Putin declares NATO a threat to Russian security

Putin starts the new year out by stating the obvious that few in the West dare to do
Putin starts the new year out by stating the obvious that few in the West dare to do
Putin starts the new year by stating the obvious, which few in the West dare to do

… by Press TV,  Tehran

NATO has become a warped organization, a threat rather than a defense
NATO has become a warped organization, a threat rather than a defense

[ Editor’s Note: Putin has started out the new year by calling NATO what it is — a national security threat to
Russia. But his PR people make a mistake by not mentioning that NATO is also a threat to European and US security via its push for increasing the chances for a confrontation with Russia.

The Ukraine threat hoax, and claims that Putin was trying to re-establish the old Soviet empire and reach back into the heart of Europe was a crazy claim; it was an open admission that NATO felt no fear from public reaction. And it was right because there was no organized, major anti-NATO-extremism marches in European capitols.

Even when the Russian invasion of Ukraine hoaxes were exposed through the use of outdated photos from the Georgian war, the MH-17 crime, which had been perpetrated to trigger increased sanctions on Moscow, did not trigger any meaningful pushback against NATO’s march to the Russian border.

Putin omitted the US preemptive strike policy from his NATO threat analysis, and so has Lavrov, as best I know, and that would be a key part of the threat evaluation. We will be writing more about this in 2016, as corporate media has rolled over on the topic, similar to 9-11, so once again VT has to do what no one else will do. That is our welcome into 2016Jim W. Dean ]


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–  First published  …  January 01,  2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new defense strategy document that declares the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) a threat to Russia’s national security.

The document, which was signed by Putin this week, considers NATO’s military buildup in various countries as a major foreign threat against Russian national security.

The document also updates Russia’s national security posture and outlines the threats that Russia sees in NATO’s expansion.

“The buildup of the military potential of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and vesting it with global functions implemented in violations of norms of international law, boosting military activity of the bloc’s countries, further expansion of the alliance, the approach of its military infrastructure to Russian borders create a threat to the national security,” the document reads.

The signing of the document comes against the backdrop of a rising military presence by the US and its NATO allies in Eastern Europe and the Baltics.

The Western military coalition has increased its troop and equipment presence in Poland and the Baltic nations in order to deter perceived Russian threats. Montenegro is the latest former Soviet bloc country to join the NATO.

In a separate statement, President Putin said Moscow’s independent policy making is what drives the US-led Western military alliance to feel the need for expansion in a bid to maintain its “domination.

“Russia’s strengthening is taking part on the background of new threats to national security that have a complicated and interlinked character,” the statement said.

“The independent domestic and foreign policy conducted by Russia triggers counteraction from the US and their allies seeking to keep up their domination in global affairs,” it added.

The Kremlin has announced a series of defense moves in recent months.

In mid-June last year, Putin announced that his country would boost its nuclear arsenal, adding 40 intercontinental missiles. He also said a vast array of state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment would be delivered to army units over the next few months.

Relations between Russia and NATO strained after Crimea integrated into the Russian Federation following a referendum on March 16, 2014. The military alliance ended all practical cooperation with Russia over the ensuing crisis in Ukraine on April 1, 2014.

The United States and its European allies accuse Moscow of destabilizing Ukraine and have imposed a number of sanctions against Russian and pro-Russia figures. Moscow, however, rejects the accusation.


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  1. Jews are not communists. Communists have no religion and strive for the collective. Jews are a boys club that is elitist and cares less about anything but their religion money and themselves. Truly evil.

  2. You can sense the strong connection Putin is implying in this statement, between NATO of the illegal terrorist supporting activity happening through Turkey and ISIS in the middle east.

  3. But his PR people make a mistake by not mentioning that NATO is also a threat to European and US security via its push for increasing the chances for a confrontation with Russia.

    I think Putin never speaks for others… Doing so (speaking in the name of others) will always make seem that Putin is saying things that are none of his business. Don’t forget that most people on this planet think he’s a tyrant because of the black propaganda about him. So I think he prefer the EU and the US people discover by themselves that NATO is a threat for them. And then, if they want to be helped by Russia and make agreements, then that’s another question… But as Assad asked help to Russia, so should EU and US do to make it legit.

