Are SATANISTS behind Paris, San Bernardino, and other false flags?

Ajamu Baraka's brilliant contribution to ANOTHER French False Flag has triggered ANOTHER Zionist witch hunt

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by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

In the latest edition of False Flag Weekly News – watch the video above – Prof. Tony Hall and I discuss an unusual topic: “Satanists’ fingerprints all over the Paris and San Bernardino false flags.” This theme is also explored in Ole Dammegard’s chapter in ANOTHER French False Flag: Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino.

Is that a bloody “satanic heart” smeared all over the floor of the Bataclan – or an Eye of Horus? Is it just a coincidence that the Eagles of Death Metal’s lead singer is nicknamed “the Devil” and brags of having sold his soul to Satan…and that one of their memorable songs has the refrain “next stop San Bernardino”?

That the Bataclan shooting started during an anthem to the devil? And what about the numerology of 11/13/15, 11th arrondissement, etc. – the stuff famously explored, with regard to earlier false flags, by Captain Eric May?

VT sources have told me that “evil spirits” (extradimensional entities that feed off human suffering) are very real. Satanic cults invoke these entities, and gain their help in attaining wealth and power.

Note that these VT sources include avowed atheists, who interpret the nature of these entities along purely secular-materialistic lines. They say they believe it because they’ve seen the evidence.

Sound goofy? Maybe. But there are too many coincidences, too many apparent “satanic signatures,” too many people who have credibly reported direct or indirect knowledge of these issues, including top secret memos from the US government and “above it.”

So set your preconceptions aside and check it out for yourself.



    • By that he means those that worship satan and must sacrifice lives in order to keep the power and resources necessary to run the world.

      False flags do sometimes include murder of innocents, but they ALWAYS are about control by instilling fear!

  1. @ frog

    Yes, that photo is disturbing. Why would the bodies of some of those examined and found dead be put into a comfortable position with knees drawn up, head resting on an arm, and in a manner that would be expected of posed, live actors unable to endure lying on their side on a hard floor for very long. I assume there’s an obvious explanation. Just wondering.

  2. Paris was done by Mossad/French Intell. One woman fm Mexico and her boyfrnd were there. He called her parents after everything had died down and sd they were OK. Then both of them show up on the death list I think they purposely made the death list as multi-national as possible. The Jewish owners of the Bataclan sold it not tool long before. San Bernadino was done by 3 white guys fm DHS sub-con. Craft Int.The arab couple was found in the back of the SUV, hands cuffed behind them and shot in the head. The SUV was driven by remote control while the cops shot the hell out of it. Sad.

  3. Kevin! Keep up the vastness of subject and your programme soon will become unmissable wth the brilliant way you are interacting with Prof Hall. I’m a new listener with this being my third weekly broadcast. Well Done.

  4. Even down under had a connexion to the Paris hoax shooting, a young women called Emma claims two wounds from a AK47, yet on 60 min sitting up with no effect, smiling and giggling, yet 9 days earlier 90 people died around her. She also doing drama class’s atm, her dress sense shows she is no heavy band follower, and where are her parents? Didn’t they fly to Paris to be by her side? I hope Aussies are too smart to fall for this garbage.
    The heart shaped blood smear by a broom around the bodies in the theatre looks weird, but notice the drum kit has been broken down, wow, the drummer had time to do that!!!

  5. Dr Barrett, if you haven’t already, you might want to look into the concept of a Tulpa (or Thoughtform). I read many years ago about a group of people, probably anthropologists, who deliberately set out to create a Tulpa, as an experiment. They succeeded all too well. They created a seriously negative entity that took on a life of its own. This is not something to mess with. And yes, Atheists can get in trouble too, by messing with this stuff. Satanists think they can control these energies. But they eventually find out that the devil is a liar, about everything. And it makes no difference HOW this devil is conjured up. It also makes no difference whether or not you created it or it just showed up. Either way, it is evil.

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