Cologne Muslim Assaults Now Cited as False Flag


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  1. Gladio?

    Given the events which transpired in the RAF affair, (AKA Baader-Meinhoff), including the manner in which Ulrike Meinhoff and the others were “suicided” while in a German prison, I long ago ceased to have any faith whatsoever in German police. I don’t pretend to know *what* is going on, but something is very rotten there, and has been for 40 years or more. There is a great deal more which could be added, but I don’t want to drag this off topic.

  2. Even VT readership falling for the propaganda that instigates the hatred.

    How long until the next Kristalnacht; where it will be Muslims not Jews as the victims? It seems only months away before the brainless mobs will do their dirty jobs.

    Hatred is even directed at people who do not wish to parttake in the witch hunt.

  3. I went through four pages of YouTube search results on “köln silvester frauen”, that should bring up any video on the issue of what is supposed to have happened there. (Köln is German name for Cologne, Silvester is the German name for NYE, frauen is German for women)

    All I get is:
    – videos of idiots with fire crackers
    – a couple of fist fights
    – officials talking about what supposedly happened
    – one alleged victim with a bloody nose
    – scared German women saying how horrible it is that these things are happening in Germany

    If this happened at that place (Cologne Central Station) it would have been filmed, and it would have been online by now. If anyone has found these images, please share them, for I have big doubt this even happened at all.

  4. You sound like your trolling here big-time Mr. Ross! Or are you really that blind and stupid to the current state of affairs? By the way, how’s the weather in Tel Aviv today?

  5. False flag my *%*! If these were some of those Syrian “refugees”, then it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. A cousin on mine here in Sicily was working as a volunteer in a refugee center over a year ago and she told me that the Syrians were by far the worst and certainly most violent.

    In synthesis, these are the traitorous anti-Assad scum and other assorted Third World riff-raff paid by the Saudis,Turks and other Gulf Arab countries who have failed in their coup to oust Dr. Assad and now resort to their Plan B: invasion of Europe.

    They will all fail. We know their plan and there will be a New Sicilian Vespers uprising, but this time all across Europe. Junker and his NWO gang will have to high-tail out of here in a nanosecond before they end up with their heads in a bucket!

  6. I searched for an author of this article but it appears to be anonymous. Not all organized activity is a false flag. Even discounting the claim that there are those, with a subversive goal in mind, who want to flood Europe with mainly youthful male Middle Eastern and African Muslim adults and fund them to do so, these rebellious Muslim men are motivated to act violently toward European culture. Coming from a culture where women are literally male possessions with few human rights, would these men not use the cover of a night celebration to have what they consider their righteous fun?

  7. This doesn’t seem like a false flag to me. The men in Germany were attacking men too–beating them and robbing them. To me this seemed like typical behavior for Middle Eastern men. I definitely do not like the Middle Eastern men I have encountered and I go to lengths to avoid them

    • The flagrant cover ups in the kosher MSM and police stand downs ordered by the otherwise uber-feminist establishment in Europe should tell any European man that his women are being beaten and raped by proxy, in which the immigrants are simply tools imported for the purpose by the cabal in Brussels and its stooges in each country, like Merkel. In France and England, you may have heard, Jews alone are receiving special protective services from the military and police and are allowed to organize and arm themselves as “shomrim,” after cleverly running FFs in which they’re the victims, while anyone else must either stand around with his head in the sand or get thrown on the ground face first for coming to the aid of a nine-year-old girl.

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