Secret USG Trade and Diplomatic Agreements you are not allowed to know about


by  Preston James


Every recent Trade Agreement that has been approved by the US Congress has contained secret clauses classified under so-called “National Security”.

You are not allowed to know what these secret clauses contain. They are designed to create the right kind of crisis needed to meld the NWO into its long desired form.

These secret clauses have been included in NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO and GATT. But those not yet approved, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) also have such secret clauses too.

It is hard to get an accurate description of what these secret clauses contain, but we now have some of this information.

And the more information we get, the more sinister it appears. And if the American People ever find out  for certain what these secret clauses contain that alone could cause a massive boost in spontaneously emerging populism.

The newly proposed TPP and the TTIP contain clauses which can be used to create a whole new layer of censorship by invoking expanded copyright and means to censor the worldwide Internet and other extremely draconian measures to destroy our basic human rights and oppress us.

But these secret clauses are so illegal, so unConstitutional and outrageously oppressive and unAmerican that if they were ever publicly released and acknowledged they would set off a populist uprising that would actually threaten the USG’s everyday control over the American masses.

These secret clauses guarantee certain new immigration rights between member nations without complex legal entanglements, rights that will initially help foreigners and seriously harm Americans, but will then later create a massive worldwide major crisis that will hurt everyone and help meld the Globalist NWO.

betrayal-show (2)The top beneficiary of all these secret clauses is the Khazarian Mafia (KM) who needs to elicit major crises in order to fully implement their age-old unimaginably evil Globalist NWO plan.

Obviously the fact that most Members of Congress and our Administration are allowing any of these Free Trade Agreements and their secret clauses is a complete betrayal of We The People.

These secret clauses provide Intel sharing with special police and arrest powers for each others Intel and Law Enforcement (including rights to order stand-downs for direct action); special new rights for diplomats; obligations for cooperative efforts for anti-terrorism training and cooperation in fighting terrorism; and a commitment to share a new electronic monetary system when it is rolled out by the City of London through the US private Federal Reserve System.

Take the secret clauses in the notorious NAFTA Agreement, signed under President Bill Clinton. Under NAFTA there is a secret timetable to completely merge the USA, Mexico and Canada into one nation-state. That is why the southern US border has been kept so permeable to illegal immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America.

Why was such an onerous secret agreement made allowing this betrayal of We The People? There is a very big reason why. It is called illegal narcotics trafficking and money laundering by the biggest Wall Street Banks.

NAFTA has provided covert cover for Bush Crime Cartel/CIA illegal Drug Trafficking.

The answer is that NAFTA was not only set up to export American manufacturing, heavy industry and jobs. But it was also set up to create a cover for CIA joint efforts with their partners the Mexican, Central and South American Drug Cartels so that drugs could more easily be trafficked into the USA and money could be much more easily laundered.

And that is exactly what has happened under NAFTA and is still going on today more than ever before. Like numerous experts have stated CAFTA is merely NAFTA on steroids.

It should be no surprise that GATT and WTO as well as the two new proposed Free Trade Treaties TPP and TTIP are even more extreme and Orwellian and have the potential to finally shove the KM’s Globalist NWO Plan into place.

OPIUM1These new Trade Agreements if approved will just extend that Narco Terrorism which provides massive off-the-books money for these covert terror mercenary armies used to start wars for the KM.

As one prominent DEA man said, a man who ran CENTAC which was shut down for being too effective, all major trafficking Cartels are always somehow associated with the CIA, and their biggest problem is always laundering the drug proceeds.

Another highly ranked DEA agent once remarked that if the Drug Cartels were eliminated by direct US Military action, the largest Wall Street Banks would go bust within a month because that has been their largest source of revenue and profits.

The deep purpose of all these Trade Agreements are to defang the US economically and militarily, allowing it to be Balkanized with its remains folded into a Globalist NWO System that the Khazarian Mafia (KM) has been working so hard to create for generations.

As long as the US remains economically and militarily strong and armed it is impossible for the KM to Balkanize America.  So naturally the KM is attacking America’s industrial and economic strength and its military might right now too.

