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Was a nuclear attack on the 2012 London Olympics averted by Shrimpton’s tip-off?


Fulford from his earlier years
Fulford from his earlier years

[ Editor’s Note: The Shrimpton case is the one that keeps on giving. He has been out (on early release) for a couple months now, and I assume, trying to rebuild a life for himself, after being made an example of for sticking one’s nose into what powerful entities preferred he did not.

VT covered the case all the way through and was never officially challenged. It seems everyone was keeping their heads down in a case which many think should have been front page news around the world.

But Shrimpton lives and so does the story. Below you have an excellent recap from a source that came out of the blue, with the added gem of Benjamin Fulford releasing the testimony he had attempted to give, but was blocked by a Japanese Pearl Harbor tax audit maneuver, for which the originators did not seemed concerned about any appearance of obstruction of justice.

Fulford’s most interesting missive below taints the Crown’s case, which I am sure it would prefer be forgotten. But the Internet has a long memory. Sure, the bad guys have a lot of tools at their disposal to prevent something from being easy to find with search engine manipulations, but erasing is much harder to do for those willing to spend more time looking for something.

We had a media blackout on our coverage, not a single interview request outside of Alternative media. The lines are clearly drawn there, with “them” hiding behind their virtual Maginot line.

We wish Mr. Shrimpton well in moving on with his life for the price that he paid for stepping up to the plate. He is in John Anthony Hill’s league, in terms of what he tried to do, no matter how it turned outJim W. Dean ]


On Friday 6th February 2015, in the UK, Michael Shrimpton (57), an English barrister, was jailed for one year. He was found guilty of two counts of communicating false information.

The trial took place at Southwark Crown Court (London). A jury of nine men and three women took six hours over their deliberations. The final decision was a majority (11-1) verdict.

The story which led to this legal outcome involved two telephone calls and a covert issue of UK national security.

In April 2012, four months before the London Olympics, Michael Shrimpton telephoned two of his contacts in the UK government.The first person Shrimpton spoke to was Barry Burton, the principal private secretary to Philip Hammond (UK Secretary of State for Defence in 2012; later UK Foreign Secretary).

Michael Shrimpton explained that he had credibly-sourced information which suggested that a German Nazi-Continuum agency had secreted a nuclear weapon (or weapons) into an ambulance garaged near an East London hospital in Newham. The agency was the Dachau-based Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD Dachau).

Their plan was to launch a nuclear attack on Queen Elizabeth II at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics or, failing this, on the Olympic Stadium itself at another time during the Games. The location of the ambulance garage in Newham was in blast distance of the stadium.

The information given to Barry Burton during the twenty-minute telephone call included a reference to the source of the nukes. They had been smuggled into the UK from Bremerhaven in Germany and had a traceable history.

German DVD Dachau agents had sabotaged the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk in the Barents Sea in April 2000, causing it to sink with the loss of all 118 lives on board. The agency, centrally involved in a putative international rescue attempt, then stole four of the twenty-four nuclear warheads from the wreck. These warheads were originally mounted on cruise missiles. One (or possibly two) of the warheads was smuggled into London.

Shrimpton explained that this intelligence had been blocked in official channels in the UK because Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst had infiltrated MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. Barry Burton suspected that the telephone call was a hoax, but was obliged to pass the information over to the Olympic security team and the police.

The following day, Michael Shrimpton telephoned the Aylesbury Conservative Association and asked to speak with Conservative MP David Lidington (Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office at the time) about the threat. The call was reported to officials, and Shrimpton was arrested by police on the same day.

Sometime afterwards, in a move which may or have may not been linked with Shrimpton’s tip-off, or others like it, the UK authorities deployed surface to air missiles on the tops of a number of blocks of flats adjacent to the Olympic stadium. The UK legal authorities waited eleven months until they formally charged Shrimpton with communicating false information. There was no nuclear attack on the Olympic stadium.

Examples of the UK mainstream media coverage of the Michael Shrimpton case can be found here (25.11.14), here (06.02.15) and here (07.02.15). A commentary on the case by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, the American alternative military intelligence website, is here (10.11.14).

Among the points which Duff made in Veterans Today were:

(1) The existence of a London Daily Mail newspaper hit-piece here (10.11.14). This, Duff suggested, seemed to add credibility to Shrimpton’s information.

AB note: But is it actually a hit-piece? Or is it just an English-style court report styled for tabloid readers?

(2) The Kursk nuclear weapons theft cited in Shrimpton’s intelligence, or the UK establishment reaction to it, had resonances with the Bush-era 9/11 Able Danger documentation.

