Iranian Report: ISIS Marketing Kids as Suicide Bombers

Report fails to address simple question of why someone would buy a "non-reusable" suicide bomber?

Sick ISIS Trading Thousands of Children for up to £30,000 Each

Sick ISIS Trading Thousands of Children for up to £30,000 Each

Tens of thousands of young Muslim boys are being bought and sold as suicide bombers for up to £30,000 by jihadi militants, it has been claimed.

The sickening trade in underage soldiers at camps across Pakistan was brought to light at the same time as ISIS barbarians released their latest propaganda video, featuring a youngster believed to be aged just five.

More than 200 training camps for children are reportedly being investigated by police, with each thought to be capable of holding around 200 fresh-faced recruits each.

While the camps have not been definitively linked to the warped terror network, ISIS is known to have used youngsters to boost its adult army after suffering heavy losses.

One victim of the brutal trade has told how he was snatched from the street and imprisoned by armed men somewhere near the border with Afghanistan.

The 16-year-old told the Media how he was brainwashed along with other young captives with stories about “heroes” who had become suicide bombers.

The victim, from Pakistan’s second biggest city Lahore, was told his family had abandoned him and that his captors were now his family.

The claims come from an unnamed source at a south London mosque, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of reprisals.

The contact said: “To some of those taking and holding them it’s not even got much to do with extremist beliefs – it has just become a money-making enterprise.

“I have been told by two sources that you can buy a suicide bomber in Pakistan now for £30,000.

“And if the person hasn’t been brainwashed into carrying out a suicide bombing, they are told their minders know where their family are and that they will kill them if they don’t follow through with a bombing.”

He added: “When the boy’s parents spoke to the police, officers said they were aware of more than 200 of these makeshift camps which are often moved around.

“The boy estimated there were 200 held in his camp, suggesting there could be tens of thousands of victims.”

Revelations about the sale of children by ISIS – also known as Daesh – come as fresh pictures were released showing how the terror group is actively seeking to recruit child fighters.

Primary school-aged children are shown in the latest images wearing camouflage clothing, holding machine guns and hiding their identity with face scarves.

The group has dubbed its youngest recruits the ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ and they are taken through military training in camps in Syria and Iraq, Express reported.


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5 Responses to "Iranian Report: ISIS Marketing Kids as Suicide Bombers"

  1. Ramirez  January 6, 2016 at 6:06 am

    Well, you can tell they are kids, one of them is walking with his bottom lip on the floor.” Do I have to do this shit, you said it would not be longer than five minutes”

  2. Monty!  January 5, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    What a sub-heading,,,
    “Fails to mention the reason for why someone would buy a “non-reusable item??”

    This has it’s origins in around 2011 at the start of the zionist project of destroying Lebanon, Syria and Iraq in ONE SWOOP (instead of a country by country staged event that was taking too long for the greater israel to kick-in)

    Amongst the Wahhabi sheikhs, fatwas were being given like confettis of either taking part in Jihad OR sponsoring someone else to take part, ie, through arms and finance. In the same context, you could give your life or sponsor a parent to give up his son in the name of Jihad. Slowly, little by little, formal autions were held in the main squares of the Gulf States followed by high profile autions in five star hotels with video proofs of those previous auction martyrs sacrifices and results. (YouTube had videos of those auctions until recently. A lot were taken down but the practice is prevalent till today in the ME)

    And these camps are now the norm for the farming of human sacrifices with promises by the Wahhabi sheikhs, for those ready to pay large fees, a guaranteed place in heaven and hundreds of Houris (heavenly women) at hand for their eternal pleasure.

    The camps aren’t any new news as such. My comment is for the sub-heading that is misplaced out of ignorance.

    • Monty!  January 5, 2016 at 3:32 pm

      Should have typed last para-

      And these camps, in poor but highly populated countries like Pakistan, Somalia and Sudan are the norm for the farming of human sacrifices,,,,,,

  3. Ramirez  January 5, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    And the Daily Express is total zio news.


  4. Ramirez  January 5, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    This is pretty much comical stuff.

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