Finally: MSM Dealing with US BioWeapons Labs in Europe

Silverman has been beaten up a number of times, including a US contractor
Silverman has been beaten up a number of times, including a US contractor

[ Editor’s note:  The story was originally broken by VT in 2011, and then aided by Russia Today in 2012 and 2013.  VT Tbilisi Bureau Chief Jeffrey Silverman received plans for the building of a bioweapons facility from Bechtel employees who abandoned a briefcase at a local bordello staffed by VT friends and informants.

A video tour of the facility by RT was truncated when key lab areas were denied access, VT then briefed RT on where weapons were made in the vast and mysterious facility.

Prior to the initial Russian investigation of the WMD facility, key components were taken to the local airport, truckloads of precursors for not only bio-weapons but the manufacture of Sarin gas along with weaponization and delivery components as well.

Problem is, VT people loaded and drove the trucks.  It doesn’t just end there, this year we caught Bechtel security personnel in Georgia, along with those of British Petroleum, transiting advanced TOW missiles to Turkish security officers and on to ISIS in Iraq.  They picked up Silverman who was later released, unharmed this time.

In the article below, Gertz fails to credit Silverman and VT nor does he reference the investigative work and documentary by Russia Today.  If Gertz would like the plans for this WMD facility, I am sure we could arrange itGordon Duff ]


BY: , submitted by Colonel James Hanke US Army Special Forces (ret)

Russia recently charged the Pentagon with expanding a network of biological weapons laboratories in Europe, a charge the State Department denies. A new Russian national security strategy document describes the United States and NATO as threats and warns of the “uncertainty about instances of foreign states’ possession of biological weapons and their potential for developing and producing them.”

“The network of U.S. military-biological laboratories on the territory of states adjacent to Russia is being expanded,” says the strategy, made public Dec. 31.

U.S. officials and arms analysts said the Russian charge is false. Blake Narendra, a spokesman for the State Department’s arms control, verification and compliance bureau, said the United States is in full compliance with the Biological Weapons Convention, which bans production and stockpiling of germ weapons.

“The United States government supports public and animal health laboratories around the world whose mission it is to safely and securely detect and report the outbreaks of diseases,” Narendra told the Washington Free Beacon. “There is no research or storage at these facilities involving biological or any other kind of weapon,” he said.

“Activities for peaceful purposes, to include the prevention of disease, are explicitly permitted under the BWC,” he continued, using an acronym for the Biological Weapons Convention.

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  1. We have all been working very hard unmasking the empires biological warfare capabilities. myself? i am going to need a long vacation after this one but if VT wants it they will have the end product within the next couple of weeks, probably sooner than that, its done and to say its shocking would be a pitiful understatement. Back to work…

    • “…and to say its shocking would be a pitiful understatement.”

      Please put it on your blog if VT does not want to publish it.

      However, at this point the only things that shock me are people with power behaving morally.

    • Dear Jack Heart, Sorry for not getting back with you, too busy, but I want to confirm that VT would love to take a look at your end product when it comes to the subject of bio weapons. I am keeping watchful eye on what is happening in Georgia and the region, and sooner than later all my predictions may come true.

  2. After just a quick glance at the title, I half expected to see the article by Henry Kamens featured at NEO today: “Sarin Gas: The Guy Who Told Us So…” which credits Mr. Duff and VT for much of the content of the article. It’s an interesting article, most notable for the concluding paragraphs. I’ll leave it at that because the article may yet appear here at VT.

    • It has and in many other venues too, and more are on the launch pad. Now TMC has a new US Government contract to further another US programme. The only change it has undergone since it got involved in the Georgian bioweapons programme is that the last few genuine scientists have left. If you want to know where this leaves everyone the US comes in contact with, come and stand outside the Richard E. Lugar Center for a few hours, if you are even allowed to do so. Something is in the works,

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