(3) According to Duff’s sources at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the US Department of Energy (America’s nuclear weapons design agency), Shrimpton was an expedient scapegoat tied to the exposure of very real establishment scandals, including nuclear blackmail.

Roy Jenkins
Roy Jenkins

AB note: Also in Michael Shrimpton’s back catalogue was the hushed-up identification of two UK Prime Ministers (Edward Heath and Tony Blair) as being German (DVD) intelligence assets. Shrimpton and Christopher Edward Harle (Christopher Story) had also asserted that Tony Blair’s establishment political mentor, Roy Jenkins (UK Chancellor of the Exchequer 1967-1970 and British Home Secretary 1974-1976), was a Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst agent.

(4) Gag orders were executed against insiders with veridical information willing to back Shrimpton in court. These orders carried a realistic threat of prosecution in the UK if the people gagged were to come forward with pertinent evidence.

(5) The diplomatic relationship between the United States and the UK was significantly damaged following the receipt of Shrimpton’s information. NEST Nuclear Emergency Support Teams from the US are said to have launched an operation which secured the nuclear weapon (or weapons) from the vicinity of the London Olympic stadium, apparently without official UK knowledge or approval.


A year after Duff’s piece appeared in Veterans Today, information surfaced about one of the people who had been prevented from giving information in Shrimpton’s court case. He was Benjamin Fulford, a professional financial & investigative journalist of thirty years standing, based in Tokyo, Japan.

Fulford placed it on the record, in a formal witness statement dated the 6th December 2015, that he had agreed to give evidence for the defence at Shrimpton’s trial in London in November 2014. He intended that this would be done by video-link from Tokyo. The application to hear Fulford’s evidence in this way was refused by the court.

Learning this, Fulford arranged to attend the court in person. A seat on Virgin Atlantic Airways flight VA901 from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to London Heathrow Airport on Monday 17th November 2014 was booked in his Japanese name (古歩道ベンジャミン).

Fulford’s ticket was arranged over the weekend of 15th & 16th November 2014. On the Sunday morning (16th November), he was forced to withdraw from the flight under pressure from the Japanese Finance Ministry. They had scheduled a surprise tax audit overnight.

Fulford believes that this official interference was deliberately timed to prevent him flying to London to give evidence. The evidence he would have given in court involved Japanese national security issues connected with Kursk-sourced nukes used in the tsunami attack on Fukushima in March 2011.

On Sunday 6th December 2015, Benjamin Fulford posted the text of his formal witness statement in the UK Michael Shrimpton case online. It runs as follows:


The request is not a joke
The request is not a joke







(CJA 1967, S.9: MC Rules 1981, 7 70.)

Magistrates’ Court Act 1980 S.102


Name: Benjamin Fulford, also known as 古歩道ベンジャミン

Date of birth: March 19, 1961

Address: 3-6-9 Kichijoji Higashi Machi, Musashino-Shi, Tokyo 180-0002 Japan

This statement is being made at the request of Mr. Michael Shrimpton, who is making an appeal against a conviction for making an untrue bomb hoax to the UK authorities.

I have been a professional journalist for 30 years, working as Tokyo based correspondent for such companies as Knight Ridder Newspapers, the Nikkei Newspaper, The South China Morning Post and as Asia Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine. Currently I am editor and publisher of Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis. I have also published 70 non-fiction books written in Japanese. As a professional journalist I am well acquainted with libel laws and the need for fact checking. As such, the statement below is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Some articles of mine have appeared on the respected Veterans website, whose Editor-in-Chief is Gordon Duff. Mr Duff is well-connected, to my knowledge. I am aware, for example, that he recently travelled, under tight security, to Damascus, capital of the Syrian Arab Republic, for informal peace talks with President Assad.

Mr. Shrimpton has also been a commentator on Veterans and I have read his columns with interest. From my own knowledge I can say that Mr. Shrimpton is well-known in the Intelligence Community. I am aware that he holds himself out to be a specialist in the ‘black’ or covert German intelligence agency, the Deutscher Verteidigungs Dienst or DVD.

I have published books (in Japanese) and articles claiming that the tsunami and nuclear disaster that occurred in Fukushima, Japan on March 11, 2011, sometimes known as “3/11” was the result of a deliberate attack. My sources for this assertion and what I am about to write include Japanese military intelligence, former Prime Minister Naoto Kan (whom I have known personally for many years), members of the crew that smuggled the nuclear weapons used in the attack on Fukushima into Japan, members of both the French and British branches of the Rothschild family, senior CIA agents and a member of the team that actually drilled the nuclear weapons into the seabed before the 3/11 attack.

I had no contact at all with Mr. Shrimpton before he was arrested. Mr Shrimpton and I have never met.

