NWO – New World Order in Judicial system is necessary, says President of ECIPS

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The President of ECIPS Ricardo Baretzky said this morning in TV interview with RT International.

He warned that a World Order in the Judicial system is necessary and African leaders has to be accountable for their negligence to react knowingly that the ISIS footprint has rapidly increased over the last few years in accordance with ECIPS reports as previously indicated.

This comes after yesterday’s Terror attack in West Africa in the Burkina Faso hotel that left 27 dead including four Al Qaeda extremists.

The ECIPS also warned tourists that cheap holiday destinations such as that in Africa could come at a human price and that at present all European tourists are at risks when abroad. The ECIPS is expected to release a report on the development of terror organization in Africa spreading to the southern tip of South Africa early next month.

It is clear that African leaders don’t do enough to protect tourists and need to be accountable when they fail to protect tourists, whilst benefiting from the tourists’ income. Recent tourist advertisements in Africa have painted a view of a cheap holiday and secure destinations, and in many countries in Africa, the local media may not publish any information on these local terror attacks. The African financial system earns as much as 42% from international tourism, mostly from Europe and Asia.

The President Baretzky said that African leaders have to know there is something called an international tribunal court, and the ECIPS is ready to call action in accountability when necessary. This simply got many African states concerned, as it means they can’t hide behind the old facade they are used to, and may face a radical shake up, a World Order of the judicial system soon.

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4 Replies to “NWO – New World Order in Judicial system is necessary, says President of ECIPS

  1. This is yet another false flag. The would have murdered children in school but no Europeans would have cared about black kids being slaughtered so they had to shoot their own tourists.

    Next thing ya know, stooge boy for Crime Inc rolls up and begins shilling for a global court with global jurisdiction. Worst idea ever, obviously never needed that before, any payback can be done the old fashioned way with covert ops. So it’s obvious that this is just another case where by murdering innocent people the rich want to once more find an excuse put a crown on their head and demand everyone kiss their ass.

  2. “at present all European tourists are at risks when abroad.”

    Oh, horse dookie! You can vacation here in Argentina and be safer than you are at home in Europe. Plus, you will find Buenos Aires very much like a European city, in spite of being in South America.

    It’s summer here when Europe is buried in snow; the Euro is valued here, with great buying power, and if you visit in your summer, our winter, there is some very good skiing in Bariloche.

    Pardon me for blowing the horn a bit, but this kind of alarmist nonsense is just infuriating, especially when it’s so blatantly aimed at stampeding Europeans into accepting draconian social changes.

  3. I believe that people of Africa as well as other would gladly accept New World Order if New World Order would prosecute and incarcerate war criminals regardless of the meridian. So, after you great wise law enforcers incarcerate the Bush clan, the Clinton and Obama clan, Blair, Cameron, Netanyahu, Sarkozy, Erdogan and entire generations of war criminal generals like Petraeus or Paddy Ashdown lord of Bosnia, shutting off hawkish think-tanks and false flag factory then we will all gladly accept the New world order.

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