” or something weird.

Jones and Watson keep talking about the “war on Christmas,” but they could never get off their comfortable chairs and do a little scholarly research to see the true visage of the people who are waging a war on Christmas.[33] Jewish scholar Joshua Eli Plaut explicitly writes in his study A Kosher Christmas: ‘Tis the Season to Be Jewish that

“Jonathan Sarna, a preeminent historian of American Jewry, argued that American Jews have a ‘Christmas problem.’”[34]

Plaut declares that American Jewry wants to “coop the Christmas season by reshaping it to reflect uniquely Jewish ideas, concerns, and practices and by developing a variety of strategies directed toward neutralizing Christmas in America.”[35] Plaut continues,

“Befitting their status as one of America’s most successful constituent groups, Jews have reshaped Christmas and challenged society to broaden the December season to recognize festivities sponsored by secular and minority groups.

“Writing in 1990, Jonathan Sarna argued that Christmas is one barrier that Jews cannot overcome in their quest to be regarded of equal status with their American neighbors who celebrate Christmas.”[36]

Plaut has seen the Jewish subversion of Christmas in his own life:

“In 1995, during my tenure as the rabbi of the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center, a local public school advisory committee, which included residents of the Jewish faith, advised the local public schools board to eliminate the public celebration of Christmas in the Vineyard Haven public school.”[37]

This sentiment is echoed by another Jewish scholar by the name of Benjamin Ginsberg:

“Religious symbols and forms of expression that Jews find threatening have been almost completely eliminated from schools and other public institutions. Suits brought by the ACLU, an organization whose leadership and membership are predominantly Jewish, secured federal court decisions banning officially sanctioned prayers in the public schools and crèches and other religious displays in parks and public buildings.”[38]

Jewish columnist Burt Prelutsky wrote in 2005 that the war on Christmas is spearheaded by “my fellow Jews. When it comes to pushing the multicultural, anti-Christian agenda, you find Jewish judges, Jewish journalists, and the American Civil Liberties Union, at the forefront.”[39]

Even in Israel, Benzi Gopstein, The head of Lehava, tells us that “Christmas has no place in the Holy Land.”[40] For Gopstein, Christians are “blood-sucking vampires” who ought to be removed from Israel “before they once again drink our blood.”[41]

The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism and the Coalition Against Racism declared that Gopstein’s statement “was not made in a vacuum but in the context of many acts of violence against Christian clergy in recent years.”[42] Jews have been spitting on Christians in Israel for more than a decade.[43] This has been the historical conflict during centuries![44]

Why can’t Alex Jones expose the real powers that be here? Well, obviously he loves his money and perhaps popularity. For Jones, it seems to be that the almighty dollar is more interested and sacrosanct than the whole truth. St. Paul tells us that “For the love of money is the root of all evil,” and Jones is a modern manifestation of that statement. Let us keep in mind that Jones’ net worth is $8 million.

Jones certainly would not want to lose that chunk of money if he happens to expose the real people who are pushing the New World Order. With his bombastic and annoying voice, he makes people who are advocating for guns look foolish.

Jones can now rouse a naïve audience behind him by simply mixing a little bit of truth in a torrent of falsifications or deceptions. His recent headline should obviously make an astute observer laugh:

Obama has been working with ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood to eradicate Christianity from the Middle East.”

Once again, let us suppose that this dumb idea is true. Does Jones mean to tell us that he doesn’t know that the Israeli regime has been working with ISIS since the war in Syria has started? Why is this shaman cunningly forging deliberate deceptions to seduce millions upon millions of viewers?

If you are an Alex Jones fan, be smart. Use your critical thinking skills. If you have been pouring money on his show business, think again. Psycho-analyze Jones thoroughly. He is certainly laughing all the way to the bank.

Jones wants your money, which is his “precious.” And to get that money, he will always mix a little bit of truth in a river of fabrication, strong enough to distract you from focusing on the main issue. What he usually does is that he would interview a prominent politician and journalist like Donald Trump and Seymour Hersh to get people’s attention.

If you are a Trump fan, then you more than likely will respond, “Well, Jones is doing great.” If you have read Hersh’s recent article, “Military to Military,” then you probably will say that Jones wants the complete truth.


The fact is that what Jones is not telling you should be frightening. If you plan to continue to watch his puppet show, do more research and ask him deeper questions. If you plant to support him with your money, at least consider your family first. Viewers like you deserve to know the whole truth, and Jones is hiding it because that is how he gets his publicity stunt.

Jones’ supporters work too hard to pay the bills, to put food on the table, and to save a few dollars to support him and Watson and Spencer.

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  1. Only complaint about the article is the insult to “working girls” by comparing them to Zio-Con filth.

  2. “Norman Finkelstein lost his career when he challenged Alan Dershowitz.”

    When people such as Dershowitz cannot be publicly challenged due to the legal implications (watch Kevin Barrett’s FFWN show with Gordon Duff as guest) since corrupt judges are on his side…, well, maybe the Austrian corporal only did what was necessary. I know I would not lift a finger to help such people.

