Washington Lied: Evidence Proves USSR Downed KE007 Plane by Accident

As so often is the case...our government lied to us. And yes, it still does when it wants to
As so often is the case...our government lied to us. And yes, it still does when it wants to
As so often is the case… our government lied to us. And yes, it still does when it wants to

by  Sputnik News,  Moscow

US media had a field day, but they did not know what really happened
US media had a field day, but they did not know what really happened

[ Editor’s Note: There is an old saying that “the truth always comes out in the end” that our parents told us about to discourage lying, which we often did to avoid getting punished. Of course this is not true, especially when it comes to government-level nasties which could make the public permanently suspicious of government.

The released Japanese material confirms that the Russians really did think they were shooting down a spy plane, as they had been active in the Sakhalin Island area. Additionally all attempts to contact or escort the plane away were ignored.

But there is another part of the story rarely known, that both the Soviets and the US had set civilian planes up with spy cameras that came in handy when they went off course on a regular route taking them over an interesting target. In the New York area, for instance, the naval facilities in Connecticut were a juicy target.

This was a cat and mouse game that all knew could create a disaster one day, and the Pentagon and Intel branches always have contingency plans on the shelf to give the White House a selection of cover stories. The truth is of zero concern to anyone, when they fear risk of exposure.

VT salutes the Japanese for releasing this information so the families of the victims, and the former Soviet and American people finally know what really happened… and who lied. This was a good day, but there is a mountain of similar events that that have never been revealed that we will probably never learn about.

This is relevant today, as we live in a cesspool of government and media disinformation, with the military, and particularly NATO, guilty of outrageous false provocations against Russia, and apparently unconcerned with the large numbers of world citizens who are onto the scams. For now we have no way to reach out and touch this threat… but maybe somedayJim W. Dean ]



– First published  …  December 27,  2015

Japan’s Foreign Ministry has declassified diplomatic documents proving that the shooting down of the Korean Air Boeing-747 by the USSR was an accident, not an act of intentional “barbarism” as Washington tried to convince the international community for decades.

On September 1, 1983 the Soviet Union shot down Korean Air Lines Flight 007 over the Sakhalin Island while it was en route from New York to Seoul via Anchorage, Alaska; the catastrophe claimed the lives of 269 passengers and crew on board.

“Make no mistake about it, this attack was not just against ourselves or the Republic of Korea. This was the Soviet Union against the world and the moral precepts which guide human relations among people everywhere.

It was an act of barbarism born of a society which wantonly disregards individual rights and the value of human life and seeks constantly to expand and dominate other nations,” then US President Ronald Reagan said in a televised speech following the downing of the Korean airliner.

Off course all the way...
Off course all the way…

So, was it really an act of hostility committed by the “evil empire” as Reagan used to call the Soviet Union?

The de-classified diplomatic documents released recently by Japan’s Foreign Minister confirm that the passenger aircraft was downed by mistake, something that Washington knew perfectly well.

Two months after the incident Tokyo diplomats were confidentially informed by the Reagan administration’s top officials that the USSR had confused the Korean Air Lines Flight 007 with a US RC-135 surveillance plane and shot down the passenger plane quite by accident.

The US planned to find the black boxes of the passenger aircraft but was outstripped by the USSR who detected the boxes first. All the data deciphered by the USSR after the catastrophe was handed over to South Korea in 1992 by Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

The International Civil Aviation Organization conducted an investigation into the case and concluded that the ill-fated passenger plane had deviated from its initial course due to the Korean pilots’ mistake and then erroneously intruded into Soviet airspace.

To complicate matters further, the airliner did not respond to warnings and ignored the attempts of the Soviet Sukhoi Su-15 fighter jets to escort it out of the USSR’s airspace.

“Here, then, is the accident that could have put KE007 off course, unknown to its crew, from the first few minutes of its last flight. The pilot, having turned the rotary switch on the control panel to set the autopilot on a heading mode of 246 degrees magnetic toward Cairn Mountain, could have failed to recouple the autopilot to the INS [inertial navigation system],” Australian journalist Murray Sayle wrote in his essay “KE007 A Conspiracy of Circumstance” in 1985.