The first thing the court needs to know with respect about Fukushima is that the attack was planned many years before it happened. The Japanese business magazine Zaikai Tembo, citing a CIA report, wrote in February of 2007 that the US had decided that Japan was getting too much of its energy from nuclear power and that if that trend continued, Japan would no longer be dependent on US controlled oil and thus would no longer have to obey the US. The conclusion of the report was that the best way to ensure Japan remained a colony would be to destroy the Tokyo Electric Power company, the people who run the Fukushima plant.

The Zaikai Tembo report is in the public domain. It is not readily to hand, but in an endeavour to assist the court I shall try to obtain a copy and annex it to a further short statement, along with copies of any other documents to which I refer, although I have been careful not to refer to documents which are not in the public domain. No discourtesy to the court is intended by my not annexing documents at this time. The reporting of terrorist attacks in Paris, France on Friday November 13 and the aftermath has meant that this is a particularly busy time for me.

Former Senator John Davison ‘Jay’ Rockefeller (D-WV), great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, whose family controls (through foundations) General Electric, the manufacturers of the plant, was deeply involved in the Fukushima operation. As a preliminary to destroying Japan’s nuclear power generation capability, Westinghouse and General Electric sold their nuclear power plant manufacturing businesses to Toshiba and Hitachi. This was insider trading at the highest level.   It is in the public domain that Senator Rockefeller is or has been associated with the Trilateral Commission, which Mr Shrimpton identifies in his textSpyhunter: A Secret History of German Intelligence (Totnes: June Press, 2014) as a DVD front organisation.

The ongoing attempt in recent years by an Asian/Western secret society to wrest control of global finance from Western oligarch families is a bigger back-ground to the Fukushima sub-plot. The ‘black’ or covert world is, almost by definition, opaque. I should explain that what Mr Shrimpton may identify as the DVD may operate in different parts of the world through fronts and secret societies. Intelligence agencies have long favoured the use of secret societies.

For example, Democratic Party of Japan Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa was asked at a G7 meeting in 2009 to hand over $100 billion to what I refer to as ‘the Cabal’, in order to finance an attempt to start a carbon tax scheme. He answered that he would raise the money by selling $100 billion worth of US Treasury bonds. He was going to say this at the press conference that followed the G7 meeting, so he was drugged to prevent him from doing so. Later, when he returned to Japan, he was murdered by CIA death squads, although I note what Mr. Shrimpton says about the Frankfurt-based COREA Group, Allen Welsh Dulles and DVD penetration of the CIA.

Getting back to Fukushima, the refusal of the Japanese Democratic Party and authorities to hand over any real hard currency to the Western Oligarch families resulted in their decision to go ahead with the Fukushima operation as a way of intimidating the Japanese once again into surrender and obedience.

One key source of mine, who has variously gone by the names of Richard Sorge, Alexander Romanov, etc., was part of a multi-agency Western ring involved in smuggling drugs into Japan. I have confirmed through a long term acquaintance by the name of Steve McClure, a supposed music journalist, that ‘Richard Sorge’ was his long term supplier of drugs. ‘Sorge’, whose real name is, according to his identity papers, Sasha Zaric, says he was a member of the Australian secret service. He also claims to have been recruited into an organization known as the Illuminati by former Chess champion Bobby Fischer. The Illuminati claim to be a secret society established by the Greek Mathematician Pythagoras but having roots that go back to Atlantis. The organisation is real but shrouded in secrecy and self-propagated mythology.

In any case, ‘Sorge’ told me that he was summoned to Pattaya, Thailand, by a member of the British Special Air Service, a South African going by the name of Spencer and told to bring 70 kilograms of “Thai stick” marijuana, heavily laced with mind destroying chemicals, into Japan and approach me. He was told to tell me to introduce the Yakuza, or Japanese mafia, to him or else I would be killed. The Yakuza told me it was a trap and to keep away from it, which I did. ‘Sorge’ also told me that when he was in Thailand, he was shown a 500 kiloton nuclear warhead that he was told was stolen from the Russian submarine the Kursk (K-141) which sank in 2000. He claims that four such warheads were removed from the Kursk and that the Kursk was sabotaged for this purpose. This warhead was smuggled into Japan together with the drugs via a yacht from the Philippines.

The man overseeing the smuggling operation was a former Hong Kong deputy police commissioner by the name of Stephens, according to ‘Sorge’ and Spencer. This is the same Stevens, ‘Sorge’ says, who was later killed in Libya. The man in overall operational control of this operation against Japan was General Richard Myers, according to CIA and other sources.

