US Ground Troops Deployed in Syria’s Aleppo

Tishrin Dam
Tishrin Dam
Tishrin Dam

Editor’s note:  For the US to have sent in Special Forces, who are normally in an advisory role, something unforeseen is going on.  The Syrian government has contacted us for our opinion on this, as to how many SF are there.  No more than a dozen special forces are available for such a mission, which could only be performed with Kurdish forces making up the majority of the force.The mission is unclear and has caused concerns.  Russia would have to have been informed in advance according to what we assume are tenets of the Kerry/Lavrov mutual cooperation agreement on Syria.

Our SouthFront partners, in their Syrian video of today show loyalist forces moving north for what might well be a linkup with Americans securing the dam in order to prevent ISIS from exercising a scorched earth destruction as has been seen in Raqqah and Ramadi, though this is only speculation.

Another possibility is that the US and their Kurdish allies may be seizing this vital asset as leverage for the upcoming settlement conference.

It is not inconceivable for this to be a Turkish force there to assist ISIS against Kurdish and Syrian military encroachment.

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US ground forces have been stationed in the surrounding areas of Tishrin Dam Northeast of Aleppo province after the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) seized full control of the dam from the ISIL nearly two weeks ago, media reports disclosed on Friday.

“The US troops are presently in control of the Tishrin Dam,” the Arabic service of Deutsche Welle news channel quoted Syria’s Local Coordinating Committees as saying on Friday.




This is the first US deployment of ground forces in Syria after crisis started in the country in March 2011.

The US deployment runs counter to President Obama’s repeated claims that his country would have “no boots on the ground” in Iraq and Syria.


On November 25, the Syrian Local Coordinating Committees announced that the US officers and soldiers had entered the town of Kobani and on December 22 they set up an operations room with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the town of Mesrin in the Northern part of Aleppo province in a bid to take control of Tishrin Dam.

On December 26, the SDF seized control of Tishrin Dam on the Euphrates river at the border of Raqqa and Aleppo provinces and almost a dozen villages in the nearby regions in Northern Aleppo province.

Sources also said that US warplanes staged massive strikes on ISIL targets near the Dam.

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  1. So the US AF bombed a power plant there back in Oct. ( disgracefully ) but now wants to save a dam? Color me suspicious. Russia should have told the Anglo-American-Talmudia axis to stay the hell out COMPLETELY a long time ago..

  2. US SF have proven once and again to be in close contact with ISIS. My guess it is that SF has been planted to contact ISIS, do on the ground intel (in the face of Russian Electronic Interference) and provide support to oncoming air weapons delivery of demolition material to put the dam out of service to leave Assad without a water supply to spark civilian unrest in Gvmt. controlled zones. No one can expect a decency feat from one that has a lifetime dishonesty reputation, much more, when the first step has been made without Syrian Gvmt. approval and the US State Dpt. has not officially and explicitly revoked the so declared “Assad must go”. Perhaps, previous news regarding the US bombing of Aleppo´s water supply installations, no matter how true may have been, didn´t have the necessary entity to destroy the target or cause sufficient damage.

  3. Why would the Russians agree to a US SF insertion in Aleppo, when Russia itself has SF’s capable of providing the needed protection? And. Why wasn’t this obvious and critical asset given highest priority by Russian/Syrian planners? It doesn’t seem likely such a critical asset would be ignored for so long until now. Now, if the reports are true, it is probably too late. to bring the Dam under Syrian control. You can bet, US SF will keep this asset once secured and use the pretense of legitimate purpose to expand its support for anti Assad forces. What a mess!

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