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NEO – Clooney and the “White Helmets,” Dupe or Dope?

Jim W. Dean - Has Clooney gone looney? If he ever had any presidential aspirations they will be going up on smoke if it makes this movie on the White Helmets. Anyone who could be suckered into white washing the White Helmets for their aiding and abetting terrorism in Syria would be considered a major security risk.

American Insanity: Time to End Billions of Taxpayer Monies Sent to Fund Crazy 19th...

Israel is not the United States of America. American taxpayers pay each year to make their country great; not to fund our countries. USA has its own challenges and it must invest here at home and not on some 19th century well meaning but antiquated Austrian's dream. That's not anti-semitic or anti-Israel or anti-Jewish. It's simple pro-American. Period!

And the biggest false flag story of 2016 is….

False Flag Weekly News sifted through more than 1000 stories to find the biggest one of 2016.

Pravda: Trump’s strategy is to set Russia against China

The current state of affairs in Ukraine, Iraq and Libya suggests that the United States runs silly and inconsistent foreign politics. Yet, a more...

India Activates Dangerous Arms Race in South Asia

  By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today It is most regrettable that by ignoring the modern global trends like renunciation of war, disarmament, peaceful settlement of...
Arid Land

Your Radiation This Week No 87 and 88

Evacuation and Extinction - we need to talk about this. This is a very real likelihood for us all.

‘Russian hackers’ penetrate US power grid with ‘outdated Ukrainian malware’

Jim W. Dean - This Russian hacking story is turning into a Three Stoogies movie rerun. Experienced Intel people, even those who are not intimate code people know that setting up blinds, dead ends and pasties as diversions for hacks is a operational staple.

Roots of the Rape Crisis in India and the Jewish Influence on Bollywood

The first actresses in the Hindi film industry were Jewish. They succeeded because respectable Indian women would not act on stage and because Jewish women, who often took Muslim names, were willing to “show their flesh.”

TradCatKnight Radio: Meteor Warning for 2017

TCK RADIO: Marshall Masters "Meteor Warning for 2017" Planet X Incoming!

PressTV: Turkey plane transfers Daesh terrorists from Aleppo to Yemen: Report

  This file photo shows a plane flying after take-off from Yemen's Aden International Airport. (Photo by AFP) Yemeni sources say a Turkish plane transporting scores...

‘White House sanctioning own children now?’ Moscow blasts CNN’s ‘false’ US school closure report

Jim W. Dean - Putin hits another home run, leaving the Obama White house crew cut off at the knees, by their own hand. As for CNN, it is no longer even an embarrassment. It is beyond that.

How the Islamic State took over the city of Palmyra

The offensive of the Islamic State against Palmyra triggered on 9 December completely surprised the garrison of the Syrian Arab army in the city.

Syria-Gate: NATO weaponry and personnel in East Aleppo

Jim W. Dean - As VT predicted, the real story on who was responsible for the horrors inflicted on Aleppo will be coming out, and some of the Western media are already looking for cover

Syrian War Report – December 30, 2016: Govt Forces Foil Major Militant Offensive

A nationwide Syrian ceasefire started last night with a major-scale offensive of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Jund al-Aqsa against government forces in northern Hama.

TradCatKnight Radio: Tribulation Cometh: Church & World In Eclipse

TCK RADIO: Covering the Universal Apostasy in the Catholic Church and the arrival of Planet X with special guest Ken Van Hoof

PunishRadio: US to Israel “Settlements on Indigenous Peoples Land NOT Acceptable!”

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Gets Real with Israel at UN Turning Heads Around The World! Now What?

Vladimir Putin is ending 2016 with a bang

The Washington Post is now ineffective because Vladimir Putin, whether NWO like it or not, has already left an indelible mark on the twenty-first century.

Obama orders sanctions on Russia over alleged election interference

Jim W. Dean - This is about what we have been expecting, a fanny covering move by Obama so it could not be said he did nothing. Expect to see 35 US diplomats in Russia ordered to leave soon.

VT Pro-Trump or Anti-Trump?

VT is pro-freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

UFOs and the Secret German Space Program

Happy New Year everybody! With President Trump in the White House and Brexit finally starting to happen, it should be a good one.