Based on subsequent interviews with members of Pentagon military intelligence (the Defense Intelligence Agency, or DIA) and MI5, the route taken by the missile to Japan has been identified. It was part of the batch of four nuclear missiles stolen from the Kursk by Nazi-era underground forces, which Mr. Shrimpton identifies as the DVD, who took them to their submarine base in the Atlantic Island of Sao Tome, according to MI5. From there, it was taken to another submarine base in New Guinea, according to Pentagon Military intelligence.

From there it was taken to the Philippines Yacht Club where Stevens’ crew then took it by yacht to a remote island on the Okinawan archipelago. From there it was transported by fishing boat to the port of Kyushu. From Kyushu, the warhead was taken by van to a property owned by former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone in Hi No De Cho, in Western Tokyo. From there it was taken to the North Korean Citizen’s organization headquarters near the Yasukuni shrine, according to ‘Sorge’.

‘Sorge’ risked his life and has survived multiple murder attempts because he attempted to warn the Japanese authorities about the impending nuclear terror attack. He told them the warhead was at Nakasone’s property and he told me as well. The Japanese authorities ignored our warnings. Later we again told them the warhead was located at the North Korean headquarters in Japan. He also went to the Australian embassy in Tokyo, Japan and provided them with similar warnings. As a result of this, he had all his Australian identity papers confiscated and is now, apparently, stateless.

For his efforts, ‘Sorge’ was arrested by plain clothes police who ignored his warnings about impending nuclear terror and instead asked him to testify falsely that I was a drug dealer. He was also forcibly confined to the Inagidai mental hospital in Musashino, Tokyo where he was heavily drugged. This writer helped obtain his release by pressuring the Japanese authorities and threatening to take legal action against them for their illegal incarceration of ‘Sorge’ or Zaric. He remains undocumented and unable to leave Japan.

I do not have the slightest reason to suppose that ‘Sorge’ suffers from any form of mental illness. I should explain to the court that bad faith allegations of insanity are a standard intelligence tactic, refined in the USSR in the 1930s by the NKVD under the leadership or influence of the notorious Soviet spymasters Nikolai Yezhov and Lavrentiy Beria. When intelligence is presented which contains an uncomfortable truth for the state it is sometimes easier for the state to discredit the source by locking him or her up than to deal with the intelligence on its merits. This is sometimes known as political psychiatry.

A South African/British agent by the name of Michael Meiring, who had both legs blown off in the Philippines by a bomb he said was set by George Herbert Walker Bush Senior also began contacting me prior to these events, starting around 2006. He came to me under the name of Dr. Michael Van de Meer and he showed me a bullet proof attaché case, 7 passports and an Uzi machine-gun. Dr. Van de Meer told me that Tony Blair had bragged I would be arrested on drug charges. The reason for this contact was, in part I believe, because I held a press conference at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan where I presented evidence that the September 11, 2001 terror attacks were the work of a rogue faction inside the Israeli and US governments.

In any case, Japanese authorities failed to react to our warnings and the warhead was loaded onto the deep sea drilling shipChikyu Maru. Local news reports place the Chikyu Maru drilling into the seabed off-shore from Sendai in the months before the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear terror attack against Japan. Takamasa Kawase, of Japanese military intelligence, also told me about the Chikyu Maru drilling.

Furthermore, multiple witnesses have come forth to testify that the Prime Minister Naoto Kan was seen inside the Japan Freemason headquarters building near Tokyo tower on the day before the 3/11 attack. He was being shown a map of Japan missing the Tohoku region where the tsunami hit.

The Israeli company Magna BSP was in charge of security at the Fukushima nuclear plant at the time. A Miyagi prefectural government official says employees of this company loaded plutonium into the plant against his will in the months before 3/11.

Furthermore, on March 10th, 2011 Kurt Campbell then Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs for the United States State Department requested a meeting with Ichiro Ozawa, a senior member of the then ruling Democratic Party of Japan, according to DPJ officials. At the meeting Campbell told Ozawa the world was “entering biblical end times,” and that as a result natural disasters were coming. Campbell offered Ozawa the rights to xeolite (a substance used in cleaning up radio-active waste) for Fukushima prefecture if he would abandon his plans to remove his political faction from the ruling party and cause Prime Minister Kan to lose power. Ozawa accepted the offer, according to several sources, including the above mentioned DPJ officials.

