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Has the Globalist NWO Plan become a Titanic headed for an Iceberg?

by  Preston James

TITANIC1The private City of London Banksters are also known as the secret World Zionists (WZs).

These World’s worst criminals and mass-murderers are the leaders of the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

We now know for certain that the KM is a large, Worldwide inter-generational secret Luciferian occult system of unimaginable evil based on ancient Babylonian Talmudism known as Baal Worship.

This secret inter-generational Baal worship is also the hidden cause of the Bolshevism, Nazi-ism, Mao-ism and the Neo-Bolshevism that now rules the USG and is a parasite upon the American People and most of the World.

The KM is characterized by the use of private KM central banking with fake money. They have used these debt-notes to entrap the World into debt-slavery.

They have created:  an elastic unlimited source of funny money they have used to buy, bribe and own elected officials; wars engineered for increased power, profit and cheap access to resources accompanied by mass-murder and maiming of thousands and even hundreds of millions; drug trafficking; pedophilia; sex-slavery; and secret Satanic rituals including child torture and their blood sacrifice.

The Select Few who are the KM leaders also serve as the top several Policy-makers in America and are best referred to as the “Select Few”. 

In 1913 the Khazarian Mafia (KM) was able to hijack the American Monetary Creation and Distribution System which then provided the KM with an unlimited means to buy, bribe, own and control almost every member of Congress and most USG Officials.

This 1913 KM hijacking of America resulted in  the UnConstitutional and criminal creation of their private Federal Reserve System. Today under existing RICO laws, the FRS easily meets all the definitions of a criminal RICO crime syndicate as does their owner and controller the Khazarian Mafia.

But neither the FRS or the KM has ever been brought to justice because of its massive unbridled money power to buy, bribe, corrupt and hire contract hitmen to sanction anyone including Presidents who come after them.

2-303x320That is, until recently until they KM used Israeli Intel and Dual Citizen Traitors in the USG to attack America on 9-11-01 and have now been exposed for this false-flag action designed to manipulate Americans into fighting another war for Israel, the KM, its associated large defense contractors and Big Oil.

These perps never expected to get exposed for this but they have.

Certain “loyal to America” sectors in the Pentagon and American Intel want them brought to justice one way or another for this mass murder of 3,000 Americans that day and the later deaths of 39,000 first responders and nearby residents that died from the air pollution it caused afterwards.

In addition there are about 70,000 locals that are fighting for their lives from strange cancers and lung disorders from the 9-11-01 attack and cannot get any justice because of a crooked Federal Judge who is owned by the KM and is an American Dual Citizen Traitor…

The new checkmate of the KM in Syria is now exposing the KM and it its constituents.

Recently Putin and the Russian Federation have completely checkmated ISIS in Syria and have captured some of their commanders that are singing like canaries.

We are now all learning the terrible truth that the leaders of these nations have been working together to create Terrorist mercenary armies to start wars to create extreme profits for the KM Banksters and their associated large international defense contractors and Big Oil.

American-Dead-back-from-Iraq-500-X-4663What much of the World is now learning is that ISIS and all Mideast Terror groups are actually private mercenary armies that have been created, trained, supported and paid by Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UK and much of NATO.

The Khazarian Mafia (KM) created a massive Worldwide Web of Debt which has oppressed most of humanity.  

But this is now coming to an end thanks to crafty efforts of the Russian Federation and China which have been setting up new banking and trade systems outside the US Petro Dollar.

This hijacking of the US Monetary Creation and Distribution System in reality created a system of unbridled power and control for the KM that soon led to the creation of their own illegal, unConstitutional private collection agency, the IRS, incorporated in Puerto Rico and other illegal, unConstitutional KM run Law Enforcement Agencies.

Massive bribes have been made to Members of Congress through various lobbying groups which in reality serve as espionage fronts for the Khazarian Mafia (KM) Banksters.

We now know for certain that all these Mideast Wars for at least the last 50 years have all been used to maintain the KM’s hegemony over oil production and to gain cheap access to the natural resources.

Up until now the KM Bankster’s American FRS has been an unsinkable ship of a secret “hidden from plain sight” supra-national KM mega-state. 

But alas, the top several leaders of the KM System, e.g. the “Select Few”, have become very, very old and now approach death from aging and physical deterioration.  banksters-300x2072

Their pan has been expand their Worldwide Fiat Counterfeiting System until it collapses and then institute a Worldwide electronic monetary system in its place, one they would control.

