Israel Once Again Boiling Mad Over Comments By Swedish Foreign Minister



Hooray for Margot Walström! I’m starting to think the Swedish foreign minister perhaps all along, out of a sense of humor, has been dishing out public comments deliberately designed to tick the Israelis off…

Back in November Walström triggered Israeli indignation when she suggested that the Jewish state’s treatment of Palestinians might be a factor in the spread of takfiri jihadism and that it could have conceivably played a role in the Paris terror attacks.

Then in December, Israeli officials blew their lids once again when she made the charge that Israel had carried out “extrajudicial executions” of Palestinians.

Now here we are in January and Walström has hit the Zionist hot button for a third time, causing Israeli officials to gnash their teeth over her call for an international investigation into the aforementioned extrajudicial killings.

“It is vital that there is a thorough, credible investigation into these deaths in order to clarify and bring about possible accountability,” she insisted.

Walström, of course, is smart enough to know that Israel has the political muscle to crush any investigation, either in Geneva or at the UN, for it has done such before, and I’m guessing she doesn’t have any realistic expectation things will go much differently this time. So why is she issueing such a call? The only answer I can come up with is the satisfaction to be derived from seeing all the mounds of Zionist dander raised.

Maybe it’s instructive also for us to look at the escalating heatedness in the reactions voiced over Walström’s comments over the same time period.

Back in November, when the official was asked whether or not she was concerned over the possible radicalization of young Swedes who might be tempted to travel to the Middle East and join ISIS, she responded:

Clearly we have a reason to be worried not only here in Sweden but around the world because there are so many who are being radicalized. Here again, you come back to situations like that in the Middle East where not least the Palestinians see that there isn’t any future (for them). (The Palestinians) either have to accept a desperate situation or resort to violence.”

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon called the comment “appallingly impudent,” while Foreign Minister Dore Gold summoned the Swedish ambassador to Israel and expressed his displeasure.

Then in December, when out came the comments about the extrajudicial executions, Benjamin Natanyahu seethed that the remarks had been “scandalous,” while Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely deemed it a “defamation of Israel” and charged Sweden with crossing “all red lines” in its relationship with the Jewish state.

Now we come to the latest remarks–the call for the investigation–and clearly the Israelis are seeing red.

A formal statement from the Israeli Foreign Ministry labels Walström’s call for an international investigation “irresponsible and delirious,” while Hotovely herself has jumped back into the fray, accusing the Swedish foreign minister of “folly and diplomatic stupidity” and announcing that “Israel will close its door to official visits from Sweden.”

More fury and eternal damnation came from Cabinet minister, Yuval Steinitz, who accused Walstöm of “being pulled after an anti-Semitic sentiment”–which presumably is his way of  calling her an anti-Semite–while perhaps the most fustian response of all came from the former foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who suggested that Walström might be planning to “physically join the Palestinian terrorists and stab Jews” as her next step.

“We need to hope that this will not happen,” Lieberman asserted.

I don’t know how Walström’s comments are playing out with the Swedish public, but they certainly are winning her lots of admirers in America.

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  1. Dave, I believe whole heartedly that if the top 100 started getting (x-filed) for their crimes against humanity, the rest would no longer believe they’re untouchable. When push comes to shove this bunch are a bunch of cowards that would never risk their own precious lives.

  2. Brave woman who speaks the truth. The problem is that she puts herself and Sweden at grave risk of another “terrorist atrocity”. They do not like to be mentioned in such ways and “things “can happen.
    Ask Malaysia or France amongst others, what occurs when you rile the Zio,s?
    The one thing they hate is the truth.
    Indonesia donated $15 million towards a new hospital in Palestine which opened last week and now they,re having terror attacks? Strange that……
    Keep up the good work Margot, you have the respect of so many……
    While most politicians can,t get enough shekels stuffed into their pockets, it is refreshing to know that there still are some good ones out there.