On the evening of March 10th, 2011, I was summoned by the daughter of Masaru Takumi, the former number two boss of the Yamaguchi Gumi, Japan’s largest crime syndicate, to meet a person she described to me as a Japanese style chiropractor (seitaishi). This so-called chiropractor identified himself to me as a Japanese professional assassin. He had somehow gained access to my private medical records and other knowledge about me that was not part of the public domain. He also wrapped me with a cloth that he said contained “traditional medicine” and told me to keep it on for 24 hours. As soon as I left the meeting, I immediately removed it because I had the distinct unpleasant sensation that it contained a poison. In any case, Takumi’s daughter asked for my mobile phone because she wanted to set the alarm for 11 AM on March 11, 2011, the day of the tsunami. She now works for the Kroll detective agency in Tokyo, Japan. The very act of writing this information has put her life in danger and I would like to warn explicitly that any attempt to murder her in order to silence her will be met with serious repercussions.

Immediately after the tsunami and nuclear terror attack began, Prime Minister Naoto Kan was asked by officials from Tokyo Electric Power and others to order the evacuation of 40 million people from the Kanto plain, Kan said during a press conference at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan.

He also received a phone call from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the day after the attack demanding that he sign over ownership of all Japanese government holdings of US government bonds to cabal oligarchs, which he did, according to Japanese military intelligence.

Following the attacks, a member of the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) who was involved in breaking up the nuclear warhead from the Kursk into several smaller nuclear devices and drilling them into the seabed, presumably for drill-bit diameter compliance, showed up at the Tachikawa Christian church, run by Pastor Paolo Izumi, asking for protection. He said that 14 of his colleagues, who were involved in the drilling operation not understanding the purpose of what they were doing, had been murdered in order to silence them and that he feared for his life. The man was sheltered by the church and is now in the witness protection program.

After the 3/11 attack, this writer went to South Korea at the invitation of Dr. Van de Meer. While in Korea he was told the Rothschild family had planned the attack because they wanted to force 40 million Japanese refugees to take shelter in North and South Korea. The Rothschild family intended to move the base of their Asian operations from Tokyo to a planned new special economic zone in Korea, he said. He knew in advance of the 3/11 attack and looked deeply ashamed when he admitted he did not warn me about it.

Following the 3/11 attack, un-marked planes were spotted dumping radio-active industrial waste containing caesium, according to a Japanese gangster whose gang was sub-contracting for the CIA and Mossad around Fukushima.

The massive propaganda fear campaign following the 3/11 attack can be traced, in my opinion, to Mossad, and rogue factions in the Pentagon and the CIA.

In addition to the people named above, some of the individuals involved in this mass murder and fear propaganda campaign include Kenneth Curtis, the head of CIA Japan, Michael Green, the head of Mossad Japan and Richard Armitage, former Deputy Secretary of State.

According to my sources, other people involved in this mass murder campaign included George Bush Sr. and Jr., Michael Chertoff, James Baker, Paul Wolfowitz, Senator J. Rockefeller, Michael Hayden, Guy de Rothschild, Evelyn de Rothschild, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, former Pope Benedict, and others yet to be named.

The most convincing evidence in the public domain that 3/11 was a nuclear attack on Japan is probably seismic. I have seen the seismic records and hope to annex them to my follow-up statement. From them the court will be able see that the main event, triggering the deadly tsunami, is preceded by a smaller release of energy, consistent in my opinion with a nuclear detonation or detonations.

I went public with what I knew about 3/11 and hope to produce a sample of my writings in my next statement. I have no reason to believe that Mr Shrimpton was unaware of them. To my knowledge a man named Neil Jones in Folkestone, England was, and I now understand that he was in contact with Mr. Shrimpton. Mr. Jones and I have been in contact, although again we have never met.

2012 Olympics
2012 Olympics

Here is a copy of the first correspondence I had with Mr. Jones:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: neil jones <[email protected]>
Date: 2012/4/19
Subject: Threat to London
To: [email protected]

Dear Benjamin,

Aplogies for repeating this message but the original has found it’s way onto the comments part of your typepad blog in the section titled ‘RE: March 31st deadline.  As my comments to you were not intended for publication  it would be great favour if that particular message from me could be removed.  I would be very happy to post another if so required. Many thanks.

The real aim of both these messages is to assure you that the threat posed by the Kursk Granit warhead in London is being taken seriously.

Hopefully you gave the warning in part to help prevent the slaughter of innocent people in London.  To this end any information you have about the planned attack would be passed to the relevant authorities. It would be incomprehensible for you to be involved in such a plan and so you must have some information which convinced you of the credibilty of the threat.  Such information would be useful and in particular more about the present location of the weapon, the date it was planted, whether it will be moved for the attack, and the location and timing of the attack.  Anything which convinced you that the threat was real would be more than useful.