  3. I like Veterans today a lot, but when I see stuff like this it looks very childish, and not something you would see on a serious news site. The “He dosent talk about jews, so he is one!” theory is very petty and plays off a lot of ignorance.

    Last time you did an article on something AJ said, was hillarious because if you actually listened to the program he said it in sarcasm. And then some guy put out a video like it was real, because most likely he wasnt smart enough to realize the actual sarcasm.

    I been around Alternative media a long time, and everyone has their own beliefs and personalities. Just because AJ dont talk about aliens or jews 24/7 does not mean he has nothing good to say. Thats pretty ignorant. Anyone who actually listens to the man can see he clearly is scared of his and everyone elses liberty being shot down the toilet.

  4. Always sad to see people get sucked in by the psyop often referred to as AJ. Obviously these people have no clue as to how hard it is to become syndicated only, Jones did it almost overnight. Now who would put up that kind of cash? Who would support such lunacy? You see what they want you to see, hear, what they want you to hear. You are easy and sad representation of their ultimate goal..


  5. Well, fellas, I was 68 years old by the time I’d cracked open my first laptop in Sheepleville, and I can say without hesitation that it was Alex Jones’ spitfire approach that bombarded my psyche with ideas never before in my field of vision. Realizing that the hype was never followed by solutions, I found myself questioning the hype and the Infowars agenda altogether. If Alex has been compromised by the dark side, perhaps ye VT brethren of the Light can show him a way out.

  6. I listened to a Texxe Marrs interview recently with Jeff Rense where Texxe stated that he personally knew a few prominent hosts of national radio shows who were well aware that the “globalists” are Jews, but they couldn’t say that because they would immediately be kicked off the air.

    I’m certain Marrs was referring to Jones. Texxe Marrs was the minister at Jones’ wedding, and Marrs is one of the most vocal people on the planet in Naming The Jew.

  7. Jonas, a small correction here. You wrote “By 1937, two years before Hitler came to power,”

    Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933. I think you meant to write 2 years before the war? (1939)

    I’m sure you know this, but for the benefit of others reading, 2 months after Hitler became Chancellor, Judea Declared War on Germany (March 24, 1933) The German boycott of Jewish goods which everyone has heard about was in response to the Jewish declaration of war on Germany. It lasted 1 day, April 1. 1933.

    I wonder why everyone has heard about the German boycott of Jewish shops, but no one seems to be aware that it was a response to a Jewish worldwide boycott of German goods?

  8. Mind you, it does perhaps show that if Zionist control is in on the alternative mainstream(info wars is just that, alternative mainstream) then they are at least concerned enough to do so, it is a defensive move after all.

  9. Amazing that despite never criticising Israel, muppets like Jones still have their army of ‘believers’. This is becoming a big problem as they have a very large following.

    Here is hoping for their rapid downfall.

  10. Its kind of sad reading these diatribes, first coming from Alexis and then supported by Preston James.
    The above comment got it right, you need some love in your life, unless you will be walking down the “dark side” by this hate against Jones who to date has accomplished more for the liberty movement then any of you ever will, that is just a fact.
    Yes he could say more about the Khazarian mafia. But he plays his game, not yours and he is making a positive difference doing it. What do we know of his ultimate game?
    Its an old established fact that people coming from relative obscurity who suddenly gets attention and a position end up having it rising to their heads so to say.
    Stop the nonsense of attacking Jones this way, I mean putting him in the same box as Gellar? Seriously?
    Its a looser attitude and prime example of a little dog who wants to be big dog.
    Oh and Mr James, you dont think yours and articles here tends to promote normalcy bias? Which is what you are alluding to with Jones, itś what happens and you dont help be shoveling manure.

    IN the end I ask myself, is AJ good? Does he have his heart right with Christ? Is he perfect? No. Are you? Enough is enough gentlemen.

    • Amnesia is a good name. I do so love it when people feel that big business and special interests like the insurance lobby are going to save them.

      Jones is the right.

      He is clearly an agenda driven paid propagandist and those too stupid to pick that up immediately have no business at VT. Go away.

      You are paying to be here, we aren’t selling anything, we don’t want you.

      Please…go to infowars and lap up the vomit.

  11. Jonas, you really need to take a Christmas break, starting with a little Christian good spirit, let go of the anger, hate, ‘with us or against us’, and also take a refresher course in Thomistic Catholic/Aristotle logic.
    The first time I read your work, I critiqued it as nothing but logical fallacies. Then you came back, writing great articles in defense of logic. Then this rubbish.
    Your entire article was attacking a straw man. Your target Spencer is focused on one subject, like all good essayists. He is not supposed to digress into other subjects, like Hitler or Stalin. And you’re the one with no logic. He did not say the Holohoax was unique, and you say it was not unique, then you call him illogical for saying it wasn’t!!!
    P. James comment is the same as that of Brother Nathanial, that those who don’t sacrifice their careers or even lives by attacking the Talmudic International Crime Kabal, TICKs, by name, are traitors to the cause. He even makes the ridiculous claim that Jones never touches real issues, when in fact he is the primary platform for Ron Paul, Donald Trump, Jesse Ventura, who all courageously expose the TICKs without calling them by name.