They could then use all NSA spy data to take any dissidents out of their electronic system preventing them from buying, selling, working or even eating.

And they would then use this new unbridled power to consolidate all the nations of the World into a Globalist NWO system run by them.

At this point they have planned to seat their NWO Ruler they claim is Lucifer the “Light Bearer” or the true God and in turn receive eternal life and new completely restored eternal bodies.

But their own hubris and old age has apparently blinded them to the new spontaneously emerging populism inside America and much of the World, especially inside the Russian Federation. This is due to the alternative media of the Worldwide Internet which has become the New Gutenberg Press.

Despite over 50 years of the KM’s Controlled Major Mass Media which is actually an illegal News Monopoly and News Cartel, the alternative media of the Internet spreading truth to the American masses and neutralizing all this mind-kontrol.

Naturally the KM has started to realize this present threat to their World Hegemony and has taken massive steps to neutralize the truth nuggets which have been spreading from the Internet like wildfire.

But no matter how many repressive laws the KM uses its stateside Cutouts to pass, all are destined to failure because the American Public’s rage toward appointed and elected officials of the USG grow every day for neglecting to represent them and instead serving only wealthy special interests.

The KM has thousands on Internet trolls, stooges and sock-puppets. Many use “limited hangout” to gain credibility and then deliver bad payloads to neutralize truly important truth nuggets. But these efforts are losing effectiveness as many Alternative Media users become too sophisticated to be psyopped anymore.

64f3785aWhat are these truth nuggets being disseminated by the Internet that are rapidly diffusing to the masses even in America?

Truth nuggets like:  the KM attacked America on 9-11-01 using Israeli Intel and Traitors inside our gates in the Pentagon including the Administration, JCS, USAF, NORAD and the FAA;  Sandy Hook was a two-day DHS/FEMA Capstone Drill which was actually a false-flag attack on the Second Amendment with no dead kids and nobody dead at all; or that ISIS/ISIL/Daesh/Al Nusra, Al Qa Dae (aka “Al CIA Duh”) all mercenary groups created, trained, supplied, paid and commanded by Israeli Intel, the US Administration, a powerful Zio faction of the Pentagon now assisted by Senator John McCain (head of the influencial Senate Armed Services committee), and the Bush Crime Cabal aka the CIA, all set up to create much needed enemies to stoke the US and NATO military machine on behalf of the KM and its  main Action-Agent and Cutout Israel in order to further the Greater Israel Plan and make massive War profits for the large international Defense contractors who kick back plenty of money and perks to most members of Congress through K Street lobbyists and various foreign based espionage groups (which including at least one from Turkey).

timthumb.phpThe KM has now been quite unexpectedly checkmated in Syria by the increasingly powerful Russian Federation and its super-statesman Vladimir Putin. Putin is supported by over 90% of his citizens and a growing number of Americans view him as the ideal President, the type they long for.

This man Putin is actually working hard and very smartly to protect the interests of the citizens of the Russian Federation. Something we have not had since the Bush Crime Cabal aka the CIA assassinated JFK for the KM Banksters, Big Oil, Defense Contractors and the Pentagon.

Our Politicians in America are working very hard to protect the interests of the KM and the Israeli-American Defense Machine but they are presently failing. 

And the last decade the Russian Federation and China have been able to convince a growing number of nations to work with them to set up various firewalls against the US Petro Dollar. Their oil sales and purchases are now actually being made without using the US Petro Dollar and this trend will continue to spread.

Private new banking systems and trading systems outside the US Petro Dollar are now being set up and actuated. Secret plans are being deployed by powerful foreign nations to undermine and destroy the US Petro Dollar and the KM system, which will probably be occurring soon.


End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?
End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?

It will take time, but the die is now cast for the complete destruction of the KM System. Soon we will see an end of the US Petro Dollar, and the KM plan to set up their own Worldwide electronic banking system will fail.

The impressive strength of the Russian Federation with its new impenetrable electronic warfare Defensive Shield and super and hyper-sonic hived missile systems is going to prevent any successful annihilation of the Russian Federation by the KM System of Evil and its chief military enforcer, the Pentagon.

Yes, anyone who has carefully considered all aspects of this issue will conclude that the KM System used to be an unsinkable Titanic.

But it is now increasingly evident to many that KM is now headed directly for a collision with a large and growing iceberg of worldwide populism and the new financial and economic firewalls built against its hegemony. When this giant worldwide KM Titanic sinks on this large iceberg, this will likely bring exposure and final judgement to its cadre of members and the Select Few who haven’t already died of old age.

