Cameron Confesses: Britain Backing Terrorists in Syria

As big a liar as Tony Blair or George Bush, at least working at it

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Contrary to his prior claims, British Prime Minister David Cameron is saying “there aren’t enough” so-called “moderate” Syrian rebel fighters to work with against Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, admitting  some partners belong to hardline Islamist groups.

“Are all these people impeccable democrats who would share the view of democracy that you and I have? No, some of them do belong to Islamist groups and some of them belong to relatively hard line Islamist groups but nonetheless that’s the best estimate of the people that we have potentially to work with,” Cameron told the Liaison Committee, according to The Independent newspaper.

In the run-up to Britain’s bombing of ISIS in Syria last month, which came in response to the November attacks in Paris, Cameron claimed there were approximately 70,000 such rebels in Syria on the ground whom they could work with.

He stressed it “wasn’t a figure I invented” but was a “best estimate” based on what security sources were telling him. Britain is allied with the US on insisting that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad must step down.

Cameron also said he is reluctant to specify the groups who he believes Britain can work with, since he believes doing so would be the same as “giving President Assad a sort of list of the groups of the people and potentially the areas that he should be targeting, and that’s not my approach.”

Britain and the US are desperately in search of a force powerful enough to present an alternative in Syria to Assad and ISIS, both of whom the Washington and London oppose (although they have only taken action against ISIS).

“Is there a third way between a Daesh-style (ISIS) state and President Assad the butcher remaining in charge of his country?” Cameron asked, “My answer,” he continued, “is there has to be a third way.”


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  1. Porky Cameron has run out of moderate rebels mainly because Russia has hit them with moderate missiles!
    The world has a bad vibe because no one knows what these pyscopaths will do next.
    When faced with some serious opposition it just shows them up to be the controlled cowards that they are.
    Assad the Butcher”? Want to see a REAL butcher?
    Look in the mirror Dave…………

  2. The British economy has been in a bankrupt state since Atleast 2008. The only thing that’s known openly in the City of London is the fiddling of the economic data so massively that the man on the street is starting to smell something horrible about to happen.

    Those with economic awareness should just do simple maths of the inflation figures against what he/she pays monthly in expenses and find that ATLEAST these past Seven Years-
    BOEngland Is Actually Just A Ponzi Scheme On A Massive Scale.

    • Oh Forgot! A little piece that wasn’t given much coverage this week-
      The Royal Bank of Scotland just gave an economic outlook for it’s own clients advising them to sell everything and hold cash only for the forseeble future. Ooops!

  3. The first part of your wish is already a reality, ie, ‘relagated to the dustbin of history replete with every empire.’

    And it’s the delaying antics of a dead empire to try and keep hold of it’s veto power at the UN that, in this case, it awakens from it’s slumber to bomb a sovereign country far far away just because the zionists in the dead empire managed to fool a majority of the French (and the world) of false-flags in Paris.

    Since when have the English ever had a soft spot for the ‘frogs’ across the channel??

  4. If the fortunes and profitability of oil have been discovered in let’s say 17th or 18th century, the British administration would have traded the vast territories of Canada and Australia for micro land pockets of present-day Qatar and Azerbaijan. With no remorse whatsoever.

  5. FFS, there is no such thing as a good terrorist. Cameron and Obama should drop this anti Assad attitude and deal with the reality that he is the best deal in town. They should support him and drop the Zionist agenda of deconstructing Syria.

  6. Full investigation into 9/11. Resolve the Palestine issue. Arrest the leaders of all religions. Arrest the Rothchilds. Arrest the Royals.

    Hold tight.

  7. The house of cards is coming down. We have armed police everywhere in London, we have upcoming race wars, we have ridiculous immigration, we got the Jew Cameron and the Jew Osbourne.

    Both should resign immediately.

  8. “Is there a third way between a Daesh-style (ISIS) state and President Assad the butcher remaining in charge of his country?” Cameron asked,My answer,” he continued, “is there has to be a third way.”….. and no doubt in the process of rolling that “third way” out… what complete worms… spineless, blind and multiply in the dark…boys that never grew to real Men, playing “boys games” in secret… gutless twits, cowards commandeering armies of good men….Cameron is a waste of space

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