    • Right, Neil, and let’s let go of logic, too, while we’re at it, and give AJ and such fine people as Geller and Spencer some slack. After all, Neil, if closely identified Chinese Americans were thirty-five times over-represented in the senior management of Wall St and nearly so in senior government bureaucracies; ran the Fed as a Chinese fiefdom; controlled the virulently anti-Christian bile coming from Hollywood and the MSM; subjugated US foreign policies to Chinese expansionism and ME resource expropriation; sought to finally exterminate Russia; etc, etc–why, only the most illogical bigots motivated by psychotic envy would even notice this, right?

    • The only ones that need to take break are those Crusaders playing for Christians, and those Zionists playing for Jews, and those Islamists playing for Muslims. But also the top religious figures need to denounce these parasites of their religious ethics and stop giving guys like Bush red carpet welcomes. There is no day among 365 that would be less or more appropriate to address this issue. I don’t see what effect in everyday USA Christian life has to do with Caspian sea minerals and riches but if you ask this question to Bush or McCain they would say that Caspian sea is more important than the Holy communion and the star-spangled banner. And hence, Netanyahu would argue that Bush and McCain with the administration are more important than Shabat and the star od David. Are there any christian or jewish relics or pilgrimage sites on the Caspian sea?

  12. One thing, I do have to correct, since it is essential for the worlds history:
    You wrote – quote:”…A little bit of history here. By 1937, two years before Hitler came to power…”
    Hitler came to power much earlier. The latest date one could name would be 1933 the 28th of February. At this day the way was made for the NSDAP to put away all opposition. Hitler was declared Reichskanzler at 1933-01-30 by Hindenburg. The date 1939 is known because of the beginning of the WWII. WWII started at the first of September 1939. Hitler was in power when Hindenburg made him Reichskanzler. The time when Hitler was the “Führer” and the hyped figure, as they promoted him, was in 1934 after Hindenburg had died in August. After that, Hitler not only was Reichskanzler, he also got Reichspräsident.
    To turn back to your argument about Stalin and Spencer – you´re right. Except that I also do believe, that we are just seeing the smallest of beginnings now. ISIS is a terrible jinn that just started to get out of its bottle.

  13. As much as I do agree with most what I´ve read, as much I feel disgust about using stuff out of the Hitler-Nazi-Germany propaganda toolbox like these pictures of an ugly old man meant to represent an image. If you tell the truth, you dont need this flimsy technique to play on cliches (stereotypes) and use prefabricated emotions. Why do you have to rely on the same tactics like the cabal and the Mafia. Isnt truth enough.
    In one of Robert Heinleins books there is this old man who votes against using the manipulation techniques of the dictators secret service and mass media (the book with the revolt against the “Prophet”).
    Why is it possible that Heinlein statet a truth YOU dont seem to know??
    Jonas, please leave this path of manipulation and disguise – the truth deserves dignity.

  14. Another great article by Jonas Alexis that is 100% accurate. Jones specializes in limited hangout to gain false credibility and a following. His job is to upset folks by playing the game “ain’t it awful” but to then provide no real solutions. This angers folks but eventually they just learn to live in quiet desperation. But they get addicted to their daily dose of Jones adrenaline evoking rants which in a paradoxical ways vicariously soothes the listener/viewer but keeps them suspended in a fake mindset of no action to really change anything. Jones will never mention the Khazarian Mafia or the fact that Israel and its Dual Citizens did 9-11-01 with help from stateside USAF and JCS Traitors. He allows guests to mention some of the names of those main Israeli dual citizen planners but never identifies them as Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens. He never dares mention PNAC, AIPAC, Sheldon Adelson, or Haim Saiban and how they earned their vast fortunes. Some have accused him of being associated somehow with Stratfor a very slick “limited hangout” Israeli Intel front.

    • Attempting to intellectually digest Jonas E.`s treatise, and the wide range of responsive comments – to include the references to Alex Jones´s propagandizations – several books come to mind. “The Holocaust Industry,“ “Profits of War,“ “Der MOSSAD,“ all contain interpretations that reflect the author, some of which exceed authenticity. Even Gordon Duff has stated that he has provided “unverified“ information, on occasion. Gordon Duff´s response to Amnesia about lapping up the vomit is choice. It reminds me of animals that lap up vomit, the digestive systems of which utilize vomit´s nutritional value with no problem. To appreciate all comments, an intellectual, digestive system, similar to the intestinal digestive system of such animals, is required. However, no intellectual system “digests“ the concept of the Apartheid system that is created by fairy tales that grant supernumerary status to the progeny of authors that penned the fairy tales.

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