It should be noted that during his flight the plane was heading into the USSR’s restricted military strategic zone and given the aircrafts’ strange “behavior” the Soviets decided that it was an American spy plane seeking sensitive information.

It was too dark and it was virtually impossible for the Soviet Su-15 to identify the aircraft visually.

“On a magnetic compass heading of 246 degrees KE007 was headed virtually straight for the Soviet naval base at Petropavlovsk on the Kamchatka Peninsula, where, according to Dallin, ” something like ninety Soviet nuclear-powered submarines are based, including apparently twenty-nine missile-carrying submarines,” Sayle continued, quoting Alexander Dallin, an American historian of the Soviet Union.

After a series of fruitless maneuvers aimed at intercepting the intruder, the Soviet pilots were ordered to shoot the suspected surveillance plane down, since the aircraft was seemingly going to leave Soviet airspace having obtained highly secretive data.

Washington decided to use the tragic accident it to its own advantage. The Pentagon had apparently intercepted the radio communications between the Su-15 and the Soviet military base. Washington’s officials admitted that there was an intelligence operation conducted by the US near the Soviet installations on Sakhalin on the night of the incident, according to Sayle.

This episode of the Soviet history has long been used by Washington as proof of the “substantial threat” of the Soviet system to humanity. However, the truth has been finally brought to light: the US government knew it was an accident, but continued to lie for decades that the Soviet Union downed the passenger plane intentionally.


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  1. John, CIA whistle-blower, Susan Lindauer, explains the facts of the PAA103 destruction in the >1st edition< of her book, "Extreme Prejudice." The agents on PAA 103 were a bit more than "whistle-blowers." Her initial video clarifications were also revealing. In support of the immaculate deception activities of GHWBush, the sanitizing of on-line documentation by Judaism´s puppetry among google, a large percentage of documentary information has been turned into fairy tales. Similarly, the "pithy" sayings of GHWBush´s stooge, Ronald Reagan, are occasionally emphasized, to reinforce the beliefs of folk who typically worship the Bush family. Increasingly, folk are learning that Ronald Reagan was the choice of the Illuminat-NAZI, as he was perceived by Americans as a wonderful father figure, thus a quasi shoo-in. However, GHWBush and William Casey manipulated the pre-election arena by arranging the "October Surprise" to insure the defeat of Pres. Carter. The treason of Bush-Casey is documented in "Profits of War," by former Jewish spy, Ari BenMenashe. doc b.

  2. On September 1, 1983, Korean Air Lines flight 007, on its way from Anchorage, Alaska to Seoul, Korea, carrying 269 passengers and crew, strayed off its intended course and entered into Soviet airspace. A Soviet Sukhoi 15 fighter jet, piloted by Major Gennadie Osipovich, was sent up to destroy the intruding Boeing 747.

    This, at the height of the Cold War era, was a major international incident. At the time, it was – and still is – widely believed that the plane “exploded”, “plummeted uncontrollably” into the ocean, and was “destroyed”, killing all aboard, including Lawrence (“Larry”) Patton McDonald, Representative (D), 7th District, Georgia.

    The evidence, however, tells another story. Japanese radar trackings, Soviet ground-to-ground and ground-to-air communications, KAL 007’s flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder, the debris (and lack thereof), eye-witness testimonies… All these and more, when pieced together, tell of a plane which was, indeed, damaged, but which managed to land safely, and of passengers who survived and were rescued by the Russians — only to be imprisoned to this day.

  3. “…hundreds if not thousands of Russian emergency workers…”

    Any data on how many were ethnic Russians and Ukrainians, and not generic “Soviet citizens”? I would expect most to be from these two groups, with other ethnics groups underrepresented.

  4. In middle of 1987, the Soviets moved Congressman McDonald to a small prison near a town called Temir-Tau, in Kazakhstan. Bert Schlossberg says guards at the prison identified him from a photograph that had been computer-aged to show what he would have looked like at the time. The photograph also showed a scar running from his left nostril to the left end of his lip. In the summer of 1990, he was taken to the transportation prison in Karaganda, where he was known to remain as late as 1995. He may have been moved again. It’s now 2016 and has been 21 years, since his last sighting. Could Larry McDonald have survived all this? U.S. Navy Commander Lawrence Patton McDonald, a relative of General George S. Patton, Jr. would be 89 years old today.