As you may realise, like Drake, it is my belief that civilians should not be exposed to this kind of action.  It is understood that your Illuminati connections have a problem with the Royal family, Queen Elizabeth in particular, but this does not seem to justify the mass slaughter of innocents.  This would directly contradict the good work you are doing on energy, food, water and quality of life for the planet and it’s occupants.

Thanks for your attention
Best regards
Neil Jones

In or about March 2012 I was informed by my source code-named ‘Richard Sorge’ that one of the nuclear devices stolen from the Kursk had been smuggled into East London and that the intended target was the Olympic Games. Again I went public with this intelligence. Again, I hope to produce a sample of my writings on the nuclear threat to the London Olympics as an annex to my next statement.

I have no doubt that Neil Jones saw my comments. From what I know of the case Mr. Shrimpton appears to have passed to the British Ministry of Defence substantially the same information supplied by ‘Richard Sorge’ to me. I do not doubt that ‘Sorge’ (the code-name was very obviously taken from the famous World War II Soviet double-agent in Tokyo, although I note that in Mr. Shrimpton’s published opinion the original Richard Sorge was a treble-agent of the German Abwehr intelligence organisation headed by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the man he says founded the DVD) has sources in Russia, including inside Russian Military Intelligence (the GRU), as well as sources in British and Australian intelligence agencies.

I am also aware that the intelligence provided to me by ‘Richard Sorge’ has now been verified, amongst others by Veterans Today Editor-in-Chief Gordon Duff. I do not doubt that the United States recovered a total of two ex-Kursk warheads, which had been in East London. So far as I am aware, that is the position of Japanese Intelligence and, in private at least, is the position of the Japanese Government.

I did agree to give evidence for the defence at Mr. Shrimpton’s trial in London in November 2014. He and I had hoped that I could do that via video-link from Tokyo. When that application was refused he put me in contact with a person in the United States, on the Eastern Seaboard, in possession of a large bank of frequent flyer miles on Delta Airlines.

That person arranged a confirmed seat for me, in my Japanese name, which appears in Hiragana script at the head of my statement, in Upper Class, on a Delta Airlines partner airline, Virgin Atlantic Airways, on their flight VA901 from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to London Heathrow Airport on Monday November 17 2014. Flight VA901 was scheduled to depart Narita at 1225 hours Japan Standard Time (JST).

My ticket was arranged over that weekend, i.e. the weekend of November 15 and November 16 2014. On Sunday morning November 16 I had to withdraw under pressure from the Japanese Finance Ministry, who arranged a tax audit overnight.

I have no reason to doubt that official pressure was applied to me to prevent me from flying to London to give evidence. I would have told the jury about 3/11 and what is written above, among other things.

In Mr. Shrimpton’s defense, I would also like to state that a simple internet search would have revealed that the WorldWide Web was full of articles about a nuclear terror threat to the London Olympics appearing long before Mr. Shrimpton made his warnings to the authorities. That alone should have been enough evidence to exonerate him.

I am prepared to attend Court and expand upon the above matters that I say are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.



Witnessed by ……………………………………….

Name of Witness ……………………………………

Address of Witness………………………………….

Occupation of Witness ……………………………….



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  1. Right, it is “revealing intel” because the main idea is true, What these two (British/Jewish disinformation agents, I think, not unlike Alex Jones, and many other disinfo sites) do is mostly to confuse, distort the information, and detract from the real story of the “Israeli” regime/Mossad/CIA/NATO (banksters) terrorists. Jim Stone is a much better source. Anyway, the Fukushima disaster (3/11/11) was, without any doubt, monstrous nuclear terrorism, intimidation, against/of Japan. The little nuclear quakes, other nuclear bomb(s) which caused the ambush-tsunami, were merely distractions from the nuclear bombs and monstrous sabotage which caused the destruction of the Fukushima plant (and the poisoning of the environment).

  2. I made the mistake of buying is ‘spy’ book which the kindest thing to say is that the author suffers from a mono-mania of everything German. Or Chinese who have been infiltrated by German counter-intelligence agencies who-to wit- according to him abducted the Australian PM Harold Holt who died drowned in a rip of a Victorian bay but no he was abducted by a Chinese submarine for destination and reasons not divulged. The comet disasters of the late 50s was due to German sabotage not faulty design as proven. You name it and the Germans are behind it. I persevered only to see how audacious the man is and he proves it page after page. In legalese it is all puffery.

  3. One of the things that amazes me about the Shrimpton case, is that nobody seems to have figured out that Mr. Shrimpton could have been brilliantly set up, in a catch-22. He was given information of a life and death situation. The UK, like the US, has laws which REQUIRE you to pass on that kind of information to the authorities. Not to report, is a felony in itself. So Mr Shrimpton could have been prosecuted for NOT passing on the info. Hence the catch-22. The transcript of the case makes this point, in a left-handed way. Relevant testimony at the trial, from article above: “Shrimpton explained that this intelligence had been blocked in official channels in the UK because Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst had infiltrated MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. Barry Burton suspected that the telephone call was a hoax, but was obliged to pass the information over to the Olympic security team and the police.”