By attempting to crash out the American economic system through Free Trade and its counterfeit debt-based phony money, the KM has actually created a situation where it is now at risk to be on the receiving end of an increasingly informed American public who are beginning to connect the dots and blame them for the destabilization of the American economy.

Stay tuned because this is likely to get very interesting in 2016.





Author Details
Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.
<br. A book by Preston James entitled "The New Gutenberg Press" has just been published and is available at

13 Replies to “Has the Globalist NWO Plan become a Titanic headed for an Iceberg?

  1. I know of what one may call the “Dulce Revelations”. But trying to understand it is another matter… I think I’m making progress (EggX Files)

    It all needs to stop. But will it? I don’t know. If you look at how our civilization treats other creatures on the Earth. How we farm, cage, slaughter, & eat them. I don’t see what they’re doing to us as all that different.. Horrible? Yes. But it’s only Suffering at one level higher.

    We are neither at the top, nor bottom of the chain, but in the middle.

    – Mr. E.

  2. Yes, she makes a good point. It is my view that the FRS is illegal, unConstitutional and criminal (RICO) and must be eliminated and all assets seized and clawed back, every single cent possible all the way back to 1913, including personal gains of the share owners no matter where they reside.

  3. Dr. James, I find it curious that you never mention the 3rd leg of this evil NWO stool. What other organization with worldwide reach can claim a ‘phallic-like obelisk and womb-like capitol dome as front lawn ornaments? You’re not a ‘closet Jesuit’, are you?

    1. Nope, not a Jesuit, nor have I ignored these matters. I have covered this numerous times. Obviously you haven’t read my articles nor listened to my interviews. I have mentioned in the past that the Rothschild (Bauer) Banksters started out and serve as the Vatican’s bankers. I have also mentioned that the Vatican was infiltrated by the KM linked worldwide satanic Cult and was dirtied up by James Angleton and blackmailed by the KM to set up the Nazi ratlines and launder money for organized crime. Many know that Malachi Martin claimed the Vatican Clerics were overtaken by a large Worldwide Satanic Cult that did Black Masses in the basement. Do I think the Jesuits and the Black pope run everything and especially the KM? No, but they are deeply involved in the Satanic/Demonic mind-kontrol spells placed on many folks all around the World. Some insiders have claimed that the Vatican is the spiritual head of the “Beast System”, the City of London is the financial base and power of the “Beast System”, and DC is the Military arm of the “Beast System”. It seems as if the KM is now the head of the Beast and the Synagogue of Satan and has been able to take control over the World System aka “the Beast”. This control is now being quickly eroded.

  4. Dr., did you catch the video of the burning high rise in Dubai? The building looked fully engulfed yet did’t collapse.

    1. Of course it didn’t collapse. It was built to internationally accepted fire-codes. And it didn’t have micro-nukes glued to the inside of it along the elevator shaft every ten floors and bigger ones in the basement that were detonated.

    2. I have been having fun with a YT’er who has a complex computer model of WT7 that he can’t get to collapse “correctly”. It starts off OK, then breaks into different sized chunks as it falls over and the bits land outside the footprint every time. I told him stick some nukes under it start with 1.5KT and run the simulation again that should work.

  5. What happened to the military and intel who were “hopping mad” about all this? It appears they are more motivated to collect those lavish pensions than fulfil the oaths they took to defend the Constitution and country from these traitors and invaders. Not only are they not putting up a fight, they’re aiding and abetting. Going on FIFTEEN YEARS now.

  6. I support the removal of anyone that betrays their Oath of Office, violates the Constitution and betrays America and We The People.

  7. Like I keep saying VT readers are the brightest and the best. This comment shows that.

  8. I voted for Obama because he said they would address the wrongs of Bush, Holder said to prosecute the Bankers would destroy the so-called economy so it goes. Keeping the rigged economy in the shape, it forces young men and women to join the Military. Why? They have no other way to earn a living.
    At this point in time the only way to end it is the way of Iceland or all out Blood revolution, we are kidding ourselves that the terrible few will give -up without being forced out of power with real fear of their lives and I don’t see it working without major deaths for motivation..15 years is far to long…….

    1. Many Americans are beginning to share your view on this bondage that enchains us all.

  9. With any luck the NWO Titanic will be packed full of the satanists when it goes down.
    i would suggest that we have snipers positioned around the wreck in case any of the satinists try to swim for it. You know what rats are like leaving a sinking ship.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the staff and writers at VT and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to the
    VT community

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