    From Russia perspective, it would be best to keep the Soviet government’s narrative. The Council on Foreign Relations and the Khazarian Mafia hated Congressman McDonald. It makes you wonder how convenient it was for this particular flight to experience a Soviet aggression.

  5. Congressman Larry McDonald, an avid anti-communist and Birch Society President was aboard Korean Air Lines Flight 007 on that fatal flight. He was on his way to Seoul to participate in the 30th anniversary celebration of the U.S.-Korea Mutual Defense Pact. The media originally reported that KAL 007 had “landed on Sakhalin,” that the passengers were “safe,” that Congressman McDonald was “all right,” and that Korean Air Lines had sent another aircraft to the island to take them off. The next day everything changed. Now it was reported that KAL 007 had been “blown to bits,” bits small enough to pass through a cheesecloth. All the passengers and crew were dead, especially Dr. McDonald.

    One rule to remember in journalism is that the first reports of something are generally the most accurate, for the obvious reason that the first reporters don’t yet know the party line. Orville Brockman, FAA Duty Officer in Washington, D.C. reported to McDonald’s Congressional office that Japanese military radar had tracked KAL 007 to “a landing on Sakhalinska.” The evidence is confirmed on recorded tape. KAL 007 was forced down and that it landed on Sakhalin and that all aboard were safe. Even the President of KAL started out for Sakhalin to greet the passengers and crew, and got as far as Tokyo, where he was told they would not be coming.

  6. Add your comment
    This may be a theory based on a conspiracy.I lived in S.Korea for 7 years in the early 2000’s. I read a book while I was there that basically stated that the airplane was forced down in the Sakalin Islands and all passengers and crew were removed and sent to education camps. This book also stated that the Soviets then sank the airplane in a deep water port and it is still underwater and intact. Can’t remember the name of the author or the name of the book. I apologize for my memeory loss as it can be directly contributed to the amount of Korean Soju and Makoli I consumed.

  7. Hi John,
    With respect, you may be confusing TWA 800, seemingly hit by a US Navy submarine-based rocket, with PanAm103 which tried to land on the freeway near Lockerbie after a series of onboard explosions. Like Air India 182 and Arrow Air’s DC-8 at Gander Lockerbie seems to be a rad-haz incident whereby an illegal cargo of rockets were cooked off by the plane’s radio. All three airports concerned use 123.95MHz which may be intrusive to the negotiators in hawk and/or Lockheed Hydra 70s. Col. North was apparently attempting to pass off duff rockets of this type to the Iranians during the Contra deals but was caught out. The present article seems unrelated.

  8. You took the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking the same thing how curious it was that Cong. McDonald was left out of the discussion. FDR once stated that nothing happens in politics by accident. He met the same fate as Cong. McFadden did in the 30’s.

  9. Rumors at the time among insider were that E-Systems had modified the autopilot and instruments to mis-indicate course and fool the pilots. The USAF wanted to probe the Soviet’s new radar technology so they could develop countermeasures. Plus they wanted the plane shot down by the Russians for geopolitical psyops purposes to be able to heat up the cold war and fix the term “evil empire” for the Soviet Union. The USAF also wanted to get rid of one of the passengers Congressman Larry McDonald a hard Constitutionalist and anti-communist, anti-Bolshevik. This shoot-down also was used by the US Defense industry to manipulate Congress into spending billions on new systems such as the MX Missile system.

    • Thanks for this fine article which clears up a lot of mysteries from the past. It also raises new questions about other plane losses that the official USG story on these may not be true.

  10. A very convenient lie too because had they successfully put Reagan down, a poppa bush white house would rabidly pursue the big war using the world’s condemnation. They like their problem, reaction, solution gig as they’re mentally challenged in that circle

  11. “For now we have no way to reach out and touch this threat…” … the “threat” is being more than touched , they are not above us “someday” has arrived and they will feel its sting

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