There are some even more sinister secret clauses included in the TTIP and the TTP. They both contain two additional quite Orwellian secret clauses: one for complete disarmament of the American People and the other member nations (excluding police, political security and military); and a sinister plan to circumvent the US Constitution and every other member nation’s Constitutions by creation and implementation of the new Globalist concept “World Security”, which is a new extension of the concept “National Security” to a whole new level of consolidation of the Member nations Intel Systems.

But some insiders believe that these new Treaties also include Orwellian restrictions and censorship systems for the Internet to suppress the ‘KM unapproved” Alternative News Media and also to suppress dissidence in general.

VACCINES1It has been rumored that there are also additional secret clauses for new health standards that require a full vaccination schedule by all, no exceptions.

The Globalist NWO folks, the KM, plan to expand the concept of “National Security” to envelope the nations in these new TTIP and TPP Trade Agreements to a new type of supra-national or international “Global Security”.

This will give the KM the rights to use any of the member’s Intel to act inside America to protect their own interests at the expense of American’s basic Constitutional Rights and Rule of Law.

And it will allow the KM eventually to build a new supra-Intel agency that takes precedence and has power over all the member nations. This is to be the KM’s main tool to finish creating their Globalist NWO electronic banking system. Obviously they do not want We The People to become aware of this.

There is one part of the TPP which was signed by President Obama on October 4, 2015 and is awaiting Congressional approval, the ISDS which may be the key to creating a a real Globalist NWO International Government .

This is creation of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) and requires a new international court like structure staffed by international attorneys to rule on international legal disputes between investors and members nations, usually an investor and a foreign nation member. The USG view is that this is a very benign service organization to smooth out international trade and business disputes.

Because it allows suits against one nation by a foreign business entity some fear this would over-ride any US Case Law or Rule of Law, and the US Constitution. An official USG disclosure claims that a ISDS type agreement is already signed and in place between six of the eleven nations included in the TPP (Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam).

It is possible that this new legal body that the TPP if approved by Congress and the other signing nations, will actually create a new un-elected supra governmental body which could then easily function as the KM’s Globalist NWO International government that controls the nations of all members. The key here this governing body with immense powers over the citizens of all member states will be UN-ELECTED and will in no way answer to We The People or any other Citizens. It will be appointed by the existing power structure, the Select few that control the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

This official USG disclosure make strong claims that this International legal body will not be abusive. However, the whole concept of a Free-Trade Agreement itself is Treason and dooms the USA to Third-World status because it fails to protect American heavy industry and manufacturing from unfair sub-American foreign wage structures and gives right to international corporations that normal Americans can never have themselves personally.

This ISDS clause is reported to also be in the TTIP and is an essential part of the Globalists NWO Agenda to Balkanize and destroy the USA and fold its remains into the KM’s incredibly evil Globalist NWO System.

But there are economic considerations too for the KM in these Treasonous Trade Agreements that go beyond taking away Americans basic legal and Constitutional Rights and destroying the American economy.

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?Another important purpose of the secret clauses in the TTIP and TPP has been to create a strong preventative firewall against any efforts by the Russian Federation, China, India or any other nations to build their own independent monetary or exchange systems independent of the US Petro Dollar or the KM’s planned new electronic banking system.

Of course there is the secret diplomatic agreement between the USG, the KM and Israel that the American Military will protect Israel and keep it fat with American aid.

In exchange Israel is expected to generate deniable chaos, terror and drug trafficking all over the World, to keep expanding and stealing Arab lands, to keep generating chaos for the KM and keep genociding Palestinians and provoking Islamics to genocide each other while creating ISIS and then using them to destroy Syria, Iran and then Saudi Arabia, the Russian Federation, Mexico and Venezuela.

This would of course then allow the creation of a new and tightly controlled oil cartel like what John D. Rockefeller created for the City of London in America in the first place, forming the evil Standard Oil.



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  1. While they are sowing false flags….Satanists are taking control of Central United States. Their plan is to inundate all coast lines with man made hurricanes and tidal waves. Much like what was done in Louisiana, which is slated to be the port for drug trafficking and other illicit products and people.

    In the Center of SATANIC CENTRAL is Denver Airport DUMB. This is where the future Corporate Gov’t plans to reside.