Evolving Regional Security Dynamics And Impact on Pakistan’s Security

  Asif Haroon Raja Till as late as 1990, India remained a close knit strategic partner of former USSR and it kept belittling the US imperialist...

Horrific Details Emerge of the Aleppo Rebel’s Trade in Human Organs

Jim W. Dean - We are seeing a solid response to VT's emergency message sent to the Russians as the liberation of Aleppo began, to focus on turning the atrocity story media campaign around on those who have been doing it a long time now, and their supporters.

Identitarians vs. Patriots – Elaborating on Progressive duplicity and the Rise of the Right...

Understanding the bond between the New Left and Jewish progressive intelligentsia...

Russia rules out explosion on board crashed military plane

Jim W. Dean - The focus now is the black box comment on the cockpit tape of a flap problem, but where it is acknowledged could still be a sabotage issue.

Syrian War Report – December 29, 2016: YPG Withdrawing From Aleppo City?

On December 29, preliminary reports appeared that an evacuation agreement were made between the Syrian military and militants operating in Syrian Ayn al-Fijah, Baseema and Dayr Qanoon in the Wadi Barda region northwest of Damascus.

ISIS Terrorists Lost 12 Units Of Military Equipment In Desperate Attacks On Tyas Airbase

ISIS terrorists have continued desperate attacks against Syrian government forces at the Tyas Airbase and nearby points.

Bring back Henry Wallace and the Common Man

Mr. Trump, where is your man representing the interests of the “Common Man” who helped you get elected? We see none.

Putin turns on the gas to Crimea to win energy war

Jim W. Dean - This quickly built Russian gas line is proof that Crimeans voted themselves a future when they rejected being a part of the coup in Kiev. They are now energy independent from Kiev.

John Kerry: It’s time to challenge the mad man in Tel Aviv on the...

Jonas E. Alexis--John Kerry: “The settler population in the West Bank alone – not including East Jerusalem – has increased by nearly 270,000 since Oslo, including 100,000 just since 2009 when President Obama’s term began."

Jonathan Revusky: Anti-Religious Religious Fanatics (ARRFs) are the real fundamentalist crazies!

Mainstream media, academia – the whole dominant discourse, really – tell us that secularists are the reasonable people, whereas religious folk tend to be fundamentalist, irrational, potentially extremist crazies. But is that really the case?

VT: We are winning the fake news war

Jim W. Dean - Western media begins to "man up" that it failed miserably to cover the liberation of Aleppo, having lost credibility by casting the jihadis in East Aleppo as abused victims, when they were vicious occupiers.

ISIS and al-Nusra Bombs and Shells—Made in US and Germany

Jonas E. Alexis - The criminal minds who supported ISIS and al-Nusra in Syria have been caught red-handed again.

Syrian War Report – December 28, 2016: Govt Deploys 10,000-Strong Force For Advance On...

The Syrian military has continued to deploy reinforcements to the battlefront against ISIS terrorists near the Tyas Airbase in the province of Homs.

Russia, Turkey Push Nationwide Ceasefire Plan In Syria

Turkey and Russia agreed on a nationwide ceasefire plan in Syria.

Hot Off The Press – Britain Pulled the Strings Behind Anti Settlement Resolution

It was Britain rather than the USA that had been pulling the strings behind the anti Israel Security Council resolution.

TradCatKnight Radio: Our Endless Jerry Springer Cultural Apocalypse Exposed

We live in an endless Jerry Springer Show and someone has to expose it... TCK RADIO: James Perloff "Truth Is a Lonely Warrior"

The Church Of Neoliberal Evangelicals – Trump’s Cabinet

A reminder to Donald Trump ~ "When a man is up to his neck in alligators, he has difficulty reminding himself that his initial objective was to drain the swamp.”

Rag Radio: Searching for Extraterrestrial Life with Astronomers Dr. Neal Evans and Dr. Cecilia...

RAG RADIO welcomes Astronomers Neal Evans and Cecilia Colome. Dr. Evans, a pioneer in the study of star formation, has served as a mentor to younger generations of astronomers.

The Debate – Nuclear Arms Race Threats

Jim W. Dean - Why is there no national concern over mini-nuke proliferation, when they have already been used in major terror bombings?