  4. NATO = USSR
    The uniformity of thought, the monster military, genocide and war crimes, and the godlessness.

    • Are you out of your mind? NATO/CIA = NAZI, and Ferkel Merkel is very much a NAZI/Fascist. The Western “elites” are Nazis. The Soviet Union and China saved the world from a (monstrous) Western imperialistic fascist world dictatorship.

  5. Russian security? WTF? The UN has been a threat to security all over the world since its inception. Its only purpose has been to institute a plan for controlling global administrative procedure based on Admiralty Law BS, which assumes that European royalty’s view of diplomacy and administration should be rammed down every Third World country’s throat.

  6. Of course, Putin is stating only what is painfully obvious. But it may be enough, coming from him, to sharpen the divisions in Europe, between those who see a partnership with Russia as war avoidance or common sense, and those who, for the sake of power and God knows what, would enslave Europe to a failing Empire. Have I said, Germany needs to leave NATO? Let’s hope there are enough good folks in Germany, who see the implications to Putin’s statement, to make this happen.

  7. It is also interesting, when we look through the current proxies and back to the origin of NATO, that one very elusive NAZI – who makes H. Clinton look like a kindergartner – comes into focus; almost, anyway.

    • Absolutely right, there’s very little difference between the Western imperialists and the Nazis (the Western royal, or otherwise, “elites” and the Nazis, for instance; the Bushes and Hitler). There’s also very little difference between the Nazis and NATO; it was very much a (former) Nazi enterprise with monstrous criminals like Gehlen, Speidel (the one that betrayed Field Marshal Rommel), and so forth.

  8. I disagree with Mr Deans suggestion that Putin should have gone all the way and mentioned NATO’s threat to the US and Europe as well. Why would he do that? Putin doesn’t want anyone meddling in his country’s affairs, why should he offer his opinion on Western country affairs, we’re all adults here aren’t we. He’s taking care of his own and stating the obvious. If the people of Europe are that stupid not to see that they will be caught in the crosshairs when NATO instigates war with Russia, orchestrated by those who pull the strings of NATO and Europeans have got to know who’s responsible, and THEY don’t even have fluoride in their water like we do, then why should Putin point that out to them when they let these ridiculous sanctions against Russia, (who retaliated big time) destroy their livelihoods and quality of life?

    Of course all that I’ve said about the Europeans, goes double for the dumbed-down Americans. We are reaping the spoils of our apathetic lives. Putin’s message came through loud and clear at the UN, “Do you realize what you have done?” This is his neighborhood and he believes this is his fight and he is on the side of right and I for one agree with him. That said, he is looking out for his own and hoping the rest of the affected (or soon to be affected) nations will wake up on their own.

  9. Yes, NATO is mostly a threat to Europeans and Americans rather than to China, Russia, and Iran. If these psychopathic, vulgar satanic, bastards/liars would try to start a major war, there would be (civil) war in Europe and North America. I wouldn’t mind at all to shoot… [Dear Readers, Listen closely. We do not allow death threats, however casual you may intend them, to be published here. On the second time you do this you will not be posting anything here. You are all skilled at the English language to present your disapproval without going there. Happy New Year to all…Jim W. Dean, VT ]

    • I slightly disagree with you, you can put in the Middle East and Africa. They didn’t become a basket case on its own, NATO bombed Libya, Iraq, Syria, and the US with it’s lackey’s put Egypt in a bad way with its meddling and not forget Yemen and ISIS/Saudi Arabia, same thing. Nigeria and there surrounding countries are fighting wahhabism terrorists and who do you think that they get their money from, the poor Africans, I think not. Russia is number one on the NATO hit list followed by Iran and China because they won’t bow down to the US and become their lackey and follow the NWO rules. NATO/Nazi is a world threat, strange the both start with a N and both have four letters, something to think about.

  10. He would be playing into NATO’s hands if he did that. All the Russians have wanted was to have good trade relations, including access to Western capital markets to build up its economy and be less dependent on energy sales. He thought that with the EU having a $120 billion trade surplus with Russia that it would hardly be deemed a threat. And the same with China’s threat. That is why certain parties saw they needed to reinvent a long term threat, purely for their partisan financial interests, and so far the Western Intel agencies are all on board as most go to work for “them” when they retire, and they have to “earn” those slots while they are in uniform…the deferred compensation program.

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