    To the North in Minot, ND, Minot Air Force Base is home to the U.S. Air Force’s only base housing two components of the nuclear triad and where they have had deterrence capabilities. They have B-52H Stratofortress bombers and the 91st Missile Wing is one of three intercontinental ballistic missile wings in the DoD. It is well known that Satanists have infiltrated there.

    To the south, The National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF), near Manhattan, Kansas, has replaced the 843-acre, off-limits center on Plum Island where they invented lyme disease and where weird cloned creatures wash up on shore, to a site adjacent to Kansas State University, and it may be only a matter of time before the Satanists release some biological agent, for depopulation or which could quickly poison agriculture production and/or kill millions of Americans.

    To the SE we have Dulce, NM where thousands of “missing” kidnapped people are kept in vats for DNA and cloning experimentation and food source for the Reptillian/SSG comingling alignment with the Satanists.

    • Another VT reader who has connected the dots and very, very knowledgeable. There are so many now and the numbers are growing daily. It is the informed People that provide real hope for serious change and corrections to this out of control evil warring against We The People and the whole World.

  2. I forget where I heard it, but I am pretty sure the Hitler escape was code named operation Winnie the Pooh. Which believe it or not was a children’s story about a bear ! And of course zio scumbag Churchill was known as Winnie.

    I would say Hitler was more of. Sabattean Frankist agent, as opposed to a British one. The U.K. has had no real government for well over 300 years now after all !

  3. The TPP is the one that I am most wary of, not that the other ones are not a huge concern, but yes, that TPP might as well stand for Tyranical power play. This is all real, genuine boot on throat stuff though.

    I am dubious,about this stand off in Orgeon also, seems a bit manufactured to my mind, however will watch with interest, but as stated in the comments by Dr James, the KM are extremely crafty despite the crappy, obvious false flags. Thing is after getting away with 9/11, if you or I were like these satanic scum they probably get a high off of taking the piss so,obviously, fits their stupid steeple view of the mind kontroled masses.

    Mind you if it looks like folks are going to lose all they have worked for they will lose it. These sneaky deals they are trying to push through can and hopefully will be fully exposed for what they are designed for.

    • The best psyops are where those involved have no idea they are being used and manipulated over real causes that are being misapplied. And yes tyrannical power plan is certainly an appropriate label for these secret clauses. A brilliant insight.

  4. These secret clauses provide…special police and arrest powers…for cooperation in fighting terrorism….

    In other words, fearing that American soldiers, LE, or even the odd chance that DHS and other militarized federal agency goons won’t fire on fellow Americans, they’re laying the groundwork, right out of the neo-Bolshevik playbook, to use foreign proxies trained in Israeli tactics who’ll relish the thought of taking out Americans. That much should be clear.

    GHWB’s ’91 NWO speech to the UN, with that knowing sneer into the camera that’d frighten the devil himself, made that clear over twenty years ago, just prior to the predictive programming for 911 in the ’93 WTC false-flag bombing. As Wendell Berry foresaw just post 911, the NWO ironically may achieve a world without war as we know it, but only because of a brutal tyranny so total and global that every expression of freedom or of national interest is viciously exterminated as it arises. Predictably, GHWB referred to these very real death squads evolving right before our eyes as “peacekeepers.”

    • Another VT reader who has connected the dots extremely well and has superb insight into this Globalist NWO Agenda of Evil. Like I keep saying VT readers are some of the brightest, best informed folks and they are from everywhere all over the World, not just in America.

  5. I think the deception is up, the majority of voting people are now aware of who rules America and Israel are no longer welcome to rule over us, it has taken a long time but, at last, its here. As the stand-off in Oregon has begun it will be the start, not a continuous start but the first shot over the bow, the Revolution has started and can not be put back or stopped

    • Yes, more an more Americans are catching on to the evil Globalist NWO Agenda and have had enough. But we must be careful to rush to judgement on this Oregon matter until we have more facts and background. Remember the KM is very, very crafty and hijacks political movements and populist uprisings to create a different kind of False-flag. If they see major populist uprisings as inevitable they try and set up their own mini ones first and dissipate and mange these social trends for their own political gains, just like the stage terror that they deploy.