  3. She’s one of the bravest govt. ministers in the world. She better stay in Sweden and better not fly or the Jews will probably murder her. What’s going on in Europe breaks my heart. I wish I had been born a 1,000 yrs. earlier and never lived to see these times. The trillionaire ( Rothschild ) and billionaire Jews who own the West are using the Arabs and Africans to destroy Europe. It sounds harsh but the ancient way of dealing with invaders is the best. Those boats of Africans on the Med should hear “RAMMING SPEED” and that’s all…The rest should see fences, barbed wire, boiling oil and flaming arrows. The Europeans need to ” man-up” and stop getting in touch with their ” feminine side”..

  4. Israel, Zionists and the epicdemic of psychopathy on this planet are but the symptons of deeper lying issues; issues some layman scholars have touched upon (David Icke a.o. ) and some (Michael Tsarion a.o.) have realy delved into.

    But we’re decades perhaps even centuries away from these deeper lying issues to really come into the mainstream. By then it might be too late. The total destruction of humanity and even life on this planet is not a far fetched possibility, as it is clear forces are out to achieve that.

    I have no reason to believe enough people are aware. There’s a lot of people with good intentions, but all their efforts are futile as they have not recognized the real problems.

  5. @medicis, No doubt she knows the risk she faces, not only to her career and her health.

    Hence my deep respect for her bravery to speak up about the evil in our midst.

  6. Organized as it is, as it acts and as it tries to control politics, economics besieging not only Palestine but every other neighbor, they´re responsible as a group, as a people, as a false religion and as criminal gang, therefore, there is an ever growing natural reaction that pointing the group or whatever keeps them together, as a legitimate reaction.
    If people identifies them as Judaism, they hide under the anti-semitic hatred proving that Israel and the Jews act with racial motivations, if they act as they do because they are semitic, then semitism it´s a racial supremacy politically incorrect ideology and as consecuence, anti-semitism it is (As the globalistic Jews like to impose the dictatorial jargon) politically correct, because it´s against racism.

  7. You are right to mention that the cowardly Zionists would have no problem executing a public figure who is openly criticizing Israel. They definitely have no problem killing women and children. I think it’s long past time that top 100 lists start appearing online everywhere for the worst Zionists detailing their thefts and crimes against the population of the countries in which they reside. I think it’s long past time that these scum were fearful that someone might put a bullet in their head every time they showed their faces in public.

    Wouldn’t it be great if they all scuttled back to Israel and started feeding off each other instead of the rest of humanity!

  8. once again it seems the female politician has more balls than her male counterparts, fair play to the SWEEDISH lady with ethics and morality. peace and justice for ALL . mylo

  9. I do find it highly amusing to witness the Zionists going into a petulant frenzy of shrieking indignation. It’s as though they just don’t realise that the rules have changed, that the old days when *nobody* was allowed to criticise Israel are over and done.

    Ah, there’s nothing they hate quite as much as the truth…

    • They are just keeping up appearances. In reality they don’t give a toss about what some minister of a powerless country has uttered. They would start to care if armies start to show up on their shores. We’re a long, long way from that. And even then….

  10. frauds have long ago worn out their welcome on the world stage: ripping off the land of palestine, spouting the idiotic talmudic religion which NO ONE keeps, and then adding to it the hideous appendage of the holocaust religion. what would the world be like to live in without these a*holes polluting/ spoiling so much by constantly making their presence known?

  11. Look for a military-style “jihadist” attack in Sweden soon with plenty of dropped passports pointing to some country other than Israel

  12. the mask has fallen and the masquerade is over, the face of the imposter is seen, this imposter “israel” has criminally enforced “the political muscle to crush any investigation, either in Geneva or at the UN” … its days are numbered floundering in the lowlands of lies …let them see the red… of the blood of the innocent up to its fraudulent neck

  13. Definitely my kind of woman.

    No doubt the MSM are twisting her words like a pretzel, but people are wising up to their shenanigans.

    Watch this ladies popularity skyrocket.

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