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Special Report: George Soros and The Gang

Katherine Frisk - BRICS, Colour Revolutions and how we got to this World War Three.

Killer Russian Doc, Medical Care Goes Bad in a Big Way

A video of a well-built male doctor knocking out a patient in a hospital in the Russian town of Belgorod has emerged online. The...

The Secret Global Reset Agreement

You are not allowed to know about this secret international Financial Reset Agreement.

Putin Beaten Senseless by Teenage Russian Girl (video)

Enter the Putin: Russian President Demonstrates His Judo Skills Russia’s president took part in a training session with the national judo team. Never the one to shy...

Dutch Pushed Not to Block Ukraine’s EU Hopes

The Dutch vote on Ukraine's association agreement with the European Union threatens a "continental crisis," the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told the Netherlands' NRC Hanelsblad newspaper.

VAOIG Report: Veterans Affairs Lies About Backlog, Hid Claims

...by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor You only have to read the report, not all of it, just a couple of paragraphs.  Read all of it...

Are SATANISTS behind Paris, San Bernardino, and other false flags?

Is that a bloody "satanic heart" smeared all over the floor of the Bataclan?

Lessons for 2016: China Can Destroy the World

China's stock market collapse and imposition of currency controls threaten to further destabilize the world markets, as analysts predict an end to China's perpetual growth

No One Wants Shares in Saudis’ Secretive, Overvalued & Corrupt Oil Company

Saudi officials contemplate whether or not to sell shares in their massive energy company – Aramco, some experts suggest that Riyadh may have underestimated Western investors' concerns about the company's secrecy, corruption, and the global oil glut.

Russia Today: Syrian Oil Fields Recaptured by YPG from Turkish Backed ISIS

The problem the Kurds have is that they are limited in their refining capacity and capability. They cannot make complicated petroleum products, only low quality diesels and petrol.

Busted: Turkey’s Claims of Attack By ISIS Refuted, ISIS Is Turkish Ally in...

Gordon Duff - If Turkey or even the "rope-a-dope" Kurds wanted to gut ISIS, they could simply do nothing, as opposed to what they are doing now, working 24 hours a day transiting stolen oil into Turkey.
Magnified Snowflake

Your Radiation This Week No 38

Good luck on keeping your friends or kids out of the Rad snow. Have them check out #RadSnow and #DodgeRadsNow it might help.

Turkish military guilty of killing family of 9, blamed on PKK for 20 years

On their way back from the fight that day, the soldiers assembled everyone in the village center and said 'Tonight your village will be burned', testified Aysel Ogut.

Deadly Gifts from the United States a Threat to Humanity

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal, which stated that in preparations for the NATO exercises in Europe an American Hellfire missile was mistakenly delivered to Cuba in 2014, can hardly surprise anyone.

NEO – The Secret Oil War Has Begun

We have seen it before, more often than we can guess, manipulated events, phony confrontations, false flag terrorism, staged mass killings and a cast of characters, financial “titans,” sleazy Washington types along with admirals and generals festooned and bespeckled with phony decorations for imaginary chair bound bravery.

Russia Develops Advanced Ratnik-3 Combat Gear

The development of the third generation Ratnik infantry combat system is already under way in Russia, according to the country's Land Forces commander Col....

Artificial Smartphone ‘Pancreas’ Automatically Controls Type 1 Diabetes

TEHRAN (FNA)- An artificial pancreas may soon be as close as your smartphone, as researches prepare to begin final clinical tests for a device...