  6. This was from secret MI-5 files. I suggest that you do some detailed web research on Tavistock Institute and Mind-kontrol (aka mindcontrol). The World’s top Muckraker Greg Hallet was given this information from a man who preferred to be called the “Spymaster”. Check out his website:

    I don’t agree with everything Greg claims, but quite a bit of it especially about Hitler being a British Agent and how Ian Fleming took him out of Germany at the end of the war with Eva Braun.

  7. Whether there are secret adds to those free-trade treaties may be interesting, but what is absolutely certain that these treaties foremost serve financial capital to cash-in on potential differences in the fused economies – it’s basically capital versus constructive work, of course all so called High-wage countries will have to ‘restructure’ their economies in the feasting. So if you are a dollar, that’s good news, however if you are a non-chosen human being chances are extremely high your wage will go down as the capital yields go up with a lot of ‘human garbage’ pile up on the way which will be used to create hot zones where crisis management will yield additional bucks. Capital will reign. More of the same ! Neo-Colonialism in which the ‘Colony’ is everywhere except some off limits resorts. The last big effort of the Western-Empire to unify all it’s space into one. One god one word – MONEY- being the sole utterance left and with it the priesthood who feasts on it – the Chosen ones -, total revenge !!

  8. LC, I disagree that all of our Founding Fathers were RKM Illuminati. They were Deists and Christians (about half each). At least two could have been linked to Luciferianism, most likely unknowingly through the Freemasons. Franklin had been involved in the British Hellfire Club in England which had a notorious and notably evil past, but he also was a committed American Patriot did many noble things to help establish the USA. George Washington had been a Freemason, but warned in private correspondence that the Illuminati were attempting to infiltrate and hijack Freemasonry and use it for their own purposes and he was dead set against this. Actually, in general our Founding Fathers were brave, strong, highly intelligent men who wanted to live free of British oppression, economic and military and wanted the same for their children, relatives and countrymen. Their work drafting the Declaration of Independence and then later the US Constitution, although not perfect, set the World standard for Freedom and Liberty as long as the Citizenry remains informed and involved which is no longer true today.

  9. Our elected ‘controlled opposition’ gave President Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. fast-track authority so he could conclude this illegal treason, and now they want to make it look like they disapprove of this trade/slavery agreement. I hope and pray that they hired illegals who know nothing of architectural engineering to repair the capitol dome and it crashes down on their treasonous heads.

  10. As always another great effort Dr. James but I read somewhere that thirty something percent of Americans think America is too embroiled in Israel’s national security. what that means to me is sixty something percent of Americans deserve just what they are getting. Americans managed to rouse themselves into fighting two viscous wars against the Germans, whose victory would have been their emancipation, in support of an empire that’s end game always has been to completely enslave them. Henry Luce even spelled it out in writing for them in the middle of WW II with his New American Century. Americans allow Schlomo and his minions of brain dead sycophants to flood their commandeered air waves with nonstop groundless slander of the Third Reich. They allow Mexico, always a backwater of political corruption, to flood their country with undesirables and drugs that have been manufactured in Pedro’s dirty bathtub. Hell the last decent president America had was gunned down in a carnival style execution on national TV. Americans have never fired a shot in anger about any of those things. They don’t need guns! They need coloring books and that is exactly what the secret society’s have given them with the internet, nobody’s going to take their coloring book away, only their guns…

    • 30% of the US population is aware that the country is acting as an Israeli proxy? I would have guessed less than 10% by what I see.

      But the root of the problem is that we have been taught to put our trust in authority figures, rather than critically evaluating evidence. Unless “deprogrammed”, that 60 to 90% cannot be reached by evidence and logical argument.

    • Brilliant comment as usual Jack and you are correct on almost all of it. But remember that Hitler was a British agent (mind-kontrolled at Tavistock Institute in the early 1920’s). That is why he allowed the Allies at Dunkirk to escape. The Germans were on the right track without war and were becoming such a huge economic powerhouse they could have eventually bought up and controlled the whole world and cleaned up Germany and Russia by their own legal system. Hitler continually made bad decisions in his war efforts. If Germany had just continued to strengthen itself and its military and new weapons, they could have ruled the World through business expansion. Any nation including Russia that threatened them could have then been easily stopped because they would have had the atomic bomb and more. The key to understand Hitler is that like the fake Royals he had Rothschild blood in him and had been completely mind-kontrolled.