    Notice that? Barry Burton, even though he thought the call was probably a hoax, was OBLIGED to pass the info on to Olympic security team and police. Why? Because that is the law! Barry Burton followed the law in reporting, but so did Mr Shrimpton.

    • At the time of the trial, I checked out the UK laws about reporting vs. not reporting a national security threat. There is a penalty for reporting a hoax. But the penalty for NOT reporting a suspected threat, is far greater. So assuming that Mr Shrimpton knew the relevant laws before he made the calls, and assuming he knew he was in a catch-22 situation, he opted for the lesser penalty.

    • For anyone who doesn’t understand what Catch-22 means… It means you are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. It means you are between a rock and a hard place, and you have to choose one.

  4. Treefrog, there is PLENTY in Fulford’s statement (and in the story of its suppression) that is new, even to VT readers and to Fulford blog readers. That’s why Japan had to suppress it! There’s some new stuff about Fukushima 3/11, for one thing. Btw, for the guys who are ripping off Fulford’s report and putting out audio, that means March 11, not 311.

  5. Treefrog, there is PLENTY in Fulford’s statement (and in the story of its suppression) that is new, even to VT readers and to Fulford blog readers. That’s why Japan had to suppress it! There’s some new stuff about Fuskushima 3/11, for one thing. Btw, for the guys who are ripping off Fulford’s report and putting out audio, that means March 11, not 311.

  6. I saw Fulford’s testimony on his own site, on Dec 6. I recommend reading it there, as formatting makes a difference. It’s interesting how many shills here, have piped up to say that both Shrimpton and Fulford are nuts. But Shrimpton wrote a fully-referenced book, that even a cheapskate can read for free if they have Amazon’s plan. Nuts don’t write tomes, as they don’t have the discipline. And Fulford reports every week, pretty straightforwardly. The point is, he basically just reports (for example: “Mr. X says this, but Mr. Y says he disagrees with X”.) By the way, writer “Alcuin Bramerton” has never been my cup of tea. For one thing, he keeps getting Christopher Story’s name wrong, even though he knows better. That, my friends, isn’t me being overly picky. They still fear Story, even though he’s dead. So they change his name, just a little bit, to try to screw up Internet searches.

    • Tons of people don’t buy into Fulford, Shrimpton, VT or whoever else you care to name. Doesn’t make them shills. I read Fulfords weekly reports as well. He’s been on the mark and off the mark. But I really have no interest in the “messenger”, just the message. People get too emotionally invested in their various sources of information. It’s amusing to me. Whether Fulford or anybody else is on the level is their problem. It’ll all come out eventually. But the fanboy game is just silly. Like somebody telling you your favorite band sucks. It’s gonna happen. Be secure in your choices and don’t worry about what anybody else thinks.

    • Wanderer, true, not every critic is a shill. The important thing is that it ain’t over yet, and the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, so they need the shills. You will see lots of shills before the fat lady finally sings.

  7. Someone once told me to ” keep an open mind ” I try my best, but these types of writings, really really prove a most difficult test. It contains the names of all the usual suspects, each and every one. I agree with some of the others who said that this makes for some very scary scenarios, especially if even half of this is real world. As for the intel, real or spoon fed disinfo, I would consider the latter a very strong possibility, to the point of being most probable.

    I’m most interested in who found out exactly who, and how, any nukes were recovered from someone who didn’t want them recovered in the first place. No wonder relations are strained. You just can’t be stealing those kinds of toys in this day and age. Crazy.


  8. I am very happy to hear that Mr. Shrimpton is out of jail. Probably a lot wiser now too. Will he be writing for VT again?


  9. Geez, I had to read this article twice over. A cluster bomb to the brain. Fascinating, terrifying, confusing and thrilling.

    I best go have a cup of tea to restore some normality !

  10. We published that we had confirmed that a weapon had been recovered by the special team that exists to do that kind of work. It was information not easy to come by, and not without risk for publishing. We were not challenged nor threatened for it, as someone decided, as often happens, that that will just get more attention for the issue. Left out of most “what if” discussions on security for Olympic events is what a gravy train they are. Many of the top retired intel and security people get an Olympic junket every four years that cost a fortune. “They” know that mini-nuke are floating around all over the place, and because some irresponsible Western parties thought it as a good idea to field test them in disguised truck bombing attacks, they know that other have permission to return the favor. Every country that has make nukes has a stream of technical people who have made the triggers. Laser technology has been around long enough for smart people to figure on that is key to the small size. Think of a cheap cigarette lighter size. The Israeli Dolphins are the quietest subs on the planet as due to their smaller size and advanced battery technology so they can enter and exit a target area undetected.