  11. It’s not holy, it’s the epitome of evil and criminal psychopathy, and its the ancient Kaballistic occult master plan for the Khazarian Mafia (the tribal leaders) and the mind-kontrolled Khazarians who think they are Hebrew but are not and are actually part of the Synagogue of Satan, not true Hebrews at all (no Hebrew bloodline). It’s an important distinction.

  12. I knew about the secret provisions in trade agreements, but this is the first I’ve heard about what might be in those secret sections. Great article, Dr. James.

  13. The purpose for their invocation of “National Security” and secrecy by classification is to protect their own personal security, keep them from being exposed, prosecuted, convicted and executed for their RICO, murders, mass-murders, financial fraud and counterfeiting, crimes against humanity, war crimes, torture, pedophilia, child sacrifice and every criminal offense against We The People imaginable.

    It’s important to note that the KM uses Cutouts to rule America but they can only be successful if they do so with extreme force applied when necessary but always stealthy force. Like GHWB said it must be like an iron fist in a velvet glove.

    Unless their use of force is disguised and rationalized by their covert methods of stealth such as being related to False-flag attacks and their staged synthetic terrorism, We The People would awaken very quickly, rise up in mass and crush them like cockroaches under our shoes no matter what the cost or how many casualties. One way or another, we would all find a way to bring them all to final judgement for their crimes against us all and humanity.

  14. This is the hell on Earth the CIA and the Bush Crime Cabal have produced in Mexico, Central and South America for the KM. And they have created this in major urban areas in America in like fashion by dirtying up the populace with illegal drugs for “off the books” black ops money.

    Unless they are stopped cold they plan to do this to America in every city, large and small, and transform America into GAZA II and make We The People the New Palestinians to completely asset strip and steal all possessions and land from.

    Then using DHS they plan to mass-murder us all after they have bled us dry with constantly increasing taxation, lower wages and more and more unemployment.

    It’s a sinister KM plan, evil beyond imagination, and we must all work together to stop it cold and take America back from these soulless scum, these “creatures of the darkness” that have hijacked America, destroyed our Rule of Law, and trashed our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  15. Impressed by the public reaction to the death of America’s greatest western hero – Jesse James, Oscar Wilde was moved to write: “The Americans are certainly great hero worshipers and always take their heroes from the criminal classes. Wilde was at St. Joseph, Mizzou, a week or so after Bob Ford decided to take the Governor’s offer of a reward for Jesse, dead or alive. While there Wilde saw Jesse’s wife beggared and impoverished when all their goods were sold at public auction. Then came a day in Colorado when Irish Ed O’Kelley – no relation to Irish Ned Kelly the Jesse James of Australia, sent – quite nonchalantly by all accounts, Bob Ford to Boot Hill with a shotgun blast. After eight years in the Colorado pen O’Kelly made for Oklahoma and lasted four years to 1904 when he was killed in turn by a police officer by the name of Burnett who became known as ‘the man who killed the man who killed the man who killed Jesse James.’

  16. I’m a pessimist. The problem I fear is that even if all the criminal activities get exposed, it may not have the effect you might think. People are now immune from the truth. They are now totally and hopelessly lost.

    Take for example 911. Do you think that if cast iron evidence were to emerge exposing the guilty, the American people will revolt? I don’t think so. There is too much emotional investment in the hatred of Muslims and Arabs and Islam, so much so that people will prefer shrugging off the truth in favour of the comfort of current narratives.

    • You may be correct. I was discussing this with a visitor from a former English colony last week and he claimed that Americans, despite all the problems still have the capability and likelihood of pulling together once they find themselves in major dead-end crises. He claimed that we had done so in WW2 and could do so again, only this time against the Banksters and those that run them. He called it American ingenuity when in crises and claimed it will emerge at the right time even though seemingly late into the crisis. I tend to believe he is correct. No matter what there are millions of Americans who will never give in to the Globalist NWO Plan no matter what. The more they are cornered the more resolve they will have.

  17. Kissinger 1975 ” the illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer”… “But since the Freedom of Information Act, I’m afraid to say things like that” … now “classified” under the “National Security” scam they go for broke…. give them enough rope….

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