  11. That’s a strange bit to quote to make your point. Neither VT nor Fulford can lay claim to that. That’s been out of the bag for quite some time. Which do you have trouble with? The Illuminati or Atlantis? The latter I can understand, though I wil admit quite unashamedly that I am a believer in the ancient civilization Plato spoke of. Or do you not believe the Illuminati exists? Or do you mean you don’t believe the Illuminati has roots going back to the fabled time of Atlantis? I’m just curious btw, not attacking. I totally get that many would have a hard time swallowing that hypothesis. Just curious why that statement would be more indicative of disinfo than, say, blind support/loyalty of Hillary Clinton… or assertions that there is no gun control agenda on the table. Those two are highly suspect to me… more so than the statement trying to trace the Illuminati back to the fabled city of Atlantis.

  12. Perhaps in future dear old Shrimp should consider claiming to be ‘a’ Christ, like those other loveable British eccentrics Icke and Shaylor. To this list of ‘persecuted loveable eccentrics’ we could add a couple more names like Wright or even Armstrong. The world would be a sorrier place without them.

  13. Yes, that’s right. I looked (really good) into both; although a lot of what they say is true (parroting is simple), they’re gosh-awful stupid bunglers/worthless liars themselves also, so I won’t read a word of them again . . . They simply lost all credibility.

  14. A very revealing and important article. This is the kind of investigative journalism that makes VT so great at what it does. And as far as Shrimpton’s claims about the DVD, most of them can be easily verified with some in depth research. yes it’s real, but the shadowy part is who they are really answering to which I believe is the Khazarian Mafia Kingpins. I think Shrimpton is lacking with this connection but the rest of his claims are excellent. Tragic that someone who does the right thing he is legally obligated to do is wrongly convicted and punished as an example. I think there are plans by the RKM Select Few to get rid of the “Royal System” one way or another due to some secret conflict.

  15. Mr. Shrimpton & Mr. Fulford are obviously very stupid clowns/bunglers (although a lot of this is probably true). They’re totally incomparable with Dean, Duff, and Barrett, for instance. Really, what a stupid disinformation bums! (by sheer stupidity? because they’re money-grubbers? the wrong friends? and so forth) Poor Japanese.

    • Shrimpton I don’t know enough of to comment other than to say he doesn’t interest me in the slightest, so i’ve never really paid much attention to his case or any of his subsequent statements. Just something about the guy that causes me to dismiss him without ever really listening to him. Fulford does indeed come out with legitimate Intel that has been proven correct. But, he has also had the Bush camp supposedly surrendering for quite some time now. Obviously he’s a wee bit off on that one(and many other things), lol. That sick old band of child molesting Nazi’s isn’t surrendering to anyone anytime soon. That bunch knows what’s awaiting them and they will fight to the death to avoid it. That being said, I would agree there are problems with Mr. Fulford. Either he is a disinfo agent, or he is being deliberately fed disinfo. I would say I’m leaning towards the former but haven’t yet made up my mind conclusively. As with Shrimpton though, I’m not all that interested in Ben… which is probably why I haven’t quite made up my mind about him… I simply don’t care enough about him as a source of information and don’t really look to him as a beacon one way or the other. Suffice to say, neither man has my trust. But the reasons have less to do with the claims they make. At this point in the game, not much is surprising… whether it’s true or not.

  16. I guess they couldnt blame it on “islamic extremists” once Mr Shrimpton opened his big well-known truthful mouth on record now could they? … and Benjamin Fulford comes through and we all get to see what the court refuses…he names the names from Rothschilds down to his henchmen ….” He also received a phone call from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the day after the attack demanding that he sign over ownership of all Japanese government holdings of US government bonds to cabal oligarchs, which he did, according to Japanese military intelligence” …. our politicians will remain useless circus performers connected to corporate criminals instead of real and truthful human beings and intelligence

  17. Shrimpton is one Britain’s loveable eccentrics and is a patriot who tried to save thousands of Londoners. Deluded or not, the least I can do is buy his book.

  18. Just touching the surface of how the world really works is terrifying. If a man is capable of doing that, he is not too far from seeing how he really functions, which will terrify him even more. That’s the beginning of freedom.

  19. I don’t know if Shrimpton is a brilliant but mis understood man, or a complete idiot.

    The jury is still out

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